Fairy tale of How I fucked my bhabhi after an event

Hi , Im aravind from bangalore 25 years young . This is my first story how i fucked my bhabhi on an Event , and would like to share with here . Any girls/aunties who likes to have any sort of fun can contact me. the story is a bit longer but keep your dicks and pussy ready .

I pushed my dick slowly but deeper inside her tight pussy. Her pussy was well lubricated and my dick just slid in and came out of her pussy. My face was close to her face admiring her expressions at every thrust I made into her pussy. I loved how her eyes close partially whenever my dick hit her pussy deeply.

I loved how her lips open and close to make a perfect moaning sound. I like to hear. I loved how her breath was getting irregular whenever my dick was deep inside her pussy. I kissed her beautiful lips while slowly thrusting my hip in and out of her pussy.

I loved my girlfriend more than anything. This love got amplified whenever we have good sex. Today was one of those good sex days. Naina’s hands went up above her head. Our sex smell was everywhere inside my room. I kept fucking her and I was nearing my climax.

I could definitely say my girlfriend had a good time with me so far. I didn’t want to ruin it by cumming inside her. So I pulled out my dick and cummed on her naked sexy lean waist. Naina’s boobs were going up and down as she breathed heavily when I unloaded all my cum.

She held my dick and stroked it further to help me to unload my cum. We cleaned ourselves and slept by cuddling. After some time, I woke up. I put on shorts and came out of the room. I sat on the couch in the living room when I heard the noise coming from the kitchen.

I was surprised first and then got nervous. My bhabhi, her kid and my parents had gone to a temple and supposed to come tomorrow morning. So, I brought my girlfriend home and had a wonderful time with her. But this noise in the kitchen made me nervous and my heartbeat increased.

I was topless but didn’t care to put on a t-shirt before finding out who’s in the kitchen. My bhabhi was in the kitchen cleaning the utensils. She must have heard my footsteps as she turned around to see me. I said nothing upon seeing her, not even smiled at her.

Amita, my brother’s wife, smiled at me and said, “You had made the kitchen a mess. Just one day we weren’t here and this home looks like garbage.” This scolding calmed me as it indicated me that she had no idea that I have a girl sleeping naked in my room. Later, I came to know I was wrong to assume this.

I smiled and asked her why she had come home so early than planned? She said that she got an emergency work from the office and returned home earlier and my parents would come home the next day as planned. “Is she still sleeping?” asked my bhabhi.

I was perplexed to hear this and stood motionless. My lips got dry and said nothing. My bhabhi smiled and said, “I have been here since 12’o clock. I heard the sound. It must be quite a good session, I think. She was moaning a lot.”
I didn’t know what to say.

I smiled and said, “I am sorry. I wasn’t aware that you are gonna come home early. She is my girlfriend, Naina.”
“Don’t worry. I am not gonna say anything about this to your parents and brother. Will you introduce me to her?”

I knew my bhabhi was cool but never expected her to be uber cool. I introduced Naina to her. We talked for a while and then Naina and I left home. After this incident, I started to like my bhabhi more. I started to notice her beauty, her dressings and other things she did.

We started to talk like friends after that incident. In fact, I told her many intimate things that I wouldn’t discuss with my friends to save my embarrassment. Whenever I had a fight with my girlfriend, my bhabhi helped me to solve it.

My relationship with Naina grew well but with my bhabhi Amita, it grew exponentially. The respect on her turned into much more. Not like love but more like lust. I wanted to kiss her and feel inside her. One day, my bhabhi’s friend’s birthday party was there.

My brother was out of town for his business work. I took Amita to the party while her kid was with my parents. Amita was looking ravishing in green color transparent saree. Most of her back was exposed in that blouse she was wearing. I saw her thin waist in between her draped saree. I was aroused.

I told her how beautiful she looked and she replied me thanks with a smile. We reached the party, spent time with hosts, clicked pictures, had dinner and left. I brought the car from the parking space to the main gate where my bhabhi was standing. She got into the car and saw herself in the side rear view mirror.

She kept some things on her handbag and turned back to keep it on the back seat of the car. Her body was so closer to me now. Her perfume was so good and intoxicating. I saw her sexy thin waist and then one side of her blouse covered boobs. I didn’t know what happened.

