Two naughty juniors took mw to heaven

Hi readers. I’m Vicky back with another story of mine. As you know I’m a 24-year-old horny male from a south Indian city belonging to a conservative family and religion. . I encourage you to give me your feedback and comments/suggestions in the comments section below.

Those who haven’t read my previous stories I urge you to read them once, you’ll long for reading again and again. Again this story seems a bit long as I believe foreplay things are more exciting than actual sex. This story involves me and my 2 junior girls of my college Shruthi and Mythily.

They were 2 years younger to me and studied in my college. I was in my 3rd year and they both were freshers. The first time we met was when we 3 were posted together for a project about some research on village small scale industries.

It involved about a month of intense surveillance etc and project preparation and submission. It was a really tough project. I first met them in college campus only and just after introducing, exchanged our phone numbers. From the next day, we were to go to some nearby villages till evening and come back.

We planned everything for the next day. I was told they both would come on their scooty and me on my bike. As I reached the village and was waiting for them they came. I was noticing them in detail for the first time. Both looked sexy.

Shruthi was a tall fair girl quite athletic built as she was well into sports. That day she was wearing a white tight t-shirt and three fourths. Mythily, on the other hand, was a short, a bit plump (not fat by any means) with a shapely proportional body.

She was a professional dancer and that day she was in a sleeveless kurta and salwar. I watched them both coming. We greeted each other and got to work straight away. All 3 of us split up and were to meet at lunch. After toiling in the hot sun we came back and discussed our work over a small lake like thing in the village.

We had our lunch and we were mesmerized by the village serenity. I was quite impressed by the progress they had made being freshers and praised them. They too looked at my work and praised. After ending the day we left for home. This routine continued many times.

We 3 became really close on WhatsApp and in real life too. Our conversations would go on for hours including nonprofessional chats. We started enjoying each other’s company very much. I being a senior started giving them appropriate advice regularly and cleared their doubts.

Both were really impressed. All three of us really worked hard. I was very happy and excited to work with two sexy girls closely and was enjoying the views. Anyways our project got complete and we submitted it. The teachers were too impressed with our work and praised us as well.

We were surprised and very delighted. We were even nominated for a prize. The next day I decided that I’d give them a treat for their appreciation. I planned it in a posh restaurant and both were really dressed up prettily. All through that time, I couldn’t take my eyes off them both.

Both were occasionally whispering something to each other and giggling. I was just smiling like an idiot. Anyways after the treat, they thanked me for it and insisted I should come. I agreed and left. We were in regular conversations on chat.

Finally, after about a week they invited me to Mythily’s home and said the treat was there. Till then I was not aware of their plans and dressed up in a cool t-shirt and shorts and a good deo and left at evening. As I entered the house they both welcomed me in.

I was shocked to see them both in a sexy western dress. Nobody else was there at home. When I asked her she said her parents were out of the station. I started feeling a bit uncomfortable but joined them. They had ordered some food and drink and arranged on a table and arranged some music.

After enjoying the food they put on some music and invited me to dance with them. I told I was no good at dancing but they forcibly pulled me. I noticed both the girls were trying to push more of themselves over me almost crushing me. I was hardly able to control my hard on which became visible soon.

Their perfume was exotic. After some time both started touching my dick like accidental. I jumped up in shock. Anyways after multiple attempts at cock touching now they began putting their hands for a longer time. And occasionally trying to push their asses on my dick during the dance.

Now I am confident they wanted to have a good time. I too started enjoying. I kept my hands as much as possible on their asses and received no objection from either of them. I now started boldly pressing their soft asses and boobs over their dresses. After sometime Mythily invited me to dance with her.

I obliged. Now I made no attempt to cover my hard-on which was easily visible. I went to her and put my one hand over her shoulder and held another hand and started dancing like a couple. We were swaying our bodies as close to each other as possible.

My knees were almost touching her naked knees and her boobs getting a good massage on my chest. Soon I started caressing her whole naked upper back portion and she responded by pressing onto me more. My prick was now almost rubbing in the pussy area over the dress.

As she was the same as my height, she was pushing herself more onto me. Now we started moving more like forward-backward instead of swaying sideways. It looked as if dry humping her from the front and I had my precums.

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End of this part. To be continued.

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