Honeymoon cuckold

I was fresh out of college when I met this wild spirit named Katie. She lived life to the fullest and being around her made my head spin. We met at a club I never would’ve gone to alone, but I was there for a bachelor party. She had long blonde hair and a tight dress that let you see the outline of her body perfect. We drank and laughed the whole night. Dating her was a whirlwind, she always wanted to go out and do more. In the 4 months of dating her, I had done more traveling and more living than I had the first 22 years of my life. I could afford to take her anywhere she wanted in the city since I had landed a very lucrative cyber security job after college. I had never been with such a beautiful girl and I lavished her with gifts and fancy restaurants often. After knowing her 6 months we were married and flying to Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

The island was breathtaking, everywhere we went looked like pictures from magazines and movies. It was incredible. We had a private villa on the water, Katie and I would skinny dip in the clearest bluest water I had ever seen. I would snorkel behind her and watch her perfect ass and pussy in the water. At nights we went to Senior frogs, the main bar for the island. We would drink and laugh and play games and meet other newly wed couples. Most of all we loved “Sammy” the host of the bar. He had a microphone and would pull new married couples on stage and play games with them. This being a popular honeymoon destination, most of the people at the bar were all newlyweds. We hadn’t met anyone except for the staff that was a local. Sammy would crack jokes and say the raunchiest and craziest stuff and hand out free drinks. He made us in a drunk, loud and interactive audience.

“Alright kids, it’s Friday night. Its midnight, so you know what that means!” Sammy said deviously.

“Put the kids to bed because everyone’s getting free shots and we are going to play some fucking games.”

The staff handed out tons of free liquor. Katie and I had several free shots. The games started on stage while we drank. Sammy could go to almost any table and guess if they were newlyweds. He would ask them their names and pull them onstage. He would ask them embarrassing questions and get them flustered. The first game had a balloon taped to the guys but and the girl would have to try to pop it by humping their husband. Sammy would give them 20 seconds to try and if they won they would get a t shirt. We would all count down the last ten seconds together as an audience. It was a funny game and it was fun environment.

We played a few more games like that and had several more drinks, before Sammy announced the last game of the night. He said his bar was the only bar on the whole island who had this game. He said it was kind of like the newlywed game to see how well you knew your new spouse. He had this big box with 3 holes cut out in it. He would pick a couple out of the audience, the husband would stand inside the box and stick his dick through the hole. Sammy would have 2 other guys hop in as well and see if the wife could guess which cock was her husbands. As the audience all we could see was the cocks and the wife. Sammy had picked this young Asian couple out of the audience and he asked her a few questions while her husband went in. He asked her embarrassing stuff about how the sex was after marriage and stuff like that and she got really embarrassed. When it was time to reveal, 3 cocks were exposed. The first was a huge black cock, looking like an anaconda instead of a penis. The next was an average white penis, the last was a tiny nub covered in pubic hair. Based on some of the Asian porn I had seen I was guessing that was his. I heard some gasps, I heard a lot of cheers and I even heard some of the women making comments about the first cock. The girl on stage pointed at the last cock without hesitation. The box opened revealing her husband with his swim trunks at his ankles. We all cheered and laughed and continued to enjoy the show.

“Well hello you two, what are your names?” Sammy said walking up to us.

“Im Katie and this is Dave.” My wife exclaimed.

“You two are a gorgeous young couple. When did you two get hitched?”

“Last weekend!” Katie cheered

“That’s fantastic congratulations! Now Katie, How well do you think you know your husband?” Sammy said with a smile.

“Very, very well!” Katie giggled.

“We will give you the chance to prove it! How about you two join me on stage.” Sammy said. “Dave you go into one of those 3 doors while I talk to Katie.”

I entered the middle of the box. My heart was pounding I couldn’t believe we were up onstage doing this. I was giddy with excitement and very drunk. I started getting myself a little hard so I would look a little more impressive. I didn’t pay attention to what Sammy and katie were saying but I heard a lot of cheering and whistling from the crowd. Just then the back door opened a skinny black guy got in the box next to me. He just gave me a friendly smile and nod. He dropped his pants and pushed his cock through the hole. Not wanting to touch myself in front of him I did the same.

“Alright Katie, we are going to start you with an easy one. You have two men back here which is your husband?” Sammy said.

Katie turned around and saw a massively long black cock and a much smaller tan cock. Obviously Katie got the joke about this round being easy. Katie pretended to be trying to figure it out as if it weren’t immediately obvious to everyone in the room. Part of her was just trying to be funny on stage but part of her was also mesmerized for a moment by that enormous black cock and she might have been staring at it for longer than she realized.

“The one on the right.” Katie finally said.

“The small one on the right,” Sammy announced making the crowd laugh.

“Hey, Hey. That’s not fair, Any cock would look small next to that python there.” Katie said protectively.

“Perhaps your right sweetheart, the next round will be harder but let’s see how well you know your husband. This round we will have 3 gentlemen in total. Since I don’t want it to be too easy, lets get some cocks your husband might actually be able to compete against. Bring out some small cocks for her Small Sam and Tiny Tim.” Sammy announced.

