Honeymoon cuckold

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I was fresh out of college when I met this wild spirit named Katie. She lived life to the fullest and being around her made my head spin. We met at a club I never would’ve gone to alone, but I was there for a bachelor party. She had long blonde hair and a tight dress that let you see the outline of her body perfect. We drank and laughed the whole night. Dating her was a whirlwind, she always wanted to go out and do more. In the 4 months of dating her, I had done more traveling and more living than I had the first 22 years of my life. I could afford to take her anywhere she wanted in the city since I had landed a very lucrative cyber security job after college. I had never been with such a beautiful girl and I lavished her with gifts and fancy restaurants often. After knowing her 6 months we were married and flying to Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

The island was breathtaking, everywhere we went looked like pictures from magazines and movies. It was incredible. We had a private villa on the water, Katie and I would skinny dip in the clearest bluest water I had ever seen. I would snorkel behind her and watch her perfect ass and pussy in the water. At nights we went to Senior frogs, the main bar for the island. We would drink and laugh and play games and meet other newly wed couples. Most of all we loved “Sammy” the host of the bar. He had a microphone and would pull new married couples on stage and play games with them. This being a popular honeymoon destination, most of the people at the bar were all newlyweds. We hadn’t met anyone except for the staff that was a local. Sammy would crack jokes and say the raunchiest and craziest stuff and hand out free drinks. He made us in a drunk, loud and interactive audience.

“Alright kids, it’s Friday night. Its midnight, so you know what that means!” Sammy said deviously.

“Put the kids to bed because everyone’s getting free shots and we are going to play some fucking games.”

The staff handed out tons of free liquor. Katie and I had several free shots. The games started on stage while we drank. Sammy could go to almost any table and guess if they were newlyweds. He would ask them their names and pull them onstage. He would ask them embarrassing questions and get them flustered. The first game had a balloon taped to the guys but and the girl would have to try to pop it by humping their husband. Sammy would give them 20 seconds to try and if they won they would get a t shirt. We would all count down the last ten seconds together as an audience. It was a funny game and it was fun environment.

We played a few more games like that and had several more drinks, before Sammy announced the last game of the night. He said his bar was the only bar on the whole island who had this game. He said it was kind of like the newlywed game to see how well you knew your new spouse. He had this big box with 3 holes cut out in it. He would pick a couple out of the audience, the husband would stand inside the box and stick his dick through the hole. Sammy would have 2 other guys hop in as well and see if the wife could guess which cock was her husbands. As the audience all we could see was the cocks and the wife. Sammy had picked this young Asian couple out of the audience and he asked her a few questions while her husband went in. He asked her embarrassing stuff about how the sex was after marriage and stuff like that and she got really embarrassed. When it was time to reveal, 3 cocks were exposed. The first was a huge black cock, looking like an anaconda instead of a penis. The next was an average white penis, the last was a tiny nub covered in pubic hair. Based on some of the Asian porn I had seen I was guessing that was his. I heard some gasps, I heard a lot of cheers and I even heard some of the women making comments about the first cock. The girl on stage pointed at the last cock without hesitation. The box opened revealing her husband with his swim trunks at his ankles. We all cheered and laughed and continued to enjoy the show.

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