The Hot lady of my life

My Name is Ritwik Ahuja. I am 27 years old. I am a software engineer. I live in pune with my sister. This is the story of my sister. She is also my best friend.

She is younger than me. She is milky white. She has dark auburn hair. Her lips are pink. Her height is 5.2 feet. She has 36-30-34 figure. She is chubby, but looks extremely cute. She looks extremely gorgeous. We talk on almost every topic.

This is the story of her farewell party, about which she told me later. I am written this story with her permission. She was wearing a gorgeous red bodycon dress with light makeup and dark red lipstick. She was looking stunning. I complimented her that you are looking stunning. Any would love to take you for a date tonight.

She told me she wants to have a rough night tonight, as she is graduating. Now coming to the main part, the story goes on like this – She went inside the club. Everyone were stunned seeing her. As she was a simple girl of her class. Her classmate complimented, she never knew she is this hot. Why she didn’t come in her glamorous avatar all the college years. She said she wanted to focus on her studies and job. Now she is free. Now they started chatting.

She took some shots, and they went to the dance floor.They went to the dance floor. They danced for sometime. One of her classmate came to her to ask for dance. He was 6.4 feet, tall and fairly white guy, with well built body. They went to the dance floor. After sometime they went for dinner.

And after sometime everyone started leaving party. She said she got so busy talking with him, they didn’t notice almost everyone has left. He again asked her for dance, they danced for sometime and he asked whether can drop her. She said let’s go. They went to parking. They took the car. And he asked her whether they can go to his flat. She asked why. He said dont worry nobody is in my flat. She called me and said she won’t return tonight. He was happy. They reached his home. Nobody was in his home. He directly asked her for sex. She said ok. Within a second he took her in his arms. They started kissing in upstanding guardian position. She was taking the support of the wall.

He removed her dress. She was completely nude in front of him. He took off his clothes too. She was a virgin. They kissed passionately for 10 minutes. After that he started pressing her boobs. And he started sucking her right boobs. After 5 minutes of sucking, he took the left boobs and started sucking it. He pinched her pink nipples with his teeth so hard that she cried in pain. He asked him to calm down. They kissed again for 5 minutes.

He kissed her thighs but didn’t go down to vagina. To her surprise, he was more interested in her big boobs. He was sucking her big tits so passionately that it went red in a few seconds.He was really rough with her boobs. He was kissing the stomach too but wasn’t going to the vagina which was already wet. She went top of him , his penis was already erect. She took the whole penis in her mouth. His penis was so thick to be fit in her mouth. She just want it in her vagina. He cummed in her mouth. Now he went below, first, he kissed the vagina lips. It was completed wet. He started to lick the vagina.

He licked the clitoris part. She was getting hornier. He licked for nearly 15 minutes and was pulling vagina lips with his mouth. She cummed twice in between. He drank all her juice. Now his penis was erect again and she wanted it inside her vagina at any cost. Now without wasting anytime, he inserted his cock in her pussy in one go.

He gave two slow and deep strokes before removing his t-shirt. Then holding her waist, he started drilling her from behind. He was stroking so hard and ramming her pussy like a slut. She was trying not to scream.

Juices were flowing out of her pussy which had lubricated her vagina. Now his dick was moving in and out smoothly but with increasing force. Sex noises of his penis entering and leaving her vagina were loud and sounding like her vaginal walls are slapping together.
His hand moved forward between the thighs and started rubbing her. It was even more stimulating. She was literally out of her brains, so aroused and involved in sex. He grabbed her boob with the other hand and pressed it tightly.
So he was all over her now like a dog dominating his bitch.

Her vagina was getting stretched, her pussy getting caressed, and her tits getting fondled. The sex was going more aggressive and interesting than she thought.

She could hear Harsh breathing loudly. He was panting. He was putting a lot of effort and fucking her with his full strength. He drilled her like that for about 10 minutes before his speed reduced until he took out his cock soaked in my pussy juices, and sat on the bed’s edge.
Like a dirty slut she didn’t want to stop. She got down on her knees and grabbed his cock from the base. It was wet. She stuck my tongue out and started licking the side of his cocks. From the base of the cock to the tip, and then he took it in her mouth.

Blowjob is something she liked a lot. She could taste his cock covered with her pussy juices. She was giving him nice deep strokes till the tip touched her throat. She was increasing her pace invariably. He was enjoying her head, getting stimulated, and also a little time to gather his breath.

A little saliva came out of her mouth, but who doesn’t want to get a little messy. He was now holding her head with one head and pushing it on his cock. She took it as deep as possible, such that her lips were kissing his balls. Shestayed like that for about 15 seconds before he pulled her out, and I got up.

He was still sitting at the edge of the bed with his cock erect. She sat on his lap and started rubbing my butt on it. His cock was between her butt cheeks rubbing over the clit. She teased him like this 3-4 times before getting my ass up a bit, adjusting his cock to her hole, and sitting on it.
She started moving her ass up and down slowly, then increasing the pace. He was grabbing her hips and helping her with the movement. She was jumping on his cock, moaning loudly and panting heavily. He was mouthing dirty words to her and abusing her.
She had to put her hand on her mouth a couple of times to stay shut and not make a sound. His cock was going so deep in her pussy. Her vaginal walls were getting stretched, and her pussy lips a little sore.
She was pressing her tits in pain.

After 5 minutes, she pulled it out and fell on the bed. He pulled her to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs and inserted his cock in the table-top sex position.
He legs were wrapped around him loosely. He was holding her waist and pushing his cock with full thrust in her. He was generating massive power with his abdomen and fucking her badly. Her eyes were closed, and she was enjoying the pain and pleasure at the same time.
Her clit and lips were hurting. It was a fraction of the time after which she came. She squirted a lot. It was all water on his cock. His lower body was drenched. That was so satisfying for her .

After that, he pulled his cock out, jerked it out twice before he came. He jizzed all over her stomach, with drops reaching her face and boobs. He shed a thick and heavy load of warm cum on her. He grabbed a towel to clean his dick. They slept in each other’s arm. He dropped her to our home next morning.

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