A young couple gets very close to their older neighbor

“Wait Brandon, stop! We have to do it right!” Brandon felt his wife, Chelsea, tug on his arm as he finished unlocking the front door. He looked back at her quizzically.

“We just moved into this house,” she continued, “you have to carry me across the threshold.”

“Isn’t that just for newlyweds?”

“No silly, it’s something you do anytime you start a new life. We’re starting a new life here at this homestead so we have to start it off right.”

“Well we wouldn’t want to get off on the wrong foot now would we?” Brandon replied with a smile, scooping her up in his arms. Holding her close, they stepped over the threshold into their new home. They had just bought a 2 acre property on the outskirts of a rural Idaho town. Tired of city life, they took the plunge and bought a house miles away from anything resembling a large city.

Entering their new home, Chelsea leaned up and kissed her husband. As he set her down, she continued her loving kiss. Her arms wrapped closer around him, pressing her voluptuous body against his hardening member. Brandon considered himself quite lucky to have married such a bombshell of a wife. She had voluminous auburn hair, youthful green eyes, full, pouty lips and a figure with plentiful curves. She could never be a runway model, but she turned male, and sometimes female, heads wherever she went.

Breaking her kiss, Chelsea gave a horny smile, “You know what else couples are supposed to do when they move into a new house?” She dipped her shirt down seductively, teasing a better view of her ample bosom.

“I think I have an idea,” Brandon returned with a similar smile. Her arms still around his neck, he picked her legs up around his waist and walked them into the kitchen. After setting her on the counter, they attacked each other with lips and tongues wrestling. Hands felt around indiscriminately. Articles of clothing came off one by one. Shirts were the first to go. Brandon’s pants and underwear were next. After fumbling with the button, and briefly removing her from the counter, Chelsea’s pants and panties finally went. Saving the best for last, her bra was unsnapped and tossed far aside, letting her large breasts fall free. It didn’t take long for Brandon’s mouth to find a new target to latch onto.

“Mmmmm, I knew you couldn’t resist these,” Chelsea cooed.

“Do I ever?” Chelsea’s tits were easily Brandon’s favorite thing about her physically. They were large and heavy, and yet still held a somewhat perky and gravity defying shape. And they were the only pair Brandon had ever seen, outside of his infancy. Both he and Chelsea had a religious upbringing and they each had saved themselves for marriage. The two met in college and married at the start of their senior year. They were each other’s first in bed and remained so four years later at the age of twenty-six. Their previously repressed passion for physical intimacy had barely lessened.

Brandon passionately played with his wife’s tits, enjoying the heft and squishiness that came with natural boobs. Chelsea’s small hand stroked Brandon’s dick, which only amounted to about five and a half inches long. An average size, but one that she had always found satisfaction in. Her husband’s attention to her nipples was driving her crazy. Needing fulfillment, she pulled his cock to her pussy, which was resting at the perfect height on the countertop.

“Oooooohh yee-esss…” Chelsea moaned as Brandon entered her. It didn’t take much for him to fit all the way inside her. His girth was just as average as his length. As their fucking commenced, their lips found their way back to each other, resuming their dance.


The couple’s faces mirrored their shared mixture of annoyance and confusion. Who could possibly be at their door? Brandon quickly threw his clothes back on and went to the door, leaving his wife disappointed and yet to be fully satisfied. Making sure Chelsea was out of sight, he opened the door.

“Howdy neighbor!” Before him stood an older, hefty man, who looked to be in his sixties.

“Hello,” Brandon replied, trying his best to be polite.

“I hope I’m not interrupting nothing, I just saw you and your missus outside earlier and figured I’d come and introduce myself. I’m Russ.” A trimmed beard and a cap adorned his face. He also had a thick country accent and a rough face that looked as if it had spent most of its time working out in the elements. A calloused hand stretched out.

Returning the gesture, the former urbanite took his hand, “I’m Brandon.”

“Well it’s nice to meetcha,” his eyes brightened a bit, “and who might this lovely lady be?”

“Hi, I’m Chelsea,” she said as she walked up to join the two men, her appearance hastily put back together. It was apparent that she had forgotten her bra. Russ took her hand and gave it a gentle shake. If he noticed the lack of undergarment, he was gentlemanly enough to give no hint that he had.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am,” he said with a pleasant smile. “I don’t wanna take too much of your folkses time, I just wanted to come over and say hello. I’m your next door neighbor.” Russ pointed at the house sitting on the next property over from theirs. “I’m retired and home most of the day, so if you folks ever need anything, I’m just a short walk away.”

