Accident leads to cuckold

Hi Friends, I’m sai a 28-year-old married male working in Bangalore. I would love to meet women in Bangalore. I have had a few flings with women and couples, and all ladies except one were above my age.

Now, I am coming to the story. This incident happened while I had gone to my native for Christmas Holidays for 10 days. Five days went by normally. I was trying to get a woman to fuck as it’s been a month since I had sex with my wife. I am always having a high libido and urge to have sex often. I used to have sex with my wife frequently, but still im hungry for sex. But i do follow ethics with respect to having sex. I was driving my vehicle in a crowded bazaar.

It’s a very small town, and the road is not more than 30-40 feet. It will be crowded with bikes parked here and there. So people used to walk on the road only. Suddenly one lady crossed the road without seeing the other side, and I ended up hitting her in my vehicle. She fell and started shouting at me.

Lady: Kannu theriyatha, vanthu mela ethura. (Don’t you have eyes, you came and hit me.)

Me: Naan olunga than vanthen, neenga than thappa vanthinga (I drove properly. It was you who crossed without seeing this side of the road)

Then she compromised and tried to get up. By this time, everyone on the road started to do their jobs. She stood up and took a step. But she was hit hard by one of the rods in the vehicle, and it was painful for her.

Me: Are you fine?

Lady: I guess I will be fine.

Saying this, she tried to take one more step and shouted again in pain. She leaned on the bike slightly. I asked where she had to go. She told a village name nearby and said she had to catch the 8.30 PM bus. It was the last one to her village, and it was already 8.20 PM.

I told her I would drop her off at the bus stand. It is hardly one km from the bazaar. Then she said even if she goes to the bus stand, she won’t be able to get inside the bus as she cannot even take a step.

I suggested that I take her on my bike and drop her at her village. It’s 10-12kms from my town. After asking for 2-3 times, she finally agreed to it and sat on my bike with a lot of struggle.

We crossed the town and started driving on the outskirts. There were not many lights on the road and only my bike’s light. Since it was late in the night, there were not many vehicles on the road. I casually started talking to her.

Me: What’s your name?

Lady: Shanti, yours?

Me: sai. What are you doing?

Lady: I work in a shop here.

Me: Ok. Are you married?

Lady: Do I look unmarried? I have 2 kids also.

Me: Seriously, I couldn’t make out. You are very strong and look young.

Shanti: Yes, I married when I was 19 and gave birth to 2 kids before 22.

Me: What’s your husband doing?

Shanti: Don’t ask for it. I will get irritated if I talk about him.

Me: Why?

Shanti: He does some work here and there. But he spends everything on liquor every day. I had to earn money for my kids and me.

Me: Sorry to hear that, Shanti.

Shanti: It’s ok. What will you do for him being a drunkard?

I saw that she was trying to adjust and sit properly. I stopped the vehicle and asked if everything was ok. She said her pain is subsiding but still not completely alright. So she tried to adjust and sit properly. It hurt that time. I got down from the bike and touched her feet.

Shanti: Hey, I came directly from work. It’s dirty. Take off your hands.

Me: That’s ok. You are hurt, and let me see how bad is it.

Shanti: Hmmmm.

Me: I massaged the toes gently and asked if she felt comfortable.

Shanti: It’s very nice. But don’t do it. Get up.

Me: Why?

Shanti: What if someone sees me like this?

Me: Let’s tell them what happened. I’m just trying to help you.

Shanti: You don’t understand. In villages, nobody believes your stories. They will start creating their own stories about you and me

I smiled and said I was least bothered.

Shanti: Yeah, you will not be in the village, na. I’m only going to be there.

I realized my mistake and said sorry.

Shanti: It’s ok. But you are so sweet.

Me: Why?

Shanti: Even when I was struggling with delivery pain, my husband never cared about me and went to drink.

Me: Oh, that isn’t good. Will he be home now? Is it fine if I drop you near your house?

By this time, we were just 5 km away from her house.

Shanti: Don’t worry about him. He is fit for nothing.

I got a slight hint when she said he was fit for nothing and wanted to try my luck. I saw she could move a bit comfortably now and rested one of her hands on my shoulder. She came near my ears and said something. By that time, her boobs were touching my back.

Let me tell you about Shanti. She must be in her early 30’s, almost 5.4 feet, she was wearing saree and looked even more sexy when compared to fair woman she was a desi girl dusky one but was looking awesome. Her boobs must be not more than 34. Her hands were rough because of the hard work which she does. She sat close to me, and we kept talking about our personal lives till we reached her village.

Once inside, she adjusted herself and maintained some distance. She took off her hand as well from my shoulder. I got to know that she is interested in me but fears others.

She gave directions to her house, and I was driving. We reached, and she got down. I tried to turn the vehicle to move ahead. But she stopped me and insisted I had to come inside.

Me: I have to go home as it’s already 9.

Roads were not good, and it took half an hour to reach her village.

Shanti: No, after doing so much help, how can you go without even coming inside?

Me: It was me who hit you on the road. Or else you would be home comfortable. (smiled)

Shanti: That’s ok. It was my mistake and not yours.

