A nephew’s gift leads to things both naughty and nice

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A nephew’s gift leads to things both naughty and nice

Christmas was always busy in the Jamieson household. Every year, the family of four would swell to host grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and cousins over the festive period, and with only three days until Christmas Day, the mad rush was on to complete their preparations.

‘Now remember,’ Julie said as they neared the airport, ‘This is your Aunt Holly’s first Christmas since her separation from Uncle Jim. She’s taking it very hard, so be especially nice to her and Olivia, okay?’

‘Don’t see why,’ said Liz in the backseat without looking up from her phone, ‘I’d be happy to get shot of my husband if he’d had an affair with his PA.’

‘They’ve been married for seventeen years,’ Julie said, ‘That’s longer than your father and me. She loved him and he betrayed her, of course she’s going to be upset.’

‘I just hope she’s not going to be crying about it all Christmas,’ Liz said.

Julie rolled her eyes, attributing her daughter’s lack of empathy to a self-absorbed teenage phase that she’d hopefully grow out of.

‘You’re so anti-social, you know,’ Tom said to his sister. ‘Don’t they teach people skills at school these days?’

‘Leave me alone, dickhead,’ she retorted.

‘Thus, proving my point,’ Tom said with a satisfied grin.

‘Enough,’ ordered Julie. ‘I don’t want you two bickering all the way home. Liz: phone away.’

As she tossed it into the door compartment with a disgruntled sigh, Julie turned into the airport and parked outside arrivals. Holly and Oliva had flown in from Edinburgh, where they had moved eight years ago for Jim’s new job. As well as more responsibilities and a bigger pay packet, it had come with another perk: a doe-eyed twenty-something who — sadly for his family — he had been unable to resist.

‘There they are,’ Julie said, pointing to her sister and niece beside a pair of suitcases. ‘Tom, help them get their luggage in the boot.’

‘Aye, aye, captain,’ he said, getting out of the car.

He hugged the taller of the women first. ‘Hi, Aunt Holly. How are you holding up?’

‘Better with each day,’ she said, giving him a squeeze. ‘My, you’ve filled out. You were a rake last time I saw you.’

‘Uni football. Don’t tell mum, but I spend too much time in the gym and not enough studying,’ he joked.

‘Well, you look very handsome,’ she said.

Tom smiled, then turned his attention to his cousin. ‘Alright, Liv?’

‘Yeah, thanks, you?’

‘Good, looking forward to this week,’ he said.

He gave her a hug — although she was only a year older than Liz, she lacked his sister’s surly disposition — then put their luggage in the car.

Julie and Liz completed their greetings, then they squeezed in the car for the drive home.


‘Bill, we’re back,’ Julie called out.

‘Coming,’ he replied from the living room. He paused the game and made his way to the hall. ‘Lovely to see you,’ he said, giving Holly a cheek to cheek kiss and Olivia a smile, ‘How was the flight?’

‘Surprisingly painless,’ Holly said. ‘An improvement on last year.’

Bill chuckled. ‘I remember. A two-hour delay and lost luggage.’

‘Nightmare,’ Holly said.

‘Right, I’ll take your cases up. Guest room for you, Holly. Olivia, you’re in with Liz again if that’s okay.’

‘Sure,’ she said.


‘How are United doing?’ Tom said as he sank down onto the sofa.

‘They’re shambolic. To go from beating City to losing to bottom of the league. We’ve got no clue how to play against the lesser teams.’

‘Been like that all season.’

‘I know. Shocking. By the way, have you bought your mother and sister a present yet? I don’t want you leaving it until the last minute like last year.’

‘Don’t worry, lesson learnt. I’m sorted for everyone except Aunt Holly. I’m going to go into town later and get her a bottle of that wine she likes.’

‘Good idea,’ Bill said. ‘Ohhhhh,’ he exclaimed as United put an easy chance wide.


After an embarrassing 2-0 defeat, Tom decided it was as good a time as any to go to town. He went to the kitchen to grab the car keys, but paused outside the door at what sounded like a heartfelt — and intimate — conversation.

‘I just still can’t believe he’d do it,’ Holly said between sobs, ‘I mean, twenty-two. Twenty-two, for God’s sake. Only five years older than Olivia.’

‘Oh, Holly… I had no idea she was that young,’ Julie said in a consoling voice. ‘Why didn’t you tell me before?’

‘I guess I’m trying to be strong for Olivia’s sake. Despite what he’s done to me, he’s still a great dad, and I still want her to have a good relationship with him. But when I saw the pictures of her on his phone… she’s gorgeous, Jules.’

Tom’s heart went out to Holly as he heard fresh tears; he’d always been fond of his aunt, and it hurt him to hear her upset. He thought about announcing himself before going in for the keys, but something compelled him to hold back and listen.

‘So are you,’ Julie reassured.

‘Pfft. I’m forty with all the lumps and bumps to show for it. I don’t think that’s most people’s idea of gorgeous.’


‘I know I’m no supermodel — I never have been. But am I so undesirable that he had to look elsewhere? Have I deteriorated that much?’

Tom shook his head at Holly’s self-evaluation, which he knew was far too harsh. While he conceded that she probably couldn’t compete with a hot twenty-two-year-old, he’d always thought she possessed a certain yummy mummy allure. Although things were slightly lower and less firm than they used to be, she had wide, childbearing hips, and a luscious set of curves that would still get a lot of guys hot and bothered.

The thing Tom had never told a soul was that he was one of those guys. He remembered five Christmases ago, at the age of sixteen, getting up to go to the bathroom and hearing her having sex with Uncle Jim through the guest room door. He did more than pee on that occasion, imagining himself in Jim’s place.

He had idolized his aunt for as long as he could remember, starting when she’d played with and read to him as a boy, being the fun, laid-back auntie in contrast to his stricter mother. Similar personalities meant they had never been short of conversation, and as he got older, innocent affection developed into sexual attraction.

‘I was so naïve, Jules,’ Holly continued. ‘The signs were there that he was cheating, but I didn’t want to admit it.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘He used to have such a high libido. Throughout our marriage, he tried it on most nights. Then he lost interest. He was less enthusiastic during sex at first, but eventually he wouldn’t touch me. I tried everything: sexy lingerie, roleplaying, toys… but nothing worked. I should’ve known.’