“Well thank you,” Brandon replied, pleasantly surprised at the man’s neighborliness. ‘This was why we had left the city to move to the country,’ he thought. “And same to you. I’m going to be working from home so I’ll be around too if you need anything as well.”

“Well thank’ya. What is it you do fer work?”

“I’m a software engineer.”

“Well yer a lot smarter than I am,” Russ said with a laugh. “I just worked a ranch my whole life.”

“Hey there are days I would rather be doing something like that than sitting behind a desk all day.”

“Well it was hard work, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. What brought you folks here?”

Their conversation continued on for a while longer. They learned that Russ had been in the Marines for a while when he was younger and then came home to Idaho to take over his family’s cattle ranch. He did that for another 30 years before finally selling the ranch and buying the property next door, settling down with some horses, chickens and goats. Interestingly, he had never married. After shooting the breeze a little more, he finally tipped his cap, repeated his neighborly offer of help and took his leave.

“Well he was nice!” Chelsea said after Russ had left.

“He was!” Brandon agreed, “He’s the kind of neighbor I was hoping we’d have when we moved here. He seems like he’s going to be a great neighbor.”

“Mhmm,” she smiled the same smile she had earlier, “Now where were we?”


The weeks went by and they settled into their new house nicely. When the moving truck arrived with their furniture, Russ was over and helping, just like he said he would. The couple didn’t even have to ask. He also helped when their new appliances arrived. Once they were completely moved in, Chelsea needed to find new things to do with her days. She wanted chickens, so Russ helped her build a chicken coop. He even gave her some chicks from his own flock that he had recently hatched. When she wanted to start a garden, Russ wasn’t much of a gardener, but he helped her build the garden boxes.

Russ was actually over quite a bit. Whenever there was something that needed fixing, he’d be over in the morning with his tools, usually having it fixed long before Brandon finished working that day. Other times, he could just be heard running his lawn mower. Later that day, they would come outside to their mown lawn. A couple times a week, he’d hang around in the evening and watch a Dodgers baseball game with Brandon. He usually joined the couple for dinner on Sunday as well. The two had only been there a few months, but Russ was quickly becoming part of the family.

Another thing Russ was becoming a part of was Brandon’s fantasies. He had never told Chelsea, but since they married, he had developed a cuckold fetish. It was a slow development, but one that was overcoming him bit by bit. His usual method of indulging his fantasies was with an internet search for cuckold videos and stories. If he felt particularly in the mood, he would blindfold his wife during sex. Then, he’d imagine he was a stranger, with his wife having no idea who was fucking her. Since the old rancher was spending so much time with them, it wasn’t long before Brandon fantasized that Russ was the one fucking Chelsea. The age difference only added to the novelty of the fantasy.

Though, it was only ever a fantasy. Brandon had no intention of it ever becoming a reality. But, curiosity and horniness were getting the better of him. Eventually, he decided to start testing the waters.


“Oh that’s it baby, right there! Oh yes yes yes that’s it…. mmmmmm!” Chelsea gripped the sheets as she shuddered from the orgasm Brandon brought her to with his tongue. Not waiting for her to come down from her high, he moved up and slid into her.

“Mmmmm you’re being extra good to me tonight,” she said with a satisfied smile.

“I just thought you deserved a little special treatment after all the hard work you’ve put in on the house these past few months,” he said, trying to steer the conversation.

“You’re so sweet. But I can’t take all the credit. Russ did most of the real work.”

“Did he?” Brandon stopped fucking her. “Well I guess I should go over and give him some special treatment then,” he joked.

“Hey if you want to go do this for an old man, that’s up to you,” she threw back at him. He decided to start probing… maybe plant a seed or two.

“You know, I don’t think he’d appreciate me going over there and doing this for him,” Brandon replied in a teasing tone as he resumed gently fucking her, “He’d probably appreciate it more if it was you who thanked him.”

“You naughty boy!” She lightheartedly slapped his shoulder. “You really want your wife going over and giving our 63 year old neighbor… what did you call it? ‘Special treatment’.”

“It’s probably been awhile since he’s gotten any.”

“At his age, he probably can’t even get it up anymore,” she said laughing.

“One look at you is enough to get anyone up,” he threw in a few hard thrusts with his flirt.

“Oh… Mm…. Ah.” She always liked it rougher. “He’s more than tw- twice my age. I s-sure hope I’m not get-ting him up anywhere.”