I got down from the bike and went inside. It was a very small house with a small hall, kitchen and one bedroom. The bathroom was behind the house. Her husband was lying on the only sofa and didn’t even care to get up from bed.

Husband: Hey Shanti, who have you got home to fuck? Are you not happy with my cock (Yaaradi okka kootitu vanthiruka. En sunni pathalaya unakku?)

Shanti: Don’t utter a word about him. I met with an accident and was unable to walk. So he came to help me.

Husband: Then you should have asked him to leave after dropping you. Why is he inside the house? (Avana apdiye veliya poga solla vendiyathu thana. Ethuku ulla kootitu vantha?)

Shanti: I will do whatever I like. You shut your mouth and sleep (Enna pannanumnu enakku theriyum. Mooditu nee thoongu.)

I tried to get up from the chair and told Shanti I would leave.

Shanti: No, no. You don’t listen to him. He is nothing in this house. I will make some coffee for you.

I couldn’t do anything but sit. Her husband slept off while talking to her itself.

Me: Where are your kids, Shanti?

Shanti: They must be sleeping already. I usually come around 9:30, and they would be asleep by that time. They didn’t know I would come early today, so they must be sleeping now.

I was getting bored in the hall and went into the kitchen. She was heating the milk. Since the kitchen was very small, it looked completely occupied when both of us were standing.

Me: I just came to chat with you as it was boring there.

Shanti smiled and asked if I needed milk or coffee.

Me: I love to drink milk. (smiled at her)

Shanti: Ok. Did you call and inform your family that you will be late today?

Me: Even if I start in 10 minutes, I will go home before 10.

Shanti: Are you in such a hurry to leave in 10 minutes?

Me: Do I have more work to do here?

Shanti: Don’t act like you don’t know anything.

Me: What? I don’t understand, Shanti.

Shanti: While coming on the bike, my husband is fit for nothing. I mean, he is not taking care of me. I thought you would at least take care of me today

I was happy and gave a sheepish smile and said

Me: Can I have the milk then?

Shanti: You will have everything today.

I went behind her, turned her to my side and kissed her lips gently. She, too, started to kiss me, holding on to my neck, and we kept kissing for 5 minutes at least. My hands were rolling all over her body, damn… she had exclusively well shaped and had curves in right places. She started to like my touch on her body. ” I hope you are so much attracted to my body”( en udambu ungalku romba pudichiku pola) she said. I nodded yes. she was shy and still hugged me tight and kissed more passionately. So did I.

Shanti: Should we go inside?

Me: No, I love to do it in front of your sleeping husband.

Shanti: Wow… Ungalku semma thunichal (u are so courageous) That’s also fine.

Me: What if he wakes up?

Shanti: Don’t worry about that bastard. I know to control him. I will tell him I will not pay money to him for liquor from tomorrow onwards. I lifted her in my arms and took her to hall.

We moved to the hall and sat on the sofa. We lip-locked again for some time, meanwhile she was carrassing my chest and sniffed my body, i could notice that she was craving for a real touch by a man, which her hubby could not give her. I removed her pallu by now, she was completely surrendering to me. I was pressing her boobs without removing the blouse, and it was already hard, and her nipples were erect. I removed the hooks and saw she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her boobs were perfect in shape and her black nipples were poking out. It was 34D very tender one. I touched her boobs, slowly her nipples too. she cooed with estacy, she was goraning softly. I kissed it and started to suck her boobs. I sucked one after another and played with her boobs for 10 minutes. she was moaning like she had never moaned, I rolled my tongue around her nipple and bit her nipples. She moaned slightly and told me to be gentle. I said I love to do it this way. She smiled in shyness and said “i have never felt such pleasure like this earlier, you are real man”. She had now started to rub my cortch over my pants like a kid.

Suddenly her husband woke up and saw us in a semi-naked position. He couldn’t open his eyes completely but started using bad words on her. She went near him and gave a slap on his cheeks.

Shanti: Bastard, he is doing what you couldn’t do. (Thevudiya paiya, unnala mudiyathatha avaru panraru). You sit silently and watch or sleep (Amaithiya paaru illa mooditu thoongu). If possible come and suck his cock (Mudinja vanthu avaru poola sapi vidu)

Me: Hey, why are you so arrogant?

Shanti: You don’t know about him. I have seen him taking small guys to some outer place and sucking their cock. He is worth only doing that.

Me: Oh, is it? I went near him and removed my pants.

I removed my inner as well and showed her my cock. She saw my dick as if she is seeing it for the first time. I asked her what happened shanti? have you never saw a duck before.

Shanti: Ivlo perusa thadimal ah oru pool ah na parta tha illa, semma perusa iruku (I have not seen so thick and longer dick, its so thick)

she is she readily jumped up and started to suck it. she was good at sucking. She holded my dick, “aahhhh..mmmmm” i moaned.. a current passed through my body when her hand wrapped around my dick.

