Sex with my neighbour aunt

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This is my first story of sexy aunty and how I fucked her, on Indian sex stories platform and my first ever sex experience. Myself I stand 5.11 tall with a 7.2inch tool. I’m not too built but have a stamina to last long which I discovered in recent times. I’m from belagavi currently residing in punjab. I’m 24 year old.

Without wasting much time let me start with the story all the boys get ready to shag and all the woman in the house keep your fingers ready.
This incident took place in January of this year. Since puberty hit me I was always starving for sex I always wanted to lose my virginity to a married woman.I used to masturbate a lot thinking of many aunt’s in my neighborhood.

This has been my routine for then till this year.2018 turned out to be really very lucky for me. This January when I went to Hyderabad during my semester break I met a friend of my mom.God she has got a sexy seductive face which any man could die for.

Yes, you guessed it right, she’s the heroine of this story. Her name is Shalini 44-year-old mother of 2 children. She has a perfect curvy body.Her stats being 32,28,36. Being a mother if she maintained her figure very well.

Coming to the actual start of the story.
As I reached home for my holidays,my mom and Shalini aunty were standing in balcony my mom eagerly waiting for me and killing time with Shalini aunty. My mom introduced me to her as a very good and studious boy Shalini aunty shook my hand and patted my back for being good in academics and gave me a mischievous smile and even I was enjoying her soft palm, after a casual chat for few minutes aunty left my place inviting me for dinner one evening which I happily agreed.

Later that I got a request on Facebook and yes it was her I readily accepted the request and we started talking like normal topics our hobbies our favorite musics color blah blah blah…..

The feeling of texting a married lady at that time of night was really very arousing to me I was getting hard.She then asked me if I had any girlfriend I said no I don’t have any which she didn’t believe I tried to convince her and after a long time she agreed with point that I don’t have a girlfriend. Then I eventually slept as I was tired of long journey.

I woke up the next morning and to my surprises, I found 7-10 messages and 5 missed calls on my Facebook messenger. I was really very happy and I was getting aroused looking at her profile picture and I rushed to the washroom and jerked off like there’s no tomorrow and I came like never before.

I replied to her text and got a reply immediately. I apologized her for sleeping early she excused me and asked me about my plans for the day to which I replied I don’t have any. She asked me if I could join her for shopping I readily agreed I got ready and told my mom that I’m going out with Shalini aunty she asked me to take care of her.

Shalini aunty called me as soon as her children left for the school I took my bike and I was waiting in front of their apartment. She walked to me in a red color v neck t-shirt through which I could see her milky cleavage lightly and skin-tight jeans revealing all her curves and my dick was getting hard making me uncomfortable.
She patted my cheek and wished me the good morning I blushed and greeted her back.She then got on to the bike with one hand of her on my shoulder and the other hand on my thighs close to my hard dick and her boobs were touching me from back and I was getting harder and harder which she probably might have noticed.

I asked her what she wants to shop she told me that she needs to buy new lingerie I was surprised and taken aback and she also told me that she wanted me to select them. By now I understood that she’s trying to seduce me and I started flirting with her for which she kept blushing and caressing my cheeks.She asked me to take her to gvk mall banjara hills.

I parked the bike and came back she held my hand and asked me to treat her as her friend.I gave her a naughty smile and she replied with the same.

She straight away took me to triumph international the lingerie store.She asked me select few for her as per my choice she told me her size and I selected her a red and black laced lingerie and one full red lingerie she liked them a lot and she bought them without any further options. I asked her if she wants to buy anything else,she said no and we started back.

For rest of story please give me a shout out and comment and ladies and aunties in belagavi if u wanna hookup please dont forget to mail at [email protected]. will always be here for u.

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