Romantic Wild relationship with online aunty

Hi readers, as this is my first story out here in this space. Forgive me about the rookie mistakes.

This incident happened a years back. Let me begin with some intro from my side. Myself Mohit of age 27 basically from Tamil Nadu but working in bangalore. Did my education at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore so well versed in many languages. Coming to aesthetic part – I have a dusky hairy body 5’6”” with good sized 6 inch dick with 3 fingers in girth.

This happened when I was strolling around an adult chatting site. It was kinda late at night got woke and was not getting sleep. I logged in and started looking for a chat partner. After lot of fake profiles, I did start chatting with a woman who claimed to be Bindhu (name changed), 36 years old and she was divorcee from Bangalore (Tamil).

About her she was 36, had a great sizes 34-32-36, kinda of maintained body. After general talks she insisted to do a roleplay. I thought she might be one more fake profile but thought to give it a try. She asked to setup a role and a story. I said let’s play role of strangers and I found you in a mall and impress you and let’s see how it goes.

We started chatting and after 30-40 mins for chatting she asked me whether I can do what I said in RP. I said I can. Didn’t expected that she got really impressed. As in RP I did mention how I would send anonymous flower with notes which consisted of poetic verses and all. Believe me guys I did write some good verse to impress her.

She all of the sudden asked me for my google chat id and she started texting me there. It was already 2:30am. Slowly our chats moved towards sexual side from romance. She said she really missed romance and was also not much happy in her previous marriage. She was afraid to get into a affair and wanted to take time. Got to know from her later that she liked the way I romanced with her in chat. Slowly we started talking sex and I insisted to do it over voice. Asked her telegram handle and she refused at first but to her surprise I clicked and semi nude pic and send her. She was in a jerk and started talking really sexual. Finally at point she agreed.

We started:

Indhu: Hi

Me: Hi love !

Indhu: Love ah ?

Me: Yea, is there something wrong?

Indhu: I thought your just like that in chat.

Me: Haha, y did you think like that baby?

Indhu: Is that your photo ?

Me: Yes, do you doubt it ? I can video call.

Indhu: will you ? Don’t lie.

I disconnected the voice call and video called her. She did reject it. I tried again she did accept it.

She was super sexy man, I literally became erect seeing her in that posture. She was in just bra and shorts. One our boobs popping out and she squeezing her boobs seeing me.

I started telling her how naughty she looks and she was blushing all over. I started to sex talk by telling her how I would start exploring her from toes to head. How I gonna taste her inch by inch and drip her. She started rubbing over her shorts and asked me what I want. I did tell her that I would be happy to be in a relationship with you. She started to think and said I think I can take risk.

We planned to meet up in CCD and see how it goes.

I dressed up well and was in time to the place, she was waiting. I was stunned to see her in saree. She was so gorgeous and super hot. Her makeup and hair just added a extra level of sexiness. We ordered and started chit chatting for some time. I would sense the sexual hunger between us. I did take a move and touched her shoulder and asked her when you think we are….. she said you wasted 30 mins. She said we can go to her place but we have only 3 hours, as her daughter might be back from school. We rushed to car and drove as fast as we can. As we entered her apartment, the apartment was classy.

She yelled tiger to the bedroom, I smiled and lifted her up and took her to the bed room. I started kissing her as I have she was in my arms. I made her sit on the bed and put tied a empty cloth on her eyes. And asked to not move till the phone rings. I rushed down to parking open the car and get the surprise that I bought for her. I ran back to the apartment. I closed the door and asked her to untie and see. She was really speech less. She hugged me tight and started kissing me as she started reading the hand written letters. After reading she insisted that she missed me long enough. I slowly warped my hand around her shoulder and started kissing her.

Started to French kiss her and started eating her neck. I was licking, biting and sucking her neck as she moaned. I slipped her pallu and started rubbing my face on top of her boobs and pushed my face deep inside her cleavage. She was wearing really Depp neck line. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, started playing with her boobs. I loved the big boobs and started biting the nipple and sucking it as at the same time I squeeze other boob. I didn’t know the time ran so quick she started to rush me to final act. I checked the clock still we had an hour left. I bent down and got inside her petticoat, hungerily licked her knees and started eating her inner thighs. She was moaning like hell. I did at stop I pulled her panty down and started to kiss and suck her pussy lips. Then I started to taste her clitros and started sucking it. She started to push my face more towards her pussy. I did suck and eat her pussy for nearly quite some time she had two orgasms and it really tasted good . She pushed me Down and started to taste and suck my dick. Have to give her the credit she is a pro. I left like cuming in few minutes but I did control myself to give her the challenge. Finally after some time I have to give it up. She drank all of it. We both started to fuck as we had limited time.

It was really a great session and we did do it when ever we were able to. Recently she moved to another country. I feel bad that I miss a partner like her. Hence writing this to get in touch with you guys. I am looking for romantic wild partner. Any girl/woman do text me in google chats my ID is [email protected] . Let me now guys how you feel about the story.

Thanks for reading.

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