She burst into tears, and Tom couldn’t make out the mumbled words that followed. Listening to her distress, he had the seed of an idea which surprised even himself. It was risky, and had the potential to compound Holly’s distress, but knowing the relationship he and his aunt shared, he was sure it wouldn’t.

He entered the kitchen and feigned surprise upon seeing Holly in tears. She gave him an embarrassed smile, which he returned, before taking the keys from the hook.

Tom’s first port of call was the winery, where he paid a premium for Holly’s favourite bottle, which came expensively packaged in a wooden box — something that would aid him in his idea.

His next stop was the shopping centre on the edge of town, and although doubt crossed his mind as he made his way to Ann Summers, the seed had now blossomed into an irresistible flower he had to pluck. Following a strange look from the shop assistant, he returned to the car feeling excited, certain that Holly would appreciate his gesture.

Upon arriving home, he switched out the wine bottle for Holly’s real gift, then wrapped the wooden box and placed it under the tree with the other presents for the family.

With no going back, he couldn’t wait for the big day to arrive.


Tom woke on Christmas morning with trepidation. Tradition in the Jamieson household was to open presents first thing in the morning before getting dressed, and as the pyjama-clad family gathered in the living room, the possibility that Holly would open the box in front of everyone became a frightening prospect. She had no need, as the branding was on the outside, but there was always the prospect of things not going to plan.

They went around the room, opening one each, until Holly pulled out Tom’s gift from the back of the tree. She smiled at him, already suspecting what it was, then ripped off the paper.

‘Aw, Tom, I love this. Thank you so much.’

‘You’re welcome, Aunt Holly,’ he replied.

‘I’m surprised you remembered.’ With a look of minor puzzlement, she lifted the box, testing its heft. ‘It’s lighter than I remember.’

‘You haven’t drunk it have you, son?’ Bill said from his chair. ‘I know you uni lads put it away like no one else.’

‘Ironic, since you’re the one with the beer belly,’ Tom teased, earning laughs from around the room.

‘Just you wait, one day you’ll be like your old man.’

As Olivia picked up her next gift, to Tom’s horror, Holly slid the lid off the box. Cursing himself for not considering the disparity in weight, he tensed almost every muscle in his body as Holly laid her eyes on the hyper-realistic, seven-inch dildo, veins and all.

‘What’s wrong, Aunt Holly,’ Liz said, ‘You look like you’ve seen a ghost.’

She slid the box shut with surprising equanimity. ‘Nothing. I think they made the bottle smaller. Thank you, Tom, that was very thoughtful.’

Her words were cold and distant, and Tom didn’t know what to think. He looked at her, trying to glean something from her body language, but it seemed oddly neutral, as though conflicted. When all the gifts had been exchanged, everyone dispersed to get showered and dressed, with Holly taking her “wine” to her room.

She slid Tom’s gift under the bed, glad to get it out of sight. What possessed him to do it? she thought. Was he making fun of her, or was he simply a pervert and she hadn’t realised? Either way, she knew she had to confront him later. How she’d go about it, though, she had no idea.


Holly hadn’t spoken to Tom by the time everyone sat down for Christmas dinner. A myriad of delights adorned the table; turkey, stuffing, and roast vegetables among them. Plates were piled high, wine was poured, and crackers were pulled, then the Jamieson family tucked into the heartiest meal of their year.

‘That was phenomenal, Jules,’ said Bill after he swallowed his last bite of turkey.

‘I just wish it lasted longer,’ she said, ‘Hours to cook, minutes to eat.’

She began stacking everyone’s plates to take to the kitchen. As she reached over for Holly’s, she knocked over her sister’s glass, spilling wine all over her lap.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ she exclaimed, ‘I can’t believe how clumsy I am sometimes.’

‘Don’t worry, accidents happen,’ Holly said, dabbing herself with a napkin, ‘I’ll go upstairs and change.’

‘Bring your clothes down after,’ Julie said, ‘I’ll throw them in the wash before they stain.’

Holly left the table as Julie continued to clear up, muttering to herself about how Christmas dinner never goes without a hitch. ‘Tom, Liz, can you help clear the table, please.’

‘I’ll just nip to the toilet first,’ Tom said.

He raced up the stairs two at a time. Concerned that Holly hadn’t said a word to him since that morning, he wanted to clear the air. Passing the bathroom, he headed for her door.

Holly had stripped out of her wine-stained trousers and top. Sitting on the bed in her underwear, her mind was drawn back to Tom’s present. With a sigh, she reached under the bed for the box and slid open the lid. The dildo inside looked monstrous. Although not a ridiculous size, it was bigger than anything she’d experienced, and the fact that it was permanently hard made it an intimidating prospect.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she gave the shaft a tentative poke and instantly retracted her finger as though it was a hot stove. Feeling silly at her squeamishness, she built up the courage to run her fingers from balls to tip, and marvelled at how realistic it felt. Had it been a blind touch test, she doubted she’d be able to distinguish it from the real thing.

She had a sudden urge to feel it in her hand. Wrapping her hand around the underside of the shaft, she was in the process of lifting it out of the box when she jumped at a knock on the door.

‘I’m not decent,’ she said.

When the door opened anyway, she fumbled the box behind her back, but not fast enough to prevent Tom seeing.

‘Don’t you listen,’ she said, covering her breasts with her arms, ‘I said I’m not decent.’

‘I just want to talk,’ he said, ‘You haven’t said a word to me since this morning.’

‘Can you blame me?’ she exclaimed. She took the dildo from the box and slammed it on the bed. ‘Why? Do you enjoy embarrassing me, is that it?’

‘No,’ he said with absolute sincerity. ‘I thought it would help. I know you’ve been going through a hard time—’

‘So get me chocolates or flowers,’ she interrupted, ‘Not a bloody sex toy.’

‘How would chocolates or flowers help? Look, I bet you haven’t had any action since you and Jim separated.’

‘That’s none of your business.’

‘Am I right though?’

‘Well, yes. No!’

‘Which is it?’

‘No, I haven’t,’ she snapped, ‘but it makes no difference. I have no interest in using this… thing. And certainly not one given to me by my own nephew.’