“The way your tits fill out a shirt, I bet he’s been at full mast every time he’s over here.” Brandon made his thrusts more hard and deliberate.

“That’s- sso- grosssss…” she muttered out between thrusts. “Why do you have say st-uff like that whi-ile we’re having sex?” she whined.

“Hey, I’m just saying. You’d make him a happy guy.” her hand went to his hip, stopping his thrusting. She looked at her husband, head tilted.

“Wait. Are you being serious right now?” ‘Fuck,’ he thought, ‘I probed too far.’

“No, of course not,” Brandon lied. Her face didn’t change. She simply looked at him, trying to ascertain the intentions of his previous jests. They sat in silence for a moment. He did his best to keep his expression resembling an innocent one.

“Good,” Chelsea said, wrapping her hands around his hips, “because you’re all the man I need.” She pulled him back into her wetness and a kiss.

“Now. No more talking. You still haven’t cum yet and that means I’m not doing my job as a wife.” ‘God, I love this woman,’ he thought. Deciding to set aside his fantasy for the night, he obeyed her directive. Soon, he was lost in her lusciousness. Her pussy was warm and welcoming and so was her mouth. Increasing his pace, he pounded his wife harder, watching her full breasts bounce. The sight was too much and it didn’t take long to bring him to climax.

“Mmmmm that’s it! Right there, right there!” Chelsea encouraged him until he was letting loose inside her. “You feel better now?” She asked, laughing pleasantly.

“Much,” Brandon breathed out.

“Good. Then I’ve done my job as a wife,” she added with a kiss. “Now, we’ve got to get some sleep. Russ wanted our help with his new pool tomorrow.”


The next day, Brandon and Chelsea got up, ate a quick breakfast, and got ready to go help Russ.

“Babe, can you toss me a shirt?” Chelsea called out from the bathroom. “Oh, and a sports bra too.”

“Yeah, you got it!” Brandon went to the closet and began searching for the requested items. Upon finding her bras, an idea hatched in his brain. A devious smile crossed his face. He searched and found the bra he was looking for, along with a white t-shirt. “Here you go.” He handed her the clothes, and soon they were on their way.

It was only nine in the morning, and it was already turning out to be a hot day. They walked over to Russ’ property and found him hard at work. He had purchased an above-ground pool, and despite his independent work ethic, he gladly accepted the offer of help to erect it. In less than a few hours, they had assembled the frame. It was just after twelve and the heat of the day had increased, creating a sweaty sheen on everyone. Thankfully, the hardest work was over, and they could begin filling the pool. Seeing his opportunity, Brandon enacted his plan. Grabbing the hose, he sprayed Chelsea.

“Ah!” She shrieked in surprise. “What was that for?”

“You looked hot,” he replied innocently, double meaning slightly intended.

“Oh did I? Well so do you!” She snatched the hose from him and gave him the return drenching he deserved, laughing playfully. Brandon accepted his punishment, having accomplished his goal. Plus, it was a hot day and it did feel nice.

“Before you two get any ideas, I’mma just put it out there that I’m perfectly fine how I am,” Russ said, squashing any ideas of including him in the splashfest, just in case. Chelsea’s eyes looked down and went wide. Her arms snapped across her chest. She had forgotten she was wearing white. Her torso and midsection had gotten a particularly good soaking. Little of her figure was left to the imagination. The wet fabric clung to her shapely abs and substantial bust. “How about some lunch? I got some burgers I can grill up out here.” If Russ cared about Chelsea’s now see-through shirt, he didn’t portray it.

“Yeah, thanks, that sounds great.” Brandon replied. Russ went inside to get the food.

“What were you thinking?? I’m wearing white!” Chelsea scolded him in a hushed voice.

“Sorry, I guess I wasn’t,” Brandon lied.

“Now I have to go all the way back home and change.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Brandon said, trying to keep his plan on track. “Russ doesn’t care, and besides, your shirt will be dry soon anyway.” She considered for a moment the lengthy walk home. She wasn’t really looking forward to it. And the cool, wet fabric did feel nice.

“Fine. But, you’re just lucky that our neighbor is such an old gentleman,” she relented, still keeping her arms across her chest.

“Hey, Brandon,” Russ said as he came outside holding a plate of patties, “that pool came with one of them smart filters. Supposed to hook up to my phone or somethin’. Would you mind seeing if you could figure it out for me?”

