Aunt Barb: The Topless Dancer (part 3)

I took off from my home in Arizona for a one week vacation during spring 2007. The final three days was spent visiting my aunt and cousin, who lived in Oklahoma. Again, it had been nine years since seeing these family members.

In between Barb’s second and third divorcees, she lived with her daughter, my cousin Debra. Barb was still with Deb upon my visit and had plans of moving out. Deb did not mind her mom staying with her. This mother-daughter duo both obtained divorces one year apart in the early 1990s. Debra was awarded the house. Her two sons had already turned 18 and were out and on their own at the time of my visit.
As for Debra (everyone always referred to her as Deb), after her divorce she began playing around with lesbian sex and discovered it was for her. In the 15 years since becoming single, my cousin has gone through three girlfriends. The latest one lived with Deb and Barb. This is Charlene. She is about 30, blond and works as a nurse at the local hospital. Barb likes her daughter’s girlfriend and has no issue related to what her daughter chose to do.

As for Barb, she was curious and began playing around with same sex bedtime fun in between her own divorces following the second and third time. Deb help set up her mom with women. Barb played around also with three different women over the past 12 years or so. She, too, discovered the activity was cool and could see how a woman could become attracted to the activity. Both my cousin and aunt had the same mindset they are through with men in terms of emotional friendships. If time is going to be spent with a man, it was going to be for a fuckmate activity only and nothing else involved.

By the time of my visit in ’07, Barb had put her lesbian likes on hold. That involvement was drawing her to the point she could become a full fledge lesbian (just like her daughter became). Barb did not want to go that direction. Keep in mind that I held zero knowledge of all this involving my aunt prior to my vacation visit. Family knew about Debra’s likes as she was open and liberal about it. Some found it to be tasteless. I did not.

At the time in spring 2007, my age was 39, Deb 41 and Barb 62. Deb was employed as a topless dancer and had been doing the routine for about 15 years or so. At 41 she was still attractive on stage. Her stage name was “Daisy”. My cousin continued dancing until being removed from stage at age 47! Her goal was to quit at age 50. Following becoming forced-retired from topless dancing, “Daisy” became an escort provider, providing the adult services (30 or 60 minutes) for several years onward into her 50s.

My plan was to spend two nights with my family members before heading way out west for home. At this time, Barb worked an industry job five days a week, daytime. She hated it. Her plan was to work until 65, retire and then began collecting Social Security and Medicare.
When Barb comes home, she takes a bath and then lounges in something nice. Since this was early summertime, the normal attire is either a halter or a tanktop. Shorts and being barefoot round it out. This is Barb being Barb and not acting as flashy or such. Those days long ended.
I arrived at the house around 6:00. Charlene went in at 5:00 for a 12 hour all night shift. I just missed Deb as she went in at 6:00 and would dance until 2:00 closing time at the bar. It was just aunt and nephew all evening long with no distractions. Barb was happy to have expected company tonight.

Upon knocking at the door, my aunt opened it and greeted me. Her looks were mouthwatering: loose fitting halter top (exposing the tattoo on her breast), shorts and barefoot. In addition, the ankle and leg tats were seen in their full. With a warm smile, my 62 year old aunt was stacked-built hot looking.

Inside the house, we settled in the kitchen. Barb fixed me a light supper. The remainder of time was spent just plain talking on a large number of topics. It was good to be spending time with my favorite aunt. I could not believe at her age, Barb was still a very attractive woman. She has always taken care of herself by drinking no alcohol, not smoking, dieting correctly, using certain oils & lotions to apply on her skin to keep it soft and moist. Her job keeps her physically active and in good shape. She has always looked to be younger than what the real age is. At 62, she could truly pass for age 52. The body designs also add to the appearance,
Our discussions were going on like two or three hours. To be honest, I was enjoying our talking time. Sure, my aunt is hot looking but in no way is anything above what has gone on thus far going to advance anymore of a higher level. Barb is my aunt, I am her nephew and she does not have sexy thoughts of being with me.

It became fact that all evening long, my eyes were distracted to her breast tattoo. Barb could tell. Asking if her tattoos bothered me and were too loud, this became an unexpected opening. For the first time ever, I am going to get to talk to her about the body ink. In no way am I letting this slip. My opening had arrived after all these years.
“I can change into like a pullover top if my tats bother you”.
“Oh no don’t do that.I like what you have. They look great on you. I’m glad you have them. I have been wanting to tell you for a longtime”.
This was a total unexpected response that caught my aunt off guard. The flirts were on.
“Thank you sweetie. That is so nice of you to say that. It means so much to me you find my designs nice”.
“They are more than that, they look hot stacked on you. Hope that does not bother you”.
“Oh no don’t think that way. You’re fine”.

Standing up, Barb turned her back towards me, pulling up the bottom of the halter to show me the lower back large tattoo. I also got to see the upper left back design. These designs were large in size and by no means tacky. Same for the vertical ink on the left side of the right leg.
My next comment was “your designs fit you perfectly. It shows you are artistic, creative and independent”.
Now blushing and smiling, Barb shot more back me saying “I have others that are privates. Can’t show you them but they are there”.
I just learned more about what my aunt has. Man this is steamy.

“What is your favorite of my designs”?
I made a strong point gesture to the chest tattoo letting her know that is what I found to be ever so craving. She smiled saying “it’s my favorite to”.

Sticking her leg out, and placing it on my waist, I closely got a look at the tall leg tat. It too looked hot. I let her know my feelings on it. This flattered her even more.I was allowed to rub my hands up & down her leg while touching the tattoo. Her leg was soft and moist. The touch to my hands was a very sexy feel. I could tell she enjoyed it as her eyes even closed for a minute or so as I softly rub the tattoo. In my silent mind I began thinking, could I be touching and seeing her tits next?
The issue was soon originated by me and no, I did not offend my aunt even though what was asked became unexpected and required some thinking.

Let’s just say that Barb at first did not say yes to a question, but she did not answer no either.
The fireworks are minutes from being shot off. This would become one of the impactful nights of my life and what came from it.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4.

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