Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part

This is a 2nd part of my story and you can read the first part first to understand this one .

Me becoming a hotwife (PART 1)

It was getting me wetter and wetter everytime he said it . He lifted me up while keeping his dick in my pussy and took me out of our bedroom. And he placed me down straight in front of our Pooja area. We had a corner of our hall for our mandir and he placed me straight infront of it but we were far from it . There was pillar between us and the mandir , so he placed me on the pillar and i stood with the support of that pillar . My both hands were on the pillar and he was holding me from my waise and hair .

He then started fucking me again and said me to pray to God for cheating with a Muslim man and say sorry for doing it . I closed my eyes and his thrusts were getting harder and deeper . I was so horny that i hit a huge orgasm and it was my first orgasm after my marriage . I squirted all over his dick and my legs were shaking . As soon as he pulled his dick out and left my hair, I fell on the ground. I sat there while my whole body was shaking and he was saying how dirty i was for getting a orgasm while cheating and how i was enjoying getting fucked by a Muslim man .
I was enjoying it, and everything he said was true. I was enjoying being fucked by a Muslim dick, and it turned me on.
We sat on the sofa afterwards, watching TV, and I was down, keeping my head on his lap, and he was patting my head and playing with my boobs.

He started sharing that he loved fucking Hindu women, and he had fucked a lot of them. He said they all loved him and his dick, and it never failed to satisfy them. He then shared something about his wife.

He said his wife was a Brahmin woman just like me but as he was fucking her and satisfying her in ever way possible , she asked him to make herself his wife . He then said yes and he then asked her if she was gonna stay a Brahmin or she is going to change her cast , she said she would change it after they were married .

She ran away from her house and they got married , after some weeks after marriage she had her cast changed to Muslim and now she was his permanent cum dumpster for the rest of her life .

They had sex continuously, and as he said, she got pregnant again and again. That explains why they had 5 children. As she dilivered the baby just after a few months she use to get pregnant again . Her holy Brahmin womb was destroyed and filled with his Muslim sperm, he said.
I asked him why doesn’t he live with her wife and children , he said because of his work and then he said she even have sex with his brother . So when he was here working she was having sex with her brother in law to satisfy herself . He said he visits them once a week and they have alot of sex then she just continues having sex with his brother untill he returns .

He was the one sharing his wife with his brother and he even gave her permission to get pregnant by him if she wants but she was loyal to him only and didn’t want any other man’s seeds planted in her .
It was getting me so wet, and my nipples were hard and pointy now. I was not expecting this and it changed me forever . Then it was my turn to share my side . I told him about my husbands fantasy now . He was shocked and asked me if he knew we had sex , i told him he did and he was now silent and stayed quite . He asked so what now . I told him my husband wants to see us have sex and he wants to see me get fucked my you .
He was now very happy and said this was his first time experiencing this. He said he was lucky to find me as he wanted to cuckold someone and fuck someone’s wife infront of her husband and i gave him this opportunity .

We planned something and he went to his work . It was my birthday just a week later and we planned something on that day . I didn’t see him till that day and i was living like normal life . As it was getting closer and closer i was getting nervous and scared . I was scared because i didn’t knew how he would react . If he gets Angy then it will ruin our marriage and it could get me divorced really quickly .

Finally on my birthday he gave me some gifts , in the morning he gave me a beautiful necklace and then we went out on a date and ate something , and it was finally time . As we came home I told my to go sit in the bedroom and wait for me . I locked the door from outside and messaged my bull . He was already ready as planned for the evening and came to our home as quickly as possible . I opened the door and welcomed him in and quitely took him in .

I opened the door and asked him to stay outside and i went in then blindfolded my husband . Then i asked my bull to come in and i got completely naked . He pulled his pants down and i sat down on the floor beside my bull and he kept his hand on my head like i was a slave of his . I told my husband to take the blindfold off and he was shocked , his eyes nearly popped off.  His face was absolutely priceless . I told him how was his return gift and he was speechless . He said he didn’t expect it was gonna happen and i noticed he was just staring at my bulls dick and his face was in a awe . He was 3times bigger and better . He just said how proud he was of me and how much he loved me for doing this .

