Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

Elaine would readily admit that she was a slut. She made her peace a with that fact a long time ago when she realised that she had lost count of the number of cocks she’d had inside her. But this, this was different.

Elaine had just put the phone down to her nephew, Nathan. He had been sent explicit pictures of her on WhatsApp from an unknown number. From Nathans description, the pictures left nothing to the imagination and if they were the ones that she had consented to being posted online she knew exactly what her nephew had seen. Those pictures showed her with her legs wide open, with her favourite dildo inside her and soaked bedsheets where she had squirted all over them. Total embarrassment washed over her and she felt tears roll down her cheeks. How was she going to face him at family gatherings. ‘At least he’s away with the army’ she thought and felt comforted in the thought that those occasions would be relatively infrequent. Still, she was close to her nephew and the relatively small gap between their ages had meant they had spent many nights out and weekends together at bars and clubs a few years back. As she was partial to going out in indecently short dresses, her nephew would undoubtedly have seen more than maybe he ought to at points. That was OK, just some cheeky fun and a bit of a thrill for all involved but now he had seen every inch of her.

She had a restless night, a restless few nights actually, as she came to terms with the fact that her nephew was probably using her pictures to get himself off. ‘Of course he is’, she thought, ‘he hasn’t been near a woman for six months’. As she was having these thoughts Elaine realised her hand was slowly circling her clit at the thought of her nephew wanking and cumming over her pictures. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ she chastised herself and snatched her hand away from her lap. Her dreams for the next couple of weeks were interspersed with the occasional inappropriate dream of Nathan standing over her whilst she made herself squirt for him and he coated her body in his semen.

Over time these dreams became more infrequent until they stopped altogether and her messages back and forth to her nephew became normal again. Just general chit chat and keeping in touch like they used to. Then Nathan announced to her that his tour of Cyprus was over and he would be back in the UK indefinitely. She couldn’t wait to see him but the idea of being face to face with him, knowing that he knew exactly how slutty she was, made her stomach lurch, but also weirdly her pussy twinge. The days passed and Elaine found herself having her inappropriate dreams again until finally, one weekend morning she couldn’t help herself any longer. After waking up from a dream where she was on her knees begging for Nathans cum in her mouth, she went straight to her draw and pulled out her magic wand. She laid back and was reimagining her dream with the wand on full power, muttering Nathans’ name to herself as she came again and again. ‘Fuck, that was intense’ she said out loud as she came down from her orgasmic high. She wandered around the rest of that day in a bit of a daze, not knowing why she was having these feelings about her own nephew.

It was a Wednesday morning when her phone went. It was Nathan messaging and he wondered what she was doing this Friday evening. Elaine hadn’t seen her nephew in so long and she couldn’t wait to have a proper catch up with him but all the time at the back of her mind was the thought ‘he has seen you with a dildo inside your pussy, how will he look you in the eye?’ ‘Sod it, he’s just a man and loads of men have seen me naked, it really doesn’t matter.’

‘Friday sounds great, what shall we do?’ she sent as a reply

‘How about we grab a bite to eat and just drink like we used to?’

‘Why not. If you don’t want to get a taxi home, you can always stay at mine’.

As soon as she had sent that message, a wave of panic washed over her. ‘I think I’m going on a date with my nephew’ ran immediately ran through her mind closely followed by ‘And I asked him to stay over.’ She was about to start typing a message to pull out when Nathan replied;

‘Sounds good, I’ll bring the Jagger bombs to get us going before we head out’.

‘That’s it’, she thought to herself. ‘No backing out now’.

Later that evening Elaine was stood in front of her wardrobe trying to pick an outfit that would impress her returning nephew and puzzling at why it mattered to her whether he was impressed or not. ‘I shouldn’t care’ she muttered to herself, but still she riffled through her dresses until she settled on a black number with buttons up the front and finishing just about half way down her sexy thighs. She tried the dress on and quickly realised that her 34DD tits were spilling out the top of the dress. ‘Nothing he hasn’t seen’ she laughed to herself and, all of a sudden, her nipples hardened and poked through the thin material of the dress, making it clear to anyone with a half decent view that she was braless. She reached in to her lingerie draw and her eye was drawn to one of her naughtier pairs of knickers. They were black lace and open crotched and had a string of pearls running along the seam that teased her clit to perfection any time she’d worn them previously. Without even thinking she placed them with the dress and a pair of knee-high stiletto boots she had chosen for her ‘date’ with her nephew.

Thursday came and went in uneventful fashion and Elaine decided that evening to give herself a bit of a pamper before her night out with Nathan. She gave herself a manicure and pedicure, plucked her eyebrows, had a face mask and laid in a luxurious bubble bath. As she picked up her razor Elaine wondered to herself ‘I wonder if Nathan likes a totally shaved pussy?’ At this point she took her razor and made sure that every inch of her was hair free. Her pussy was tingling but with her night out so close but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind. ‘No, he’s your nephew and you’re just having a drink like old times’ she told herself.

As she had expected, that nights dreams were vivid and very much involved Nathan. They ranged from a sweet innocent kiss on the doorstep as they said goodbye to him taking her roughly in the kitchen and filling her with his cum. Elaine woke the next morning with an acceptance that something inappropriate was sure to happen but this time the dread and fear was replaced with excitement and a wet and ready pussy. ‘That will have to wait’ she thought and put her professional face on to get through her day at work.

‘God, that day dragged’ she thought to herself as 5pm approached. ‘Best get myself ready to get laid’. She knew now that she didn’t care that Nathan was her nephew and that he had become just another man that she wanted to fuck.

After a quick shower it was time to start the process of readying herself for the evening and from the moment she slipped on the pearled panties, every part of her body wanted to be touched. If she was quick she could cum once or twice and still have plenty of time to get herself ready in good time, she thought to herself. Elaine removed her panties in a rush and instinctively reached for her life like dildo, sucking it deep in to her mouth until she gagged. Not that she needed to wet it. The moment she put it near her wet hole, her lips seemed to automatically part and welcomed the plastic cock inside her. Laying on her back and letting her free hand wander over her big tits, Elaine slowly started fucking herself harder and harder until was taking the full 10 inches of her now favourite toy. She found herself closing her eyes and letting her mind wander to thoughts of Nathan being so close by and whether that would be the only thing inside her that night. She let his name leave her lips as her first orgasm started to build

‘Nathan, that’s it, fuck me a bit harder. Use me like you’ve been wanting to’, and then it hit her like a tidal wave. The strongest orgasm she’d had in a long time hit her, and as her spasming hole forced the cum covered dildo out, along came a tsunami of squirt and creamy cunt juice. Slowly she started to push her latex covered best friend back in to her now hypersensitive pussy and build herself towards her next orgasm, her breath grew deeper and her legs began to involuntarily shake and just as Elaine was about to erupt again, she saw her date for the evenings name flashing up on her phone. ‘Fuck’ she said out loud in a short bought of sexual frustration and span herself round on the bed, trying to compose herself.

‘Hey sweets’, she answered, trying to sound as if she hadn’t just cum what felt like a gallon while thinking about him ploughing her.

‘Hey, the traffic was a bit better than I thought, I’m only a couple of minutes away’ her nephew replied. He could swear she was out of breath. Maybe she had to run to get the call he thought to himself.

‘I’m nowhere near ready. You’ll have to pour yourself a drink and wait while I finish making myself beautiful.’ Said Elaine. I’ve only just got out the shower, I’m not even dressed yet’. Oh my god she thought to herself. ‘Why the hell did I add that last part?’

‘Well put something on and let me in so I can have one or two of these jagger bombs before we go out. I’ll order the cab while you’re getting ready and we’ll just go in to town for a drink and grab something to eat. Right I’m pulling up, so cover up and come and answer the door.’

Nathan definitely didn’t want his aunty to cover up. Ever since he was old enough to notice Elaine, he’d always wanted to have a crack at fucking her. Obviously he didn’t dare try, she was his dad’s younger sister so how could he? But since that day when he’d seen her wet bed sheets and what her face looked like when she was in the middle of cumming, he had really wanted to get hold of his sexy aunt.

Inside, Elaine grabbed her black satin robe and threw it on, tying the belt in a bow as she rushed down stairs to open the door. Seeing his shadow through the patterned glass in her front door, Elaine realised what a couple of years military training does for a young man’s physique. The smooth material of her thigh length robe gently grazed her nipples sending a bolt of energy down her body and to her clit. As nervous as she was about all this, Elaine couldn’t deny that if Nathan wanted to fuck her that evening, she would let him and without doubt her body was telling anybody that could see it the same. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds and clearly protruding through the satin of her gown. Opening the door just confirmed it for her. Nathan was looking as good as she had ever seen him and the only question that was in her mind was whether she would have to make the first move.

‘Oh my god, Nathan, it’s so good to see you. Two years is way too long. Don’t just stand there, come in.’

In stepped her nephew, with a bag clearly containing the promised alcohol and another holdall with tomorrow’s clothes. He put them down and turned to face his sexy aunt in-person for the first time since he had seen those pictures. ‘Look her in the face. Not her tits’ he thought to himself. ‘Hey, Auntie Bo’. The men in Elaine’s family had always called her that. From her dad, through to Nathan’s dad, her big brother and now Nathan.

They came together for a friendly greeting and hugged and Elaine, without realising what she was doing, pushed her 34dd tits against Nathan’s chest, getting a feel for the first time of his strong frame. This didn’t go unnoticed by her nephew and his response was to twinge inside his trousers. Elaine pulled back from the greeting, giving him a peck on the cheek. But she knew what she was doing when it was a little closer than is appropriate to her nephews lips and a little longer than is normal for a member of your family.

‘You know where your bed is’ Elaine noticed a quiver in her voice that was unusual. ‘Dump your stuff and pour a drink and I’ll get my arse in gear.’ And with that she turned and headed up the stairs. Nathan bent down to get his bag and stood up just in time to catch his gorgeous aunt reaching the top step and he got a little peak at her arse cheeks, causing a second stirring in his jeans in as many minutes.

Walking in to her bedroom and closing the door behind her, Elaine paused for a moment to compose herself and, for a minute, the reality washed over her. ‘You can’t, Elaine. He’s your nephew. And he looks too much like Mark. It would be like fucking a younger version of my big brother.’ With that thought yet another bolt of electricity went through her slutty loins. ‘But I swear I felt his cock move when we hugged. And if he hasn’t had sex in months he will fuck me like an animal, which I’m more than up for.’ Her inner whore was back and taking charge and this time was in no mood to surrender control of the situation to sanity and incest laws.

After putting his stuff in his room for the night, Nathan headed down stair which made their normal creak on the third step down and Elaine opened her bedroom door so that she could converse with her nephew and begin the catch up whilst he was downstairs pouring drinks and making taxi arrangements

‘Jagger or gin, Bo?’ Nathan didn’t know what was going to happen this evening but what he did know was that if it was going to go the way he wanted it to, drink would have to be involved. There had been many occasions when his young aunt had been so drunk that she’d needed picking up off the floor and he’d seen her pussy peeking out from her tiny thong as her dress ended up round her waist or her legs parted as he helped her up. And a couple of times he’d even managed to get his hands on her tits as he had helped her into her house. But he just had a feeling that tonight might be more.

‘I will have a jagger to start and then I’ll work my way through a gin while I finish getting ready’ came her reply. Like her horny nephew, Elaine was sure she would need to be at least a little buzzed to go through with this, so she decided to get started and maintain a level of being drunk that would allow her to act on her desires the moment the opportunity presented itself. ‘Just going to give my hair a blast’ and with that Elaine discarded her robe and turned her hair drier on, sitting facing the mirror with her back towards the door.

