Sex with my neighbour after 8 years of waiting

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Hello dears today I am narrating my unforgettable sex experience with my neighbour aunty 2 year before
About me I am 24year old and of 5.5ft guy basically from kerala but right now leading life in pondicherry.
After I came to know about sex in deep my eyes were stuck in with my neighbour aunty. About her she is of 35 years that time, brown in colour, 163 cm of height and mother of 2. She have a big pair of boobs which I always loved.

I always like to see her boobs when she washes her dress or feeding her baby or at any chances come around. Slowly I started feeling lust towards her and I always interested in her boobs. But in fact I don’t have the courage to approach her due to fear. But I always look at her asetts which she doesn’t care at all. During the events I came to know that she was a complete figure of good thighs and right amount of flush at proper areas.. I used to masturbate thinking of her which I am doing still now. Like this almost 6years have gone

Then during 1 onam holidays I got the opportunity to help her in swinging on “Unjalu”(created for enjoyment during vacations) on that time .In between that I started to press her ass and her bodyparts which she understood and stopped the swinging. She asked me why I am doing this to which I replied that I like her and I love her boobs very much. But she told me that it’s part of age don’t take this as serious as it is wrong. But I was not ready to leave. So again nothing happened spacially.

After my studies I moved to another state for my career . From there as usual I started calling her often. Later it become a custom. Through phone we got closer and had some sex chat. This moved up and we both are eager to see other. through phones we kissed each other and had some awesome chats which we both want to do it physically.
After almost 6 months I got leave for 2 weeks. I was very eager to meet her even she also like two lovers….Now she is @ 43 and I am at 22.

After coming to my natives nothing happened specially for 1 week as everyone was there as our houses were surrounded by other houses. During events we kissed each other and pressing alone done. This extends our list to a greater level.
Then on next monday ( still remember) every one was gone out for their purposes only she and me there. so I called her and told her to come to my home. But she was afraid of fear. Later she came to my home for keeping fish in ourfridge as they don’t have one. When she came I welcomed her told herself to keep it in fridge. While she placing I just hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs which I waited for almost 8 year . But she try to escape from me due to fear but I keep pressing her boobs and my man started pressing at her ass. When she turned back I kissed her on lips which she keeps closed. After 1 min she opened her mouth and start responding well. We smootched each other for almost 10 min and I took her to the bed where we keep hugging.

While we hugged and I kissed her face neck full along with pressing her boobs. She held my cock through my dhothi and started moving to and fro. Since I was in room I was not wearing any inner. she got hold it and to be Frank due to excitement within 1 min my man ejaculate semen out to her hand. And it was the best one till now.

Then I started removing her nighty but she try to cover but I patiently removed now my angel is only in her bra as she doesn’t wear anything . I just started kissing her foot and passed throug her flower which is opened and reached her boobs I just kissed her boobs above her bra and I insert my tongue through the gap and kissed there. Then I removed her bra and I was stunned to see her 38 size (she told me I don’t know thesize) boobs nakedly in front of me which I waited for almost 8 year. Her nipple were erected. I then started kissing her boobs and licking her while I pressed her another one. All these time she was closed her eyes and making some sounds. i continued for long time till I got satisfied. In the meantime she was holding my cock.Then I moved to her flower and started rubbing with my finger. It is already in wet condition and liquids were coming from her pussy. she was moving and moaning . Then I kissed her flower she was stunned and try to cover it by hand. As she was not experienced with it. I slowly started kissing there and she started moaning I licked there for more than 5 min and she started vibrating and her sound become vigorous. Within no time she cummed into me and I licked her juice fully. Now she turned me and hold my cock and started kissing it . She then start sucking it she was an expert in that i never experienced such a good feeling. Slowly I made her lying in back and start rubbing my cock in her flower. I started pushing and it doesn’t went in as I was first time. She then hold it with hand and then keep it inside her pussy. I started pushing in and out what a feeling it was. My 6” tool went in and come out.

That feeling I never get while I shaking. After some strike she held me tightly and she again cummed. that time she closed her eyes and bite her lips. I continue stroking her for almost 3 min. I was about to come . I taken my cock out, to my surprise she swallow all my cum and she. Told me after 2 years that she is having a good fuck. we hugged each other for 30 min. After that she moved to her home and went to have a bath.
Then we don’t get any further chance but we keep our kissing and pressing now also. Still she is my heroin

Any aunty or girls in pondicherry can contact me in if u wish to have some fun and open chats
You can give ur feed backs in [email protected]

Kindly forgive my mistakes as it is first time I am writing it

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