So now my bull said let’s start the show and my told my husband to sit at the corner of the bed . He took control of us and grabbed my hair and threw me on the bed . It was very hot and horny this time for all 3 of us because it was our first time for all of us and i was happy that he was taking control over us . He asked my husband to get naked just in case he wanted to masturbate. My husband took his pants off and sat on the bed . He saw his dick fully erect and still very little. He smirked and said him not to touch his dick . He nodded and stayed quite . My bull pushed me and my face was just in front of my husband . He jumped on me and rubbed his dick on my pussy . I was laying on my stomach and he quickly put on a condom and used some Vaseline kept on the table . He kept his one hand on my neck and put his weight on my body . I was absolutely crushed under his weight . He was heavy, and I told him it was not comfortable. He then grabbed my hair and took his weight off me by sitting on my thighs and . He was still rubbing his dick on my pussy and i was getting so horny that i yelled at him to just fuck me already .

He didn’t even think about me and pushed it all the way in as far as he was able to do. It just went in and my whole body just took a huge thrust and my bull then pulled my hair and my head was infront of my husbands face . We were looking at eachothers eyes to eyes and i wasn’t able to look him in the eyes . I was ashamed of myself submitting to a muslim man and cheating on my husband . It was the last thing i wanted to do . I never expected this when i was younger . I never imagined this situation . But my husband kissed me and said he was very happy and excited . He said he wanted me to see getting manhandled by a real man and get humiliated and satisfied . It was weird as he said humiliated but i didn’t think of it much as my bull was slowly pushing his dick further in me and i wasn’t able to concentrate . My closed my eyes because of the pressure and pleasure i was getting . I peed myself then and there while he wasn’t even fully inside me . He pulled his dick out and then let me pee as i was done the bed was all wet but we didn’t change or anything . We were enjoying it so much that we laughed and continued . My bull then again held my hair in his hands and pushed his dick in my pussy . And started fucking me .

He fucked me for an hour, and my husband got jealous just by watching my face. He said how sexy I was looking and how hot it was. He said how horny he was getting from seeing my mangalsutra bounce on my boobs. It was a great experience. My bull was nearly done and cummed. He pulled out, and I had an orgasm. My legs were shaking, and I was shivering. My whole body was shaking because of that, and this time my bull didn’t abuse me by saying anything. He was just nervous, I guess. He took the condom off and spread the cum on my belly. We laid there for some time, and my bull said he would go now. I said ok, and then my husband asked if he could come home again tomorrow. He thought about it for a second and said, “Okay.”

And I told him he would not be nice tomorrow, looking at my bull, and he smirked and went outside. He put his pants on, and my husband went to the main door with him. I was just lying on the bed, so I don’t know what they talked about or anything. My husband quickly shut the door and came to me quickly. He sat beside me and said how proud he was of me and how much he enjoyed this. It was a very wholesome moment for me, as he was very happy and emotional. He slept beside me, and I hugged him and cried. He said he really wanted this to happen, and he said by looking straight into my eyes that he wanted to see me get satisfied.

He wanted to see me with someone else and submit to other men, especially Muslims. It added another twist to it and made it more fun and enjoyable.
I told him how rough he usually is, and he said he actually wanted him to be like that, but he was disappointed as he was very quiet today. He didn’t get to see the real man he was.

He then ordered some food and cake for my birthday. I called my bull, as I wanted him to be with us to celebrate. It was already planned by me to call him to celebrate, so he was just going to his home to change his clothes and get fresh. He came down to our home quickly as the cake was delivered. I sat between my husband and my bull, and my husband told my bull to also take my hand, and we cut the cake together. I sat on my bull’s lap and fed him the cake myself. He was having his arm wrapped around my waise and then i gave some cake to my husband in a plate to eat . He was just sitting there looking at us having fun. My bull kissed me on the lips, and we ended up kissing all over my face, and I forgot my husband was sitting just beside us. My face was all stinky like cake. I sat down on the sofa and asked my husband if I needed to feed him some cake too; he said he was fine, and I ate some cake then. We all had dinner together. We had ordered plenty of food, so it was enough for all of us.
We sat at the dining table, and we were playing under the table with our legs. It was a glass table, so my husband was just watching it all. He said how happy he was that I was enjoying this and how much he was enjoying looking at me do this with a man.