“Sure, no problem. Can I see your phone?” Due to his profession, Brandon was no stranger to providing tech support to family and friends. Taking Russ’ phone, he went and got to work. While working, he noticed Russ had started a conversation with Chelsea. Brandon couldn’t hear much, but it looked like a conversation they were both enjoying. Probably something about chickens. He was almost done with the filter, but he decided to pretend it was taking longer.

It had been about fifteen minutes, and Brandon noticed something that got his blood pumping. Chelsea had quit guarding her chest. Her arms now sat folded underneath her boobs, framing them rather than blocking them. She seemed to be at easr talking to Russ, not caring that her shirt still hadn’t dried completely and her skin could still easily be seen. Brandon was glad that he had picked such a low cut sports bra for her to wear. Russ still didn’t seem to have taken a notice though. He was still as chivalrous as ever. Chelsea caught Brandon looking in her direction and gave him a small wave and a smile. He waved back.

It happened quickly then. If he hadn’t been watching for it, Brandon wouldn’t have noticed it. For the briefest of seconds, Russ’ eyes dropped to Chelsea’s tits. Just as quick as they looked, they looked away, with a small smile left on his face. There it was. He wasn’t the perfect gentleman he seemed to be. The old man appreciated Chelsea’s sizable rack as much as the next guy. He was just really good at hiding it. Not that Brandon blamed him. In fact, he was glad. A little life had been breathed into his fantasy.


After lunch, they went home and relaxed the rest of the weekend, avoiding the heat as much as possible. Russ came over for Sunday dinner the next day.

“The pool should be ready to swim in soon. I’d like for you folks to be the first ones in it.” Russ said as they sat at the dinner table.

“Why? So we can be your guinea pigs in case you get the chemicals wrong?” Brandon jested.

Russ gave a light laugh, acknowledging the bad joke. “No, it’s just you two helped me put it up and I’d like to thank you. That, and I enjoy your company. I consider you both my good friends.”

“Aw, we’d love to join you.” Chelsea said, resting her hand on Russ’ arm. “We consider you our friend too.”

“It warms my heart to hear that darlin’.” Russ rested his other hand on top of hers. “I’m real glad you decided to move into this house.”

The conversation moved onto figuring out what time they should get together for their pool party. It was decided they would have it the coming Friday, after Brandon was done with work. Throughout the conversation though, Russ kept his hands resting on Chelsea’s. Something Brandon took note of. He also thought he saw Russ take a peak at her chest a time or two as well. It was hard to mistake Russ’ interest in her now.

“Well, I’ll see you both Friday, if not before then.” Russ said on his way to the door. Stopping, he gave Brandon a brief, but hearty hug. He then gave Chelsea a slightly longer, gentle hug, topped off with a peck on the cheek. “G’night folks.” And with that, he left.

“He was certainly feeling chummy tonight,” Brandon remarked.

“I think it’s sweet,” Chelsea said. “I’m sure he doesn’t have many friends.”

“Probably not. I wasn’t complaining. Just thought it was interesting.”

‘Very interesting,’ he thought.


The week went by uneventfully. Russ had mowed their lawn at some point, but never stopped by for anything. Brandon kept himself busy with work. There was no need to look up any cuckold porn in his free time. He had enough fuel for his imagination as it was. It was obvious Russ had an interest in Chelsea. Brandon just wondered how far he could get it to go.

“Which trunks are you wearing tonight?” Chelsea asked.

“Oh I hadn’t thought about it. My blue ones, I guess. What are you going to wear?” Brandon asked, particularly interested in what the answer would be.

“Hmmm. I think my black one.” ‘Shit, not the black one,’ he thought. Chelsea’s black swimsuit had a mid thigh length skirt and the material covered her entire front up to the neck. It was a very conservative suit, the opposite of what Brandon was hoping for.

“Why don’t you wear the pink one?” The pink one was a regular bikini, the most revealing suit she had in her wardrobe. He knew she wouldn’t go for it, but he figured it would be best to start low and settle in the middle somewhere.

“The pink one? You don’t think that’s too…revealing?” It still amazed him sometimes how sex-craved she could be in the bedroom, and yet how conservative she was with everything else.

“Sure. I mean, it’s not showing off much more than you were when we were setting up the pool.” Not entirely true, but he hoped it would remind her of how comfortable she felt around Russ then. Chelsea took the pink bikini out and looked at it for a moment.

“Okay.” Brandon mentally froze for a moment. He was not expecting her to actually pick that one. ‘Did she just say okay?’ Confirming what he thought he heard, Chelsea was changing into the pink bikini in front of him. “Well… are you gonna get ready or just stare at me?”