As the black guy left, a tan guy with a similar build to me entered the box than a smaller pasty white guy entered. To be honest I had been a bit nervous and maybe my cock shrank a bit when I heard Sammy and Katie talking about how small I was next to the black guy. I did feel some relief when I heard one guy was medium and one guy was tiny. I thought my cock was pretty average so maybe it’ll be hard for her to guess. Maybe id be lucky and have the biggest, but at least I wouldn’t have the smallest again.

As Katie turned around she saw one cock was hanging soft, it was the biggest of the 3 hanging a bit and had much more girth than the other two. The next cock was much shorter and much skinnier. Next to the first cock it did look tiny. It was much whiter and paler than the other two with a pink head that took up half the length. The third was tan. It was little longer than the second cock but about the same girth.

“Alright Katie, we have a small size cock and two very small cocks. Can you tell which one is your husband?” Sammy said.

Katie was embarrassed. She didn’t like that everyone was laughing about her husband being one of the “very small cocks”. She didn’t want to admit which one was her husband. She knew he didn’t have the biggest cock. She had been with men with real big cocks, but Dave was sweet and had a great job and spoiled her. She wasn’t going to be like that Asian girl and just point to her husbands tiny cock.

“Im not sure, Sammy.” Katie said.

“Maybe get up closer to them,” He told her.

Up close to the cocks, the first one wasn’t a monster like that black cock but it did seem impressive when next to the other two cocks. The second two kind of looked close in shape and size. If it weren’t for the stark difference in color, Katie might have actually had a hard time figuring out which one was her husband.

“Having trouble Katie? I didn’t mean to make it this hard by putting him next to tiny Tim.” Sammy laughed and the crowd laughed with him.

“My Husband is a grower!” Katie said crossing her arms.

“Why don’t you give these gentlemen a little help. Im sure they will grow for your beautiful little hands”

Katie walked over to the three cocks. She started to jerk the first cock as it grew and got harder and harder in her hands. She kept jerking until it was standing at full mast. She had to guess maybe 5 inches, it was nice and thick. She then stood between the other two cocks. She knew the pale one wasn’t her husband, but she wanted to get them both hard and show Sammy and the crowd that her husband wasn’t the smallest. She figured as long as he was bigger than “Tiny Tim” she could save some of her dignity. She went to jerk the next two cocks but found that she couldn’t get her hand around either of the cocks. All she could do to stroke them was use her thumb and pointer finger and do short tiny strokes. She could hear the crowd laugh and cheer behind her as she stroked the cocks using two fingers.

On the other side of the wall, Dave could feel fingers stroking his cock. He started to get excited and grow.

As the cocks grew Katie used more fingers to stroke the two cocks. They both grew fast and quickly got hard for her until she could wrap a fist around each cock. She gave each a few strokes and saw that both cocks were as hard as they could get. When she moved her two hands away, she saw that fully hard the size difference between the two cocks had grown even more. Now the white cock seemed bigger by about a full inch. They were still similar in girth. All three cocks were all pretty small, but the second 2 would have been embarrassingly small next to big cocks. The three cocks were lined up biggest to smallest and she knew that the white one in the middle wasn’t her husband.

“Alright Katie, you gave these gentleman a hand and they have grown for you considerably. You said your husband was a grower. Did he grow bigger than tiny tim? Do you know which one it is?” Sammy smiled. “Since you know your husband so well, why don’t you go and put your mouth on his cock? None of us will judge you. You two are newly weds after all.”

Katie was shocked as the crowd cheered and laughed. Katie hated how smug Sammy seemed. How he was always implying how extra small her husbands cock was. Comparing it to the next smallest guy, calling him tiny tim. She hated that the little white cock was still bigger than her husbands. She hated feeling humiliated in front of this crowd of strangers. Who were they to judge her? She had been voted hottest sorority girl in Kappa Castle 4 years in a row, and the Kappa’s were the hottest sorority girls in the entire university! Sammy, might have known which cock was which, but the crowd had no idea. She would show them.

“This is my husbands cock!” Katie exclaimed pointing at the first one.

“Well he certainly is a grower,” Sammy said. “Why don’t you kneel down and suck on it if you are certain.”

Katie got on her knees on that sticky stage floor. She wouldn’t let Sammy beat her. She grabbed the cock by the shaft and started to lick the head. She opened her mouth and tarted sucking the head of the cock. The crowd went crazy cheering for her. She put both her hands against the wall and started to blow the cock aggressively. She took the cock all the way to the base with ease. It may have been the biggest cock on the stage but it was still on the small side and much much smaller than what Katie was used to before marriage. As a sorority girl, Katie knew how to give wild blow jobs. She started bobbing her head furiously up and down. Swirling her tongue around the cockhead. She sucked and sucked with all her might. She even used one hand twisting the shaft up and down when she sucked on the head. This cock stood no chance, her technique was incredible. It was cumming for her before she was even done getting warmed up. Hot seed, flooded her mouth. It was warm and salty, much saltier than her husbands. She swallowed it all with ease. As she let the cock go from her mouth it had shot one last time. Just a tiny amount landed on her chin and cheek. She got up off her knees and wiped her lips.

“You sure showed us! How about a round of applause for this young lady!” Sammy cheered.

Katie went back to her seat as all three guys came from behind the box. Her husband’s small erection was visible in his swim trunks. He came and sat down next to her. When he sat down, he looked at Katie. Without saying anything, he reached over and wiped her chin clean.

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