My bull then said how lucky he was to get to know both of us and have me as her mistress. I saw a bulge in my husband’s pants; my bull also noticed and asked, “Does he like to see his wife have sex with another man?” He said yes. He then asked, “Does he want his wife to be a slut for a Muslim man and submit herself to him?” He said yes. Then he asked, “Is he a sissy who cannot satisfy his wife and wants a real Muslim man to manhandle him and his wife together?” He went quite for a second and said yes. Now it was clear. My bull stood up in the middle of eating dinner and asked, “If he owns his wife and does anything to her “anything,” will it be ok?” He said yes, and he owns me now sexually. As soon as he said that , my bull grabbed my head while i was looking at my husband and turned towards him . He looked straight in my eyes and said have i ever tried tasting cum . I have never tasted cum or had done any oral job . I was never tried it and i never thought of trying it . He then took his dick out and told me to masturbate . I gave him a handjob and after few minutes he took his cock from my hand and cummed in my plate . We had ordered tandoori roti and paneer . He cummed in my roti and said eat it . And he sat down and started eating his dinner .
I just sat there staring at that; it was very disgusting to me. I never wanted this. He looked at me and pulled my chair towards him, then took my roti and fed me. It was not that bad as the roti was taking all the taste away and it wasn’t tasting like cum .

He quickly fed me the while roti with cumin and bhaji, then ate his dinner. My husband was just enjoying the show as i was learning new things . We were done eating dinner so we dicided go out and have some dessert . We went down and my bull pulled his car over . I sat infront on the passanger seat and my husband sat behind .
He was keeping his hand on my thighs and touching my pussy again and again, till we reachedAs we reached it, I got out and my husband went to park the car.

My husband said, “Just have fun with him, and he will be acting like a friend.” I did as he said. When he was back, I held his hand, and we walked in while my husband was walking beside us like a friend of ours.

We ate some ice cream and tasted each other’s ice cream. It was a fun time. My husband decided to drive till home after that, so we both sat behind and he was driving. We were kissing and cuddling, and I masturbated him and he masturbated me while we reached home.
We just went home straight after that, and my bull went home. We went in the bedroom and changed the bedsheet, and my husband lay there staring at the ceiling. I asked him what happened and he said , it was the best day of his life and how much he loved me.  I said i love you too and asked him if he want to have sex .

I took a condom and went toward him. He took it and placed it on his dick, and I sat on his dick. I was riding his dick and he switched positions; we were now in a missionary position, and he was thrusting his dick as much as he could, but it wasn’t deep enough to penetrate me hard, but I acted like I was satisfied by that, and he cummed. He said he has never been this horny since he hit puberty. We slept after that. I felt ashamed of doing this, and it really made me feel guilty, but he wanted and liked it.He was the one who suggested this . Next day he went to work, and the whole day my bull didn’t come at night as he said he would.

We had sex as my husband watched us in the living room. He was fucking me good and was now comfortable with my husband in the background. He again started cussing at me and abusing me, and my husband was getting turned on by that. He said yes, abuse her, and he got more aggressive and picked me up and leaned me against the wall and fucked me. It went on for some time, and then he was done. He never failed to give me arousal again and again. I was addicted to sex now.

We didn’t have sex after this as I was on my period. for a week.
(For the people who are religious or who don’t like this, please don’t read this story. This is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, and this is not written to disrespect any caste or religious faith. This is a fair warning to stop reading if you get triggered by this kind of stuff; this story is just my experience in life, and I still believe in God and pray as usual. I don’t mean any disrespect towards any god.
After a week, we were doing our regular aarti, and my bull just rushed in to our house. He saw us doing our aarti and came up to me and my husband; he picked the plate up from my hands and gave it to my husband and told him to do the aarti, as I was with him behind him, listening and praying.