Downstairs, drinks had been poured and Nathan was sipping his beer from the bottle, not really realising he was pacing up and down with nervous energy and took his phone out and called the local taxi firm.

‘Hi, can I book a cab for 8 this evening please?’ Nathan asked the lady on the end of the phone.

‘Nothing ’til 10.15 I’m afraid’ came the reply.

The next two got exactly the same response and Nathan called up to his aunt who was still in the process of drying her hair.

‘Bo…Bo…BOOOO’ Nathan called up the stairs, increasing in volume. He started to make his way up the stairs to let Elaine know about the cab situation. When his eye line reached the top of the stairs, he saw his aunt’s bedroom door about half way open and Elaine’s bare foot, then calf and then oh so sexy thighs uncovered. The view sort of stopped him in his tracks for a second. It looked like she could be naked and he would pay good money to see that in person. But he didn’t want to just walk in and startle her and make the evening awkward. He slowly took the next step and improved his view of the scene. She definitely wasn’t wearing anything but he could only see her waist and half of her back. He couldn’t see her face so was sure she wouldn’t be able to see him from the mirror and took the next step up. Now he could see the side of one of her sexy boobs. He knew that was as far as he could go. Any further and he would be looking at her reflection and therefore she would know he was staring at her. Without knowing what he was doing, Nathan’s hand had reached down and was now rubbing his hardening cock through his jeans. God he needed to cum but now wasn’t the time so just enjoyed the view and continued to make himself horny over his dad’s little sister.

The now desperately horny nephew heard his aunt start to ratchet the level of the hairdryer down and ducked down totally out of view and was downstairs in the kitchen as Elaine totally switched the dryer off. ‘Bo…’ he called out as if he had been waiting for her to switch off.


‘Drinks are ready…but we can’t get a cab til after 10. What shall we do?’ ‘stay in and fuck?’ he silently said to himself.

‘Stay in and fuck?’ thought Elaine. ‘No idea, let me get dressed and I’ll come down and we’ll sort it out.’

‘Is this good or bad?’ she wondered to herself? ‘It would be a shame to not put this dress on.’ With that she took the hanger with her button through dress on and threw it around herself and buttoned from the bottom up. ‘Now, where to stop’ she muttered to herself. ‘one shows nothing, so really, Elaine, what with him being your nephew, should really be the option you take. Two shows plenty of cleavage and my dermo-studs. They always get people looking at my tits. Three is way too much…for now at least.’ She finished her musing with a chuckle that Nathan heard from down stairs.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Just that I’m thinking how much of my tits to show you’, Elaine thought to herself. ‘oh, nothing. Just that I haven’t been on a date in ages and then we can’t get a bloody cab’ she blurted out. She just let on that she saw this as a date. ‘Fuck! Maybe he didn’t notice’ she thought more in hope than expectation.

‘Date?’ enquired Nathan. ‘May I just remind you with have the same surname’ and then they both proceeded to laugh.

‘Date, night out, catch up. Call it what you want. I haven’t had a reason to put on a slinky little dress and sexy heels in ages’ Elaine called down.

‘Date, slinky black dress, sexy heels? She does think this is a date. Nathan’s brain was swirling. He knew what Elaine did on dates. She had fucked at least one of his friends that he knew of. Rumour had it that there was at least another two but he didn’t know for sure. Maybe if he treated her like it was a date, she’d finish the night like he knew she’d done on many others.

Upstairs, Elaine was more than aware of the language that she had inadvertently used. ‘So what, you want him to fuck you. You have admitted that to yourself. He’s going to have to know at some point’. Her inner slut was 100% back and as she sat down to slip on her first boot she decided that not only was she going to fuck him, but that if he wanted to, he could use her over and over again and she wouldn’t feel the slightest pang of guilt or regret.

She stood up, having slipped on her knee high boots and stepped out of her bedroom door to take a look at herself in the full length mirror. Her hair was on point and she was more than happy with her make up. Next her eyes wandered lower to her sexy, slender neck and between her tits and even her eyes were drawn to the glimmering stones of her piercing. Eyes darting to either side of her piercings, Elaine saw that her nipples were hard and protruding. This she had expected and almost wanted but they weren’t just hard, they were so undeniably ready to be touched, that not only were her nipples jutting through the material of her dress, but her areola were engorged and hyper sensitive and the outline of those were clearly visible too. ‘He is bound to look at least’ she assured herself and carried on scanning lower. As she twirled from side to side she caught in her view, the next button down straining and the gaping that it caused in the garment revealed the pale skin of the 34dd’s it was struggling to conceal. ‘I can’t get changed now’ and carried on her assessment of herself. Lower to the waist and the belt that pulled her in, giving her the hips of a woman you would want to fuck. Lower she was disappointed at the amount of leg the dress showed. It sat at the middle of her thighs and without hesitation she bent down and undid the bottom button leaving only three remaining. ‘There, a bit of leg without being too obvious’ she said to herself and the clip clop of her 4″ stilettoed boots on the stairs caused Nathan to leave his day dreams and gentle rubbing of his cock. He had totally zoned out and was really working on himself through his trousers. The reason he had gone in to his perverse thoughts and wasn’t initially paying attention was because temptation had gotten the better of him. Whilst his aunt was getting dressed he had opened his emails and found the one that he had sent to himself containing the images that had caused them to drift apart for a short while. He had 23 in total. Not all of them were sent to him. Most of them he had saved when he went and found her on xhamster after working out she was there. His cock was causing an enormous bulge in his jeans and there was no way she wouldn’t notice. ‘Your drinks are in the kitchen.’ This diverted Elaine for long enough that he could stand and use the age old man trick of slipping his erect cock upwards and behind his belt line before heading out to join her. The first time he saw her dressed for the evening was when he turned the corner and saw from the feet up what can only be described as fuck me boots that gripped their soft leather to her slim calves, then on to the exposed skin of her thighs that he was so desperate to be in between. The dress wasn’t as short as some of them that he’d seen her wear but if she wasn’t careful when she bent over he was sure he’d get to see that arse again. All thoughts of her arse were banished from his mind, however, when his eyes reached her chest. She may as well have not had a top half of her dress for what he could see showing through the thin material. ‘Keep your eyes moving’ he reminded himself as he finally met her gaze. ‘You look amazing, I can see why you wanted to get dressed up. Shall we start with a jagger?’

‘A jagger? I was expecting a row of them ready and waiting to be slammed back.’ Once again, the inner slut was making sure Elaine reverted to being nicely pissed to make sure she got the cock inside her that she craved.

They slammed the shots and took a sip of their gin and lager respectively.

‘One more?’ Said Elaine, not even waiting for her nephew to answer and grabbing the bottle and pouring another round.

‘Go on then’ said Nathan. ‘what are we going to do about getting in to town?’ he continued.

‘No idea, but I do know that I need to eat. By the time these shots and this gin hit me, I’ll be anybody’s.’ This time the words that escaped her lips were no accident and were accompanied with a raised eyebrow that was obvious. Nathan’s cock had only just reached semi erect when his aunt’s obvious statement made him spring fully to life. Unfortunately for him his member was no longer tucked upwards and was now straining at the material of his jeans. Hoping Elaine hadn’t been paying attention he turned towards the kitchen side as if to grab his shot glass and passed Elaine hers. ‘Cheers’ they said, clinking glasses and keeping each others gaze. Back went the shots and turning his head back towards Elaine, for the first time he saw her tits causing the material to gape and his eyes stayed glued to the skin showing through the space between buttons. He wasn’t subtle and Elaine noticed immediately where his gaze sat. Already feeling the affects of the Jagger’s, she pushed her tits out, subtly she hoped, showing even more of her mounds beneath the thin material. ‘Lets just order a kebab and carry on having a drink here’ Elaine suggested. Then, from nowhere ‘KNICKERS’ blurted from her mouth.

‘Sorry?’ Nathan replied.

‘I actually forgot to put my thong on’ said Elaine blushing at both forgetting and that Nathan now knew that she was naked all except the flimsy black dress she was wearing.

‘For fucks sake. How am I supposed to forget certain things when you tell me stuff like that!?’ He couldn’t believe he just said that but it was greeted with a knowing smile from his aunt.

‘I imagine those pictures are burned in to your memory’ she said giggling and turned on her heels and walked to the bottom of the stairs. Turning to her nephew she said ‘I’ll have a chicken donner and cheesy chips’ and started to climb the steps. Following her out and standing at the bottom hoping to catch a glimpse up her dress as before, Nathan asked ‘Salad, sauce?’

”Always garlic mayo. Don’t you know your favourite aunty well enough to know that? Oh and Nathan’ she said turning her back to him, ‘See!?’ and with that she flipped the back of her dress up to flash her arse to her nephew confirming that she really had forgot to put her panties on.

‘You’re not the only one commando’ Nathan let out. ‘You know I haven’t worn pants except for work in years.’

‘I’m not sure why I know that but I do remember that yeah. Your dad doesn’t either I seem to remember.’ For the second time that day, Elaine caught herself having indirect thoughts of her brothers dick. ‘One perverted act at a time, Elaine, eh?’ she thought to herself , followed by ‘at a time? No, not at a time. You’re not going there with Mark!’ she snapped herself back to the present with an involuntary ‘Well, you can’t be the only one going commando can you? I’ll just have to sit like a lady’.

‘Pah, a lady. Who do you think you’re kidding? You’re forgetting I’ve seen the evidence saying otherwise.’ For the second time in short succession, Elaine was made aware that her slutty, revealing pictures were right at the thought of her nephews mind. With a shrug of her shoulders she started to make her way back down the stairs, the bottom button that was undone of her dress making a deliciously tempting split as her right leg went forward each time. Knowing what he knew, Nathan’s eyes never left her legs until she reached half way down the stairs to be replaced in his eye line by her tits straining at the buttons, daring him to touch them.

Nathan, turned his back and took out his phone, unlocking it with his thumb. What he’d forgotten was that he hadn’t closed the email attachment he’d been looking at and as his phone came to life, clear as day on the screen was his favourite picture of his aunt. Legs wide open, panties pulled to the side, inviting him to run his tongue alone her wet hole. Closing the email app urgently, he hoped that Elaine was either looking the other way or had her view blocked by his shoulder. From her point of view, Elaine saw everything and now knew for sure that the feeling was mutual and her nephew wanted to fuck her just as much as she wanted to know what his cock would feel like inside her.

‘Well that changes things’, Elaine thought. ‘Do I just ask him out right to fuck or do I still seduce him and make him think it was all spur of the moment? She was shaken from her thoughts by Nathan’s deep voice ordering the food delivery and sauntered past him back in to the kitchen where she reached up on her tip toes to grab wine glasses from the top shelf, fully knowing that her dress would rise up, barely covering the arse that she wanted Nathan to be seeing while he fucked her with abandon from behind. As Nathan finished the call, Elaine turned around to catch him staring at her legs, not knowing that by reaching up she had caused the third button down to slip open and as she turned round her full left breast was on show. Nathan couldn’t help but stare causing Elaine to notice her wardrobe malfunction and with a chuckle and absolutely no urgency placed the glasses on the kitchen work surface and redid her button, recovering her modesty at least partially.

‘Spoil sport’, Nathan commented with a new flirtiness in his tone.

‘Haven’t you seen those plenty enough?’ Elaine was enjoying this now. It had become a game to see who was going to admit they wanted the other first and she knew she was an expert at making men want her. She decided to really ramp up the tension and make him desperate to fuck her. She poured two glasses of white wine and went and sat at the dining table. She removed her stash box and pulled out a bag of sticky sweet cannabis and placed a bud in her grinder and proceeded to roll herself a joint.

