The dark secret of my brother

It is my first time to tell a story about of what happened to my past years. This is a secret of my life that i keep for how many years gone by.
I would liked to share my experienced about of what my eldest brother do to me when im in deep sleep. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. And im the youngest of six siblings. The person that i’am telling you is my eldest brother who always touch the private part of my 2 sister and me. But he only want is to touch my sisters and me because he don’t the other girls in the house. I don’t know why but he love it. But he won’t never touched the private part of my sisters again because of what my sisters said to him .

Except of me because until now he love to touched my boobs and my pussy. But when i’m in the aged of ten years old. I always heard what my sisters said. That our eldest brother touch her private part and my sister don’t liked it. Because i didn’t experienced what they’re talking i did not listen to what they said. Because i love my eldest brother so much. When i turn into twelve years of aged. I didn’t expect of what happened that day of what my eldest brother that time it’s my eldest brother and i . Who were left in the house with no body else. My eldest brother wash his cloth outside and me sleeping in the room that door are open wide. Then my eldest brother saw me far from outside. At that moment i sleep only with my panties on there’s nothing else.

My parents are working they came home late at night. And my other brothers and sisters going anywhere and they only came home at night. Then my eldest brother finished washing his clothed he get inside the going to the room where i sleep panties only. But i have a small boobs little cute with hard erect nipples.

My eldest brother set beside me staring to my boobs and my pussy. Who are innocent at that time. Then my eldest brother begin his first moved. Pointing with one finger on my cute tiny nipples touch it slowly and he tickle my nipples until its hard and straight erected. Then he sip and swallowed my boobs diddled and tickle to his tongue. And he enjoyed it. I feel nudity and felt in my stomach and my heart are beating faster with my eyes going up then i hold tight to bed sheet. Then suddenly i feel my panties going to my toes. And i feel my legs pushing side by side. And it’s open wide at that time then suddenly feel a finger on my pussy slowly going deep inside to my holy cave with tickle my intel and pushing a first finger slowly in it. Then going twice and continued to push and pull slowly. Until he going to add a finger and it became three finger inside my little innocent pussy. He enjoyed jerking off until i can’t hold it then suddenly my pussy get so wet with many cum are scatterd outside off pussy there is a cum of my brothers hand to. Then he clean it all the wasted that i make. Then put my panties back. When i wake up i feel a pain on pussy. But i can handle it. Then im thinking that it just a dream or it real. Because when i waked up saw no one in the room. But my eldest brother was on the outside who staring at me. And then i incest that was just a dream im dreaming of. And my mind still thinking that my dream was so wierd. Because of what im dreaming that my eldest brother have sex with me.

I never thouht it was real. Then night comes i don’t mine what i think lately . Where are finish our dinner. And everyone was in there places to sleep . And me lying in the sofa. Never noticed that i fill asleep then my eldest brother always do his job to secured all then luck it. Then he saw me lying in the coutchs who sleep tight . Then he go to my sisters room to open it so that he move me to my sisters room. Then suddenly the door was closed and my sister didn’t open it. He decided to put me into his room upster in the second floor. And i know he move me to his room. Then i sleep well with confidenced that my eldest brother secured me that no one can touch. But i woke up late at night seeking to my eldest brother who are not there beside me.

Then i came back to sleep with panties only because it so hot in the room. A few minutes later i suddenly awaked but i’am still sleepy then i spoted a shadow who are standing on my front until i clearly see it slightly becaused of the reflection of outside light coming from the window. Then i saw my eldest brother get naked. And saw his hard big cock who pointing in me. But he didn’t see me awake. And i just pretending to sleep then i feel my panties going down to my toes then my legs wide and i saw my eldest brother jerking to my pussy he sip and sip it then wigled his tongue then he enjoyed doing it feel guilty but can’t move so that he will not disturb . And while he laked it my intel sip juice pussy put his three finger inside of my pussy who felt me nudity and sluted.

Few minutes of jerking his going up to my cute tiny boobs with erected hard nipples. He squashs it and sip my nipple and laked it squeeze it. Until it well going hard to squashs sip and sip. Feel cum and it well come out. I whispered and say huh huh with a long breath on me and my body was numb. He continue fingering me while sip my nipples he enjoyed to play with it. I pretend to sleep and not to move. Then he slowly put his dick to my pussy pushing it slowly and slowly feel a big hard cock getting inside to my pussy and feel a pain inside of it .i feel his hard big cock inside down to the inner of my small whole inside in my pussy.

Then his pushing and pushing it to the small whole until his in and move faster and faster pushing and pull it. And it was so hurt inside of my pussy that i suffered it secretly pretending to sleep. And closed my eyes then not to move. And then finally he is finish and get cum to my upper pussy with many sticky slime jelly white lust. Then he clean it off then put panty back to me and sleep beside me naked until his in the deep of his sleep i turn on the light off his room and i so his dick who have a blood round of it. Then i look into my pussy and i saw a blood outside the mouth of my pussy. I was panic at that time don’t know what to do. Then i was thinking if i tell this to my parents then it well ask me whats going on why my pussy have blood. And it will know what my brother do to me.i don’t want my brother go to jail because i love my brother. Then i keep my secret in me that no one will know even my 2 sister who always ask me if our eldest brother do the things in me just like them. But i did not tell them the truth. And all i say is he did not do the things in me. Even when we sleep together naked.

My 2 sister shock and said really it’s that true? With a big question mark. I was thinking that my eldest brother was the first and who lost my virginity at the age of 12 years old and im totally crash.

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