After-school fuck

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Hi, I’m Alice, 5’5, 34e bust and 99 pounds.I’m quite tall with a defined neck and facial features. I have big eyes with thin lips, sharp nose and a v face and long black hair to my back due to my russian chinese mixed parentage. I lost my virginity at 14 to my first boyfriend.

I’m currently 17 and studying in a high school in the US with a boyfriend Michael. I’m quite popular in the school and many guys call me hot and cute. Michael is a American with defined cheekbones and a rather long dick, there will always be a bulge in his pants and many girls fawn over him. Both of us are the ruling couple of the school.

After one week of dating with him, I decided to take one step further. That morning, I arrived in school in a long sleeved crop top and ripped jean shorts which emphasized on my thin and curvy shape. After school, while he was driving me back, he eyed me again and again, particularly at my boobs. I noticed it and extended my hand to his thigh and slowly massaged it, moving up at the same time until I reached his crotch. Moving my hands slowly around his dick, I told him that my parents had gone away for a business trip and asked if he wanted to come over for a short while. I could feel his dick hardening and we were about to reach my house.

He agreed and slid his other hand up my crop top, reaching for my boobs. His strong big hands then started to grope my breasts and massage it, making me feel horny. We stopped for a while, getting into the house.

After entering the house, he immediately took off my crop top and bra. ‘I’ve been waiting so long for this moment to taste u’ I quickly unzipped his pants and saw a big bulge in his underwear, ready to strike.

He pushed me against the wall, rubbing my boobs while I moaned and felt my panties getting nice and wet with all the cum flowing down to my thigh. He started to suck my boobs so passionately and I moaned even louder. ‘I have never tasted such good boobs before’ We moved to the kitchen counter and kissed passionately while I slid down his underwear, seeing his 10 inch thick and long dick, grabbing it and fingered with it. I ran my fingers over his thick dick which i could only grab half of.

I tickled his balls and slowly went up and down his dick, feeling it harden even more and elongating to a 11 inch. Meanwhile, he pulled down my jeans with my panties and inserted two fingers into it, fingerfucking me. ‘Ahhh…mmm…Ahhh… faster’ I moaned, dripping my cum all over his fingers. He let my tongue explore further into his mouth and soon we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. I slowly moved on to finger his dick faster and faster and his dick becoming longer and longer.

‘I..I’m gonna’he moaned and shot his load around my clit area.

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