My dream girl true story

Hi friends this my first story so please forgive me if there is any mistake coming to the story……

I leaved in Bangalore my name is Raju changed in story i am 27 years not married I have my own business in Bangalore…..heroine of the story is my friend elder sister bindu she was very sexy with big ass not very big but it was beautiful I don’t know their size …..She is married with two kids but still she was sexy many of our friends also have one eye on her…

Me any friend r very close I use to go to his home every day and to just wish him and his sister was married ….But I was not having any thought her ….She use to come only on summer leave r for festival time I use it talk with her very close to me she is 36 to 38 year old ..But she look very Young and sexy she use to ask about my ex girlfriend she use to tell me not to worry uwill get one good girl I had one girlfriend and got brake up…..

I love to watch porn videos thinking of her many time I use to masturbat…..

When ever she come to my friend home I use to go first and see her and spend my time seeing her sexy ass and her lips I love her ass very much I want to lick it badly and suck it her boobs was hug big and sexy she use to bend and do work in home I use to see and enjoy the moments and masturbat daily I didn’t had any bad thought on her one when Seth came home she was feeding her baby setting on chair has I went I saw her beautiful boobs that moment my mind went crazy no her……

But I know i can’t fuck her its impossible because I am his brother friend and her parents also treated me has a son only …… thought was to see her body and enjoy her setting next to her touching has ass with out knowing her I was enjoying she had 1&half year old kid and 4year old kid her husband has gold business making gold so she lived in Bangalore she only with is husband family and some problem in family she came to my her home for a week and later my friend told me that her husband parents is not good so there r going Take a new home so I was happy she will be for week daily I use to go and spend time with her rubbing her touching her I was enjoying after week she went off I was upset and I asked my friend he old she got new house for rent…..

With in a month passed again she came this time only my life change in to haven I went and wished he I was really happy I aksed her where is u r husband ……….she told me he has gone out of station for three months I am going to stay her only because new house on one friend for he there ……I was more happy for three months my home was just next to her home only just one wall small Gap we use to park bike and look the gate some I use to jump the wall and come to her home one day in my friends home all went to some temple in Mysore for there days but she did not go one kid went with my
Friend parents means with her grandmother…….she was alone in home …….I went to her home and she was playing with her baby I bed sleep next to baby her boobs was out of he dress has I went my eyes was surprised I think she has noted me and she got up and asked me u didn’t go for work I told some reason and told no and she gave brake fast we both had together and we where chatting some thing and I went to my room to masturbat and I slept I came afternoon form my home like jumping the wall I head some noise from toilet there toilet was just opposite to the wall and my mind worked crazy my mind is telling me to see in the toilet and I decided and saw …………..she was setting in the toilet for potty it’s was India toilet I was her ass it was wonderful and sexy I got horny and was seeing her ass it’s was my dream to see her ass she was playing some game in mobile and i was enjoying the view friends really it was Amazing and I eyes was fully on her ass …….suddenly My phone got rang and I jumped to my home and went to bed room I got scared the she might have noted my ringtone I got full scared……I took my phone to see who has called I was shocked it’s her number …..again she called he me I took in fear I asked s tell me she asked me in bold voice where r u I just acted normal to told in home and asked me to come home I went …….

But she was normal and asked me what u was doing in that gap ……..suddenly I got scared and asked where ……she told don’t act I know …..U was seeing in the toilet….I got very scared and told no no ……she told that don’t lie I can smell u r perfume that’s u only I got very scared and told her pleas don’t tell to any one I am really sorry I fall on u r feet also I was begging her like hell ……she was silent……and she asked me I like her i was shocked and saw her ……She asked tell I told yes ……

She told to come to toilet and asked to site and she told me that she also want to fuck badly and asked me to help her I was really happy like dream it was for me I hugged her tightly and she also hugged and we kissed like animals for 5 minutes she pushed her Tongue in my mouth and I am sucking like hell I broke the kiss she told me pleas suck my tongue I feel good pleas she is begging me and and again I am sucking her lips with out gap and we hugged for some time and she told that she want to go for potty I told to go ……she told me to go out I told do in front of me she told she is shy I told it’s ok pleas she went and sat I went and sat in front of her her pussy was wet and dripping love juice I can see her pussy was cover with a lot of air I was more horny and I told her I will wash u ass she told cheee and aksed me y u want to wash I told I love u ass form very long days she told ok and I went close to her setting opposite to her first i kissed her lips she holed my head and I took water and washed her sexy ass she become more horny and told me wash it clean because u r going to lick it herring this words I got more horny and washing her ass and pussy and kissing her guys that feel is different and I fleshed the toilet…….Went to bed room and took her saree and went inside her saree and started licking her pussy that smell was amazing and I was licking the pussy for the first time she shouted loud and I got scared……..

I just stoped and she told me pleas don’t stop I told not to shout she told she can’t control her pussy smell was like honey and took one clothe and Wiped her ass and told her to bend down she did firs i buried my face in her ass and hugged tightly and kissed her and bite her ass she shouted it’s paining da pleas slowly……than I told her to told the saree and saw the ass and I could not wait I started licking as deep as I can I licked she was enjoying the lick and told me to do fast I lick like there is no tomorrow and told me to lick her pussy I was licking both ass and her pussy she told me to leave my tongue Deep in her pussy and she shouted loud she cum in my mouth and i told all in my mouth and licking and again I told her to bend and licked her ass and cleaning her pussy and ass With me tongue she told me to kiss her I kissed her lips and she told to all women should have a partner like…..I will tel in my next story what all dirty sex we did and how we fucked ……sorry readers this is my true story pleas forgive me if there is any mistake

To Continued

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