BI-sex Sandra from London

This Wednesday Ada has organized an assignment for me with another ‘high profile lady visiting from London’, a not unusual occurrence.

“Sandra leaves for London tomorrow after a round of successful business meetings. We had coffee together this morning. She has a good chunk of spare expense money to splurge. Sandra is very attractive, fifty, a full size-twelve, shoulder length blond hair, with a good body, and she appears to have a very good rack. My guess is she may be bi. I would be very happy to have sex with her.”Ada emailed me some pics of Sandra and her pics matched Ada’s deecrption. Ada always insists on current pics after being embarrassed by some of her clients in the past.

“She wants to meet you in the foyer of the Hyatt at two to make sure you and her are on the same page.”

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

At five-minutes after two Sandra introduced herself. Immediate chemistry and connection as we looked over each other while waiting for a coffee. She was wearing black heels, an above the knee black dress, low cut to show some inviting cleavage, with a white jacket.

She had my full attention as she crossed and recrossed her legs for my benefit.

“Before we get down to business, I wanted to look you over to ensure and confirm you were what Ada promised.

“I want to live out one of my fantasies today, perhaps more than one. I am hanging out for a good fucking, a really good fucking,” she tells me without any embarrassment in an attractive, polished English accent.

“I have never fucked a man twenty-years younger than me. And I have never fucked a man with a thick, ten-inch erection. Ada told me you have a thick, ten-inch erection. Is that true?,” she asked a little agitated as she rubbed a hand over my groin.

“Yes, when fully aroused and right now I am on my way to being fully aroused,” I answered truthfully.

“Ada also told me you have an ass fetish. I am confident I can feed and satisfy your fetish.

“Have you and Ada ever been lovers? We had a long conversation, she speaks highly of you. I suspect she may be bi.”

“A gentleman never tells.”

“Just as I thought, you have been lovers.”

By now our conversation and the use of fuck word were drawing the attention of people at tables close by.

“Do you have any questions for me?, Sandra asked.

“Are you a natural blond? Do you shave or wax?”

“You can find out soon.”

“Is that a cup-less bra you are wearing?”

“Yes, Are my nipples obvious? I wanted them to be obvious for you.”

“What size cup-less bra are you wearing?”

“A sexy, lacy, black one, 36C cup. Is there anything I can do to make this exciting for both of us?”

“Go to the bathroom and come back with your knickers in your handbag.”

“Happy to oblige, but I aren’t wearing any,” she smiled wickedly as she crossed her legs to show the full length of her wonderful creamy thighs.

“I want to come to your room in five minutes time and be greeted by you wearing nothing but the jacket you are wearing now, your heels, and your cup-less bra.”

When Sandra arrived I hadn’t taken any notice of her ass. As I watched her walk to the elevators and recalled her saying, “I am confident I can feed your fetish.” She had already commenced feeding my ass fetish as she swayed her hips for my benefit. A real buzz for me and all the others watching, though I was only one aware she had no knickers.

“There is a saying in business, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is my second,” Sandra smiled, legs spread, as she opened the door five-minutes later. Her magnificent, lush, creamy white, almost naked body has me fully erect. Her trimmed jet black pubic hair an exciting contrast to her blond hair.

“Is this what you wanted? Nothing but my jacket, my heels, and my cup-less bra. Though I feel overdressed, take my jacket off for me.

“The bedroom has mirrors on all sides and the ceiling,” she tells me holding my hand as she leads me. “I think an almost naked body in nothing but heels and a cup-less bra is a turn on for both sexes, Is It a turn on for you?,” she teases as she watches me ogling her ass cheeks as she walks.

“Do you have an erection for me?,” she teases knowing I have had an absolute boner, obvious under my tight slacks, for her since I walked in, as I flaunt it by sliding my trousers to my ankles, then my briefs, as they fail to conceal my erection.

“I have always wondered what ten-inches looks like in the flesh, a lot more exciting than porno pics,” she tells me in an agitated voice as she strokes it. “Lick my nipples while I tease your cock.”

We fucked every which way, always watching in the mirrors, Sandra facing my toes, sliding up and down my erection with my hands on her magnificent ass while I ogled it.

Sandra standing with her hands on the wall for support as I fucked her from behind, my hands grasping her ass cheeks.

Sandra sitting on my face, then sixty-nines.

Lots of teasing and edging.

Laying on the bed, fucking her from behind, my hands on her ass cheeks and tongue kissing before she told me she was fantasizing about sucking a third man’s cock. “Or maybe another woman licking and sucking my nipples.”

