Bisex Xmas Party – Bisexual couples get wild after the party

My wife and I recently attended a company Xmas party that her company put on for its employees. I was expecting a very stuffy, non-exciting bash (she works in the finance industry) and I was not surprised. It was a black tie affair and was very sedate, but we still had a very good evening. There was good food and an open bar, and at least all the ladies were in sexy party dresses and all the guys looked hot in their suits and ties. We had sat at a table of 5 couples, all of whom were women my wife works with. We ate, we had a few drinks, and we danced a few times, both with each other and with the opposite member another couple that was there. I really enjoyed Dancing with Gerry.

She is a very cute 23 year old girl (I am 30). She is about 5’6, with a very athletic body. Very tight, no fat, but unfortunately, not too much boobs either, maybe a 34-A cup. She has very deep blue eyes behind her gold rimmed “librarian” glasses, and long wavy blond hair. She was wearing a strapless knee length gown that was a multi-colored sequined number and it looked great on her. Gerry’s husband Brent is also a handsome guy. He is around 6″ tall, and is the typical “tall, dark stranger” type. He wears his black hair short (ex-military type) and he has the olive skin and dark eyes of his Italian forefathers. Like myself he was wearing a suit, his being dark blue with a light blue shirt. I really enjoyed watching him dance with my wife Toni, who was in a sheer black spaghetti strapped dress that was low cut to expose some great cleavage from her 36 c-cup tits. Brent is a much better dancer than I am and Toni really liked getting out on the floor with him.

After about 3 hours at the party (about 9:30), we decided to head up to our motel room to have a few drinks and get better acquainted with each other. Toni and Gerry had been working together for a year or so, but Brent and I had never met before tonight. We went up to the room, chatting all the way. When we arrived, I flipped on the TV to a music channel, and began mixing drinks for everyone. We sat around the table and traded the usual small talk while we sipped our drinks. As I was mixing another round of drinks, Gerry suggested we should play some cards and offered to run to her room and get a deck. I said “No, don’t bother I’ve got a deck in my suitcase”. I intended to finish up the drinks and grab the cards, but before I could do so, Gerry walked over and flipped open the suitcase. Right on top near the back was a big, 9″ long, realistic looking, cock and balls dildo. Toni and I both might have died right then from embarrassment, and we must have turned 5 different shades of purple as we blushed. Everyone was quiet for a few seconds (it seemed like forever), then much to the surprise of everyone (even her husband I think), Gerry reached down and picked up the dildo. She held it up in the air and looked at it like it was a piece of nice jewelry or something and then said “now that’s a big cock!”

She looked at Toni and smiled, saying “don’t be embarrassed, we have sex toys too, Hun.” Then she put the dildo down and grabbed the cards.

We all sat back down around the table and after a few moments of awkward silence, we began chatting again as if nothing had happened. Gerry shuffled the cards and asked the group, “What shall we play?” No one answered right away and she said “how about poker?”

I told her “I don’t really have much change and no small bills either, so poker is out”

She said “How about Strip Poker?”

Silence again. I looked at Toni with one of those “where the hell is this going” looks, and Brent looked at his wife like she was insane. She just smiled and said “C’mon, we’re all friends here, right?”

Brent kind of shrugged and said “yeah, but honey…”

Then, much to my surprise, Toni said “Strip poker it is!”

My jaw must have hit the floor and I looked over at Brent who was just as shocked as I was. Then I shrugged my shoulders at him to say “what the heck” and we both agreed to strip poker.

