Affair with hot neighbour

Hello everyone, this is Kumar writing again from Bangalore.

This was on a random day several months ago. I was staying alone at home and my folks were out of town. I got up half-heatedly to go for the morning walk. When I was about to close the main door of our flat, I heard someone calling me and I turned to see who it was. It was our next door hot neighbor lady who was dressed in formals shirt and pants hurriedly came to me.

Samantha and her hubby both in their late twenties were from North India and were working for an IT firm in Bangalore. I very rarely conversed with the young couple and I had heard that the young girl had a miscarriage recently and was going through hard times trying for a baby.
Samantha was about 5’5” and had black long hair that fell over her shoulders and she was looking beautiful in her office outfit.

I couldn’t help myself as I noticed her breasts were round and full, maybe a 34 D cup. I could tell that she was wearing a black bra which was seen through her white shirt and with black formal pants and looked like she was ready to go the office.

What really caught my eye though, were the two small wet spots on her shirt that were in front of her obliviously large nipples. I nodded my head in greeting and she smiled at me and said,“Don’t worry, do you need any help from me” I asked her still not able to remove my gaze from her wet spot on her shirt.

Samantha, “My husband is not in town from past 2 days and you can see that I have problem with my lactating.”
I was taken aback about a neighbor young lady discussing her feminine problem with a 27 year old boy like me but asked her ”How can I help you?”

Samantha with a straight face” Kumar, Let me be frank with you, I want you to help you drain my milk from my breasts, either you use your hands to do it or if you want you can suck and drink it. But I have to get rid of this excess milk in me as I have to attend an important meeting at 10 AM now as you can see they are leaking out from my shirt.

My hubby would have helped me by sucking the milk and he too has got tired of sucking my milk now. So can you please help me, Kumar?”
Samantha without waiting for my answer went through the opened door of my home went and sat on the sofa leaned back and crossed her legs, was looking at me with a certain sense of authority and mischief in her eyes. I came inside, locked the front door came near the sofa and stood before her looking at her with uneasiness in my eyes.

“So, Kumar, tell me how you want to do this? Do you want me to just unbutton my shirt or should I take it off for you?”

“Oh My God, Samantha, Do you really want me to do this”, but seeing firmness in her eyes I said, “It would be better if you take it off, it won’t stain your shirt and maybe I think I will suck you instead of wasting the milk. It has been a long time I sucked milk and want to taste it again”

Samantha uncrossed her legs and sat straight on the sofa. Her fingers went to her shirt buttons but her eyes never left my face, watching my reactions, as I waited for her to remove her shirt. She teased me by pulling one side of her shirt away from her breast and then covering that one and uncovering the other. She finally bared both of her beautiful breasts at the same time and then removed her shirt completely.

I just stared at her chest; her milk-swollen tits were right in front of me and watched as she cupped them in her hand and offered them to me. I sat down on the center table in front of the sofa and put my knees between her legs.

“Please suck my milk, Kumar and empty my breasts.” I leaned forward and slowly took her breast in my hand, my tongue flicking across her right nipple and then sliding around her aureole until I finally allowed my mouth to cover her nipple and began to suck.

I was in heaven and I think that she was enjoying my nipple sucking too. Samantha put her hand on the back of my head and drew me closer to her; a soft sigh escaping her mouth as I lightly bit and teased her nipple like I did to my wife’s nipple when I was sucking her dry boobs.

I felt her milk begin to flow out of her breast and into my waiting mouth. I sucked and touched and played with her breasts to my satisfaction.
When I had sucked all her milk from the right breast, she switched me to her left breast. I happen to glance down and noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her pants and I figured that she was getting turned on and this made go crazy as well. I kept sucking and she held my head tighter to her breast and her wet spot was growing on her pants.

I had no intention of doing anything other than what she had asked me to do, but seeing her wet crotch; I couldn’t resist myself and put my hand against her crotch. I heard a sharp intake of breath, perhaps she was surprised, and then she pushed her hips against my hand and moaned into my ear.