Maybe I was so horny, I reached till her neck and kissed on it. Amita was shocked and sat silently on the car. She didn’t say anything. I started to drive the car as it wasn’t a good thing to park the car in front of a gate for a long time. We drove silently in a car when my bhabhi finally opened her mouth and asked me, “Why did you kiss me?”

“I don’t know what happened to me. I think I find you beautiful and attractive. You are looking so beautiful in this saree and I couldn’t control myself from stop imagining…” I stopped in between without completing the sentence. Amita understood what I wanted to say.

She said, “I am your sister-in-law, your brother’s wife. How you can imagine me like this?”

“I don’t know. Ever since that incident happened, I had stopped seeing you as my sister-in-law. We had become friends and that’s the way I am treating you nowadays.”

Amita said, “I am gonna let it slide. I am gonna act as nothing had happened here. It would be better for both our relationships if we don’t speak any of the things happened here anymore in the future.” I nodded my head and drove the car silently.

I was actually happy inside that I could at least kiss my sexy beautiful bhabhi. Since that car incident, I observed some change in my bhabhi’s activities. She was more kind to me in the following days. She behaved as nothing happened between us and that gave me more confidence.

During the Christmas holidays, our family went to a resort. My cousin also joined to our vacation with his wife and kid. In the night in the resort, my father, brother and cousin were drinking. I didn’t want to drink with them. So I went to my bhabhi’s room. My cousin’s wife and bhabhi were talking with my mom.

I joined and talked with them. After some time, my mom left the room to sleep. Bhabhi and cousin’s wife started discussing sex. They discussed their hubby’s dick, position and the things they do. I was very uncomfortable and told them that they were talking about my brothers.

They both laughed and aware of what I did at home when no one was there. I kept quiet and they giggled. They discussed so many things that some I haven’t even tried with my girlfriend. I took notes to do those things to my girlfriend. They looked at me and giggled and that giggling became laughter.

They looked at me again and laughed. I didn’t realize what was it about. But one thing was sure that they were talking about me. I looked down to find my dick erected. All these talks about sex had aroused me. My dick made a huge bulge in my shorts. They must have seen this.

I left the room with slight embarrassment and I heard their laughter getting noisier. Both were very friendly the next day in the resort. We played in a swimming pool together and I touched their bodies. They seemed not to care about these things.

My bhabhi looked so sexy in a wet t-shirt. I saw her boobs for a few seconds. My bhabhi noticed it but she didn’t care. My lust for her increased day by day. I wanted to fuck her. My cousin’s wife also attractive but my bhabhi was beautiful and sexy.

My bhabhi was lean, oblong face with thick beautiful black hairs. Her lips were so thin and attractive. Her boobs were above average size. She looked extremely sexy with her clothes just sticking to her body. I felt like I am seeing her complete body.

My bhabhi gave me a mysterious look as if she knew what I was thinking about. On December 30, my bhabhi gave me two passes for a New Year party. My girlfriend ditched me in the last minute. So I came back home and found no one. My parents went to our hometown.

My brother went to Andaman for his friend’s bachelor party. My bhabhi was at her home. So I called her and told her what had happened. She said that she will come to our house knowing that I was alone. An hour later, she came to our home with her kid. She was wearing a kurta and jeans.

She looked as beautiful as ever and cursed my brother who wasn’t banging this beauty always. She smiled at me and went inside her room with her kid. I was watching TV. My girlfriend called in between and apologized again for ditching me at the last minute. I was calm this time and understood her situation.

After an hour, my bhabhi came out of the room wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her kid must be sleeping in the bedroom. The shorts were small and showed her fair sexy thighs. Her red t-shirt was well below the neck and just above her boobs. If she bent I could see her cleavage definitely. And she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I could see her nipples pinching the cotton fabric. I wished I could become that t-shirt right now. She asked me about dinner. I told her I hadn’t had anything. She started to prepare dosa for me. I saw her sexy back from behind. I was very much aroused by seeing her ass.

She came here from her home when I told her I am alone. I grew in confidence and went closer to her. I hugged her from behind and kissed on her nape. She was shocked and pushed me away. I felt very bad about this incident. She was very furious and scolded me for this. I was embarrassed to stand there.