‘Joining me?’ said Elaine, strolling in to the garden. Her fuck me heels still making that sexy clip clop as she walked and the height of the heel making her arse sway with each step

‘I can’t, we still get tested every now and again when we get back to barracks so I’ll stick to my beer thanks, Bo’

‘Fair enough’ she said, stepping outside. The cool, late spring air hit Elaine as she stepped out and if possible made her already hard nipples even more prominent and obvious.

‘Chilly?’ said Nathan. All pretence that he was looking at anything but her tits and covering up his intent to fuck her had now all but disappeared.

‘A gentleman would at least offer to keep me warm. My nipples could cut glass over here.’ Taking a step towards her, Nathan reached out his strong arm and wrapped it around his petite aunt’s shoulders, pulling her in a bit closer until their bodies were touching. Elaine reached round his waist in response, snuggling in until she could feel the warmth of his body. She took a deep breath in and felt a surge of sexual excitement as her body started to react to the pheromones of the horny 25 year old in her grasp. They stayed this way, in silent realisation that their relationship was going to change course over the next few hours, with Nathan trying desperately to keep control of his hardening cock that was no more than a few inches from brushing against his aunty if he turned the wrong way.

‘I’ve missed you being around, you know?’ Said Elaine and looked up and straight in to the eyes of her nephew in their most intimate moment yet. In her heels, Elaine’s 5’4 frame was a nice height next to Nathan’s 6ft and she put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him. Not a full, French kiss and there was certainly no tongues or roaming hands. But a kiss of closeness, on the lips, with closed eyes relaxing in to each other for more than a fleeting moment, with softening lips and way past the line of any physical contact they had had before now.

Breaking the kiss, Elaine opened the door to the house just in time to see the lights of the delivery car turn up with their dinner for the evening. Nathan took delivery of the food and swiped his card, returning to the kitchen where Elaine was getting plates and cutlery ready. Dinner went past with regular chat and the general catch up that the evening had been set up on the pretence of. Talk of their family and Nathan’s on/off girlfriends and fuck buddy’s and their nights out from the past almost drove thoughts of the taboo line that they both wanted to cross from their minds until after finishing the meal Nathan walked in to the kitchen to find Elaine bent over at the cupboard under the sink, retrieving dishwasher tablets. Her dress had ridden up and her arse was clearly on display, as her nephew approached it was clear to him that her pussy lips were also showing. Without thought or care, Nathan slapped his aunt’s arse in a playful way that passed yet another boundary. ‘And you were saying about us both having the same surname?’, Elaine commented, turning to him.

Nathan was feeling bold now. Reaching out he seemed to undo her third button down with the click of a finger, leaving his aunt’s dress clinging on for dear life with only her hard nipples preventing it opening fully. ‘As you said, nothing I haven’t seen before. Plus, it’s only looking’

‘Looking…if you say so’ said Elaine, pouring her next glass of wine. ‘Another beer?’ It looks like there’s at least one part of you that seems to want to do more than look’ she teased her nephew pointing at his crotch. ‘Impressive, by the way.’ Elaine made sure her hips and arse swayed in the way that she knew made men want to grab them and take her there and then as she made her way to the living room. She sat at the dining table as Nathan made himself comfortable on the sofa, openly arranging his dick inside his jeans so it was at least bearable to sit with. He watched his aunty as she sat cross legged at the table, rolling her second joint and once she had finished she set it to one side for later and turned to face her nephew. The motion of her turning and the way that she sat really did show everything her nephew could have asked to see. Her cross legged sitting position providing a sexy of view of her shapely thighs and also the most deliciously tempting but tiniest hint of pussy, peeking out in the shadow of her dress and almost obscured by her angle, but it was there and Nathan was happy to look hard to see it. Above the waist line, Elaine’s dress bunched as she sat, causing the material to loosen it’s grip from her solid nipples and expose both breasts fully. Their sheer size caught Nathan by surprise along with the perfect shaped nipples that he had admired so many times during dozens of wanks that he no longer felt guilty about.

‘So’, started Elaine. This had escalated a lot quicker than she’d expected at the start of the night and she hadn’t really thought she’d have to make the decision so early. ‘All of this seems a little unfair. You’ve seen all of me…many, many times I’m guessing. You can’t deny it, I saw my picture on your phone when you went to order dinner…but I haven’t seen any of you. Even now you’re looking at my tits. I think it might be time to even things up a little!’

‘What do you want me to do? Take my cock out now for you!?’ Nathan was joking when he threw that out there. He finished with a chuckle which was cut short by his aunty. Her eyes had changed and her breathing was quickened.

‘Pretty much.’ Elaine’s voice was different. Now full of intent she was going to get what her dreams had been filled with for months. ‘Lets be honest. You have been wanking over me for nearly two years nit and if I’m honest, I’ve been doing the same. You probably know every inch of my pussy from the amount of times you have cum while looking at it. And yet me, every time I have cum imagining you fucking me has had to be a guess at what the cock using me looks like. If you don’t want to take it out, you could always bring it over her and I’ll take a look for myself.’ With that, Elaine uncrossed her legs, placing both feet flat on the floor, smoothing her dress down making herself look almost conservative. She did up the lowest of the open buttons, followed by the next one up. Leaving nothing on show, other than the hard nipples that still poked through her dress material for all they were worth

‘No more until we have evened things up.’

‘You’re serious aren’t you? I was just enjoying getting something new in my wank bank and now you want me to stand in front of you while you take my cock out for me?’

‘Only of you’re too shy to take it out and show it to your favourite aunty’, Elaine teased him.

Nathan wasn’t used to being teased about being shy. He was a squaddie, one of the lads and a man’s man and he didn’t really enjoy ring ribbed about being shy sexually. He stood and took the three short strides across the room until he stood directly in front of his aunt. His cock desperate to be released from his jeans and even more desperate to be in the hands of his aunt. Elaine shuffled forward to the edge of her seat, spreading her legs wide, hitching her dress up to just below the point where her pussy would have been clearly on view and reached around and pulled her nephew in closer between her legs, her face level with what appeared to be a bigger than average dick. The outline it caused in the denim showed his member clearly and even better showed thati it ended with a large bulbous helmet. The type that she loved brushing against her g-spot while she was on top. She reached out with her right hand, undoing the belt, looking up from the top of her eyes, waiting for her nephew to stop her, the message she sent was one of submission as she looked with puppy dog eyes, desperate for the treat that was about to come her way. Elaine reached out with the other hand and undid the top button of his jeans, then the next until she could start to see his trimmed pubic hair, then the next and for the first time, the very base of her nephews cock came in to view. Impressive as she had thought from the outline in his jeans, but way thicker than she had first imagined. Elaine enjoyed a long cock, what girl doesn’t, but what she really enjoyed was girth. She got off hardest when she was stretched. She popped the next button and then the last. Still his cock didn’t come free. Still straining to get to stand exactly where it wanted to but held down by his jeans, Elaine took hold of the material, looked up in to Nathan’s eyes one last time and opened his flied fully, his cock springing free and across Elaine’s line of vision and barley missing her face. Standing there as bold as brass and with the confidence of a squaddie, he knew that his cock was an impressive sight. He’d been told enough by plenty of his conquests.

‘There, happy?’ Nathan asked, but Elaine wanted more. Her inner slut was demanding it.

‘Not really. You’ve seen me fucking myself with a dildo, you’ve seen what my face looks like when I’m cumming, you have even seen how much I cum, haven’t you? Like I said, I want to even things up! I want to see all those things too. Wank for aunty Bo, Nathan.’ With that she moved her face just a few inches forward and planted a gentle kiss on the underside of his cock, letting her tongue flick delicately on his cock as she moved away.

‘You’re even more slutty than I thought,’ Nathan said, taking hold of his cock in his right hand. With his left he reached down and undid the dress buttons that Elaine had done up in protest. First her cleavage came in to view and then as he undid the next one with urgency both juicy tits popped out and his now free hand grasping with the desperation he’d been feeling for so long. ‘Fuck, this might not take long’, he warned his aunt. She barely registered as her eyes stayed transfixed on Nathan working his enormous member directly in front of her eyes. The urgent grasps of her nephews hands on her tits and the way he concentrated on her sensitive nipples was sending waves right through her body and directly to her clit. Involuntary moans left Elaine’s mouth and her hands reached to the hem of her dress, pulling it up higher finally exposing her cunt fully. It was already wide open and as Elaine reached her ready and waiting hole with one hand, rushing straight in with three fingers, fucking herself hard and fast with no thought of building up slowly. Her free hand went to her clit and parting her legs wider rubbed her fully exposed button, her moans growing louder and louder as she lost herself in the view of pre-cum forming around the fist sized bell-end of her nephews member. Within seconds of her first sliding three fingers inside herself, Elaine was cumming and she knew it was going to be strong.

‘That’s it, Nathan, watch me cum. Wank your cock right in front of me. How many times have you used my pictures Nathan? Mmm, tell me how many times you’ve used me!’

‘I don’t know. Most nights for about six months when I could. I’ve even thought of fucking you when I’ve been fucking Demi,’ he admitted. Demi was Nathan’s girlfriend. She was away on a girls trip when Nathan got back from his tour so he had a couple of days to kill before she was back. He was starting to hope most of it would be spent fucking Elaine.

‘Won’t she be expecting a full load for herself when she gets home?’ Elaine enquired. ‘Not that I care, I want that cum all over me while I fuck myself…oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Fuck this is going to be strong, yes. Fuck me, yes, fuck, fuck!’

Nathan had stopped wanking. He was totally engrossed by the sight of his Aunty Bo fucking herself in to a frenzy directly in front of him. Somebody he knew for as long as he could remember, playing with her as a young child, sneaking peeks of her as a horny late teen and now finally, this. Her rubbing her clit so fast and so hard that her hand was a blur, her wet pussy making the most delicious noise as her fingers plunged in and out. And then it happened… removing the fingers inside her and somehow increasing the pace of the fingers on her clit, Elaine exploded. ‘Fuck, yes, yes!!’ Her whole body shook, her legs uncontrollably, and a tidal wave of sex juice left her as she gushed and cum over and over again, soaking the floor below her and also Nathan’s jeans.

‘Keep going’ she told him. ‘One of my filthy dreams was squirting over you while you came all over me. Cum for me, Nathan.’

On shaky legs, Elaine stood up, slowly making her way to the sofa, untying the belt of her dress and pulling the remaining buttons undone and opening her dress. Now wearing nothing but her knee high, fuck me boots, she laid back and went back to work on her pussy, this time only working her clit, more slowly and deliberately than before as her eyes stayed glued on Nathan’s cock. Her moans were quieter now but took on a new level of filthiness and even she didn’t recognise some of the noises she was making. Removing his jeans and making his way across to where Elaine laid naked, presenting herself to him he restarted wanking, matching Elaine’s slow and deliberate pace.

‘You can’t fuck me, just wank over me. I’m not ready to cross that line yet’ said Elaine between grunts. ‘Get between my legs and watch me cum. Wank over me while I fuck myself and imagine your dick inside me.’

