Aunt Barb: The Topless Dancer (part 2)

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Barb kept her topless bar dancing job a family secret. Only her daughter knew. I was well into my adult years when I learned what my aunt did to provide herself and her daughter for a living years earlier.

Aunt barb: The Topless Dancer – PART 1

My aunt used her middle name of Diane as the stage name. “Diane” took her work seriously. She developed a system to promote herself in becoming the best dancer on stage. It can be said for the eight years or so Diane strutted her nude body on stage, it became a success for her.
In an effort to promote herself at the bar and gain more attention, “Diane” obtained the several body tattoos. She became the only dancer who did this. In addition, my aunt was able to sunbathe totally nude in her backyard. This was done for her job and was her decision. She came up with the idea. Her daughter rolled her eyes around saying “oh mom” in a joking tone. This was no joke to the mother. On stage, Diane’s totally dark tanned sexy body was the most popular up there. Guys loved it. During the winter months, my aunt wore panty hose while on stage. She became the only dancer to do so. The hose were a combo of black, brown and fishnet. It was whatever mood she was in and wanted to show off. Again, guys craved seeing this. My aunt generated lots of drink revenue (where dancers make their money) and became the most popular doll at her place of employment. Diane was a dancer ahead of her time.

I always looked at Barb as a family member who became very attractive–her body, tits, tattoos, smile and just being a warm caring person who loved her family. It became the tattoos which caught my attention. I so badly wanted to see them in their full. I did not know how she would react to that. As stated earlier, I became very shy on approaching Barb about her looks and the tattoos. Just saying something nice towards that creates no harm. Asking to see all the designs in full and asking if I could at least look at her tits could be crossing a line.

After many attempts, when I was in my 30s and before she married a third time (only for that to end in another divorce four years later), I gave up the idea and let it go. I left the area and was now working in another time zone anyway. It is fair to say the time and distance did create a disconnect between myself and my hot looking aunt.

I saw Barb at her third wedding in summer 1998. My hot looking aunt was age 53 and long removed from her topless days.

The next time I would see her was nine years later in 2007 at age 62. Don’t let that age fool you. Like a fine bottle of wine, this older aged lady still looked hot with a stacked body carrying all those tattoos that gained my attention years ago. In seeing each other for the first time in nine years, I had no idea what was in store. Many desires of this lady from the past would come true tonight. I had to wait 15 years or so on the desires to come true and learn that my aunt still holds a very strong sex drive. She needed someone to share that with and that someone became me.

Stayed tuned for chapter 3.

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