I could feel her heat through her pants as my fingers rubbed along the outside of her pussy on her pants. Her moans increased and she pushed herself harder against my hand. I tried to slip my hand from the top of her pants, but it was too tight against her skin.

Samantha didn’t say a word but stood up and undid her pant and panties and pushed them down around her ankles and sat back down. She opened her legs again and took my hand and pressed it against her very wet warm pussy and said, “ Kumar, I am now leaking in top and bottom as well, please help me down there too and maybe I can return the favor later for your help.”

Now my hand made contact with her nude pussy, I heard her take a breath and she sighed deeply and said “Oh, Kumar, this feels so good. You’ve made me so hot sucking my breasts, now put your fingers inside my pussy and make me cum.”

What more can a man want, when such a beautiful young girl was begging me to finger her pussy, I slid two of my fingers up and down her wet slit, stopping to rub her enlarged clitoris. Her breath was coming in small gasps and her eyes were closed as I played with her wet pussy. I pressed my hand against her mound and her pussy lips parted, allowing her juices to seep onto my hand.

I asked her to open her eyes and Samantha watched me as I brought my juice-covered fingers to my mouth and sucked her cum essence from them. She moaned deep in her throat and opened her legs as wide as she could with her pants and panties still around her ankles. Not satisfied, she finally kicked them off her feet and brought her ass closer to the edge of the sofa.

My cock was as hard, and it was uncomfortable in my track pants but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to her just yet. I slipped two fingers into her hot pussy hole and began to finger fuck her. She moaned again and her hips pushed hard against my fingers trying to drive them further inside her. I added another finger and soon was fingering her cunt with three of my large fingers deep inside her pussy.

Samantha took one of her breasts and forced its nipple into my mouth and told me to suck it hard while I fingered her. I could taste her milk as it ran freely into my mouth and I swallowed all she had to offer to my hungry mouth.

My fingers were moving in and out of her pussy, my thumb was flicking her clitoris with every insertion and she was almost climbing the walls with ecstasy. Her legs slammed shut and she shuddered, throwing herself back against the rear of the sofa.
“Oh baby, I’m going to cum,” she said, “I’m climaxing with your fingers in my cunt.”

I loved when Samantha screamed loudly my name for the first time and saw her juices dripping out of her wet pussy and coated my fingers and hand to the wrist. My cock was so restricted in my track pants that I couldn’t stand it another second. I stood quickly and unhooked the track pants string and dropped my track pants and underwear to my feet, my rigid cock standing in attention in front of her surprised face.

Samantha needed no invitation and she quickly placed her hand slowly around my cock and started jerking me off. Her head suddenly dipped forward and the tip of my cock disappeared inside her mouth. I placed my hands on my hips and thrust my cock forward, urging her to take all she could, and deep into her mouth. She had her other hand kneading and tugging at her stiff nipple on one of her milk-swollen breasts and small streams of milk were trickling out and dropping onto her legs.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and told her I was going to cum at any second. She pulled her mouth away and kept jerking me in a steady fast rhythm, my cock pointed right at her swollen breasts.

“Aim your cum on my breasts, Kumar.” She cried, “Shoot your hot cum right on my milk-filled breasts and cover them with your sperm. I want to see how much you are going to cum for me, Kumar.”
My balls contracted and I felt a spasm from my twitching cock as the first white thick jet of cum flew across space and splattered against her milk-swollen breasts. She used her other hand to rub the cum all around her tits and as each new spurt landed on her, she quickly rubbed it in as well.

My knees felt weak and I placed my hands on top of her head to keep from falling over; it felt so good to have shot my load like that, all over her breasts.
I got on my knees in front of her and using my hand, gently pushed her back against the couch. Samantha’s legs were still wide open and as I lowered my head towards her lap, I saw her eyes close in anticipation of what I was going to do to her next with her.