“Right. Get ready…Yeah…” Brandon mumbled. He couldn’t believe he actually got her to wear it.

“Okay, ready to go,” Brandon said a few moments later.

“Great, me too.” To Brandon’s disappointment, Chelsea had put on a long, baggy t-shirt, hiding everything the bikini revealed from the thighs up.

“Great.” He muttered, the wind taken from his sales.

When they arrived at Russ’ backyard, he was already outside grilling.

“Howdy neighbors! I hope you guys are hungry. I got steaks goin’ fer us. Oh and I got beer too. The good stuff. It’s in the cooler over there.”

“Steak and beer, you’re spoiling us tonight,” Brandon said.

“Steak and beer sounds good to me,” Chelsea added. Brandon grabbed a couple cans for them and handed one to his wife. It was rare that she drank, he had only seen her do so twice before. They knocked them back and they each had finished a can by the time the steaks were done. The three of them ate, drank and chatted for a while. Soon, the sun went down, leaving the citronella torches Russ had lit as the only light.

“Whaddaya guys say we break in that pool over there?” Russ suggested.

“Sure, I’m up for a swim.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Great. You two get started without me fer a minute. I’mma clean up here and then I’ll join you.” They all stood up and Russ took some things inside. Feeling loosened up from the beers, Chelsea finally removed her baggy shirt.

“Wooo, take it off!” Brandon encouraged her, also feeling the beers. He had worried she was going to wear it all night. She looked stunning in her bikini. Her heavy tits were barely contained by her top and her hips and ass filled the bottom out nicely. Though there was nothing special about the bikini, it still showed off her amazing body everywhere it counted. Looking out from the kitchen window, Russ wasn’t missing the show either.

Chelsea tossed the shirt at her immature husband and turned to get in the pool. She climbed the ladder into the pool and jumped in, officially becoming the first person to swim in it. Brandon soon followed. After cleaning up, Russ climbed in and joined them as well. Seeing Russ without a shirt for the first time, they noticed that even though he was a big guy with a bit of a gut, there was quite a bit of muscle hidden under the fat. Life on a ranch had made him what some people call ‘farm strong.’

Full from their meal and tired at the end of a long week, there wasn’t much actual swimming done by anyone. Mostly, everyone just stood leaning against the sides of the pool, enjoying the cool water and drinking beer. Conversation, laughter and alcohol flowed freely.

“…And that’s why my buddy will never go to a nudist colony again.” Russ finished his story, eliciting drunk laughter from his guests.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happened. Why do people go to those?” Chelsea asked innocently.

“Some people just like to feel free, I guess.” Russ speculated.

“You ever been to one, Russ?” Brandon asked.

“Nope, can’t say that I have.”

“Would you ever want to?”


“Depends on what?” Chelsea asked.

“Depends on who the other nude people are,” Russ joked, earning some more laughs.

“Hey, how do you know who the blind man is at a nudist beach?” Brandon threw out there; the other two waited for the punchline. “…It isn’t hard.” It took Chelsea a few seconds, but eventually she got it and let out a snorting laugh. Russ chuckled as well, more at Chelsea’s snort than at the mediocre joke.

“You know what, I’ve got an idea,” Brandon proposed, having no inhibitions, “why don’t we make our own nudist beach?”

“Make our own what?” Chelsea asked.

“How do you propose we do that?” Russ inquired.

“Like this!” Brandon bent down and slid off his swim trunks. He then held them high in the air, to emphasize the fact that he was no longer wearing them. Chelsea looked at him with wide eyes, shocked at what her husband was doing. “What do you say Russ? Care to join me in the land of the free?”

Russ let out a brief and hearty laugh, “Well son, when you put it like that!” He then pulled down his own swimsuit, holding them up as well in solidarity. Brandon was not the only one who’s inhibitions had been irresponsibly lowered. They then both looked expectantly in Chelsea’s direction.

“I don’t know what you guys are looking at me for. Chelsea said, sinking down lower in the pool.

“Do it and you’re cool! Do it and you’re cool!” Brandon began chanting. Russ joined in.

“Do it and you’re cool! Do it and you’re cool!”

“I’m not doing it!”

“Do it and you’re cool! Do it and you’re cool!”


“Do it and you’re cool! Do it and you’re cool!”