At around four in the afterglow of wonderful sex, Sandra asked, “Did I tell you I have arranged for Ada to visit tonight? I want to have sex with her and leave for home sexually satiated by a man and a woman. Are you happy to make up a three-some?,” Sandra asked as she teased my now flaccid cock with a fingertip.

“She told me when you fucked her, she had never had ten-inches before, though that was long after she interviewed you. She also told me you were very comfortable having a male give you a blow job as long as a female was watching.

“If Ada was to bring a suitable man with her would you be comfortable with her and I watching that man give you a blow job? I love watching my men receiving a blow job from another man, though I have never watched a man your size receive a blow job from another male.”

“Did she tell you who?”

“She said you know Julian well. Tease me, tempt me, tell me about him.”

“I still remember it well, it was very exciting at the time. Before I could work for Ada she told me there would be an interview process. On the day I had been ogling Ada’s body, fantasizing about her as she crossed and recrossed her legs and lusting after her since I arrived. Forty-ish, at the time, huge sex appeal and beautifully spoken.

There were two showers, Julian and I showered while Ada watched, before the audition. “Bad form to have sex with my people, but I can show you my naked body to turn you on,” she told us,

She asked, “Does my naked body turn you on? How about Julian’s naked body? He is a pretty boy isn’t he. And he is very talented I have been told. I want to watch him blow you to check if you can achieve a thick, ten-inch erection for both sexes.”

Ada told me I was magnificent, fucking awesome,” as she measured my rock hard erection with a tape measure. “You really are ten-inches and thick. Now let’s see how long you can last for.”

“You two are very good, most impressive, that was more than thirty minutes,” Ada smiled as she looked at her stopwatch moments after I exploded and hit the back of Julian’s throat.”

“Wow, how exciting, I would love to watch another man giving you a blow job. Would you like me to watch?”

“You know I would while I ogle your naked body.”

Sandra ordered a wonderful dinner for us, delivered by a girl and a boy in their early twenties. When they returned an hour later to take away the trolley and the dishes, Sandra asked if they would take some photos on her phone to show her friends back in London.

We were both naked underneath the short gowns supplied by the hotel as we stood arm in arm for the initial pics. “Would you be comfortable taking some more intimate pics of us?,” Sandra asked as she put her heels on and opened her gown, then mine.

“Are you comfortable taking pics of our naked bodies?,” Sandra teased knowing they were both very excited. “My 36C tits will photograph better in my cup-less bra,” she told the room service girl as she asked her fasten it for her.

“Are you sure you don’t mind,” she teased as the boy, his erection obvious, took some pics of us front on with a hand on each others ass cheeks.

“Now some really intimate pics,” she told them as I kissed her ass cheeks in turn, licked her nipples until they were erect before I kelt between her legs and licked her cunt lips.

“Have you ever seen a man with an erection this size?,” Sandra asked them as she teased it to a thick, ten-inches. “Would you like to touch it?, she asked the girl as the boy kept taking pics.

“This is the shot I specially want to show my friends back in London, side on sucking the tip of his erection.”

We showered together and were fresh and ready for new levels of sexual pleasure, wearing short hotel dressing gowns without the belts, shortly before Ada was expected. “Let’s make an impression and go with the flow,” Sandra smiled.

Ada arrived at eight with a pretty young man I had never seen before. “This is Cody, he is at the interview stage for my agency. I am sure you will be fine if we combine business with pleasure? I want to see if he can give a man with a thick, ten-inch erection a gold level blow job while two naked women watch.”

“You and I have unfinished business, lots of unfinished business Sandra,” Ada whispered as they softly tongue kissed and undressed each other.

“I have been fantasising about you ever since we had coffee,” Sandra tells her as they continue softly tongue kissing, while Sandra ogles her size 12-14 voluptuous body, good skin, wonderful legs, big firm ass and C-cup tits with big nipples. Her shaved and trimmed pubes contrast beautifully with her blond hair and naked body. Ada is a pornographers delight for both sexes!

“Have you ever had a man that big before Cody?,” Ada asks as I stand with my back to the wall, hands behind my head anticipating an exciting blow job from a man younger than me, while two bi-sex, exciting, older, naked women watch. “Don’t rush it, make it exciting and erotic for all of us.”

Cody rubs oil over my inner thighs, then my torso, special attention to my erect nipples as he licks and sucks them. Then soft oily hands on my already semi-erect cock.

Sandra and Ada are both wearing heels, legs spread, naked apart from their heels, with their arms around each other, two blonds with jet black pubic hair – I like it – as they watch Cody teasing my cock with his fingertips. He has me fully erect as he slides a loosely closed hand along it as he licks my nipples.