Gerry started dealing the cards and stated the rules of the game and we were off to the races. We played several hands, and before we knew it, I was reduced to my pants and underwear, Brent was in his underwear and a shirt, Toni was still almost totally dressed, having lost only her shoes and stockings (she always was a good poker player) and Gerry was sitting there in her bra and panties. My mind was reeling, wondering where this was all going to lead, and I am sure everyone else was thinking the same thing. The cards took a turn for her and 4 hands later, my lovely wife was rendered naked. She looked beautiful sitting there, her big brown eyes large with embarrassment, and her shoulder length brown hair pushed back on one side. Her perky tits were sticking out and her nipples were really hard and pushing out from her milky white skin. From where I was sitting, I could see her neatly trimmed bush disappear into the cleft of her thighs. I looked over and noticed that Brent was also admiring the view. I snuck a peek and could see that his cock was hard enough to be pushing against the fabric of his cotton boxer briefs. We all teased Toni about being the first one out, but as Brent began shuffling for another hand, Gerry said “It’s not right, her being the only one naked here. C’mon guys, let’s all get naked and then we can play something else.”

Well, we didn’t need to be told twice and the three of us stripped down to nothing, although Brent did his best to try and hide the fact that he had a raging hard on. I also had a hard-on, but I figured at this point why hide it.

Gerry looked at my cock and said “Toni, that’s a pretty big cock there, I don’t understand why you need the dildo.” My cock is about 6.5 inches long and 2 inches thick.

Toni smiled and coyly said “We find uses for it” then she winked at Gerry. “Besides from what I can see, you are doing all right too.”

With that I looked over at Brent and could see that he was no longer hiding his cock. It was a little longer than mine, maybe 7 inches, and was probably just as thick if not a little bit thicker than mine. Interestingly, he was uncircumcised, and the head of is cock was about half hidden behind his foreskin. It was a nice looking dick, the head was a light crimson color, the shaft the same olive tone as his skin and I could see the outline of the vein that ran down the middle of the shaft. It was very hard and was pointing slightly upward towards his abdomen.

Gerry was very hot naked. She has a great body, I could see the feminine outline of six-pack abs, her small tits were very firm looking and her nipples were rock hard and jutting out from her small mounds about half an inch. Her pussy was waxed totally bald. Her long legs were very shapely. She looked at Toni with her blue eyes and said, “To hell with cards, I’m too horny. Do you mind?”

Toni shook her head no, and Gerry leaned over and began lustily French kissing her husband, while caressing his cock with her hand. As Toni and I watched, Brent stood up and pulled his wife back onto the bed with him. He lay down on his back and they continued to kiss. Then Gerry slid down, kissing his body all over, slowly working her way to his groin. She kissed and licked his inner thighs, then took his hard cock into her mouth and began sucking his cock while we watched. I jumped a little as my wife reached over and began to stroke my rock hard cock, never taking her eyes off of the show in front of us. I was already leaking a lot of precum and soon my dick was getting a slick hand job from my wife as I was frantically fingering her pussy. Gerry continued sucking on Brent’s cock while she moved her body around and planted her bare pussy right on Brent’s face. Soon the noise of her blowjob was joined by the wet slurping sounds of Brent eating her cunt. My wife began to moan loudly and told me to frig her pussy faster. Within seconds her wet cunt was flooded even more with the juices of her first orgasm. When we turned back towards the bed, we noticed that the action had stopped and they were both looking at us.

“Listen” Gerry said “I don’t wanna pressure you guys, but if you want to join in, that would be cool”. Toni and I looked at each other then almost simultaneously smiled and nodded. We stood and walked over, joining the other couple already on the bed. Toni got on all fours and began taking turns with Gerry sucking Brent’s cock. I lay on my back with my head in the “V” of my wife’s legs and began noisily sucking her pussy and clit. Brent also began eating out his own wife’s cunt again. We stayed like this for a while until my wife said “I want some cock in my pussy, who wants it?”

Brent and I both said “I do”, but Toni said to me “You can have it whenever you want, honey. Can Brent fuck me now?”