“Alright, fine fine!” Chelsea relented. “Ugh. You two are children.” She then submerged completely. A moment later, she arose arm in the air, both halves of her bikini in hand. A cheer came from the chanters. She was still short enough that her boobs remained below the water and it was dark enough that no one could see anything. But, the men were still happy. Brandon changed his chant and was again joined by Russ.

“One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!” They all three toss their swimwear out of the pool. A new, slightly awkward vibe now permeated the air. No one was quite sure how to proceed.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Chelsea was the one to break the ice. “So, Russ, how come you never married?”

“Y’know,” Russ said, “I guess it was a lot of reasons.”

“Like what?”

“Duh. Because he’s gay!” Brandon tactlessly joked, knowing it wasn’t true. Russ bellowed with laughter.

“I’m serious,” she continued. “You’re a great guy and such a gentleman. Any girl would’ve been lucky to have you.”

“You’re kind to say so, darlin’. I s’pose it’s cause I never found the right woman. I always lived in small towns, and that didn’t leave too many options for me. The options I did have… well… let’s just say I took advantage of too many of them at the same time. You kids could call me somethin’ of a free spirit.”

“Well what would’ve been the right woman for you?” Brandon asked.

“Hell, if I knew that I would’ve found her by now.” The conversation lulled for a few moments to a comfortable silence. The tone had changed from jovial to sentimental. Russ broke the silence, “I’ll tell you somethin’ Brandon. You’re a lucky fella, having a bride like Chelsea.”

“I like to think so,” Brandon casually agreed.

“No, you really are. She’s got the beauty of an angel and a personality to match. Why, if I’dda had a woman like her in my day, I mighta been happy riding just one horse.”

“Russ, you’re gonna make me cry saying stuff like that.” Chelsea said, eyes starting to glass.

“Truly though, it makes me happy to see a young couple like yourselves.” Russ’ gaze distanced, as if he were getting lost in a memory. “Makes me wish I could go back… do some things differently.”

“Aw. Come here big guy.” Chelsea stretched out to her side, pulling Russ into a hug. He reached his big arms around her, accepting the embrace. Brandon felt blood rush to his downstairs region. His wife had only hours earlier been too shy to wear a bikini. Now, she was in the nude and hugging another man, who was also without clothes. They stood there for a moment, saying nothing.

“Look at me. I’m getting all sentimental.” Russ finally spoke, changing the subject, “Say, Brandon, there’s probably still some of tonight’s Dodger game left to play. They had a late one tonight. How about we take our party inside?”

“Sure, sounds good to me,” he said. Chelsea and Russ split from their hug. The hefty old man made his way to the far side where the ladder was, while Chelsea went to her husband.

“Remember your joke about the nudist beach earlier?” She whispered, eyes a little wide.

“Yeah, why?”

“He’s definitely not blind.”

It took a moment for Brandon to realize what she meant. “Oh… wow…” came from Chelsea, eyes now very wide. He saw and realized what she was talking about as Russ was climbing the ladder. The old man had his cock standing at full attention, and it wasn’t small. It looked to be at least ten inches. And it was thick too. “I didn’t realize it was that…” He looked back at his wife, who was still watching it, unconsciously biting her lower lip. Her breathing seemed to have deepened a little as well.

“Wanna go inside?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah, sure… Let’s go.” Chelsea was broken from her light trance and they made their way out of the pool. Brandon couldn’t help but look down and mentally make comparisons. The fact that he was less than half of Russ’ size didn’t escape him.

“Don’t worry about tracking water in the house, you won’t hurt nothin’.” Russ called back as he went inside with no towel, still butt-naked. The married couple looked at each other, unsure if they should put their swimsuits back on, since Russ still wasn’t wearing his. Making the decision for them, Brandon shrugged his shoulders and headed inside. Though still a bit apprehensive, Chelsea followed, leaving her bikini laying on the concrete.

It occurred to them that they had never actually been inside Russ’ house before. He kept a neat home, everything in its place. Mementos of his time in the Marines hung on the walls, along with pictures of his former ranch. Entering the living room, they saw Russ already had the ballgame on and was sitting in his recliner. The two took their place on the matching love seat next to him. Chelsea noticeably sat on the side opposite of Russ.

Everyone, for the most part, just gazed at the TV. Chelsea curled up to her husband taking shelter under his arm. Brandon could barely focus on the game, and he got the sense it was the same for the others. It was a strange situation to be in. He was sitting naked in his neighbor’s house. His bombshell of a wife sat snuggled up to him, also naked. And his neighbor, who he had just found out had a monster of a cock, was sitting with them; again, naked. At least his beast had gone flaccid. He wondered if Chelsea would be able to take her eyes off of it if it wasn’t.