Not needing a second invitation, Nathan moved between her thighs and took his cock in his hand and began pumping no more than 2 inches from her opening and on a few occasions, Elaine jumped with ecstasy and let out new levels of groans as Nathan bumped the edge of his fist against her wet hole during his wanking motion. Knowing the tip of his cock was so close to her pussy was too much for Elaine to hold back. As before, one hand started to pound her willing cunt while she rubbed mercilessly at her engorged clit. Moments later she once again removed the fingers she’d had been fucking herself with and sent forth another wave of cum, coating Nathan from thigh to waist including his cock and the fist pumping it. Losing control of her body, slutty aunt Elaine thrust her hips up and forward, and for the first time made direct contact with her nephews cock. She came hard once more, her hole gaping and opening wide as if to beg for cock. One further thrust and she was now welcoming the end of Nathan’s cock just between her parted lips.

‘I’m gonna cum’, Nathan got out through groans and pants of his own. The sight of his cock within the inside region of Elaine’s pussy was too deviant a sight to not let go. As her own orgasm subsided Elaine’s open pussy closed a little around her nephews cock, enveloping his helmet as he was on the back stroke of his action. It was at this moment he cum. The first time he’d cum after female contact for 9 months and it was a full load. He released his hold on his cock and took Elaine by the hips and couldn’t resist the thrust that moments like that deserve. Burying his full 11 inches inside her, he let out a guttural groan. Elaine wasn’t expecting her pussy to be invaded at that moment and she let out a scream of both surprise and ecstasy. Her legs latching around Nathan’s waist and pulling him in tight as he emptied his balls inside her. She felt wave after wave fill her and her whole pussy gripped the enormous cock inside her, milking it as she cum over and over again herself.

As their breaths grew less frantic and the after shock of such strong orgasms subsided, neither the slutty aunt nor deviant nephew knew quite what the nest step should be.

”I wasn’t expecting quite that,’ Elaine smirked. ‘I was kind of hoping I’d get to see all that cum covering my body. But it is only 9.30’ she continued with the same cheekiness.

‘You really are filth. Chris won’t believe this’, Nathan said.


‘Yeah you know, he was the fella next to me when those pictures came through. I told you, he fancied you like fuck. Begged me to send him the pictures’, came Nathan’s reply.

‘And did you?’ Elaine asked. She already knew the answer but it was good to know she hadn’t been the only one lusting over her family for all this time

‘Yeah, of course. He hadn’t been near a woman in months either. Couldn’t leave a fellow squaddie gagging like that.’ He replied. His manner was now of somebody relaxed and confident in what was going on. They were both enjoying the moment now and the sexual chat and the fact that Elaine was sat with her tits exposed, next to her nephew who was naked from the waist down, his cock now softening but looking no less appealing to his depraved aunt, said all that needed to be said about how their relationship had changed forever.

‘I’m going to get out of these boots and put my dress in the wash. They served their purpose.’ Elaine said, for the first time confirming to her surprised nephew that he was going to get to fuck her all along.

‘Fucking crazy’ Nathan muttered to himself. But he was in. He wanted more of this and hoped he was going to get more over the weekend. In fact he was going to make sure he did.

Elaine didn’t bother closing the door as she went inside. Really what was the point she said to herself. She sat on the bed and reached down to her sensitive pussy, for the first time sliding her fingers inside her used hole and scooping out a huge load of cum on her fingers. As she went to rub it in to her nipples, she was over come with the desire to taste it and her finger went instinctively to her mouth, dropping the huge ball of cum on to her tongue. She loved the taste of cum anyway, but the familiarity of it and the instant recollection of Nathan’s groans as he emptied it inside her made her ready to go again. She just hoped her nephew was up for more as much as she was.

Elaine removed her boots and went to put on something more comfortable. She weighed up the options, she wanted to be able to curl up, get close to Nathan, feel her body against his but she didn’t want to put on a plain vest and shorts. After discarding a few, Elaine went for a white lace bralette that covered nothing with the sheerness of the material and matching French knickers. She walked down in to the living room to find Nathan had somehow made his way past her in to the room he had left his bags in without her noticing. Elaine was wondering if he’d seen her tasting his cum from her fingers when she heard a buzz. Nathan’s phone lit up and she saw a message on the alert screen from Chris simply saying ‘Bullshit!’

‘Fucking typical, he only emptied his balls 20 mins ago and already his mate knows. I can’t let him look like a liar though,’ Elaine thought. She didn’t actually know what that thought meant but once again, Elaine the slut, the deviant whore, was taking control and what ever happened next would be her fault. ‘Inner slut Elaine, alcohol and weed’ she laughed to herself. ‘Definitely not sane Elaine’s fault ‘

She grabbed the joint that she had rolled earlier before the incestuous madness that followed and stepped outside again. Her thoughts were so preoccupied that she didn’t notice the breeze this time and happily sat, half satisfied, have full of raw desire to be fucked more and enjoyed her smoke. Feeling the wave of the weed come over her as she pondered the wet patch in her panties and that it had come from her nephews cock she wondered what would happen for the rest of the evening. ‘Do I snuggle up and be all couple-ey with him? Do I sit and be a slut in front of him some more? What the fuck do I do now?’ She wasn’t stressed so much but took her time finishing her joint, giving herself a bit of space before whatever happened next.

She took a deep breath and stood up, opening the door in to the house to find Nathan sat on the sofa with a beer, texting on his phone. He had changed in to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that clung to his muscular frame. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by his aunt who’s thoughts had already become filthy again.

‘I see Chris didn’t believe you then…’ Elaine trailed off and enjoyed watching Nathan squirm over the fact that she knew he’d told his pal. She also wanted to let him know that he couldn’t take liberties. She would go along with this one and help him prove to his mate that he wasn’t a liar but he couldn’t just shout his mouth off. They both had too much to lose.

‘Yeah sorry. I won’t tell anyone else and I’ll make sure he doesn’t. Not that he believes me but just in case.’ he assured his aunt.

‘Good. Look, we don’t know who sent those pics and exactly who knows what. We can’t tell anyone in case it gets back to your dad, or the army even. I’m sure that they won’t look kindly on incest.’ Once again Elaine’s mind went to her brother. He’d be angry as fuck if he knew what she’d just allowed to happen…’maybe he’d even spank me’ sprung to the very front of her mind. ‘for fuck sake, there’s a willing cock 4 feet away, concentrate on that’ she chastised herself.

With that she sat at the opposite end of the sofa from her nephew, who was still apparently semi hard from the view Elaine had of the outline of his cock in his shorts. ‘So,’ Elaine started, ‘let’s get it out there and said – what pictures did you see of me exactly? I know you saved them, I saw over your shoulder earlier, and you described a few of them, but let me see exactly what you’ve seen of me.’ Elaine reached out and took Nathan’s phone that he opened up and showed her exactly what he had wanked over so many times. Elaine scrolled to the top of the email that Nathan had open and took in exactly what her nephew had been looking at. Instinctively Nathan had began stroking his cock through his shorts. He couldn’t help himself. Sat no more than 4 feet from him was his Aunty Bo with his cum causing a huge wet patch in her panties and her tits on show to him…and she was looking through her own slutty photos on his phone. He wanted to cum again at the very idea if it all.

‘Come and sit next to me and look at them with me. You can tell me exactly what you think of them.’ Elaine patted the seat next to her. Nathan shuffled over so their legs touched. Slowly he reached his hand out and placed it on her thigh. Despite the fact that he had already filled her with his fertile spunk, it dawned on him that he’d actually barely touched his aunt yet. Upon feeling his hand on her leg, Elaine parted her thighs a little, giving her nephew the access he needed to stroke up and down, creeping closer and closer to her dripping cunt.

As hard as it was to concentrate with her nephews manly hands running up and down her thigh, Elaine drew her and Nathan’s attention back to the images of her on his phone. The first one showed her with a plain white background, deep throating a dildo that she had long since worn out. You could tell that she was jamming it down her throat enough to make her gag from the way her neck muscles were tensed.

‘Did you cum to this one much?’ Elaine asked, reaching down with her free hand and moving Nathans out of the way, taking over rubbing up and down his cock through his shorts.

‘I normally scroll through them so I sort of start wanking to this one. Get myself nice and hard imagining you sucking my cock like that.’ He was trying to keep his eyes on the screen but he kept letting his head fall back and close his eyes from the sensation of his aunties nails that she was now running along his shaft through the material and Elaine could see the start of a wet patch from all the pre-cum her nephew was leaking. Next was a picture of her against a wall in her bedroom, one leg raised on the end of her bed and with the tip of the dildo she had been sucking in the first picture entering her waiting pussy. She was topless and her sexy tits naturally swayed downwards as she bent a little to get the right angle of insertion. From the look on her face in the picture, the dildo was more than hitting the spot.

‘I came to that one the first time I saw it. Literally seconds’ said Nathan opening his eyes.

‘Oh did you now?’ she reached inside Nathan’s shorts and continued her slow gentle motion, using the pool of pre-cum to lubricate her hand as she tormented his shaft. Up and down, sometimes gentle scraping her nails, others with a firmer grip, but mostly barley touching him at all, each trip up and down rewarded with more and more fluid as she reached the tip. ‘And what about this one? She had barely looked at the screen herself as she asked the question, keeping her eyes glued on Nathan’s face as he grew hornier and more frustrated with her attention on his cock. She turned her head and was greeted with a picture of herself, not dressed sexily but with her every day clothes pulled down to reveal her standing with her back to camera, no panties on and an invitation written on her back to ‘FUCK HERE’ and an arrow pointing directly to her grabable arse. She didn’t know about this one and caused her to snap in to a moment if reality. Normally she kept that for boyfriends and partners but this made it look like everyone got to take her in the arse. She decided to try to distract him in the hope they would move on to the next picture quickly. She parted Nathan’s legs and dropped to her knees between them. ‘I’m not sure this would fit, Sweets.’ To distract him further she began to place delicate little kisses on his balls, occasionally letting her tongue dart out and sending shocks through Nathan’s body that were almost enough to make him explode on their own. For the first time Elaine got to really examine and admire the impressive cock in front of her. The first time she was face to face with it she was lost in a whirl of her own orgasms and watching her nephew jerking his dick in front of her and didn’t really pay much attention to his member itself. She knew it was a bit cock – she felt it reshape her insides when he forced it inside her earlier as he came. But now she could really take it all in. From the angle she was at, looking directly up the base of his shaft that she had lifted up to plant the kisses on his balls, Nathan’s cock looked not just big but bigger than all but one of her dildos big. And she had some challenging toys. This was going to be fun. Letting her eyes lower, she could see thick veins that she didn’t make the most of earlier. She wanted all of this inside her while lowered herself on to the full length, enjoying all of the throbbing contours. She reached his smooth, freshly shaven balls that were already swelling again from the attention she’d been paying to her nephews loins. Elaine tightened her grip on his cock and slowly lowered it toward herself, taking in the rest of her pleasure stick for the night.

”What’s next?’ said Elaine with a breathiness that was giving away her own desire to get on with fucking. The motion of straightening Nathan’s member to carry on her assessment and admiration caused it to draw closer and closer to her face. Her hands coating themselves with pre-cum as her right hand went from gentle strokes to a slow hand-job. Nathan had taken the phone from his aunty to allow her to make better use of her hands and was greeted with a picture of her sucking an ex boyfriends cock.

‘Get one of your own…maybe that will convince Chris!’ That last statement had come from nowhere. ‘What the fuck did I just do?’ she said, kneeling up higher between Nathan’s muscular legs. She placed an elbow on each thigh, tying her hair back and throwing it over her shoulder to keep it out if the way. Then taking Nathan’s cock in her hand, holding it about 45 degrees from his body. She opened her mouth wide, pushing her tongue out and placing the underside of Nathan’s helmet against it. She pouted her lips and started to slowly work her hand half way up his shaft. Nathan hadn’t needed to be asked twice and had quickly opened his camera on his phone. From his angle it looked like Elaine was in the middle of giving him the most inappropriate but sensual blow job he had ever had.