He glanced down at the dark patch on Holly’s underwear. ‘Then why are you wet?’

‘I…’ She touched her panties and felt the unmistakable damp of arousal. She silently berated herself, cursing her body for betraying her fortitude. ‘I don’t know.’

Tom took the dildo from beside her. ‘You deserve to feel good, Aunt Holly.’

‘Oh my God, this is so wrong,’ she said, putting her head in her hands.

‘I want to do this for you.’

She looked at him with a mixture of horror and longing. ‘We’re family.’

‘If you’re not comfortable, I’ll go,’ Tom reassured. ‘Do you want me to go?’

After a period of indecision, she shook her head.

‘Lie back,’ Tom said.

She did so, her heart pounding in her chest. She tracked the dildo in Tom’s hand as he brought it between her legs. It looked so real, so virile, and she realised she had a shameful urge to be ravaged. Starved of action since the beginning of Jim’s affair, the sight of a cock at the entrance to her pussy — real or not — was enough to make her surrender her principles.

‘Mm,’ she whimpered as the cyberskin head grazed the outside of her panties. Almost instinctively, she drew them to the side to expose her sex, inviting more.

Tom gently pressed the head against her, its realistically shaped glans parting her labia to tease her opening. Holly hadn’t been entered in months, and with a look to Tom that said a thousand words, she communicated her desire to change that.

‘Slow,’ she whispered as Tom pushed his gift into her,’ ‘Let me get used to it.’

She closed her eyes, allowing her out-of-practice nerve endings to reawaken. Tom slowly guided the dildo in and out of her, moving it to the pace of her trembling breaths.

‘Have you changed your mind about my present, Aunt Holly?’

She made a faint noise of assent, unable to find a coherent word as she spread her legs a little wider with each thrust.

Tom’s gift penetrated more and more easily as his aunt’s pussy lavished it with long-forgotten arousal. All Holly’s trepidation had gone, banished by her flushed chest and the moans escaping her throat. She massaged her breasts, teasing her nipples into a glass-like state through her bra as she submitted to the fuck toy’s pleasure.

Tom pushed his gift faster and deeper, and was rewarded by the rising aroma of her sex. The scent hardened his prick to its zenith, and he leaned over to show her, pushing the dildo to a hitherto uncharted depth. She opened her eyes with a gasp, clutching the sheets as she struggled to maintain control of her legs, which quivered as sensuous pulses of pleasure and pain radiated out from between them.

She looked into his eyes with a childish vulnerability that served to reverse their age, and she was met with a glare that bludgeoned her soul. It was void of gentleness, absent of doubt, and totally unrelenting in its desire for her. It told her she would be his, and that she couldn’t stop it, even if she wanted to.

He forced the dildo in further still, stretching the deepest recesses of her insides. She grimaced, her lips quivering as she fought to stifle high-pitched cries.

‘I think you needed this.’ Tom said.

‘I did,’ Holly gasped though the sumptuous pain.

‘You see what you do to me?’ he said, gesturing to his throbbing erection.

On instinct, she reached out and grabbed it, wetting her hand with the precum oozing from its bulbous head. Her mind raced with the implication of her first act of incestuous contact. Sure, she had allowed him to ravish her pussy with a dildo, but that had been a passive act, she told herself, initiated by him.

But now she felt the heat of his member, an active decision to touch her nephew’s most forbidden flesh. The boy she’d visited in hospital when only hours old, cradled in her arms, and read bedtime stories to had now, as a man, coaxed from her a new act of devotion.

She started to stroke, but there was something missing. The dildo had stilled, and she longed again for its probing pleasure.

‘Keep fucking me,’ she whispered, closing her eyes and kneading her tits with her spare hand.

He obliged, thrusting the fake cock while she serviced his real one.

‘Yes, like that,’ she groaned.

Her own words, directed at her nephew, were a spur. She loosened her wrist and pumped faster, Tom in turn speeding up his trusts. She couldn’t believe how in tandem they’d become, responding to each other’s needs without instruction. For the first time, he touched her subjugated flesh, running his hand up her glistening stomach and resting on the breast unoccupied by her own hand.

‘It’s ready,’ Julie called from downstairs.

Tom and Holly froze, worried she’d realise what they were doing if they moved an additional muscle.

‘Hurry up, it’s getting cold.’

They met each other’s gaze, in no doubt as to what to do next. He speared her cunt as fast as he could while she ravaged his cock, peeling its hood back and forth with a frenzied gusto.

Their muted groans increased in tempo together as they continued to hold each other’s stare. He saw the red in her cheeks, she the sweat on his brow, and as their crescendo approached, she finally looked away when she no longer had control of her body. Her head was thrown back and her legs writhed, knees coming together like quivering jelly as her first orgasm in months thundered through her body.

As she bit her fist to prevent her ecstasy being shared with the rest of the family downstairs, her culmination reached a taboo new height as a guttural groan preceded her nephew’s load splashing across her stomach, breasts, and neck.

As she revelled in the sensation of each hot rope, the fear of God was put into her by the sound of footfalls on the stairs.

‘We’re coming now,’ Tom called out, overcoming his breathless state to sound almost normal.

The steps faded, and she breathed a sigh of relief, perishing the thought of her sister walking in to catch her painted with her son’s cum. She stretched her legs out on the bed as her heartrate returned to normal. He slowly removed the soaked dildo from her pussy while she stroked him down, her fingers gooey with the dregs of his seed.

‘We’d better go,’ Tom said, ‘Your sister’s a stickler for family dinners.’

Your sister. Not my mum. Holly knew his choice of words had been deliberate; he was reinforcing the gravity of what they’d done. But whereas in most, she thought, such words would inspire guilt, all she felt was exhilaration as she looked down at her cum-covered body.

Holly wiped herself clean with a towel Julie had left for her on the dresser, then put on fresh clothes. As they stepped out onto the landing, Tom hovered over her shoulder so she could feel the heat of his breath on her ear.

‘That was amazing, Aunt Holly,’ he whispered.

His words sent a shudder through her core, the remnants of which stayed with her as they went downstairs. As they neared the dining room door, he gave her a playful pat on the bum, earning him a look of reproach that did nothing to convince him it was sincere.