The longer they sat there, the more aroused Brandon became. He had had fantasies of Russ and Chelsea being together, doing things with each other. Though, that actually happening always felt like a finish line that would never come. Tonight had so far given him a tiny glimpse of what it might be like. Considering where they were, there was opportunity for more. And he wanted it.

Brandon lowered the hand that was around his wife’s shoulder down to her waist. His other free hand went to her abdomen. He slowly began rubbing and feeling her in those places, with the occasional brush of her pelvis. They were places that were sensitive enough to stoke her embers, but likely not get an objection. He continued rubbing gently for some time. Seeing Chelsea’s comfort with his current affections, he moved closer to her tits and pussy, occasionally brushing against them.

Still no objections arose. He continued his current method for a couple more minutes. “You are so hot right now,” he whispered softly in her ear. A quiet ‘mmmm’ came as a reply. Certain that there were no barriers now, he slid his hands to their goal. Blatantly, he began fondling her boobs. Rubbing circular motions around them, squeezing them and throwing in the occasional gentle nipple pinch. Her nipples were rock hard. Moving a hand down to her pussy, he found it sopping wet as well.

Chelsea took a sharp inhale in as he started circling her clit.. Brandon glanced sideways to see what Russ’ reaction would be, as it was certain he had noticed their activity by now. As he had thought, Russ was stroking himself to them, no longer paying attention to the game. Chelsea hadn’t yet noticed. Her eyes were closed, lost in the pleasuring she was receiving. He decided to give their host a real show.

Brandon leaned his wife’s head back and drove his tongue into her accepting mouth. If she had any inhibitions when she first sat down, they had been destroyed by now. He had one arm wrapped under her back with the hand enjoying a generous amount of her left tit. The other hand assailed her pussy. Harder breathing and a small moan or two escaped Chelsea, as she still tried to restrain her reactions. Thinking their neighbor needed a better view, he pulled her legs apart, spreading them into a more open presentation. Then he thrust a couple fingers in, an audible squishing noise coming from down there as he did. She was the wettest that he could ever remember her being. Sliding his fingers in and out, more restrained moans emanated from her throat. Finding success, Brandon persisted with his coordinated attack.

“Br- Brandon,” Chelsea tried to gasp out, “we shou- ould goo hhho…OH!” Brandon drove his fingers faster and harder, not letting her finish her sentence. He was having too much fun with this to take it home. There wouldn’t be any spectators there. He locked his mouth on hers once more, preempting any more possible protests. As they feasted on one another, he moved his hand up her super-sized breasts. He enjoyed her pussy, but boobs were so much more fun. They were always his favorite things to play with. It was not hard to get lost in them. Tenderly, he kneaded them like two large, smooth balls of dough.

Chelsea let out a loud gasp. Her hands clenched on the couch and around Brandon. “Oh my GOD!” she cried out. Looking down, he saw Russ’ bearded head rising and falling between her open legs. His tongue expertly lashed at her gash. The intense pleasure and constriction on her face was unlike any expression her husband had ever seen from her.

The young woman’s eyes were clamped shut and she bit her lower lip. Her chest rose and fell heavily, her massive mammaries jiggling a little each time. Sporadically, she would shake her head from one side to the other. Whimpers escaped from her, in sync with each rise and fall of the rancher’s head. It was as though she was fighting an internal battle, and losing to the invading external titillation.

The old man altered his technique. His tongue rapidly circled and flicked her clitorus. It became his exclusive focus. “Ooooo fffffff-” Chelsea struggled to keep from cursing. It was something she never did. The old man added nibbling and sucking to his clitoral assault. “FffffFFffff…. Oh FUCK that’s goood!!”

Chelsea’s hands flew behind Russ’ head. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.. Oh please don’t stop!” Her husband had never heard her beg like this before. The old guy apparently knew his way around a vagina. Her breathing became rapid, haggard moans squeaking out with each exhale. The sexual pressure quickly and visibly rose inside her. Finally, like the tension being released from a taut bow, her back shot up in an arch, the rest of her body convulsing in a powerful orgasm.