‘Show me.’ Said Elaine, not moving her head at all but slowly caressing his member with her hand. Fluid flowed from the end of his cock and was already streaming from the side of Elaine’s tongue and she could start to taste it and enjoyed it even more straight from the source than when she had scooped it out of her used pussy earlier

‘Send him that. Can’t have him thinking you’re full of shit can we?’ she said to Nathan. Pulling her face away, a stream of Nathan’s creamy cum came with her tongue, stretching until it dropped on to her chin. Scooping it in to her mouth and about to move away, she was stopped by Nathan’s hand in her hair.

‘No way. You can’t stop there’ he complained, his voice a mixture of forcefulness and playful desperation.

‘I said you could get your own photo, not that I was going to suck your cock. Is that what you want though? Do you want aunty Bo to suck your cock?’

Nathan didn’t say anything. He slowly took his aunt’s hair in a gentle fist and guided her to his cock.

‘Suck my cock. I’ve been wanting you to suck my cock for fucking ages and now you’re on your knees, there is no way I’m not getting it’. He didn’t want to go too far with how much choice he was giving her at that stage, but he was serious. He wanted his aunt’s lips around his cock and to see her face in person when she gagged as he filled her throat with his dick. Her face inched closer and closer and she took her grip tilting Nathan’s cock a little further down and kneeling back up high, looking straight down the shaft, she looked out the top of her eyes and in to Nathan’s.

‘You want to see your cock disappear in to my mouth do you? See how deep I can take you?’ She asked, not giving a fuck what the answer was. Nathan’s grip grew tighter in her hair and he thrust his hips upwards impatiently. Barely parting her lips, she allowed the very tip to enter between them, relaxing her mouth and slowly letting more and more of his helmet push it’s way in as he lowered her head on to his lap. Elaine wasn’t resisting being dominated a little and Nathan’s confidence grew as he instructed her further.

‘I want to see you gag like in the picture. That’s it, take more.’ Came the firm guidance to slutty aunt Elaine. Nathan wasn’t going to be able to take too much more and the filthy slut on her knees in front of him knew it. She had sucked enough cocks to know what the twitchy legs and tightening of balls she was currently experiencing in front of her meant and gently took him out of her mouth.

‘Oh you will. I want you to cum while you’re deep in my throat.’ She gargled at him through a mouth full of saliva and pre-cum.

Elaine was enjoying seeing her nephew squirm and desperately try to keep from cumming, but she didn’t want it to end yet. She loved getting herself lost in wet, sloppy blowjobs that drive the recipient wild and she felt particularly inclined to spend more time and attention than normal on the impressive cock in front of her. Dragging the tip of her tongue down the base of Nathan’s cock, Elaine reached his swollen balls that were aching to release at a moment’s notice and let her tongue roam across every inch of them. Taking first one, then the other entirely in her mouth, interchanging between harder sucks that took Nathan’s breath away, to long strokes of her wet tongue that made his head fall backwards in pure bliss

The sight of any man in front of her reacting this way to her attentions would have been a turn on, but the fact that it was Nathan, her nephew barely able to keep himself together in front of her drove her wild and she began to lose herself in the moment, her inner slut making her way right to the surface once again and demanding to be heard. ‘Get your camera out again, now you can get your own picture of me gagging’, Elaine said with lust in her voice. Nathan picked up his phone that was sat next to him on the sofa and began to take pictures as his aunt inched his aching cock in to her mouth, testing how deep she would be able to take it in her mouth and also how long she would be able to keep her mouth that wide open before her jaw ached. The fading light meant that the automatic flash went as Nathan started to click away as he watched his dick disappear, bit by bit, in to Elaine’s eager mouth. Reaching the back of her throat for the first time, the slutty aunt gave her first gag as she pulled her head backwards, still working her nephews shaft which was now covered in drool left behind when Elaine pulled up. Looking at her hand, she realised that her grip didn’t quite reach the whole way around the impressive shaft in front of her and brought her other one up to assist. Placing her mouth back over the tip of Nathan’s cock, Elaine became aware that the intermittent flashes of her nephews phone that had been going off as he took his own slutty photos of her had been replaced by a steady stream of light from his phone, illuminating her face and making the wet cock that she was working on glisten and realised that she was now being filmed.

Now inner slut Elaine was truly in her element and revelled in her starring role.

‘Oh, you want more than pictures do you? You want to film Aunty Bo gagging on your huge cock?’ And with that she dropped her head on to the waiting cock in front of her, both hands using her drool to lubricate the inpatient hand-job that was accompanying her mouth working up and down, pushing the boundaries of her gag reflex, desperate to work as much of her nephews cock in to her throat as she could stand. Elaine worked on Nathan’s cock until she needed a break to catch her breath and wipe the tears that had formed in her eyes that the gagging had caused, her mascara running a little, adding to her slutty appearance even more. Looking directly at the camera she continued to egg her nephew on with her filthy words.

‘That’s it, make me gag. Maybe Chris will believe you when he sees a video of me sucking your cock like a good whore. Fuck my throat, Nathan, mmm. Use my mouth’. Once again, Elaine had called her nephew out on the fact that she knew he was videoing her but again she realised in herself that he still hadn’t found the boundary with her nephew and wondered just what that would be.

Holding his phone steady with his left hand, Nathan took his aunt’s hair in a firm first and held her head in place as he slowly started to push his hips forward and his cock in to the willing, open mouth now at his disposal. From the angle he was at and despite it being almost at Elaine’s limit, Nathan couldn’t quite get as much of his cock in to his aunt’s mouth as he wanted to. He wanted to really feel her neck muscles tighten as his cock invaded her throat and pulled Elaine’s head away from his lap. Keeping the camera focused on Elaine’s face, Nathan shuffled forwards on the sofa and then stood up, looking directly down at his aunt who was clearly desperate for the cock in front of her to be back in her mouth.

‘Mmm, no, give me your cock again. Fuck my mouth. Use me, Nathan.’ Elaine was totally submissive at this moment and her voice totally gave her away as she begged for more cock.

‘Put your hands behind your back and kneel up like a good slut then. Let me see how much of a slut my aunt really is and what I have been missing out on all these years.’ Nathan demanded. He was pretty sure that the slutty aunt on her knees in front of him was submitting to him and if she did what she was told to here, he knew that he would be able to really take control. Without thought or hesitation, Elaine followed her nephews command and sat up a little higher, opening her mouth and once again looking up with her soulful brown eyes at Nathan, the mascara having now dried on her face in the time it had taken to adjust position. He zoomed in on his aunt’s desperate face as he placed his hand behind her head and with no delicacy what so ever, pushed his cock as far in to her throat as he could and held her there with maybe three quarters of his eleven inches buried in her slutty mouth, drool pouring from her lips as she began to need to breath. Elaine brought her hands round to the front, placing them on Nathan’s muscular thighs and tried to push back to allow her to take a breath. Still focusing on his aunt’s face with his camera, the horny young nephew held her head firmly in place for another couple of seconds before he pulled her head backwards with her tied back hair.

‘I’ll decide when I take my cock out of my slut aunt’s mouth,’ Nathan instructed to the whore on her knees in front of him. Painting for air, the odd cough coming from her as her throat readjusted, more filth flowed from Elaine’s mouth.

”Oh yes, choke me with it. I’ll be good and keep my hands behind my back.’ Said Elaine, obeying like a true submissive slut.

‘Look up at me,’ commanded Nathan. ‘Look directly at the camera and do as I tell you and let’s really show Chris just how naughty my aunty Bo is.’

With her nephews member covered in her drool and now half way back in to her mouth, Elaine looked, up through the top of her eyes and nodded accordingly. Not only was Nathan pushing his cock in to Elaine’s mouth but he had began to use the grip he had on her hair to move her head backwards and forwards, quicker and quicker as he got impatient to release what he knew would be another full load in to her. Each time his engorged helmet made contact with Elaine’s throat a new gargling noise appeared from her mouth, promptly followed by more and more saliva, covering the intruding cock and covering her chin and beginning to run down her neck. Nathan grew closer and closer to orgasm and continued to take advantage of Elaine’s submission and used her mouth mercilessly until he was on the brink of eruption.

‘Finish me off, Bo. Show me how desperate you are to taste my cum’

Now knowing her nephews cock was a two handed job, Elaine brought both hands round from behind her back and began working them up and down his shaft with the same urgency as Nathan had moved her head backwards and forwards.

‘Oh, I’m desperate,’ Elaine assured him ‘Cum for aunty Bo, Nathan.’

In a brief role reversal, Nathan did just as his aunty instructed and began to erupt. On seeing his first thrust forward Elaine just about covered the end of Nathan’s cock with her mouth as the first wave of cum arrived. The force of the explosion caused the cum to hit the back of her throat and before she could adjust, another hit, causing gargles and coughs and cum to slide from around the side of Nathan’s cock, dropping on to Elaine’s thighs and floor around her. Steadying himself and making sure he caught the moment clearly on camera, Nathan pushed his cock a little deeper in to Elaine’s mouth as he spasmed once more and another wave of jism left his enormous cock and he knew he was as deep as he could get and held his aunt firmly in place as he finished emptying his balls in to her willing mouth. Swallowing as quickly as she could, Elaine still couldn’t keep up with the amount of cum pouring in to her mouth. She needed to breath but trusted now that her nephew would let her up soon and let herself just be used to empty his balls in to. Another few seconds passed and Nathan released his grip on his aunty’s hair and she instinctively pulled away and up, gasping for breath. She sat back and gave a little cough, bringing up a bit of cum, landing on her lacy bralette, causing it to go even more transparent.

Nathan hit the red button on his phone which stopped the recording and put his phone down.

‘You ok?’ he enquired. He really did get lost in the moment and knew his aunty well enough that if she wanted something to stop, she would say so, but still, he had just fucked her face pretty hard. The way he would normally do to a one night stand or a prostitute while he was away on tour with the army. But this was his aunty Bo so he really did want to make sure she was ok.

‘Fuck yeah,’ Elaine assured him. ‘That was almost exactly what I’d had dreams about. Not that I had imagined your cock as quite that big and that I wouldn’t be able to breath, but close enough.’ She laughed. ‘I’m going to go and get myself tidied up…again…hot tub?’ she asked as she stood up.

‘Yeah go on then.’ Nathan replied as Elaine got to her feet and walked across to the wall switch near the TV that turned the heating unit up on the hot tub outside. Bending over the crotch of her underwear was on show and was now so wet and see through from the load Nathan had left inside her and now how much her cunt had self lubricated as she worked on her nephews cock that Elaine’s pussy was undeniably visible through her panties.

Adjusting his cock, which had stuck itself to his leg with a combination of Elaine’s saliva and some of his cum that had been coughed up when his aunty gagged for breath, Nathan also stood and followed as Elaine walked from the living room, turning to head upstairs as she regained a normal breathing pattern. Reaching the top, Elaine walked forwards to her room and Nathan headed to his. He removed his sweat stained t-shirt and stood there rubbing himself as he rerun the last half an hour in his head.

‘No point in a bikini’ thought Elaine, removing the pretty lace lounge wear that now looked liked she had worn it to a bukkake party. She finished wiping the remnants of Nathan’s seed from her chest and wrapped a towel around herself and grabbing a second towel headed to the room next door to find herself impressed that her nephews cock was hardening once more as he sat on the edge of his bed, eyes closed, clearly reliving what had happened since his arrival at his aunt’s house that evening.