Indeed, it wasn’t. The last thing Holly wanted to be doing right now was eating Christmas pudding while making small talk with family. What she wanted, she was loath to admit, was the events of upstairs to continue. Instead of a gentle pat on her denim, she wanted Tom to rip off her jeans and take her.

‘Finally,’ Bill said as they appeared through the door. ‘What took you so long?’

‘Aunt Holly found some of my baby photos,’ Tom replied without hesitation, ‘She was saying she can’t believe how much I’ve grown.’

Although not looking at his face, Holly could feel Tom’s grin directed at her. She could only hope that nothing in her face betrayed her embarrassment.

‘They grow up so fast don’t they,’ Julie said to her sister. ‘Do you remember when you used to read him bedtime stories?’

‘Of course,’ Holly said, forcing a smile. ‘He always wanted more. Never took no for an answer.’

Such innocent words in any other context now made her admonish her loose tongue. Paranoia was setting in, as though everything she did would reveal her new secret.

‘I just couldn’t get enough,’ Tom said.

They sat down, and Julie brought in the Christmas pudding, placing it at the centre of the table next to a saucepan of hot brandy.

‘Here we go,’ Bill said. He scooped some of the Brandy into a ladle and ignited it with a stove lighter. He poured it over the pudding, and the once-a-year spectacle of blue flames dancing over the raisin-filled mound drew looks of appreciation from around the table.

Once the pudding was served, chit-chat resumed. Holly and Tom couldn’t prevent themselves glancing and smiling at each other, hot with the knowledge that while they were eating Christmas pudding with their family, his glans was slick with aftercum, while her body was stained with his sticky residue.

After they’d finished, Holly offered to help clear the table.

‘You and Tom looked thick as thieves in there,’ Julie said when they were in the kitchen.

‘Did we?’ she said, feigning surprise.

‘You know it’s great to see that you’re still so close after all these years. I know Olivia’s been a bit aloof since becoming a teenager, but Tom still really idolizes you.’

Holly felt her face heat up. She endeavoured not to look at her sister in case she was as red as she felt. ‘Must be all those hours I put in playing the cool auntie,’ she joked.

‘I think it’s more than that,’ Julie said. ‘His face lights up whenever he sees you. You made a real impression on him.’

‘Aw that’s sweet of you to say. I’m fond of him, too. He’s a lovely boy.’

‘I agree, although I am biased,’ Julie said with a smile. ‘Anyway, I’ll get the rest of the plates.’

Holly breathed a faint sigh of relief at having escaped the conversation unscathed. As Julie left the kitchen, Tom entered carrying the empty Christmas pudding plate. Holly, bending down to load the dishwasher, didn’t notice. After a few seconds of admiring her sumptuous behind, Tom deposited the plate on the counter and, with a glance back to make sure the coast was clear, wrapped his arms around his aunt’s waist.

‘Oh,’ she gasped, dropping a spoon to the bottom of the dishwasher.

‘You can’t tease me like that, Aunt Holly.’

She spun around to look at the door, pushing him away. ‘Don’t do that,’ she admonished, ‘anyone could’ve walked in.’

Tom smiled. ‘Hot, right?’

‘No,’ she said, although the tingle in her pussy indicated otherwise. ‘Do you know what could happen if anyone found out what we did? It’s a crime, Tom.’

Tom looked over his shoulder at the door; there was still no one to be seen. He walked towards her, pushing her back against the counter. ‘The only crime here is you giving me a view like that and expecting me not to do anything.’

She took a deep breath, finding herself weak at the knees in his presence. ‘Tom, I—’ She glanced down. ‘Are you hard again?’ she whispered.

He took her hand and guided it to his crotch. ‘For you, Aunt Holly.’

She knew she ought to pull away, but an unseen force kept her hand in place. As she shifted her fingers along his length, she heard steps from the hallway.

They pulled away from each other just before Julie walked in. ‘That’s the last of the plates,’ she said, ‘I’ll finish loading the dishwasher, you two go to the living room and relax.’

Not needing to be asked twice, they retired to the living room with the rest of the family. They managed to quell their incestuous desire for the Queen’s speech, then focussed their attention on the Christmas TV and games that carried on into the late hours.

Grandad falling asleep in his chair was the cue for the end of the evening, and after Bill drove his parents home, everyone bid each other goodnight and turned in.


A restless Holly tossed and turned in her sheets. She ought to have been tired after the full-on day, but sleep was the last thing on her mind. She opened her eyes and looked up into the blackness, accepting that all efforts in pursuit of slumber were pointless.

She knew what was keeping her up, and as she allowed thoughts of earlier in the day to blossom, her hand wandered under the hem of her nightie. A shudder rippled through her as she grazed her panties, the damp cotton leaving a guilty residue on her fingers.

She slipped off her underwear and explored, parting the petals of her flesh. With her right hand massaging her clit, she reached under the bed with her left, retrieving Tom’s gift. She hadn’t touched it since dinner, so it was still awash with her cum. The thought only turned her on as she ran the head over her swollen mound.

Holly threw the duvet back, finding the air cool against the moisture of her pussy. She bit her lip, stifling a pine as she pushed the dildo inside her without resistance. She was shocked at the ease with which it filled her; her body horny with thoughts of her nephew.

When the initial pleasure of a filled pussy had passed, she lay her head back on the pillow in anti-climax. Her self-love wasn’t living up to that bestowed by Tom, and she languished with the dildo inside her in a state of frustration.

She looked towards the door, wondering about Tom lying a couple of rooms down the hall. Was he awake, touching himself to thoughts of her; or was he sound asleep and indifferent, satisfied with just a one-time forbidden encounter?

She had to find out. Getting out of bed, she left her room and crept along the landing towards Tom’s room at the end of the hall. Pulling the handle as quietly as she could, she slipped into his room and closed the door behind her. All was dark, quiet, and still; her fantasy of his midnight arousal for her could not have been further from the reality.

It left her with a pang of disappointment, but that gradually became anticipation as she tiptoed to the foot of his bed. His faint breathing, rhythmic and slow, was all that disturbed the silence.

Imagining his peaceful face, Holly wondered whether she should be doing this, but then had a defiant thought. He bought me a dildo, for God’s sake; if he disapproves of this, he’s throwing stones in a pretty fragile glass house. Emboldened, she lifted the duvet and climbed under by his feet. He stirred, shifting his legs and muttering something unintelligible but, to Holly’s relief, didn’t wake up.

