My Big Boobed Younger Sister

This is based on my experience. I was 22 when this incident happened. My sister Lakshmi was 19. It took place during midsummer when Lakshmi was preparing for her entrance exams.

In our moderately wealthy household, there was always protein-rich food. Most days you will find good fish and meat. Lakshmi likes chicken. Her figure was like a grown-up lady, than other girls in her age. Once I heard my mother telling my relative aunty, “Girl grew up like anything. The bra she bought six months ago doesn’t fit her anymore.”

Auntie said, “Girls are like that, especially when you have more non-veg, they grow up fast”. My mother said, “Oh but it’s a bit too much.”

Even so, I had never looked at my sister differently. Lakshmi was very beautiful with a fair complexion and a cute face. Her lips were blood-red.

My attitude toward her changed because of a book given to me by my friend. It was the first time I was reading about incest sex between a brother and sister. I masturbated many times after reading it. After that, when I saw Lakshmi, my mind changed to another way. That was when I really noticed her beauty. Her perky breasts, heart-shaped ass, fatty thighs, fatty hands, and feet, curly long hair till her thighs and always-sweaty armpits. I felt an insatiable desire to see her tender butt with her fat thighs. But no chance came.

One day, our parents went to a wedding far away. Lakshmi and I were alone at home. After lunch, I went to the living room and picked up a magazine and flipped through it. My mind was completely disturbed. It was the first time I had been alone with Lakshmi since I started seeing her differently. But I had no idea how my wish would work. I thought of many ways to pretend to read the magazine.

Then I heard someone washing outside. I went and looked through the window. My sister was washing clothes. I gazed longingly at her fat, butter-colored legs beneath her skirt. Then I went back after rubbing my penis through my pants.

After a while, I heard Lakshmi entering and closing the back door. I read the magazine with a beating heart. Lakshmi walked in and came straight in front of me and stood under the fan.

“Oh, it’s very hot these days”, she said to herself. I looked at her. Her outfit consisted of a black skirt and a light red tight shirt. I wonder if my breathing had stopped for a second. The entire front of the shirt was wet, and she was sweating. I could clearly see her full breasts splashing under that wet shirt. She was not wearing a bra. The nipples were sticking out. The lower buttons of her shirt were open and her stomach and navel were showing. I had my mouth open and was like, “Wow!”

“Your clothes are wet,” I said, clearing my throat.

“Oh yeah, I was washing my inner. It will dry soon” she said without flinching even though she knew that I was seeing her breasts. Then she went straight to the nearby bed and lay down.

“Haa, it’s good to sleep like this,” she said. My cock throbbed at the sight of my sexy sister lying on the bed.

“I also wanted to read something. Give it, bro,” she said looking at me. I picked up a movie magazine and gave it to her. I got a closer view of her stomach and navel. She picked up the magazine and flipped the pages. I was looking at her continuously. In between, she folded one of her straight legs up.

The skirt slid down past her knees and exposed half of her plump thighs. She had thick, buttery thighs with small hair growing on them. It was a sight that took me out of control. She lazily flipped through the magazine. Then she put it aside and looked at me.

Laks: Boring, bro.

Me: Okay.

Laks: Shall we play something?

Me: What?

Laks: Brother, you tell me.

Me: What about chess?

Laks: Oh no, any other nice variety game?

I didn’t understand what she meant by a nice variety game.

Me: Find it yourself.

Laks: Oh… I don’t know, bro.

She made pouty lips. That reddened piece of flesh captivated me and I wanted to bite it. My mind was awakened.

“Let’s play a new game,” I said. She said nothing and looked at me with her lips stretched.

“Police and Thief,” I said.

Laks: What a joke! Are we school kids?

Me: No, this is different. Wait, I will explain.

Then I removed the ring from her finger and said, “I will hide this ring and lie down as if I am sleeping; you have to come and find the ring.”

“Where will you hide it?” my sister asked, biting her finger.

“Somewhere in my body,” I said observing her expression. I saw her blushing and her cheeks immediately turned pink.

I continued, “Then, you have to hide it. I will come, search and find it. So, whoever doesn’t get it, in the end, they will lose. But we should hide it only in the body.”

She was lying with her legs crossed looking at me with her lips stretched out. The skirt was pulled up and most of the thighs were visible.

“Let’s play?” I asked.

“What if mom and dad come?” she asked. (Then it was almost certain that she understood my intention.)

“They will come at night. It’s only half past twelve,” I said. She looked at the clock and then sat up.

Then she asked, “Can you close the door and the window, bro?” I agreed. She stood up and combed her loose hair. When she raised her hands, her shirt raised and her stomach was visible.

Me: You stay in this room. I will wait on the living room couch.

Laks: Hmm, but first you should hide. Then me.

I agreed. She went to the washroom, I didn’t know why. After 5 minutes, she came out and I saw her boobs became bigger now! Looks like my sister wore a padded bra above her grown-up boobs. Then she went to the living room now. I stared madly at her boobs.

Then I closed all the windows and went to the room and lay on the bed. I heard her close the windows too.