So I left the place and went to the living room to watch TV. She came there with a dinner plate. I didn’t want to eat. I was very upset not on my bhabhi but on myself. I should not have done this. I let my lust to take control over me.

Bhabhi told me, “I know you like me. I know you want me to fuck. I can’t let that happen. I am your brother’s wife. So I am just gonna forgive you for this. Don’t feel very bad. You seem very upset and that’s upsetting me.” My bhabhi took a piece of dosa and offered it to me.

She said, “Eat. Don’t show your anger on the food.” Bhabhi was sitting next to me. I looked at her and said, “I don’t feel good. Can I lie down on your lap for some time?” She said OK. I lay down on her lap, looking up. I saw her boobs from below and that made me feel better.

Bhabhi felt my hairs with her fingers as a lover does. It made me feel better and calmed me. “Why are you not wearing a bra?” She was shocked to hear this and laughed. “You can see that?”

“Yeah, anybody can say that when they see nipples poking a t-shirt.” She laughed hard. For some reason, I found her smile arousing. I touched her nipples and squeezed them. Bhabhi pushed my hands but said nothing.

I sat up and told her, “I just want to see them. Nothing else. At least show me. That would really cheer me up.” She thought about it for a few seconds and said, “Okay, Just to see them. I want to cheer u up. Don’t touch them.” I know where it was going to end. So I just agreed to see them.

She took out her boobies out from her t-shirt. They looked bigger than I had assumed. I admired the beauty of those boobies. I licked my upper lip. She was about to put them inside when I stopped her. I touched her naked boobs and pinched her hard erected nipples. Bhabhi said, “You promised only to see them.”

“I lied,” and winked at her. She laughed and slapped on my head and said, “You are a very bad boy.” I squeezed her boobs harder and looked at her. Bhabhi took a long breath and her boobs went up. I squeezed her boobs harder and harder. Bhabhi combed my hairs slowly. I pinched her nipples harder.

Bhabhi let out a mild moaning. I bent down my head and started sucking her boobs. Those lovely boobs were soft and I sucked them harder. She mumbled, “I am your bhabhi. That’s enough. Stop sucking my boobs. Stoppp…” She said those words as if I was in the mood to listen to her.

I believed that she was saying those words so that I won’t stop sucking her boobs. I swirled my tongue around her areola. I sucked her nipples. I bit her nipples and pulled down gently. I kissed on her boobs, lower neck, neck, under jaws and cheeks. I looked at her and then kissed on her lips.

She kissed me back. I lifted her t-shirt and made her topless. I kissed and licked all over her upper body. I licked her navel and kissed the extra fat around her waist. My bhabhi’s hands went inside my shorts and pulled out my dick. She stroked my dick while I was eating her lips.

I stopped kissing and said, “Suck my cock, bhabhi. Wrap it with your beautiful lips.” She bent down and licked the pink dickhead. She sucked my dickhead. I felt really good. I spanked her ass while she sucked my cock. She slowly took in more of the dick. She’s really good at cock sucking. There was no hurry.

She sucked my cock slow and steady. I loved every second of it. All of my embarrassment was gone. I felt so good. I grabbed her hairs that fell in front of her while she sucked my cock. She said, “Your cock is bigger than your brother’s.” This made me feel proud and happy. She continued to suck my cock.

She sucked till half of my dick as she couldn’t take in full length. I asked her to take it completely. She said she will try. She sucked my entire cock and choked herself. She smiled after doing this and I loved it. She said that was the first time she did something like that. She licked the entire length of dick and balls.

She continued to choke herself with my dick. She sucked faster as I was getting closer to cum. She stopped sucking and saw my cock pumping out a huge load of cum. The cum spilled down on my dick and balls and on her fingers. She kept stroking my dick till entire cum came out of it.

I felt super awesome after this amazing blowjob. “Don’t tell this to anyone. This is enough for today. I will let you fuck me one day.” She smiled and went inside to clean herself. I smiled and decided to be patient. After all, my patience had led me to get a blowjob from my Bhabhi.

It will eventually lead me to fuck her. And it happened. I will describe that in the next chapter. Contact me at [email protected] for feedback, chat or fling.

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