She crawled up past his calves and thighs, making her way to his crotch. It gave off a little more heat than the rest of him and, feeling his cock through his pyjama bottoms, she realised he was already semi-hard. Maybe he’s dreaming of me, she thought with a wicked grin in the darkness.

She eased down his bottoms, releasing an intoxicating pocket of masculine arousal that she inhaled like perfume. Although she couldn’t see it, she could feel his prick’s heat on her face as she hovered over it. Taking it in her hand elicited another shift from Tom, but again he remained in his slumber.

She stroked softly, marvelling at how quickly the young organ responded to her touch. It pushed against her fingers, swelling to a length that enabled Holly to wrap a second hand around his base. She did so, massaging under the duvet to elicit more unconscious groans from her sleeping nephew.

She pulled back his foreskin to access his more sensitive glans, only to gasp as precum smeared her hand. So horny from so little, she mused, amazed at the virility of youth. She dabbed a pearl of it to her tongue and shivered at her first taste of sex in months. Without further thought, inflamed by her indulgence, she draped her lips over her nephew’s cock.

‘Oh, fuck, Aunt Holly,’ Tom’s muffled voice whispered.

She froze like a deer caught in headlights, hoping against all odds that the voice was a product of her imagination.

‘Don’t stop,’ he said.

She obeyed his instruction and bobbed up and down his now throbbing shaft. With consciousness came vigour, and he began thrusting his hips, challenging her throat with his glans.

Drawing on experience, she placed her hands on his thighs, calming his hips so she could pleasure him without discomfort. It was a boon for him as well as her; Holly sucked and swirled her tongue over every inch, bestowing delights that no girl Tom’s age had ever matched. Whenever he came close to cumming, she eased off, waited for it to pass, then built the pleasure again.

As much as Holly loved the idea of sucking him to orgasm, she had come to his room with other carnal pursuits in mind. Leaving his cock wet with her saliva, she crawled up the bed and poked her head out from under the duvet. ‘How did you know it was me?’ she asked playfully.

‘Who else would it be?’

‘Your cousin? Would you like that?’

Using her own daughter for incestuous dirty talk gave Holly pause for thought. It somehow seemed like a line — even after all that had happened — she shouldn’t cross. But damn, she admitted to herself, crossing lines was hot.

‘I prefer her mum,’ Tom said.

With that, he sat up and removed Holly’s nightie, followed by his own clothes. He then flipped her onto her back and kissed her for the first time, demanding her lips part for his tongue. They gladly obliged, allowing him to taste his cock in his naked Aunt’s mouth.

Drunk on the notion that she could beat her young, pretty daughter for his affections, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, doing everything in her power to merge their bodies. She hadn’t engaged in such passionate throes since before she was married, and even then, never with someone so confident and virile.

His hands explored her, sweeping down her back and over the mummy curves of her hips and thighs, manhandling her soft bits like they were the pert flesh of a younger woman.

He migrated his hand from her thigh to her sex, but instead of the wet pussy he was expecting, his fingers found a rubbery protrusion. After a moment of bewilderment, realisation dawned.

‘It’s inside you?’ he said.

‘I couldn’t stop thinking about earlier. I needed to remind myself.’

She gasped as Tom grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. ‘God, Aunt Holly, have you always been this much of a freak?’ he said.

As her nephew forced his tongue back inside her, she realised the answer was yes; she had merely been too afraid to express it until now. Now forty, all she could do was make up for lost time.

Holly arched her back as Tom pushed on the balls of the dildo, straining her insides and conjuring a whit of intoxicating pain. She squealed into Tom’s neck, muffling herself with his body.

‘I think it’s about time you had a real cock,’ Tom whispered in her ear.

‘Yes please,’ she whimpered, ‘I want you inside me.’

Holly lay back and spread her legs. Tom removed his gift with almost surgical care, savouring the squelch as it vacated her sodden cunt.

‘Now come here,’ Holly pleaded.

He wasn’t immediately forthcoming, choosing instead to taunt her desire. He snaked the tip of the dildo up her body, leaving a slick trail of arousal in its wake. Holly moaned as it he guided it up her sternum and circled her breasts and nipples.

She fingered her desperate pussy, an attempt to quell its protest at being ignored. ‘Please,’ she begged.

Tom shifted above her, positioning the tip of his cock at her entrance. At the same time, he pressed the head of the dildo to Holly’s lips.

‘I want you to taste your pussy while I fuck you,’ he said.

Without hesitation, she took the dildo from him and welcomed it between her lips. Her taste buds tingled at the memory of the long-forgotten flavour, triggering flashbacks of when she and Jim had enjoyed a healthy sex life.

‘That’s it. Suck it, Aunt Holly.’

She obliged with fervour and, as promised, Tom buried his cock in his aunt’s pussy.

Holly paused her sucking to receive him, heart racing as his familial rod burrowed into her, obliterating the gravest of moral lines.

‘Keep sucking,’ Tom said.

She returned her attention to the dildo, lapping up every sweet drop of pussy juice as Tom fucked her with a slow and deep rhythm. Her first thought was how much bigger than Jim he was, and although the dildo was larger still, it was nothing compared to the blood-hardened cock of a living, breathing man, horny for her.

‘How do you taste?’

‘Mm-hmm,’ she sounded through her full mouth.

Her gargled reply spurred Tom on; he sped up his thrusts to a point where it was difficult for Holly to concentrate on her toy. Her nephew’s cock was hitting nerve endings not stimulated in decades, a feeling intensified by the redundancy of her eyes in the pitch-black room.

Tom suddenly pulled out, leaving her empty and cold like she’d been tossed outside on a winter’s night. She pulled at his hips, willing him back in, but instead he reached over her, pulling out the pillow from under her head.

‘What are you doing?’ she said.

Without giving an answer, he lifted her, put the pillow under her bum, and stabbed his cock back into her cunt.

‘Oh, fuck,’ Holly squealed, immediately putting her hands to her mouth.

‘Shh,’ Tom warned, ‘you don’t want to wake up your sister.’

