Early morning steamy sex with hot aunty

Hey guys welcome to my real steamy story ❤️

Im Rahul and 21 yrs old in my final year . This is a real life incident , which took place btw me and my north indian neighbour.
she’s 35 years old and had one kid married for 8 yrs. she moved in to our area in second year of my college . By then i had a crush on her tho she’s married of you guys see her you won’t realise she’s married .

First year when she moved in to our area she was very conservative and kept her talks only with women .
But one fine day she called my mom to her son’s bday party and that was the turning point she became very close to my mom.

Her frequency of visiting to my home was getting high and she knew pretty well about me , she had a great passion towards her fitness and health .
I’m guy who goes for jogging and works out every single day and she had noticed it ryt from the beginning.
In the month of November after festivals she had been to my home to ask me for joining morning jog.
That’s the best part which had ever happened for me , i accepted and the next day morning she came in track suits damnnnn her figure was 36d-32-34 completely blown away by her curves i was turned on but still managed that days jog .
Three days down the line she wanted to know more about me and when we were near the south end circle the convo went on like this :

she: Hey rahul why are you so silent ?
Me : no sudha just wondering about few thoughts ( was already turned on )
she : what are they ?? anything serious??
me : nah not really !
she : okay but i have a question for you ?
me : yeah hit it !
she : you have a great stamina in running is it the same in all the cases
me : all the cases ( i was already going crazy)
she : what are your wild desires ?
me : wat ??? desires
( started walking around 5:30am )
she : yeah sexual desires and i bet you have many and i saw your gf chats last week when i had been to your house .

me : yeah i have a great sexual desire especially when it comes to elder women im just madely wild .
she : are you kidding and can you prove it??
me : are you really serious btw im ready .
she : okay today sharp 10:30 my home i will be free until chintu get backs home .
me : ( still in a doubt ) im really serious about it and you won’t be able to face the wildness
she : just come home at the mentioned time lemme see how wild it is .

the rest of the jog was just in silence .
Around 10:00 am
i was ready after having a proper shave in my private areas and took a shower & made sure i smell good .
10:30 sharp I told my mom i had ro help sudha Aunty and went to her home .

Damnnnn guys she was wearing a black transparent saree with a tight blouse which showed her 36d boobs out ryt exposing her clevage . Her words after opening the door was ” i guess the wild lion is so hungry wanna eat this wild deer ??”

I jumped in quickly and closed the door while i pinned her to the door and locked it with both if our hands.
while i just bought my hip closer to her wiast and moved closer to her face while my chest was crushing her boobs .
she had started to breath heavy and faster while i went even more closee she told ” a wild and deep kiss can turn on the wild deer to run mad ” and i told ” I’m a very good kisser”.
locked my lips with hers and went deep guys her lipstick was so sweet and her tongue was so hot while i sucked her saliva and started enjoying it while i squeezed her ass and went in even deeper while she started moaning in my mouth and pulled my hairs to make it even more wild …..

I pulled her pallu off and startted biting her lower flakey lips while she was moving her hip to touch my bonner ( erect dick in my pants).
my hands went up to her hip and startee rubbing it off turned her heat on 🤤🤤🤤🤤

she pulled my track pants off and i was in my boxers ……i pulled my lips out of her mouth after 10 minutes while she kept looking at my eyes and i just went closer to her lips but went down to her boobs and licked her upper boobs and clevage which pulled her moans loud and wild damnnnn guys that sound just makes us even more horny and bit her right upper boobs while she whispered in my ears” dont leave marks Rahul my hubby would find it when we are making out.
I went crazy wild and removed her blouse with my teeth and then pulled her bra off as well.
i was sucking and licking crazy while her nipples became hard and started sucking it again and biting it even harder while she pulled my hair and raised her head in pleasure and said ummmmmm yeahhhh rahulll you so well and i wish you were there on my bed every night to do it !
she pull my t-shirt off and i let my fingers into her pussy while she was enjoying me sucking her nipples and she said ” how long fuck or eat me !!!!” i made her naked completely and made her spread her legs wider while shes standing against the wall and sat down on my legs to eat her pussy damnnn that pussy was so clear and cleanly shaved i went on to lick her pussy while i taste her pre cum as she was already wet ……. she was enjoying it when i was licking and saying ummmmm slowly but deeper ahhh ahhhhahhh ummmm muhaaaa Rahull let your tongue in and suck that pussy lips and she pushed me deeper……..

to be continued ……….
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