I smiled and said “You’re right, go ahead and let him fuck you, but I get to lick your clit while he does it.” Toni looked at Brent, who nodded his head okay (I think he would’ve agreed to anything at that point). So Toni spun around into a 69 position, and as I watched from 6 inches away, Brent kneeled behind her and stuffed his fat cock into my wife’s hot cunny. As he slowly began to fuck her, I stuck out my tongue and began to lap at her clit and sloppy wet pussy. As Brent fucked her his heavy ball sack was brushing across my nose, and I would occasionally lick his shaft “on accident” as he pistoned in and out. I felt the bed move a bit and soon I felt the warm velvety softness of Gerry’s pussy as Toni sat up and Gerry sat on my cock cowgirl style. Soon the girls were making out as they were being fucked by each other’s husband. Toni’s body suddenly tensed and I could tell that she was coming again as we all fucked, sucked, or kissed her. The scene was very hot and Brent was really picking up the pace, ramming his cock in and out of Toni’s pussy while I licked at both of them like a starting man. Brent was fucking her so hard that his cock popped out of her pussy and when he thrust forward I took it right into my mouth. He fucked my face two or three strokes then reached down and used his hand to stuff his prick back into Toni’s snatch. He thrust in and out about 10 times then said “I’m coming”. With that he pulled his cock out of her pussy and jacked off, shooting hot sticky cum all over her ass, back pussy, and my face. It was quite a load! As he sat back to rest, I used my tongue and fingers to clean up all the cum I could find and ate every last drop. I looked over at Brent and he smiled lustily at me “That’s cool” he said.

Meanwhile, Toni had reached down and was playing with Gerry’s clit while my cock was up in her pussy. Gerry began to moan, and writhe around, and really bounced on my cock. I could actually feel her pussy tighten up as she began to cum…and cum…and cum. Her orgasm was shattering. She must have come for more than a minute. Her pussy was like a vice clamping and unclamping on my cock. It was too much and I shot a big load of jism right up in her pussy. We all collapsed onto the bed to catch our breath, then Brent crawled over and began to lap at Gerry’s dripping snatch, cleaning out the load of cum that I had just shot into her steamy box. Before long Gerry was again caught up in the throes of orgasm, when Toni leaned down and eased Brent out of her way. “I want some of that Too,” she said.

Brent sat back and looked at me with a confused look on his face. His cock, like mine, was rock hard again. As Toni ate his wife’s pussy he said to me “I’m not gay or anything…but…”

I silenced him by leaning forward and sucking his cock into my mouth. I could taste the mingled juices of my wife’s pussy and his cum on his cock as I sucked on it. I used my hand to stroke his shaft while I sucked him, and played with his still heavy looking balls with the other hand. I heard a gasp and looked over at the bed to see Gerry sitting next to my wife, with one hand over her mouth looking surprised, and the other hand playing with her pussy. She seemed even more surprised when she realized she was frigging off to the sight of me sucking her husbands cock.

He looked at her and smiled, the pushed me off of his cock and back onto the bed. Then he leaned down and took hold of my cock. He held it n his hand and looked at it for a moment, and then he leaned down and took me into his mouth. It was not a great blowjob, too much teeth, and not deep enough, but it was fucking hot none the less. Gerry watched as Brent sucked on my prick and continued finger fucking herself, while Toni went to the suitcase and grabbed the dildo that had started this whole thing. Toni walked back to the bed and knelt on the floor in front of Gerry. Toni took the head of the dildo and began rubbing it on Gerry’s pussy. Gerry took her hand away and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the dildo. Toni slowly worked the head, then the shaft of the rubber cock into her girlfriends pussy, then began to fuck her with it, faster and faster.

Brent and I wriggled around on the floor until we were in a 69 position, lying side by side and we sucked each other’s cocks while Toni was fucking Gerry with the dildo and licking her clit at the same time. Gerry soon came again and the girls switched positions, Gerry now using the dildo on Toni’s cunt. As I watched Gerry suddenly pulled the dildo out of Toni’s pussy with a “plop” and dove her face into that sloppy box and ate her out until she had a screaming orgasm.

It was too much and without warning, I blew a load of cum right in Brent’s mouth which he swallowed like an old pro. This pushed him over the edge and he blew his wad into my mouth too. I held it in my mouth, savoring it as I stood up and walked over to my exhausted wife on the bed. I leaned down top kiss her and we shared Brent’s load between us.

All in all, I guess it was a great Xmas party. I can’t wait till next year.

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