‘Don’t waste it, Sweets.’ Said Elaine, breaking Nathan from the erotic rerun going on in his mind’s eye. ‘Come on, let’s jump in the hot tub,’ and with that she threw her nephew a towel, and opened hers playfully, jiggling her tits. ‘There are still loads of places that you need to cum’. Wrapping his own towel around his waist, Nathan followed his aunt down stairs and in to the garden, only dropping their towels as they finished rinsing their feet in the foot bath and were hidden from the prying eye of Elaine’s neighbours by the canopy normally used to shield Elaine from the mid day sun. Elaine stepped in first and as she lifted her left leg over the edge of the tub, Nathan got the briefest of glimpses of her arse hole.

‘Mmmmm, I might just have to fuck that like that picture asks,’ Nathan thought deviantly and his aunty lifted her other leg, giving the same view again. Elaine bent over to switch on the spa function of the hot tub that drove her to horniness at the best of times, let alone in this situation, and sat down, immediately feeling the benefit of one of the air jets passing between her pussy lips and over her clit. The moment she sat down and turned her head, Elaine was once again greeted by her nephews enormous member, again rock solid and ready to fuck, directly in her face as he manoeuvred past her and took a seat alongside.

Elaine placed her head back on the inflatable pillow behind her causing her back to arch and breasts to raise to the surface of the water, froth and foam forming around them as the hot tub bubbled away. Somehow in the water they looked even bigger and Nathan was glued to the sight of his aunt’s tits.

‘Just like your dad,’ Elaine said playfully, noticing where Nathan’s eyes were stuck. ‘He’s a boob man as well.’

‘Talking of Dad,’ replied Nathan, his eyes finally leaving the floating mounds of pleasure at the surface of the water. ‘His birthday do in a few weeks is going to be a lot more fun now.’

‘Oh shit, I’d forgotten all about that. We will have to behave that night. Is Demi coming? She said, sitting up, momentarily becoming aware of the gravity of having just fucked her big brother’s son.

”No way. If I’m around you, then I want to be able to get my hands on whatever part of you I fancy. We will just have to make sure nobody sees or hears us.’ Nathan corrected his aunt. He had seen how she submitted earlier and wanted to indulge in that a little more. ‘I don’t think Dad would be that surprised though. I had to tell him when your pictures were put on Xhamster because you were in such a bad place. I know he looked them up and reported them because he asked me which ones I had been sent.’

This piece of news shook Elaine a little. She knew her brother knew about the pictures online, and she knew that Nathan told him he had been sent them. What she hadn’t known up until that point was that her big brother had purposely sought out her naked photos and if, as he had told Nathan, he had reported them all, he had even seen close ups of her cunt dribbling cum.

”He must think I’m a right slut,’ Elaine replied to her nephew, feeling his hand rest on her leg, restarting the levels of contact that were so taboo that they made her pussy twitch with excitement.

‘And he’d be wrong would he? You’re not exactly prudish are you?’ He teased her, running his hand up her thigh and cupping her crotch, allowing a finger to briefly dip in to his aunt’s waiting hole.

‘And you’re complaining, are you?’ Within seconds of her pussy being held, Elaine was ready to go again. Try as she might, the thought of her brother scrolling through her pictures and seeing her pussy full of a dildo while she worked on her clit with her wand, wouldn’t leave her mind. And she found that despite her hoping it would embarrass her and that she would hate the idea of Mark jerking his cock to her, she actually saw the day dream through to it’s conclusion, imagining his face as he erupted and calling her name, only being broken from her thoughts by Nathan’s finger sliding over her sensitive clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

‘Not even a bit,’ Nathan responded, taking his free hand and turning Elaine’s head towards him, pushing one, then two fingers between her lips and fully inside her. He moved in to her long slender neck, gently nibbling and sucking and continuing to move his fingers inside her.

‘Oh, god. Ssshhh. The neighbours windows are open.’ Elaine said in heavy whispers as she grew breathless and hornier. Despite her verbal resistance, her body complied like a good slut aunt for her favourite nephew, raising her hips so he had better access to work his fingers into her.

‘Me ssshhh? You’re the one that makes more noise than anybody I’ve ever fucked. It’s you that needs to bite your lip while I make you cum.’

”Fuck, yes, I’ll be good. I’ll stay quiet. Make me cum. Please Nathan.’ Came the desperate response.

It was like she hadn’t had an orgasm in months thought Nathan, upping the intensity of his fingers. In and out, faster and faster, the water of the hot tub making give away splashes. Elaine’s mouth was wide open now and she was barely breathing, trying to hold in the animalistic groans that she actually wanted to release.

‘Urgh, fuck, yes’ Elaine let go, her words louder than she’d hoped and if her neighbour was in her room, would definitely have alerted her to what was going on. Thrusting her hips even further upwards, her pussy muscles clenched around her nephews fingers, all but preventing him from further fucking her with them. Lust took over the slutty aunt and she sat up, pushing her nephew backwards so he was sat with his back firmly against the wall of the hot tub with the top of his manly chest and broad shoulders on view. Turning herself to face him, Elaine lifted her left leg across, straddling Nathan’s thighs, his cock occasionally bobbing against her lower stomach. The fact that it went as far as her belly button and a little beyond, even in that position, didn’t escape Elaine’s notice and excitement and desire to feel stretched was joined by a little apprehension. Earlier had certainly left her insides tender and he had only been there for a moment of minutes. ‘If he fucks me like I think he might, I don’t know how I am going to walk tomorrow,’ thought Elaine. But right at that moment, she didn’t care if she had to spend all of tomorrow sitting on ice packs, she wanted to ride her nephew and raised herself up accordingly, holding his throbbing cock upright, slowly lowering herself until she felt the tip part her already tender lips.

Elaine’s jaw dropped as she looked in to her nephews eyes. The size of his helmet was really stretching her. She sat up again, adjusting her angle. This time she tilted the challenging member further towards her and sat back, taking the cock with more ease. In her new position, Elaine’s body cast more of a shadow on Nathan’s face and as she looked down, she couldn’t help but recognise Mark, her brother, in his features. Her nephew was so similar to his Dad that, with the change of lighting, it could almost have been him sat there. Sitting back forcefully, Elaine allowed her mind to wander from one real life taboo moment to a realm of fantasy that she hadn’t entered to this point. Staring her nephew deep in the eye but imagining his father, she let his cock enter her until she felt her cervix complain from the pressure. As she raised herself up to begin riding her nephew properly, Elaine’s mind was still imagining her big brother’s cock inside her thinking of the the protruding veins on the cock filling her as his, until the moment her motion brought her g-spot inline with the ridge of Nathan’s helmet. Dragging the raised edge of his belle end across the most sensitive area of her insides was too much to handle and she stood up involuntarily with the electric waves running through her, her hand instinctively moving to rub her clit as fast as she could, stream after stream of cum erupting from her as she squirted all over her nephews face. Bending at the waist, Elaine placed one hand on the ridged wall of the hot tub next to Nathan’s head and with the other reached behind his head and pulled him in closer to her still squirting pussy. The horny nephew put both hand through his aunt’s parted legs, grabbing her tensed arse, pulling her tighter to his face until his tongue made contact with her pussy. Nathan could tell exactly what sort of pace was required from the urgency that Elaine was rubbing herself in to a fresh with and went to work accordingly, allowing his tongue to run right between her lips and with tense tongue almost fucking her hole.

‘Oooooh FUCK YES,’ Elaine screamed. She wasn’t even trying to keep quiet now and there was no way her neighbours hadn’t been alerted. The moans and guttural, throaty groans Elaine was making only come from one thing and that was having intense, uncontrollable orgasms. Fortunately for Elaine, her neighbour wasn’t home and she knew that as she had seen her drive away earlier that evening. What she didn’t know was that her 18 year old son, Laurence, was well aware of what was going on and was paying particular interest in the noises and silhouettes under the hot tub canopy next door. Staying well out of sight behind the partially closed curtain in his mum’s darkened bedroom, rubbing his dick as he listened to his sexy neighbour begging for permission to cum further

‘Please let me cum just like that, that’s it Nathan, lick aunty Bo’s pussy, please let me cum.’

Lowering his head from his aunt’s crotch and removing her pussy from his mouth, Nathan told her to keep coming.

‘Cum like a good whore. Rub your cunt.’

”Take me inside,’ begged Elaine. ‘I need you to fuck me.’

The urgent splashing that accompanied the two desperately horny relatives leaving the tub gave Laurence enough warning to duck down our of sight as they came fully in to view in the garden next door. Grabbing his aunt by the hand, Nathan pulled her towards him so her back was against his front, his rock hard member stuck between them against his stomach. Believing nobody was home next door, Elaine allowed herself to be lost in the moment not caring that her whole body, face, tits, shaven pussy and even engorged clit were illuminated from the light she had left on in the house. Feeling Nathan’s hand reached round from behind working on her clit she reached up and locked her fingers behind his neck for support as the latest waves of pleasure made her legs shake.

Confident that Elaine’s eyes were closed and that the guy behind her was paying no attention to him, Laurence stood a little closer, bringing his phone to the open widow , positioning it and zooming in on his neighbours body and face along with the hands groping every inch of her.

‘Fuck, Nathan, I’m cumming again. That’s it, make your favourite aunty squirt. Squeeze my tits, oh fuck yes!’ Elaine’s legs gave way as the filth poured from her mouth, catching herself around Nathan’s neck and further supported by her nephews tight grip on her tits.

The words coming from Elaine’s mouth caused Laurence to stop rubbing his cock and fully focus in on the screen of his phone, recording his neighbour convulsing, her face giving away exactly how much pleasure and excitement was running through her body and the dirty talk giving her away as being made to feel all of this by her own nephew.

‘Fuck me, I just wanted some pics to jerk to, but this is fucking immense,’ thought Laurence. His joy at the view in front of him however was ruined by Nathan removing his fingers from Elaine’s pussy and guiding her forcefully but with care in to the house.

Now it was Elaine’s turn to lead. Reaching behind her she grabbed her nephews hand and hastily made her way across the living room, taking him with her, up the stairs and directly in to her bedroom, leaving wet foot prints with each urgent step. She laid down with her still wet body across the width of the bed and Nathan stood over her, his cock ready to go at the sight of his aunt placing each foot flat on top of the duvet and parting her legs, her inner thighs showing evidence of how much she had cum while Nathan was rubbing her to an intense orgasm just a moment ago and exposing her pussy that was red and puffy from the nights attention, but oh so willing to take more.

Dropping to his knees, Nathan placed a hand on the inside of each of his aunt’s thighs and parted them further, and placed his tongue at the bottom of her wide open pussy and slowly dragged it upwards, tasting her finally as he had wanted to do for so long. The first of many groans came from Elaine, starting out as murmurs of appreciation and interrupted by louder, ‘OH FUCKS!’. She began to grip the duvet below her as that feeling she knew so well started to grow in her lower stomach. Letting go of her bedding, Elaine’s fingers went to her nephews hair and she started to rock her hips into the quickening action of Nathan’s tongue and as it hit her swollen clit one more time, Elaine held her nephews head in place and began to grind against his chin and tongue, pressing down and releasing the orgasm she had been waiting for. Nathan continued to lap as his Aunty Bo came again and again, her pussy gaping with each climax and fingers gripping his hair tighter with each bolt of electric excitement that ran through her. Nathan brought his hands higher up Elaine’s thighs, if possible, parting them even furthers while he continued to lap at the juicy pussy his aunt was so willingly presenting for him. While he worked on her pulsating clit with his tongue, he worked first one and then a second finger inside Elaine’s welcoming cunt and began paying attention to her g-spot, curling his digits round so that his manly fingers brought new groans of pleasure. As Elaine’s next orgasm grew, her hips bucking and her sexy arse rising off of the bed as the feeling got stronger and stronger and just at the point where she let go with her strongest climax so far, Nathan added a third finger to his aunty’s wet hole.

