Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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Elaine would readily admit that she was a slut. She made her peace a with that fact a long time ago when she realised that she had lost count of the number of cocks she’d had inside her. But this, this was different.

Elaine had just put the phone down to her nephew, Nathan. He had been sent explicit pictures of her on WhatsApp from an unknown number. From Nathans description, the pictures left nothing to the imagination and if they were the ones that she had consented to being posted online she knew exactly what her nephew had seen. Those pictures showed her with her legs wide open, with her favourite dildo inside her and soaked bedsheets where she had squirted all over them. Total embarrassment washed over her and she felt tears roll down her cheeks. How was she going to face him at family gatherings. ‘At least he’s away with the army’ she thought and felt comforted in the thought that those occasions would be relatively infrequent. Still, she was close to her nephew and the relatively small gap between their ages had meant they had spent many nights out and weekends together at bars and clubs a few years back. As she was partial to going out in indecently short dresses, her nephew would undoubtedly have seen more than maybe he ought to at points. That was OK, just some cheeky fun and a bit of a thrill for all involved but now he had seen every inch of her.

She had a restless night, a restless few nights actually, as she came to terms with the fact that her nephew was probably using her pictures to get himself off. ‘Of course he is’, she thought, ‘he hasn’t been near a woman for six months’. As she was having these thoughts Elaine realised her hand was slowly circling her clit at the thought of her nephew wanking and cumming over her pictures. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ she chastised herself and snatched her hand away from her lap. Her dreams for the next couple of weeks were interspersed with the occasional inappropriate dream of Nathan standing over her whilst she made herself squirt for him and he coated her body in his semen.

Over time these dreams became more infrequent until they stopped altogether and her messages back and forth to her nephew became normal again. Just general chit chat and keeping in touch like they used to. Then Nathan announced to her that his tour of Cyprus was over and he would be back in the UK indefinitely. She couldn’t wait to see him but the idea of being face to face with him, knowing that he knew exactly how slutty she was, made her stomach lurch, but also weirdly her pussy twinge. The days passed and Elaine found herself having her inappropriate dreams again until finally, one weekend morning she couldn’t help herself any longer. After waking up from a dream where she was on her knees begging for Nathans cum in her mouth, she went straight to her draw and pulled out her magic wand. She laid back and was reimagining her dream with the wand on full power, muttering Nathans’ name to herself as she came again and again. ‘Fuck, that was intense’ she said out loud as she came down from her orgasmic high. She wandered around the rest of that day in a bit of a daze, not knowing why she was having these feelings about her own nephew.

It was a Wednesday morning when her phone went. It was Nathan messaging and he wondered what she was doing this Friday evening. Elaine hadn’t seen her nephew in so long and she couldn’t wait to have a proper catch up with him but all the time at the back of her mind was the thought ‘he has seen you with a dildo inside your pussy, how will he look you in the eye?’ ‘Sod it, he’s just a man and loads of men have seen me naked, it really doesn’t matter.’

‘Friday sounds great, what shall we do?’ she sent as a reply

‘How about we grab a bite to eat and just drink like we used to?’

‘Why not. If you don’t want to get a taxi home, you can always stay at mine’.

As soon as she had sent that message, a wave of panic washed over her. ‘I think I’m going on a date with my nephew’ ran immediately ran through her mind closely followed by ‘And I asked him to stay over.’ She was about to start typing a message to pull out when Nathan replied;

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