Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part

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This is a 2nd part of my story and you can read the first part first to understand this one .

Me becoming a hotwife (PART 1)

It was getting me wetter and wetter everytime he said it . He lifted me up while keeping his dick in my pussy and took me out of our bedroom. And he placed me down straight in front of our Pooja area. We had a corner of our hall for our mandir and he placed me straight infront of it but we were far from it . There was pillar between us and the mandir , so he placed me on the pillar and i stood with the support of that pillar . My both hands were on the pillar and he was holding me from my waise and hair .

He then started fucking me again and said me to pray to God for cheating with a Muslim man and say sorry for doing it . I closed my eyes and his thrusts were getting harder and deeper . I was so horny that i hit a huge orgasm and it was my first orgasm after my marriage . I squirted all over his dick and my legs were shaking . As soon as he pulled his dick out and left my hair, I fell on the ground. I sat there while my whole body was shaking and he was saying how dirty i was for getting a orgasm while cheating and how i was enjoying getting fucked by a Muslim man .
I was enjoying it, and everything he said was true. I was enjoying being fucked by a Muslim dick, and it turned me on.
We sat on the sofa afterwards, watching TV, and I was down, keeping my head on his lap, and he was patting my head and playing with my boobs.

He started sharing that he loved fucking Hindu women, and he had fucked a lot of them. He said they all loved him and his dick, and it never failed to satisfy them. He then shared something about his wife.

He said his wife was a Brahmin woman just like me but as he was fucking her and satisfying her in ever way possible , she asked him to make herself his wife . He then said yes and he then asked her if she was gonna stay a Brahmin or she is going to change her cast , she said she would change it after they were married .

She ran away from her house and they got married , after some weeks after marriage she had her cast changed to Muslim and now she was his permanent cum dumpster for the rest of her life .

They had sex continuously, and as he said, she got pregnant again and again. That explains why they had 5 children. As she dilivered the baby just after a few months she use to get pregnant again . Her holy Brahmin womb was destroyed and filled with his Muslim sperm, he said.
I asked him why doesn’t he live with her wife and children , he said because of his work and then he said she even have sex with his brother . So when he was here working she was having sex with her brother in law to satisfy herself . He said he visits them once a week and they have alot of sex then she just continues having sex with his brother untill he returns .

He was the one sharing his wife with his brother and he even gave her permission to get pregnant by him if she wants but she was loyal to him only and didn’t want any other man’s seeds planted in her .
It was getting me so wet, and my nipples were hard and pointy now. I was not expecting this and it changed me forever . Then it was my turn to share my side . I told him about my husbands fantasy now . He was shocked and asked me if he knew we had sex , i told him he did and he was now silent and stayed quite . He asked so what now . I told him my husband wants to see us have sex and he wants to see me get fucked my you .
He was now very happy and said this was his first time experiencing this. He said he was lucky to find me as he wanted to cuckold someone and fuck someone’s wife infront of her husband and i gave him this opportunity .

We planned something and he went to his work . It was my birthday just a week later and we planned something on that day . I didn’t see him till that day and i was living like normal life . As it was getting closer and closer i was getting nervous and scared . I was scared because i didn’t knew how he would react . If he gets Angy then it will ruin our marriage and it could get me divorced really quickly .

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