Seduction by neighbor uncke

Hello friends, my name is Arman, and I am 24 years old. I am 5’7″ with a 6″ cock and a bubble butt. I am a high school student. I would like to tell you my experience of how my neighbor uncle seduced me and then fucked me.

I am living in the USA, and my neighbor uncle’s name is S. Paul. He is between 35 to 40 years old muscular, 6’7, and widowed with an 8″ big black cock.

This happened when I was starting high school. I have recently started to wear skin-tight jeans at that time. Those jeans are so tight that anyone can see my ass with them.

I always saw Mr.Paul staring at me whenever I was leaving for school. I thought that he was looking for someone. But after a few days, I realized he was looking at me, particularly my ass. Then one day I wore trousers.

So he came near me and said, “How are you today, Arman?” I said, “I am fine.” He nodded and asked, “Why are you wearing trousers today and not jeans?” I said, “I put them for laundry.”

Then he said, “You look good in jeans. Try to wear them daily.” I asked him a little mischievously, “Do you like to see me in jeans?” I got surprised when he nodded and said Yes. At that moment, my bus arrived, and I left.

From that day onwards, I tried to avoid meeting him. But one day I was studying for my exam in the library near my house. After some time, I saw someone sitting near my chair. I kept studying.

Then after a few minutes, I heard someone say, “So you decided to follow my advice.” I looked up it was Mr.Paul. I didn’t answer him and kept studying. After a few moments, he got up and came close to me.

He put one hand on the table and another on my thigh and pretended like he was looking at my book. He stayed like that for a few minutes. Then he started to move his hand on my thigh near my cock.

I looked at him and asked, “What are you doing?” in a low volume. He said, “You need some relaxation, and I think this can help so try to relax.” He then put his hand on my cock and started to rub it through my jeans.

After a few minutes, I started to moan. Hearing that, he stopped and said, “I think if you come with me to my home, then I can help you better there.”

Because of his earlier ministration, I was hard and horny enough. So I agreed and packed my bag and started to go with him. As his house is beside mine, I need to sneak into his house quietly. Otherwise, if anyone in my family saw me entering his house, they would ask questions.

As he is widowed, no one is at his home. So with his little help, I sneak into his house with him. The moment we entered his house, he closed the door, locked it and told me to come. He opened his bedroom door and entered it.

The moment I entered it, he grabbed my head and kissed me. At first, I was surprised, but due to my horniness, I kissed him back. After a few minutes, we were into a french kiss.

After a few more minutes, he stopped and told me to strip. I started to strip myself. He also stripped up to his underwear. He told me to be on my knees and remove his underwear. I got on my knees and removed his underwear.

At that moment, I saw my first BBC. He stroked it a few times and told me to give it a blowjob. I then hold it and rub it a few times. Then took it in my mouth and started to suck it. He has his eyes closed and moaning. Then he told me to lick also.

I licked it a few times and again took him in my mouth. He held my head there and dragged me near his bed. He sat on it and started to skull fuck me. After a few moments, my saliva and his precum flowed from my mouth to my chin to the floor.

After 15 minutes, he told me, “I can see you are not totally relaxed. So let me help you get more relaxed.” He lifted my head, kissed me a few times, then lifted me and turned on the bed. I was bareback on the bed.

Then he licked my asshole for a few minutes, and after some fingering, he put his cock in it. I started to cry because it was huge. He stopped and stroked my cock and said relax. Then he again started to enter me.
After a few seconds, he completely entered me and started to move in and out. First, he started slowly. But after hearing my moan, he speeded up and started to really fuck me. He was saying, “You are so tight, Arman. Just the way I like.”

He stopped and told me to be on my four like doggy style. Then he came behind, held my waist, lined up his cock, and entered me with one big push. Then the stroke was so hard that I fell on my elbow.

He held my waist and started to fuck me in that position for the next 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, he took out his cock from my ass and cum on my back and ass. After the next few minutes, we stay like that.

Then he said, “You are now completely relaxed, Arman. Do you like my relaxation method?” I said, “Yes, I like it.”

He then said the day he saw my ass, he every night fantasized about fucking it. Now that he fucked it, he hopes to repeat it sometime if I agree. I told him I would think about it and answer him a few days later.

Then I came home and thought about my gay experience with Mr. Paul for the next few days.

So guys, do you like this story? And do you want to know what my answer was? And if we fucked more or not? If yes, then with which kink?

If you want to answer, mail me at [email protected]. Also, let me know if I should continue this story or not.

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