‘OH MY FUCKING GOD!’ Elaine screamed. ‘Fuck, fuck, Nathan yes. AAAAARGH, FUCK, GOD, THAT’S IT!’

Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as she looked down between her tits that were heaving up and down as she desperately gasped for breath so see her nephew looking back up at her with his whole mouth pressed over her pussy, tasting her cum as it flowed from her. The sight of him, the most taboo sight she could have imagined sent her off towards yet another explosion. She watched her legs begin to shake almost uncontrollably and she went almost silent as her breathing became shallow and rapid, her head falling back and eyes closing in the forbidden ecstasy of it all. The image now burned in to her memory was now fucking her mind as she gratefully accepted the attention being paid to her cunt by her favourite nephew and the combination of the two now made her writhe as well as shake and buck from the physical pleasure. Letting go of Nathan’s hair, her hands went across her own body, grasping at her own tits urgently as taboo thoughts run through her head as she resaw the sight of her own nephew looking up at her from between her legs.

‘I really am the ultimate slut now,’ she thought and with that she came again, her spasming pussy trying to force Nathan’s fingers from inside her.

‘If you’d fuck your own nephew, you’d fuck anyone,’ raced through her mind next. ‘UUUUURGH, YEAH, FUCK!’ Her thoughts were interrupted by involuntary fuck sounds coming from her own mouth as her mind fucking continued inside her head.

‘If Mark finds out about this, he’ll punish me for sure…bet he would spend loads of time on my tits.’

As she laid there playing with her own tits, imagining her brothers hands all over them, Elaine became aware of Nathan slowing down on her clit and removing his fingers from her tender pussy. Taking the opportunity, Elaine shuffled herself around on the bed so that she was laying the correct way and she had support for her head, sitting up a little , she parted her legs, feet flat and her pussy open wide, red, sore and clearly tender from the attention it had already received.

”Thank fuck for that,’ said Nathan, wiping his chin and standing up. ‘My knees were starting to kill me,’ he continued with a cheeky smile, ‘and my tongue.’

Elaine couldn’t help but notice the enormous cock stood proudly to attention directly at eye level and reaching out, took old of it as best she could in just one hand.

‘Guess it’s my turn to put my mouth to work then, isn’t it?’ Elaine’s pussy was sore. She wasn’t going to be able to take a fucking right now so she decided she was going to give Nathan the dirtiest sluttiest blow job she had ever given so her well used and sensitive cunt could rest and recover.

Swinging herself back round on the bed, Elaine opened her legs and reached round the back of her nephew, grabbing his arse and pulling him in between them, opening her mouth wide and accepting his cock between her lips.

‘Oh no, I was on my knees, now you,’ Nathan demanded, taking his aunty by the ponytail and directing her to the floor. ‘I’ll let you choose though, hands behind your back or hands on my arse, but don’t take them away once they’re there. Understand, my beautiful Aunty Bo?’

Now on her knees and with a cock in her mouth, Elaine could do nothing more than look up through her watery, make up stained eyes and nod like a good submissive slut and kneeled up a little higher, putting both her hands behind her back and relaxing her body as Nathan began guiding her head backwards and forwards with his grip on her hair.

‘Open your mouth wider, I’m going to fuck your throat,’ Nathan demanded. ‘That’s it, good slut.’

The demeaning commands from such a familiar voice once again played with Elaine’s mind and sent a mini orgasm through her body without being touched, causing a moan to leave her cock filled mouth.

‘You even like your face being abused. Proper filthy cunt I could have been fucking all this time,’ Nathan scorned his submissive aunty and jammed his full length in to her throat. Instinctively Elaine pulled back and brought her hands round to Nathan’s thighs.

‘What did I say about keeping your hands behind your back?’ Nathan asked. Spotting his aunt’s discarded robe from earlier in the evening, he took the saying belt from it and stepped behind her.

‘Put your hands back where they were,’ he instructed. Elaine would never normally allow herself to be tied up on the first night but this was weirdly ok for her as it was her nephew. Doing as she was told, she felt her hands drawn together tighter, causing an intake of excited breath from her. Using his most basic military skills, Nathan secured his aunt’s wrists in a way that he knew she wouldn’t be able to escape from unless he consented. That thought really gave him a thrill and he went back to urgently using her face.

Elaine wasn’t being given any time to catch her breath. A few seconds of violent thrusts, followed by the feeling of her throat being invaded and blocked by her nephews enormous member, then just a moment’s relief where she finally got to draw some air in to her lungs had her feeling light headed. On and on the face fucking went. Nathan had already cum twice that night and was set to keep going. Elaine’s face was starting to ache as much as her pussy now. Her throat needed a break, her jaw was hurting, her chin was even getting red from the combination of Nathan’s swollen balls hitting it and the amount of drool she had released as her mouth was invaded over and over.

‘Cum for me, Nathan. Give aunty Bo your cum.’ Elaine liked to talk filthy anyway, but she really meant it. She needed this cum badly. She needed it to get a rest from the hammering her young nephew was giving every hole, but more than that she was craving it to feel his hot sticky juice in or over her and to see the look of ecstasy and relief wash over his face. ‘Cum over my face, there weren’t any pictures like that. One just for you.’ Elaine handed her phone to him.

‘Use your tongue while I wank in to your mouth then,’ said Nathan , taking his cock in his hand and squeezing streams of pre-cum on to Elaine’s waiting tongue, snapping pictures as his aunt lapped up his fluid. Wanking his cock faster and faster, Nathan felt the welcome surge of adrenaline and his toes curl and thighs tighten and one, then another and then another load of cum exploded from his throbbing member. First landing in his aunt’s hair, then coating her forehead with semen, running down her face as he continued to unload stick streams of spunk, hitting he back of Elaine’s throat with one direct hit then slowing down to release smaller shots of cum on to her chin and lips.

Flash, flash, flash went Elaine’s phone in Nathan’s hand. Then reaching round one final time, he took his aunt’s ponytail in his hand and worked his entire length back down her throat, continuing to take pictures as her nose buried itself in his trimmed pubic hair, her throat tightening around Nathan’s softening cock as she gagged. Flash, flash, flash carried on the camera phone, taking record of Elaine’s most deviant blow job ever. Finally, and with sticky globs of her nephews semen causing a taboo connection between her chin and Nathan’s cock, Elaine was released from the firm grip holding her in place while Nathan had finished letting his orgasmic wave subside. Drawing in a deep breath and panting for all she was worth, the slutty, most deviant of aunts sat back on her heels and looked at the camera one last time as Nathan took a final picture of her looking her most whore-ish. Nathan placed the phone on the old chest of draws he was standing in front of and reached behind Elaine’s back and with a couple of pulls and an unlooping of his aunty’s dressing down belt, her hands were released. Elaine brought them round in front of her, subconsciously rubbing at her wrists as she looked down to see red marks that she half hoped would be there tomorrow to remind her of this evening’s antics while she was going about her day to day business.

‘I don’t know about you but I need a beer.’ Said Nathan, running his hands through his own dark hair, slightly slicking it back with his own sweat.

‘I’m just going to lay here and recover for a minute, replied Elaine as she clambered to her feet and retreated to laying on the bed, still trying her best to get her breathing back to normal. Nathan wrapped the towel from his aunts earlier shower around him as she laid on her front, causing her tits to squeeze down underneath her and the outside of her juicy breasts to bulge at the side. He tracked down with his eyes as Elaine wriggled a little to get comfortable and her arse stuck out appealingly as she parted her legs a little, revealing her still gaping pussy.

‘Send me those pictures please, Bo. I got some good ones.’ Nathan said as he threw his aunt’s phone on to the bed next to her and he turned away from his freshly used aunty and headed down stairs to grab himself a beer.

Nathan headed for the kitchen and to the fridge, grabbing a cold bottle of beer and getting the opener from the draw. He took a long swig and shook his head.

‘I’m in Elaine’s kitchen in just my boxers after spending the night fucking her and licking her pussy and cumming all over her. This is fucking mad.’ He thought as he went through to the living room, seeing his phone lit up from a recent missed call from Chris. He grabbed the phone and went outside to cool down properly while he had his drink and called his friend back.

‘Sorry, mate. We were a bit busy again.’ Started Nathan down the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Chris was keen to hear all about his pal fucking his aunt but most of all he was pissed off that tomorrow’s plans had been cancelled because of it.

‘It’s only a few games of pool,’ said Nathan apologetically. ‘Tell me you wouldn’t do the same. How often to you get the chance to plough your own aunt, especially one that looks like mine and is this much if a slut.’

Upstairs, Elaine was drifting off and somewhere between sleep and consciousness, vaguely listening to her nephews description of her and smiled to herself. She couldn’t deny it. She had just given herself entirely to her own nephew. If that didn’t make her a slut, nothing would. Sleepily she reached and grabbed her phone and selected the set that Nathan had just taken and sent them to him. Falling asleep content that she had followed his instruction.

Back in the garden, Nathan was still bickering with his friend on the phone when it vibrated in his hand. Still defending his position but now on speaker, he went to the gallery on his phone and opened up the recently received images. Clicking on the last one he took, his filthy, sexy, slutty aunt looking up in to the camera, covered in spunk, running off of her chin, sticking one of her eyes closed. He selected the photo and forwarded it to Chris.

‘Look at what I’ve just sent you. A few games of pool and a beer with you or all day fucking her?’

‘For fucks sake,’ Chris could all of a sudden see his friends point. ‘But you owe me, and I want more pictures of that slutty aunt if yours.’

‘Yes, mate. And meet up next weekend if you’re about? You know you would do the same.’ Both men laughed and hung up with Nathan promising to keep his mate informed of how things went with Elaine.

‘Aunt or no aunt,’ he bragged as he was finishing the call, ‘I’m going to fuck her senseless this weekend.’

Once again just on the other side of the fence, Elaine’s teenage neighbour was listening in, taking in all the information he could before working out what he was going to do about it.

‘She really is his fucking aunt,’ he thought, rubbing his hardening cock. ‘If she’ll fuck him, then she’ll fuck anybody.’

Nathan sat back in the garden chair and swigged his beer, slowly relaxing in to the moment and enjoying the thought that his aunty Bo was upstairs probably still coated in his cum. He rubbed at his cock again and opened his phone. Looking through the dozens of new pictures he had of Elaine. He looked at the pictures of earlier in the evening with his aunt presenting her cunt to his camera.

‘I want to fuck that properly’ Nathan thought to himself. ‘I’ve barely been in her cunt.’ And with that perverted thought running through his mind, he finished his beer and walked back in to the house.

Climbing the stairs, Nathan thought back to earlier in the evening when he was worried about getting caught spying on his aunt’s bare leg and waist and now he was going directly to her room planning to fuck her properly this time. He opened the door further allowing light to flood in from the moon entering through the window on the stair well, enhancing his view of his sleeping aunt.

‘Fuck,’ he complained out loud, looking down at his now rock hard cock straining at his boxers. Dropping his underwear at the door, he made his way across the room, climbing on to the bed between his face down aunty’s legs, parting them further. Elaine stirred and made noises of appreciation as her nephews laid gently on top of her, his weight pressing her slightly in to the bed and the tip of his cock nudging her tender pussy lips. With a gentle rock forward, Nathan entered his aunty’s pussy, causing her to wake fully with a jolt of unexpected pleasure mixed with not a little pain from her insides.