He is licking my balls as he teases the tip of my erection with the tips of two fingers and his tongue while I watch Ada and Sandra teasing each others cunt lips with a fingertip.

Ada is standing behind Sandra, kissing her neck, one hand on her tits, the other on her cunt lips as Cody teases his nipples with the tip of my roaring erection. “Oh fuck yes,” I mutter involuntarily as he slides my fully erect, thick, ten-inch cock between his pursed lips and I look down at his erection, unsure if it is for me or the two women. Perhaps both options?

The only contact we have is his lips on my very erect cock as Cody kneels with his hands on his ankles for balance. He is edging me and the women as he re-commences by teasing just the tip of my erection with his tongue. Then runs his tongue along my shaft before taking it back into his mouth.

He is using his tongue while moving up and down my shaft. Then rotating a hand around the base of my erection for wonderful extra sensation.

“Are you ready for this? Do you want it?,” he teases loud enough for the women to hear as he takes a huge amount of my erection into his throat for just a brief moment.

“That is awesome, just fucking awesome,” Ada whispers as Cody slowly sucks, more I and more of my erection. “He has more than half his erection down his throat. I wish I could do that.”

“My goal is to give you and the women pleasure, lots of it before I bring you to orgasm,” Cody whispers.

“You boys have been going at it for twenty minutes, I am impressed. And turned on,” Ada tells us as she checks her stop watch.

The two women have changed positions, Sandra is standing behind Ada, kissing her neck, one hand on her tits, the other on her cunt lips. Wonderful eye candy as I am almost ready to orgasm.

“Your cock is like an iron bar, a big thick one,” Cody whispers as he sucks and licks just the tip of my erection while running a thumb-tip and fingertip along the full length of it. He is increasing the pressure with each stroke. My body is arching toward him as I watch the two women for their reaction – and an extra turn on.

“How close are you?,” Sandra asks as she tongue kisses me and places one of my hands on her ass. Before she can ask again my knees are shaking as Cody finishes me off with one hand and brings himself off with the other.

“That was wonderful foreplay boys,” Ada smiles obviously aroused as Sandra stands behind Ada again and kisses her neck before they tongue kiss.

“From the moment we met for coffee I wanted to tongue fuck you Ada,” Sandra tells Ada

“I know you did, and I wanted you to. And I wanted to do the same to you before you had me,” Ada whispers as Sandra is standing where I was, her hands behind her head, legs spread as Ada licks her cunt lips.

Ada is laying on her back as Sandra whispers, “This is very exciting for me, a new foursome in a new city,” as she sits on her face so Ada can lick her cunt lips and tease her nipples with her fingertips. I had heard Ada was bi-sexual, and very good at it, though I had never seen her giving lesbian sex.

Then Ada is grasping Sandra’s ass cheeks as she guides Sandra’s cunt lips along her extended tongue.

“Is this what you wanted me to do Ada?,” Cody asks as he lays between Ada’s legs, wraps his arms along her wonderful thighs and teases her cunt lips with his tongue.

I had lost track of time when Ada stood where I had earlier, legs spread, hands behind her head, Sandra’s hands grasping her ass as Ada leaned her body towards Sandra’s tongue to soak up the sapphic pleasure.

I am watching Ada in a completely new dimension as Sandra brings her to orgasm with her tongue. Then with her tongue and a finger. Then with her tongue and two fingers. “I thought you would be good, but not this good. You are magnificent, fucking magnificent.”

“So pleased you like it Ada, not finished with you yet though,” Sandra smiles as she licks her erect nipples. “Am I edging and teasing you? I want to give you something to remember me by. I want to make you squirt while the boys watch.

Ada’s body is thrusting forward, more than before as Sandra lightly licks her very wet cunt lips, her hands grasping her ass cheeks, then licking her engorged clit. She is doing wonderful things to Ada’s cunt lips as she inserts a finger into her, then curls it around to her g-spot.

We could hear Ada gasp as Sandra removed her finger, edging her, then reinserting it and repeating it. Six times, seven times, “I love it, fucking love it, my cunt loves it.” Then eight times as her whole body shook as she orgasmed and squirted. “So good, so fucking good Sandra. “Did you like watching that boys?”

“Indeed we did,” Cody and I told her with new erections.

Before Ada departed she asked Cody and I if we would like to perform for an audience of sixty women. “They are holding a business seminar and requiring some entertainment at the end of proceedings. The women range in age from mid-twenties to fifty-plus.”

“Of course,” we answered as one, excited at the thought of performing for sixty women. Not to mention teasing them and turning them on. And perhaps some offers? See my story, AN AUDIENCE OF SIXTY WOMEN.

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