The mention of Julie was an aphrodisiac. She imagined her walking in and catching them in the act. The though roused her; she hadn’t though it possible for her pussy to get any wetter, but as she pictured the shock and horror on her sister’s face, Tom’s cock slid in and out of her more easily than ever.

With the new elevated angle, he slammed down like a bolt into Holly’s depths. Now in complete and animalistic control, his cock swelled for the home stretch, bottoming out in his aunt with each thrust as his balls slapped against her arse.

Holly clamped her eyes shut in a herculean effort to stay quiet. Euphoria was building in her loins, a sensation recognised from her dildo-induced orgasm. With each of her nephew’s thrusts it intensified, and she invited it on, focussing on the ear candy of his masculine exertions as he pounded her into the bed. She struggled to believe how quickly she’d gone from seeing him as the sweet boy who loved a bedtime story, to being drunk on his libido while he stretched out her pussy.

She felt him tense as his breathing became more rapid, and knew he was on borrowed time. Wanting them to orgasm together, she encouraged his climax, the shaking of her legs signalling that her own was imminent.

‘That’s it, keep it in the family,’ she purred.

He groaned.

‘Cum in your aunt’s pussy.’

His next thrust was his last. Holly pulled his buttocks towards her and they crumbled into a climactic embrace, her legs quivering under his mass while he emptied his balls deep inside her. Hot, heavy breaths revealed to Holly the levels of her nephew’s rapture; while she buried her face into his neck, lest she wake everyone in the house with screams of pleasure.

As they descended from the euphoria in a sweaty, tangled pant, it struck them how at peace they felt. As their brains regained control from their genitals, they expected a certain level of regret or remorse, but neither came.

‘Fuck, Aunt Holly,’ he whispered between kissing her neck, ‘that was the best sex I’ve ever had.’

His admission was almost as gratifying as the act itself, and although she didn’t reply, content to savour his sensual lips and strong embrace, she felt the same way.

‘I guess families really know each other,’ he quipped.

She let out a soft giggle, surprising herself that she was able to do so after what they’d just done. ‘I’d better go,’ she said, ‘I can’t stay all night.’

‘I wish you could, though.’

His words touched her; they made her feel young again, as though she had sneaked her first crush through her bedroom window. She slipped on her nightie and headed for the door.

‘Wait,’ Tom said, ‘You’d better take this. I don’t know what I’d say to my mum if she found it in my room.’

Holly sauntered back to the bed, kissed him on the lips and said, ‘How about that you were using it to fuck her sister?’

He kissed her back. ‘And made her cum with it.’

‘Just in case I run into her on the landing…’ She lifted one foot onto the edge of Tom’s bed. ‘Would you like to do the honours?’

It took him a moment to grasp the meaning. ‘You’re so bad, Aunt Holly.’

‘That’s what Aunties are for.’

Tom slid the dildo up into her pussy, concealing it from prying eyes and sealing his cum inside her. After one more kiss, Holly sneaked back to her room.


Bill, Julie, Liz, and Olivia stood in winter coats, scarfs, and hats in the hall, ready for their annual trip to the pub to watch United play their Boxing day football match. Holly, for whom sports presented little interest, used the time to cook for the family, a thank you to Bill and Julie for hosting her and Olivia over the festive period.

‘Hurry up or we’ll be late,’ Bill shouted.

Tom ambled down the stairs, clutching his stomach. ‘I don’t think I can go,’ he said in a laboured voice.

‘What do you mean?’ said Bill, ‘Boxing Day football’s a family tradition.

‘I know, but I’ve felt sick for the last few hours. I think it might be something I ate.

‘We all ate the same and we’re fine,’ Bill said.

‘Maybe a bug then. I want to go, but a pub full of fans and the smell of beer… I don’t think I could take it.’

‘Alright,’ Bill relented. ‘Are you sure you’re not trying to get out of it because of United’s form?’

Tom forced out a laugh. ‘Promise,’ he said.

‘Ignore your father,’ Julie said in a more sympathetic tone. ‘Go back to bed and get some rest. Your Aunt Holly will be here if you need anything.’

‘Just ask,’ Holly said with a smile.

Tom went back upstairs while his parents, sister, and cousin left for the pub. Holly stared after her nephew at the empty staircase for a few seconds, then went into the kitchen to start dinner.


‘You look hot in that apron.’

‘I thought you were ill.’

Tom walked around the island and wrapped his arms around Holly’s waist, a tattered old book in one hand. ‘You knew I wasn’t ill,’ he said.

‘I’ve got to make dinner.’

He flicked her hair over one shoulder and kissed the nape of her neck. ‘You’ve got plenty of time. And I’ll help you, if you’re nice to me.’

‘Oh, and what does being nice to you entail?’ she asked.

Tom put the book on the counter. ‘Do you remember this?’

She picked it up. ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Of course, I read these to you when you were young.’ She looked at the cover with an expression of nostalgia. ‘Wow, that was so many years ago.’

‘I want you to read to me again, Aunt Holly,’ Tom said.

‘Gosh, Tom, I don’t know. Those are precious memories. I don’t want to… corrupt them.’

He ran his tongue up to her ear and gently sucked on her lobe, eliciting a faint moan. ‘Just a few pages,’ he whispered.

‘Tom, I can’t,’ she protested weakly.

He opened the book to the contents page. ‘Do you remember my favourite?’

She nodded.

‘Please, Aunt Holly, just one more,’ he said, repeating the words he’d used as a child.

He slid his hands under her top and reached up to her breasts. Her nipples were hard through her bra, and she arched her back in concession as he popped her tits out and caressed them skin to skin.

‘Okay,’ she breathed, ‘Just let me…’ She unclasped her bra and skilfully removed it beneath her shirt.

Tom accepted the invitation as she flipped through the pages, kneading her tits like they were dough. She was slow in getting to the story, pausing as she did to enjoy his touch and guide his hands over her apron.

Tom callously retracted his hands, robbing Holly of all sensation. ‘You’re still not reading,’ he said.

‘Do I get nothing if I don’t?’ Holly asked impishly. ‘You know, I could just make dinner like I was supposed to.’

Tom leaned over, placing his hands on the counter and trapping Holly with his body. ‘Do you want me to go?’

