My Sluty Girlfriend Alpana & My Sister Bela

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Hi All! Let me narrate the incident that has actually changed 3 lives. My Girlfriend Alpana and I live together. Though I am straight, Alpana is bisexual. There have been a couple of women she has been sexually involved with and I know of it. In fact Alpana and I have often talked about having a 3 some with one of her girls. But it somehow never really happened.

Then one day, my sister Bela came to town for some work. She is 3 years older to me and about a year older to Alpana. Though she was to go back the same day, she got delayed and I asked her to stay with us and leave the next morning. Alpana too thought it was the best thing to do rather than drive at night. So, Bela decided to stay the night.

We went out for dinner and then we went to a lounge bar for a couple of drinks. After we had a few drinks, we got dancing, the three of us and I saw this twinkle in Bela’s eyes when I was kissing Alpana full on her mouth with out tongues rubbing against one another’s. So, I took my hands of Alpana’s shoulders and with one hand pulled Bela closer so that now the 3 of us were dancing closely, touching one another inadvertently. With the loud music in the background each time I was talking to Bela, my mouth was almost touching her ears and that was exactly the case when Alpana was talking to Bela too. But there was nothing unusual about it of course.

Then Alpana whispered in my ears that she found Bela rather attractive and was getting wet with the imagination of having her to suck her breasts! I told Alpana that my sister Bela was not bisexual and so she should forget about these thoughts. After several drinks the 3 of us left for home. Once inside, we sat down and Alpana asked Bela if she would have another Martini, the last one before we finally hit the sack! Bela, though rather full with her quota of martinis agreed to have the one last one. Alpana asked me if I too wanted a drink, but I told her to just get one and that I would just have a sip or two. As we sat down chatting, Alpana offered me a sip from her mouth!

As I took a sip of the martini from Alpana’s mouth, I also kissed her full on her lips and held her lower lip in my teeth lightly and pulled it. Alpana told me that this was not the best place to do it as my sister was right there hardly a few feet away. Bela grinned and said she really didn’t care what her brother and his girlfriend and in hostel and later, she was used to seeing such displays of affection between lovers! Alpana thought this to be really cool and so after returning Bela’s grin she thrust her tongue into my mouth and I readily accepted it and sucked on it for a few delicious minutes. I was indeed feeling a little strange now tongue sucking my girl right before my older sister. True, Bela and I have been close and open, but this was something I had never thought would happen. As our mouths parted, I went and sat next to my sister and generally hugged her for being such a wonderful person in my life. Alpana too came and sat to Bela’s other side. As we were talking Alpana kissed Bela on her cheek and said that she found it awkward to keep kissing her boyfriend leaving Bela out of the action and so she wanted to give her a kiss too! Bela returned Alpana’s kiss fondly. I then told Bela that I too wanted a kiss from her and she lovingly kissed me on my cheek. I told her I wanted one more and was turning my face, offering her my other cheek but she did not realize that and she just happened to kiss me on my lips as I was turning my head. Three of us realized what had happened but we took it in our stride. But to my amazement, Bela held Alpana’s face in her hands and said she would give her brother’s girl a peck on the lips too! Alpana hungrily agreed to this, but she just thrust her tongue into my sister’s mouth and they went on deeply kissing each other. I didn’t know what was happening, seeing the two most important women in my life sucking one another’s tongues! To this I remarked to Bela that Alpana was bisexual and something that she perhaps did not know! Bela’s eyes light up. She said she was curious!

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