He picked me up and pulled me backward. And then he pushed me down. I told him to at least wait until we finish the aarti, but he said no. He said we should pray while we have sex. and it will be fine. He quickly pulled his pants off and put his condom on. then made me bend over; I was just behind my husband, and my hands were joined for prayer.

He grabbed my ass and bent over my face; my face was on the floor and my hands were in front of me. I was in aarti while he lifted my ass and pulled my kurti up from behind and pulled down my palazzo pants, which I was wearing under my pantyhose. He pulled it all the way out, and I was half naked. He then rubbed my pussy and took some Vaseline which was in the same spot as before . He took some and rubbed it on his condom and pushed his dickey in my pussycat.

I was praying for cheating on my husband, and I prayed for this thing I was doing while praying. This is not something I condone, but I was just thirsty for his dick. He fucked me while we were doing our aarti, and he pulled my hair and brought it up to his face. I was like a horse now as he pulled my hair, I was on my knees, and my back went all the way up. He said how much of a whore I was for a Muslim dick that I was having sex while praying.

He then turned me around, and I was lying on the floor, and he fucked me in a missionary position. My husband looked behind him and continued. As the aarti was over, my husband turned around and watched us have sex. My bull saw the sindoor kept on the mandir and took it while fucking me and took some sindoor and rubbed it on my forehead and said, “Now I am his slut and nothing can seperate us.”
As soon as he did this, he cummed and then took the condom off and put all the cum on my forehead and said, “Do you agree?” I said yes, and my husband said yes too. And then he asked again, and I said yes, and he then asked again, and we said yes. It was like a Muslim marriage.
He wore his pants and was gone. I just laid there in front of our mandir and then stood up. And she prayed for forgiveness. The cum dripping from my forehead mixed with sindoor made it more hot.

We went into the bedroom, and I quickly went to the bathroom to wash my face up, while he was getting ready to leave for work.As I was going out of the bedroom, he grabbed my hand and said that I made his day and let go of my hand. I was shocked at how far his fantasy of seeing his wife fuck a Muslim man while doing Aarti has come.

I wasn’t able to imagine how my life was going to be after that. He said that he loved me a lot and that he would never leave me. He said I have done a great job by doing this and getting his fetish done. And seeing me enjoy his dick made it even hotter for him. He then pulled his underwear up and showed me that he was cumming in his pants while I was listening to him talk to me and my moans.
I was now shocked, so I pushed him away and went to pack his tiffin. It was not normal for me. It took me some time to just understand what he meant and what he wanted me to do. He wants me to have an extramarital partner and enjoy my sexual life.He wants me to take full advantage of my beautiful body and enjoy it because if I don’t, it will be a waste.

He wants me to have a bull who treats me like a slut and humiliates me as much as he can. My husband treated me like a queen, but he wanted to see me humiliated the same way. And he was getting that by getting a Muslim bull. My husband is submissive by nature, and he knew he couldn’t dominate me, so he wanted someone else to dominate both of us. My husband was a Hindu sissy, and whenever my bull asked him if he was a Hindu sissy, he always said yes.It was not real till our marriage anniversary came. Just a couple of months later
At this point, we were very open and in a cuckolded relationship. My bull used to fuck me whenever he wanted and humiliate me however he could. He fucked me regardless of any aarti or pooja. While I was on a fast On Karwa Chauth, he lived with us that day, and I did the Karwa Chauth twice, once for my husband and once for my bull. He fucked me three times that day, and I was so low on energy that I was even able to stand while doing the pooja. His dick was in my pussy while I was doing that karwa chauth katha just to prove that whoever was my husband it didn’t matter because my pussy was for him. We did this on the balcony because if we went on the roof, there would be a lot of people there.
After that Karwa Chauth, we had our marriage anniversary very close by, just in a few weeks, and it was not what I expected.

This is it for this part , if you think i should continue this and if you are interested in reading my life here then please comment or mail me on [email protected]

Forgive me for my grammar mistakes .

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