Wife’s ideal to fuck others

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When I was 34 I had this 20 year old girl friend, she was quite the nymphomaniac, she really liked to explore all sex adventures, we fell on hard times, and she suggested, placing an ad for an older man. She said if we find one, he would help us out.

In my weakness, I agreed, and was very excited, for some reason she wanted an older fat man. We weeded through all sorts of replies, she really liked one of them. So we set up a date, he was to come over to our apartment, bring plenty of beer, and we would see what happened.

As expected my nymphomaniac, slut of a wife, wore her skirt with no panties, and a see through blouse. She had small tits. As the night wore on, she went down on him and fucked him several times. He spent the night sleeping in our bed. Me on the couch.

He would come over often, spend the night several times. He did help us out with rent and such. We started going over to his would do there thing, this became a regular. Finley we moved in with him. They always slept togather, and I would get some from time to time.

I didn’t have a job, and couldn’t find one, me being kind of a neat freak, I would clean up the house, cook and do the house work. My wife had gained control, she controlled him with her pussy, and he controlled me, with a place to live.

It didnt take long before my wife said, if your going to be the bitch, you should dress the part. She ordered me several women’s outfits, maid uniforms, sheer panties, and stockings. She even taught me how to wear makeup, and lipstick..yup they had me, and she had him.

One night while we were drinking, my wife pulled out this video tape, popped it in the vcr, and ordered us all to watch it. It was total female domination, we watched, and I was told this is how she’s going to run the house. I must admit, I got quite hard watching this movie.

I wasn’t allowed to jack off so I knew better, even to ask.
It didnt take long before in the movie men were sucking men. So my wife made me suck her lovers cock. This was a real turn on for all 3 of us. I was enjoying her pleasure of watching me, and making me do it. And to be honest, I kind of wanted to suck cock.

I was having a ball, so was she, and of corse so was he. My wife was playing with her she told me to go get her dildo. She was laying back, fucking herself, moaning like she always does. I got started sucking again. She told me to make sucking noises, slurping his cock just got her more excited.

I think she came like 4 times. She was loving it. Then she just ordered me to stop. And said it was bed time. My cock was so hard it was dripping, but we had to follow orders.
It took her no time to get to sleep. The next thing I knew there he was. He came into the living room, telling me to suck him off,

He said if I make him cum, he would let me jack off. I waisted no time, getting his cock out, I immediately took it in my mouth, I was going as fast as I could, he lay back on the couch, all spread out, me on my knees sucking like a crazy person.

I was sucking him for all I was worth, then he held my head down and shot a load that filled my mouth full of warm thick juices, I didn’t hesitate to swallow every bit I could. There was so much cum it ran out my mouth down my chin. I was using my hands to get all of it I could.

Right when he was finished, we herd, my wife’s voice, we turned to look and there she stood, she said uhhh huuu, so this is what goes on when I’m not here. God I was embarrassed, she then ordered me to lick his cock clean, lick all the cum from around my mouth. Then beg to jack off.

At this point. My wife became the goddess of all of us. She had all the power. She finally let me jack off. Making me cum on her, then licking it all off. From this point on, she was the boss, and I was instructed to suck cock anytime she ordered me too.

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