”Oh fuck, Nathan. Slowly. I’m a little bit swollen and tender down there and your cock is huge.’ Elaine reminded her horny nephew over her shoulder as she arced her back, pushing her tits forward and her arse up a little as a bit more of his cock filled her pussy.

Nathan supported himself and pressed his aunt’s lower body in to the mattress below, holding her down by her hips as he worked himself inside her. He could feel the sensitivity of her insides from cumming so hard earlier on and she was tight around him, enhancing the sensation as he got deeper inside her. Reaching her deepest part and nudging his enormous helmet against his aunt’s cervix, Nathan began to withdraw his dick in a smooth motion, bringing more loud groans from Elaine’s mouth. She raised herself up on to her elbows, now truly presenting herself to be fucked from behind and Nathan pushed back inside her, once again grabbing her hips and entering more purposefully this time

Nathan went from pinning his slutty aunt down by her hips, to using them to pull Elaine on to his cock as he thrust hard inside her. Loosening her insides that were still tight from cumming so hard earlier on, enhancing the sensation as he got deeper inside her. Reaching her deepest part and nudging his enormous helmet against his aunt’s cervix, Nathan began to withdraw his dick in a smooth motion, bringing more loud groans from Elaine’s mouth. She raised herself up on to her elbows, now truly presenting herself to be fucked from behind and Nathan pushed back inside her, once again grabbing her hips and entering more purposefully this time. With every withdrawal motion, Nathan could see Elaine’s pussy gaping with fresh orgasms, her arse cheeks parted wide and her arsehole puckering as she came.

‘Oh god, fuck, Nathan fuck me hard and fast, I can’t take too much more. Use me hard. Cum in me like the slutty aunt I am.’ Elaine was loud now and totally lost in feeling used and abused. Needing no second invitation, Nathan began to increase his speed. Sawing in and out, each thrust hitting the deepest parts of Elaine. She dropped from her elbows, gripping the duvet, biting down on the pillow in front of her head as she tried to muffle the screams of pain and ecstasy that she couldn’t contain. The sounds of their bodies slapping together grew more and more frequent as Nathan slammed in to his aunty Bo as hard as he could. Encouraged by her screams he continued, on and on until he could barely hear a sound coming from Elaine. She felt like she had been fucked in to submission and was now staring at her headboard, mouth wide open making short grunts with each thrust inside her cunt.

Nathan knew he was nowhere near cumming. He was young and fit and his stamina was good from his military training. He didn’t want to tell Elaine that though. He’d been in this position enough where women couldn’t take anymore and he ended up having to wank over them or something less fun. He wanted to fill Elaine’s pussy, his gorgeous aunty Bo’s cunt to the brim with his seed. On and on he went until he felt the familiar surge of cum building in his swollen balls. Flipping Elaine over like a toy, he put one of her legs on each of his shoulders and lined his cock up with his aunt’s waiting hole. Elaine wanted to object. She knew he was way too big for her to take him comfortably like this, let alone with a pussy that was as red raw as hers was currently. Placing both her hands on his chest in her only manageable form of resistance, Nathan either didn’t notice or didn’t care as he lowered himself down, parting her cunt lips with his bell end, the first few inches of his cock sliding in easily. He felt Elaine’s finger nails dig in to his chest at the same moment he felt her pussy contract around his cock in yet another orgasm for his filthy aunt. Lowering himself down further he obscured the light from behind him a little, once again casting shadows across his face that immediately made him recognisable as a younger version of his father. Elaine urgently brought her legs down and around Nathan’s waist as her mind took over. Once again the sluttiest of actions that she was partaking in not being enough and thinking of how she’d feel even dirtier if it really was Mark fucking her right now. With a little more pressure Nathan buried the last couple of inches of his cock inside his aunty, supporting himself above her and staring directly in to her deep brown eyes as the distance between them become zero. Latching her legs around his middle and reaching up to grab his neck, Elaine pulled his face towards her and passionately kissed him. Their tongues becoming intertwined and their attraction to one another exploding. Being able to hold back no longer, Nathan quickened his thrusts sawing his huge cock against his aunty’s g-spot. Elaine gripped tighter and as one both exploded in a moment of taboo bliss that went on seemingly forever. Closing her eyes, Elaine went between the reality of her own nephew emptying his seed inside her and her filthy images of her big brother doing it instead.

‘Stay there, don’t move.’ Elaine begged. Nathan had no intention of moving. His aunt’s pussy was still milking him and he continues to spasm.

She released the vice like grip she had placed on him with her legs around his waist and lowered them and Nathan relaxed, putting more weight on his aunty and kissing her tenderly. Responding with passion Elaine welcomed the kiss and scratched up and down Nathan’s back, not realising she was rocking her hips gently as she did so. Desperately trying to prolong the intense feeling running through his loins, Nathan once again pinned his slutty aunt down by her hips and once more ploughed in to her. Elaine couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought she had taken her pounding for the evening but he was about to start up again.

‘Nathan, I can’t,’ she gasped as he began fucking her all over again. ‘I’m broken. Oh fuck, oh my god, fuck, I’m cumming again. Nathan, please. I can’t my pussy hurts. Fuck, Nathan I can’t keep cumming.’

‘I thought you were a proper slut, Nathan blurted out forcefully, continuing to slam his cock home. He upped his pace and watched as Elaine begged for no more but once again her body gave her away and as Nathan slipped from her pussy in the rampant fucking motion, her cunt gaped and squirted harder than she had ever squirted. Her body feeling as if it had risen off the bed in bliss and then came crashing down, fighting for breath as her body shook uncontrollably, her pussy contracting and her moans continuing. ‘If you’re pussy can’t take it, get on all fours again. I’m going to fuck your arse. I told you earlier I wanted to after I’d seen than picture, now I’m going to.’

Before she could say anything, Nathan had flipped her on to her front and raised her on to all fours by her hips. Her feet were either side of his legs so her pert arse cheeks parted perfectly, displaying the hole that was next on his list to sample. Elaine was soaked in cum from the waist down including her arse and sliding his cock between her lips to get just a little more lubrication, Nathan brought his cock inline with his aunt’s arse hole.

‘I don’t think you’ll fit, Sweets.’ Elaine said, with fear in her voice. Hoping to put her nephew off. Pushing his helmet downwards and putting pressure on Elaine’s most intimate of holes, Nathan saw the tip of his cock slightly dip inside her. Letting the pressure off, Elaine’s arse encircled Nathan’s helmet, not deep and barely any of his helmet even inside her but it was a start Nathan thought as he held his aunt in place, allowing her to get used to being stretched in the butt area.

‘Slowly, Nathan. I’ve never had that much cock in my arse. Stay still, let me work you in.’ Elaine whispered, slowly rocking herself backwards, taking more and more cock inside her a millimetre at a time. For his part Nathan was doing his very best to stay still. What he wanted to do was fuck her hard and fast in the arse and hear her scream again. Trying to let his aunty do the work until she asked him to do something, he felt a pop and looking at his cock noticed that his whole helmet was inside Elaine now and she was holding her arse cheeks as wide as she could, lowering herself backwards, seemingly taking the massive cock invading her with some ease. ‘I can’t believe you’re in my arse. Slowly Nathan, but fuck my arse. Use your slutty aunt’s butt and cum in that as well.’ Within a moment Elaine realised that the language she had used gave her no other option than to take what followed. Her filthy invitation caused Nathan to act like a raging bull and, totally ignoring his aunt’s request to go slowly, Nathan began to fuck his auntys arse for all he was worth. He could feel spurts of her cum leaving her cunt each time he thrust in to her waiting sphincter and that was all the encouragement he needed.

The tighter and warmer rear hole, teamed with his aunt’s filthy request brought Nathan close to cumming quicker than expected and quickening his pace he told Elaine of his imminent orgasm.

‘I’m going to cum in your arse now. Now all your slutty holes are mine. Oh fuck yes. Fuck, I’m cumming in your arse right now Bo!’

‘Fuck yes, Nathan. Use my last hole. Fill me up. Make me drip with your cum.’ Begged Elaine. And feeling spurt after spurt enter her arse she collapsed under her nephews weight as his softening cock slipped from her, bringing a load of cum with it.

‘Now are you finished?’ Elaine laughed at her nephew who was panting hard, his head over her shoulder. ‘Now I need a joint and a drink, roll off, Sweets.’ Standing up gingerly, Elaine gathered her robe and knotted belt from the earlier slutty exploits and made her way to the bathroom. On her return Nathan had already gone downstairs and was back on his phone.

‘Still Chris?’ Elaine enquired.

‘Yeah, but at least he isn’t pissed off now that I cancelled seeing him tomorrow.’

”Why did you cancel?’ Elaine knew the answer but the ego boost of Nathan cancelling his mate so he could fuck her more didn’t go amiss. ‘I have my own bits and pieces to do in the morning. I was expecting to wake up, nurse a little hangover, grab a coffee and then I’m off on some errands so you may as well meet up with him. I’ll catch up with you in the afternoon and maybe we can go and get something to eat like we were meant to tonight, before you corrupted me!’ Elaine hadn’t bothered to tie her robe and sat down at the table with her stash box once more and building herself one last strong joint for the night.

‘That’s a point. Fair enough, I’ll message him. I do want mote of you though, Bo. Demi isn’t back til Sunday and I’ve got months of frustration to release!’ Nathan replied.

Elaine finished building her joint and wandered in to the garden, followed by her nephew and sat on one of the loungers, letting her robe fall open and the pleasant summer breeze harden her nipples. Nathan sat opposite her in just his tight boxer briefs, apparently in a semi erect state once more from the outline of his cock through the material

‘So, what are you guys up to tomorrow? I’m sure he’s going to have plenty of questions about me and tonight. Be careful though, Sweets. Don’t get me wrong, a faceless squaddie friend of yours getting off to my pictures is fucking sexy and hot but I can’t risk being made public again like before.’

A sense of realty had washed over Elaine and whilst she had no regrets about finally finding out what Nathan’s cock felt like I side her, she couldn’t be shamed like she was before. It took too much explaining.

‘No, I get that. But he’s sound. He won’t say anything. Just a bit of a pervert and deviant like we are and enjoys the fun. I’ll make sure tomorrow when I see him though. He did just ask me to bring you along too tomorrow though, cheeky fucker.’ Nathan’s reply was honest and although there were times that evening he had looked at his aunt as nothing but a piece of meat, he cared for her deeply and didn’t want her embarrassed again so would definitely make sure Chris didn’t say anything to anyone.

‘Yeah, I bet he did. So what pictures did you send him tonight? How much of me has he seen and likely cum to while you were fucking me?’ Elaine was winding Nathan up, pretending that she was anything but turned on by a faceless stranger cumming to her slutty pictures.

‘A few, but he liked the video of you talking in to the camera most he said.’ Nathan wasn’t buying in to the pretence and told it like it was and Elaine drew her last drag on her joint, standing up, her robe still open and walked over to her nephew.

‘Right, my favourite nephew, I need to sleep. So I’m going to go and try to drop off in our cum soaked fuck nest and you can crash in the spare room. Otherwise neither of us will get any sleep and I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.’ And with that Elaine leant over, her tits swinging freely and she gently kissed her nephew on the lips, lingering and enjoying him pulling her closer and their tongues flirting with each other as they said goodnight. Turning and walking through the door in to the house, Elaine stopped and looked playfully over her shoulder, laughed to herself, shook her head at the nights antics and made her way to bed.

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