She said to her hubby “Ok enough of seeing You sleep now or silently watch us. Hereafter I will bring him whenever I want, and you shouldn’t say anything you son of a bitch”

He nodded his head and lied down on the sofa again. I was still standing. Shanti knelt in front of me sniffed my cock, she was sniffing like a hungry bitch and said “unga pool romba menmai ya iruku” (your dick is so manly and smells good) kissed my dick head with love and continued to suck my cock. I was in heaven, She was sucking so well that even my wife had not sucked me like this in my first night. She gave a very good blow job for 5 minutes. I was grunting like a animal, I cummed inside her mouth itself. She drank all of it and said “unga kanji romba suvai ah iruku” (your cum is so tasty). I undressed her in front of her hubby, she was stark naked. the desi woman is always best when comes to satisfaction, she was so feminine than my wife. Then I made her lie down and went near her pussy.

At first, she resisted and asked what am I going to do.

Me: I’m going to give you the same oral pleasure you gave me.

Shanti: No, only ladies will suck for guys. Not the other way.

Me: Who told you this?

Shanti: This bastard only, and she saw her husband.

Me: I will give it to you, and you will love it.

I opened her legs wider and saw her hairy pussy. I loved her pussy, She said with shyness she used to shave very rarely as her husband never fucks her. I loved the smell of it and started to lick it. She started trembling from the very first moment and started moaning. She was very shy and covered her face. I loved her shyness, which made me even more crazy.

After a couple of minutes, She grunted like an animal and reached her orgasm. She was quiring out of pleasure.

shanti: Ena aachi yenaku, yedo thani madri en pundai irundu vandadu, Oru vidam sugama irunchi? ( what happened, some kind of water came out of my pussy. It gives me a sense of satisfaction)

Me: Its called orgasm, Woman attain orgasm like men do while having sex and even if she is sucked in her pussy.

shanti: (Ahhhh..mmm… Inda madri en valkai le na partadilla)Oh god… Its so awesome. I have not experienced this kind of thing in my life till this moment. You are really super.

she kept pushing my head to suck more and I did the same. After almost 20 minutes of sucking, biting, I got up. I spread her legs in missionary position and inserted my 6.5-inch black thick cock into her. Since she was not fucked for quite some time, it was very tight.

Slowly it went inside, She moaned loudly, i placed my lips on hers to silence her,and once it was completely in, she had tears from her eyes. I said what happened shanti. She said “unga pool en purushan vida romba thadimal ah irukunga”(your dick is way more thicker than my hubby), i said you will get adjusted after few strokes and started to increase the speed. I pistoned my dick in and out of her pussy. It was such a pleasure to both of us, that we had forgot the outside world, we were having a good sex by satisfying each other’s lust.

Shanti: Unga pool muludum en pundai ulla poidichi semma ya iruku unga pool (your dick has filled my pussy, you have a nice dick)

It went for a while. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, she was building another orgasm, i kept sawing my dick in and out of her pussy, she pulled my buttocks against her pussy, and finally she grunted again and reached her 2nd orgasm.

shanti: nenga semma aalu yen pundai irundu ipdi oru unarchi erpadavilai
(you are so sexy man, i have not got multiple orgasm like this before)

I was really happy that i am reason to make a woman cum. what else makes a man fell so happier when he makes a woman cum. I had made my wife cum multiple times even in my first night, but things were different when i did same thing with shanti. I was felling a strange pleasure, so that i continued to fuck her with applying more thrust. I put her to doggy and shoved my dick deep inside her wet pussy. I was about to cum, i asked her where to cum. She asked me to cum deep inside her pussy, as she wanted to feel my healthy man cum inside her womanhood. I continued to maintain my pace. Finally i groaned like a beast and started to shoot my warm molten cum deep inside her hairy pussy.

All the time her hubby was watching us having sex. he had cummed tiny spruts of sprem from his puny dick. Pity him.

Since I cummed inside her mouth half an hour ago, I lasted for 20 minutes and kept fucking her. She kept moaning and i fell on her breast, sucking it like a kid, she was happy and abused her husband to look how a real fuck should be. Not like the 2-minute fucks which you used to do to me. We lied down for some time, and it was 11 already. I asked her I wanted to booze. She took a whiskey from her cupboard and gave it to me. After that, we did one more round by 12.

we had an intense fuck over the night. We did not care what others think. We were happy to the fullest. That was the ultimate need.

I got her number and started by 1 AM, and reached home. I told my family that I had met an old friend and we went to a movie together. It was all suddenly planned, and hence I couldn’t come home.

The next day morning, Shanti called me around 1 PM while she was on lunch break and said she wanted to meet me again. This time, she will not make her hubby drink but make him consciously watch the session to humiliate him. We had sex in my home when my wife was not round. I still used to fuck my wife being a dutiful hubby and keep her satisfied too, nowadays my wife is active in bed, we both do enjoy our sex lives.

I said, “Ok, we can do so for the next 5 days till I’m here. Whenever I come back for a holiday, we can meet again.” We had an sexual affair and kept ourselves happy whenever i visit my hometown.

Thanks for reading the story, and please share your comments on [email protected].

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