There’s really nothing quite like the first time you put your face up to a woman’s pussy and inhale her wonderful scent; the musky and earthy scent that can drive a man wild with lust and Samantha’s pussy was no exception.

Samantha’s pussy was looking wonderful with her desire-swollen lips parted; I could see that her pussy juice was still slowly leaking from her pussy hole.
“Kumar, fuck me with your tongue.” She moaned. “Eat my pussy till I cum on your face just like you came on my breasts.”

With my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart then gently placed the whole of my mouth over her pussy and licked at her wet spot. Samantha moaned in delight as my tongue forced its way inside her gaping lips to the soft wetness within. She raised her knees higher as I lapped at her slit with my tongue; tasting her juices which seemed to be pouring out from her.

Samantha tasted completely different from other women, she was much sweeter and she seemed to produce much more fluid as I licked at her and looked like she was on horny lady. I sucked on her long pussy lips and nibbled on her clit. As I did so, I looked up and saw that Samantha was playing busy with her own tits and was pinching her stiff nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger with her milk dripping from the tips.

I concentrated on sucking and licking Samantha’s clitoris and as she massaged her breasts, it did not take long before her whole body shuddered, her hips lifted and she let out a long, low moan as she came. Her cum coated my mouth and chin with her wet sticky love juices and I wiped it off with my hand and sucked more of her essence from my fingers.

My cock had become hard again and I took it in my hand a started to slowly stroke it in front of Samantha teasing her.
“Do you want to fuck me, Kumar?” She asked. “Do you want that cock of yours deep in my cunt and fuck me hard?”

“Oh baby. I want to Baby!” I exclaimed without any hesitation.

“Then cum and fuck me, Kumar, do you know how long was I waiting for this moment to get fucked by you.” She said as she patted her pussy with her hand and smiled at me.

I placed the head of my cock against her wet slit and rubbed it up and down several times, coating it with her juice. I found the entrance to her core and slowly slid my hard cock inside her. She slid further down on the sofa allowing my cock to go deeper in her pussy.

“Does this feel good, Baby?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes, it sure does, Kumar, you’re filling my small pussy with your big cock.”

“Oh God, you have a tight pussy, Baby.” I said, as I picked up my pace and started to stuff my cock deep in her cunt.

“It feels so good when you push deep in me. Do it harder now, Kumar.”

I could feel my balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass as my cock repeatedly went in and out of her pussy. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard on it. Milk streamed from her nipple, filling my mouth with her warm, sweet tit milk.

“Fuck me harder, Kumar, fuck me,” she urged, “I’m close baby, I’m so close to climaxing again.”
My cock felt ready to explode, her tight cunt was making it feel extremely good and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came.

“Give it to me, Kumar, cum for me, Kumar, shoot your juice in my pussy when you are ready.”
I let go of her nipple and drove my cock as far inside her pussy as I could push it. Samantha wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer still. I knew it was starting when my balls tingled and contracted, my cum was on its way.

“It feels so fucking good.” I said. “I don’t ever want to stop.”

“I’m climaxing too” Samantha shouted, as her hips bucked back and forth. I felt, rather than saw, her juices flow out of her pussy and drip down onto my balls, covering them with her creamy cum.

“That was so hot, Baby.” I told her, as I withdrew my cock and rubbed it over her clit; the last traces of my spunk dripping off the tip. “I haven’t cum like that in years, baby.”

“I haven’t orgasm-ed like this in years and had a good fuck like this good in a long time either, Kumar and to tell you the truth, I want you to fuck me some more just as soon as you can regain yourself.”

I looked at her and smiled and then drew her to me and kissed her for the first time; my tongue searching for hers. She responded to my kiss and then placed her hand on my cock and started to stroke me slowly, each stroke bringing new life flowing into it.

She got off the sofa and then getting on her hands and knees beside me, reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me like this again, Kumar.” She said, as she drove her ass back against me, impaling herself on my cock. That was the beginning of our long journey of multiple times making out.

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