“Oh ff- ffffFUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuccckkk…” Chelsea’s body collapsed back down hard on the couch. Her eyes stared blankly off into space. The substantial rack that rested on her chest raised and lowered, with the occasional sputter and jiggle as she tried to catch her breath. Her young body trembled. Brandon sat beside her, awestruck at what he had just witnessed. The love of his life, the most beautiful woman he had ever known, had just been given the greatest orgasm of her life. Even better, it had been given to her by another, much older, man, all while he held her in his own arms. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

He leaned down and kissed his wife, who passionately returned the kiss. Brandon had seen her worked up and really horny before, but never like this. This was on a whole other level. He doubted, even if given a lifetime, that he could ever bring out a reaction like this from his wife. Light moans continued to come out of her. He looked down at Russ, the architect of the orgasm. What he saw made his heart jump into his throat.

The gray-haired old man was now sitting up on his knees, rubbing his fat cock on her pussy. Slowly and rhythmically, he slid the bottom of his shaft along her slit. She was still very wet, and her juices coated the underside of his erect phallus. Chelsea just laid there, completely disabled. Her head, swimming in hormones, was leaned back against the couch. Her arms hung limp while she rested in her husband’s. Somehow, her legs had just enough strength to remain spread. Every so often, Russ would take the head and press it between her pussy lips, swirling it around or applying gentle pressure. Soft, quiet moans came out as she accepted and enjoyed the pleasing friction.

Brandon’s head was in a daze. He had witnessed far more than he ever thought he would. It was far better than he thought it would be. But, things were moving quickly. His wife had gone from innocent and chaste to being orally pleasured by their neighbor in an evening. And getting fucked by him was quickly approaching. He knew he should stop this, but he didn’t want to.

Russ continued to pleasure her entrance with his large member. The mushroom shaped head and bottom of his rod were glistening. Giving one more long slide across, he brought the head down to her opening again. He rubbed it around in a circle a couple times and then started to apply pressure. Chelsea moaned as the tip began widening her orifice.

Ever so slowly, the gigantic cock pressed in. Russ knew his appendage was much larger than most women were used to. The rate he was allowing his young neighbor to adjust to his size, right from the beginning, came from experience. Visually, his progress into her cavern was imperceptible. But his gentle, gradual advance still extracted loud, audible pleasure. Her husband’s size had done little to stretch her in the past. Even just the tip of his superior member provided a much bigger sensation than she had ever experienced. And he was looking forward to giving her the rest.

Brandon was entranced at the sight before him. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. His heart beat rapidly. The old man pressed harder, splitting her pussy a little bit farther apart. Her hole was used to far smaller. It was a wide load trying to drive into a small tunnel. Chelsea’s moans grew. Half of the head was buried so far, and the rest was slowly, but surely, working its way in. ‘This is it,’ he thought, ‘my wife is taking the second cock of her life.’ Her pussy gave way and another half inch disappeared.

Suddenly, Chelsea’s hand shot to Russ’ stomach. “Wait… please… I…I…” she muttered between breaths. The old man paused. She looked at Brandon, pleading in her eyes. Whether it was for permission or rescue, he wasn’t sure. Russ also looked at him, apparently waiting for a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. For whatever reason, whether to continue or not had been made his decision.

Brandon waged an intense internal debate. Should he follow his impulses and let them go at it? Or should he stop it now before they all did something they may later regret? And what did Chelsea want? She never specifically said to stop. Did she want to have sex with him? She’s certainly enjoyed herself so far. And how would Russ react if he said no. Every hormone and thought in his body and mind was screaming at him to let it continue. Looking down at his wife, he saw her face flushed with arousal, desire and… fear? Realizing he had to make a decision and now, he made one.

Brandon looked toward Russ. Hesitating at first for a second, he finally shook his head. Russ gave a knowing, albeit disappointed, nod and pulled back. Chelsea’s pussy closed. Her head fell back, a relieved expression coming onto her face.

“I…. uh… I think it’s about time fer me to head off to bed,” Russ said sheepishly.

“Yeah,” Brandon croaked out of his dry throat, “us too.” The old man stood up, took in one more look at the naked woman laying on his couch, and turned to lumber off to his bedroom. After he closed the door, Chelsea sat up, grabbed her husband’s hand and led them out the door. She walked quickly in front of him, never letting go of his hand the whole way home. As soon as they entered their house and shut the door, she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Brandon wasn’t quite sure what to do. He couldn’t see the expression on her face. It was dark and she had buried her face in his chest. So, he just held her. ‘What do I even say to her after all that?’ He wrestled with the question, failing. “You okay?” He finally asked. Chelsea stood there still clinging, still silent. Uncounted minutes passed.

“I’m sorry.” was all she said, quietly. She then turned and walked to their bedroom without another word.


To be continued…

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