The look they exchanged morphed from playful to lustful in a heart-racing moment. She kissed him, treating her tongue to a quick explore of his mouth, then bit his lip as she pulled away.

‘No,’ she said.

Now incentivised, Holly soon found the page. ‘The Two Brothers,’ she began. ‘There were once upon a time two brothers, one rich and the other…’

Tom returned his lips to her neck, beginning the game of composure. Holly’s breathing lightened as her nephew’s tongue flicked over the erogenous zone.

‘…poor, ‘ she continued, ‘The rich one was a goldsmith and evil-hearted. The poor one supported himself by making ohhh…’

His tongue had once again migrated to her ear, lapping at its outer and inner helix, creating an intoxicating wet echo inside her head.

‘…brooms,’ she said, regaining her composure, ‘and was good and honourable. He had two…’ She floundered again as Tom’s hands went back to her tits. ‘…children, who were twin brothers and as like each other as two drops of water. The two boys… oh, wow.’

Tom’s cock had swelled in his jeans and was insistently poking Holly’s arse. She gyrated her hips, teasing him with some friction while he kissed her. It had the desired effect; he lost focus on her ear to moan his pleasure.

‘You like that?’ she purred, increasing the pressure on his crotch.

He stepped back from her. ‘Keep reading, Aunt Holly.’

‘The two boys went in and out of the rich house, and often got some of the scraps to eat. It happened once when the poor man was going into the forest to fetch brushwood, that he saw a bird which was quite golden and more beautiful than any he had ever chanced to meet with.’

The absence of contact eased her recital, but she found herself wanting to be challenged, and Tom knew. The longer he did nothing, the stronger her desire became for him to tear off her clothes and fuck her against the counter. He enjoyed her obvious longing, content to stand back while she read herself to frustration.

When he thought she’d suffered enough, he crouched on his haunches, level with her arse. She sensed his movement and bent over a little more, willing him to play with a part of her that he’d — relatively — so far ignored.

He was happy to oblige, and lowered her jeans to reveal a genuine surprise.

‘A thong, Aunt Holly?’

Pausing reading, she said, ‘I put it on after you said you were ill.’

‘You bad girl.’

As she continued the fairy tale, Tom pulled at the lace and tanned her skin, then slid down the thong to join the jeans around her ankles. The aroma of her aroused pussy hit him straight away, and he knew he could easily slide balls-deep into her if he wanted. As tempting as that was, however, he had other plans for their Boxing Day encounter.

‘He picked up a small stone, threw it at it, and was lucky enough to hit it, but one golden feather only fell down, and the bird flew aw…’

This time, she was distracted by a thought rather than a sensation as her nephew spread her cheeks. What was he about to do? Had he brought the dildo with him without her noticing, and was he about to push it in? Or would she feel the hot tip of his prick part the petals of her sex? Either way, she was praying for him to do it soon.

She yelped as she received a spank, a reminder that she had a job to do. She rubbed her right cheek, imagining with a devilish smile the mark that had been left. If he planned to punish her like that for disobedience, then he was creating a perverse incentive.

‘Keep reading,’ he said.

Holly turned her head and stuck her bum out further still. ‘Only if you even things out,’ she said.

She took a sharp intake of breath as a slap quickly followed to the left side of her arse. Harder than she’d expected, but all the better for it.

‘…flew away. The man took the feather and carried it to his brother, who looked at it and said, ohhhhh.’

Tom completed his first slow lick of Holly’s pussy, then stopped, teasing her again as he admired her glistening mound.

‘Argh, don’t stop. Why did you stop?’ she said.

Tom smiled at the irritation in her voice. ‘Keep reading,’ he said again.

Holly complied, and he buried his face back between her cheeks, lapping up every sweet drop of carnal nectar before delving deeper and finding her clit.

‘…it’s pure gold. And gave him a great deal of money for it. Next day — ah, right there — the man climbed into a birch-tree, and was about to cut off a couple of branches when — yes, tongue my clit — the same bird flew out, and when the man searched — like that, baby — he found a nest, and an egg lay inside it, which was — oh, fuck, no one’s done that before.’

She stopped reading, closing her eyes as her nephew sucked her labia into his mouth. It was a strange sensation, but the longer it went on, the tighter she found herself grabbing the edge of the counter. It didn’t provide the sensuous bliss of when he’d licked her clit but, such was his devotion to every inch of her, she’d never felt more desired in her life.

She forced open her eyes and endeavoured to reward him with more story. ‘which was of gold. He took the egg home with him, and carried it to his brother, who again said — oh!’

She tensed and pulled away from Tom, shocked at his tongue finding the rim of her arse. She looked down at him. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I want every part of you, Aunt Holly. Do you trust me?’

She saw the longing in his eyes, a desire that burned for her as a devotee’s would for his goddess. Knowing she couldn’t deny him, she nodded.

She turned back to the book as Tom buried his tongue between her cheeks. He pleasured her arsehole with slow licks and rapid flicks, alternating his rhythm so no one sensation became stale.

‘…it is pure gold, and gave him what it was — fuck, I had no idea that could feel so good.’

‘I take it Uncle Jim never licked your arsehole.’

‘Never. Keep going.’

Holly reached back and grabbed a fistful of Tom’s hair. Pushing his face into her arse, she let out a gasp as his tongue penetrated her, then a rapturous cry as two of her nephew’s fingers entered her pussy.

The book was no longer a consideration; no sentence could be coherently uttered amid the heavenly plunder of her holes. With her anus and g-spot inflamed, she squealed and screamed, the empty house finally allowing her to express her pleasure. She gripped the counter as the intensity built, her arse and thighs shaking as climax approached.

‘Oh, Tom, I’m gonna cum,’ she shouted.

He immediately burrowed his tongue deeper and sped up his fingers, relishing his aunt’s arousal on both. Her arse was hot and her pussy sodden, and with one final shout of profanity, she unleashed her orgasmic tide.

Holly’s legs almost buckled with the surge, and for the first time, she found herself glad for Jim’s affair. Without it, she knew, she would have forever remained ignorant of such orgasmic heights.

As her euphoria subsided, Tom got to his feet and wrapped his arms around her waist. Holly turned her head and kissed him, tasting her arse for the first time. As his tongue probed her mouth, she once again felt his insistent erection pressing against her. When he pulled a small tube of lube from his pocket, she knew he wasn’t done with her yet.

He pulled down his jeans and boxers, freeing his cock. Holly reached back to stroke it, stunned at how hard it was having had no stimulation. She shuddered as Tom spread the lube in and around anus, her pulse quickening at what was to come. After lubing up his cock, he guided his head to her opening.

‘Are you ready?’

‘Yes,’ she said nervously, ‘but go slow.’

Holly took a sharp intake of breath as Tom’s glans opened her arsehole. He paused, letting her acclimatise, before slowly fucking her with his tip. As she relaxed, he inched deeper, groans escaping his throat as the walls of her rectum gripped his shaft.

‘God, you’re tight,’ he moaned.

‘Do you like my virgin arsehole?’ Holly asked, raising her voice an octave to sound more innocent.

Tom responded by pushing his whole length into her, triggering a pained squeal. He paused again.

‘Don’t stop,’ she whimpered, ‘please don’t stop.’

He continued with long, slow strokes. Pain had once again become an intoxicant for Holly, intertwining with pleasure as she basked in the taboo of her nephew filling her bowel. He maintained a steady, sensual pace, content to enjoy her snug insides.

‘You haven’t asked me to read in a while,’ Holly said.

Tom changed the rhythm with a sudden hard thrust, earning a gasp from his aunt. ‘I prefer more grown-up things, these days.’

She smiled. ‘I was wondering,’ she said, feeling playful, ‘How long have you wanted to fuck me?’

‘Since I was about sixteen,’ he replied. ‘I heard you and Uncle Jim once through your bedroom door. Did you often fuck in your sister’s house?’

‘Every year,’ she said. ‘we thought it was hot.’ She felt Tom’s cock swell inside her, the idea clearly turning him on, too. ‘Didn’t your mum teach you not to eavesdrop?’

‘It has its perks. We wouldn’t be doing this otherwise.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I heard how upset you were the day you arrived. That’s what gave me the idea for your present.’

Holly’s tone became serious. ‘Are you saying you’re doing this out of pity?’

‘No,’ he said with conviction. ‘I’m doing it because I love you.’ Cupping her breasts, he whispered in her ear as he moved his hands down her body, ‘I love your tits. I love your stomach. I love your hips. And I love the arse that I’m fucking.’

‘Oh, Tom, I— ‘

‘Shh,’ he said, pressing his finger to her lips. ‘I want you to find someone else, someone who makes you happy. But, promise me one thing…’

‘Um-hmm,’ she squeaked.

‘That you’ll secretly always be mine.’

She nodded vociferously. Even if she didn’t find someone else, she thought, those words alone would ensure she’d never again feel unfulfilled. ‘Always,’ she whispered.

‘Fuck, Aunt Holly,’ Tom said suddenly, ‘squeeze me. Squeeze my cock.’

She complied with all the devotion he’d shown her, drawing her nephew into a deep kiss while clenching as hard as she could.

Tom wrapped his arms around her torso in a vice-like embrace, then broke from the kiss as he roared his thanks. All Holly could do was breathe a tremulous breath as hot semen poured into her bowel, the jewel in the crown of an incestuous secret they would share forever.

Upon catching their breaths, Tom eased himself out of her, and Holly turned away from the counter for the first time. They spent the following minutes kissing as she caressed him down to a flaccid state, enjoying the taste of each other amid their carnal afterglow.

Holly pulled back as a chuckle escaped her. ‘I seriously have to make dinner,’ she said before returning her lips to his.

‘Okay, I’ll sit and watch,’ he said.

She feigned a gasp. ‘I thought you said you were going to help.’

‘I was, but I think it’d be hotter watching you cook knowing your arse is filled with my cum.’

‘Well, if you help with dinner, I might let you fill it again.’

He lit up with an ear to ear grin. ‘It’s a deal, Aunt Holly.’


The next day, Tom joined Julie in driving Holly and Olivia to the airport. Bill and Liz had said their goodbyes back at the house.

‘What are your thoughts on us coming up for Easter next year?’ Julie asked. ‘I understand it might be difficult with all that’s going on.’

‘I’d love to have you,’ Holly said, ‘but it depends on what happens with the house and if we’re settled by then. I’ll have a better idea nearer the time.’

They turned into the airport and parked outside the drop off point. Tom hauled Holly’s and Olivia’s luggage from the boot, unzipping his aunt’s case and removing one of her gloves as he did so.

‘It’s been lovely seeing you both,’ Julie said as she gave them hugs. ‘Have a safe flight and let us know when you land.’

‘We will, and thanks for everything,’ Holly said, ‘And hopefully we’ll see you in a few months.’

‘Bye, Aunt Julie,’ Olivia said.

Tom said his goodbyes, then Holly and Olivia headed for terminal three. As Tom was about to get in the car, he pulled the glove out of his pocket and pretended to find it outside the passenger door.

‘Just a second, mum, I think Aunt Holly forgot this.’

‘Be quick,’ she said.

Tom jogged after them. ‘Aunt Holly, you left this,’ he called out.

Holly turned to see the glove in her nephew’s hand. ‘You go on ahead,’ she said to Olivia, ‘Wait for me inside. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on.’

Olivia nodded and headed to the terminal, while Holly took a few steps the opposite way to meet Tom.

She took her glove from him with a smirk. ‘That’s impossible,’ she said, ‘Those gloves were in my case.’

‘You got me,’ he said. ‘Is there really a chance I won’t get to see you at Easter?’

‘Like I said, it depends on if we decide to sell the house, whether we find a buyer, and if I’m settled in a new place.’

‘I understand,’ Tom said, disappointment apparent on his face, ‘I just don’t think I can wait a year.’

‘I’m sure I’ll have myself sorted,’ she reassured. ‘And,’ she lowered her voice to a whisper, ‘I’ve got a pretty good incentive now, haven’t I?’

Tom smiled, flicking his eyes to her bum. ‘You’d better not forget what you promised me for helping you cook yesterday.’

‘It’ll be waiting for you.’ She stepped in and gave him a peck on the cheek. ‘Remember, secretly yours.’

With that, she turned and went off to find Olivia, leaving her nephew to fantasise about the prospect an Easter as taboo and unforgettable as Christmas.

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