“Can I come, bro?” she asked. I hummed. Then I lay down with the ring inside my pant pocket. Lakshmi came and touched my body here and there. At last, she took it from my pant pocket and went away.

Laks: Now I will.

After 2 minutes, she asked me to come. I went, and she was laying on the bed. Then I touched her ankles and started searching from the bottom and moved upwards. I pressed her heavy thighs over the skirt and pressed her hands. Then I took the ring from her shirt pocket.

I went to bed again. This time, I placed the ring on my belly button. Lakshmi came and started searching. Her hand hit my crotch once or twice. She searched outside everywhere but did not get it. “Tell me where,” she said angrily.

“Look inside,” I said. Her hand got stuck at the ring near my belly, she put her hand inside my t-shirt and took it out.

Again she lay down and I went. This time, I sat on top of her, directly above her pussy. She moaned, pursed her lips, and smiled. I started to unbutton my sister’s shirt, she resisted by removing my hand. I was sad but was ready to wait. My face was above hers and I could feel her heavy breath.

Then I placed my hands above my sister’s big boobs. She resisted and removed my hands. So I got to know that she had kept it outside. I searched near her hair and yes, I found the ring in her hair.

Next was my turn. I lied down on the bed and this time, I tried to make a good move. I decided to place the ring between my ass cheeks. Then I called her to find it.

She sat on top of me and looked under my head. Then her huge boobs really pressed against my face. She searched everywhere outside and she lifted my t-shirt but did not find it anywhere. Then she asked in a soft voice, “Where now?”

I said, “Look inside”

“What?” she asked curiously. Now she would have got a notion that it would be inside the briefs. She started removing my pants and t-shirt. I helped her. And now I was in my briefs. She was able to find it from the outside itself, due to the shade of the ring. She put her hands inside my briefs and took them from my ass without hesitation!

Then she lay on the bed and called me to search. I sat above my sister’s pussy again with just my white briefs. I searched outside everywhere but did not get it. I touched her body while searching and grabbed her boobs. I started unbuttoning her shirt, she did not resist this time. I spread the shirt to both sides. She was in her black padded bra. I tried to remove it, but couldn’t. She giggled and unclasped the bra.

Lakshmi’s full breasts were completely exposed. Her light brown nipples stood out but the ring was not there. Then I pressed and patted her breasts. And then I saw the ring near her left armpit but I pretended like I did not find it. My hands started searching inside my sister’s skirt to which she resisted. And I had to remove my hands.

Then I took the ring from her armpit.

She went and I lay down again. Now, this may be my final round. So I placed it inside my briefs, near my dick. Lakshmi came to the room showing her boobs and sat right on top of my cock.

“Um.. um…” she rubbed her full cunt.

“Oh Fuck” I screamed with pain.

She stood up shockingly. Because my dick was hard and its head was very sensitive when the foreskin was peeled out. So it touched the sharp edges of the ring and it was painful. I had no other option, I had to take my dick out from my briefs and see if something happened.

She was staring at my dick and asked me, “What happened?”

I told her: For people with foreskin, this part is very sensitive, and in my case, it touched the sharp edges of the ring.

She was very curious, still staring at my average dick. Then I handed over the ring to her.

I was like, fuck, I ruined everything! But luckily not, she asked me to go out and Lakshmi was laying down.

Then she called me to search. I removed my briefs as well. I went inside the room, her skirt went up which showed her whole thighs. Then I sat above her again and this time, my bare dick was visible. Her eyes were half open. She got into a horny mood now. She said, “Bro, you have to sit for a long time. I am not coming anymore”

That was the moment I was waiting for forever! I kissed her on her cheeks, earlobes, and nose. Our noses rubbed each other and I was able to feel her heavy breath. We smooched and rolled our tongues. I kissed my sister’s big boobs and grouped them. Then I sucked her nipples. I pulled down her skirt, she was wearing black lacy panties.

I removed the panty with my mouth and smelled it, it was wet. Voila! I saw the ring there near my sister’s pussy. But I didn’t mind and ran my hand on her inner thighs. She was giggling seeing that.

I cupped my hand and kept it above her wet pussy. Then I licked her navel and kissed all over her belly. Slowly, I rubbed my finger against her clit. Lakshmi was moaning. Then I lay down and buried my face in between her legs and licked my sister’s pussy. I had a mustache and it was tickling her but she was enjoying it. She pulled my hair, and pressed my head towards her pussy. “Ahhh.. uff..” she cried in pleasure.

I licked her like crazy. Some white gel-like liquid was coming outside her pussy. I rubbed her pussy with my inner palm. I was doubtful if she would agree to make an insertion. She then held my dick and did not know what to do with it.

Then I made her pull its foreskin up and down. I said, “This is how we masturbate”. My sister was horny and she hugged me and said, “I want my brother’s to be in”. I was shocked, and now I was tense. Because I didn’t have a condom and was shit scared if my sister got pregnant.

Then I tried to avoid it by nodding my head to, “No”. But she took the initiative and said, “Check in dad’s shelf, he might have a condom.”

We searched but did not see any. Then realized that my mom had done uterus removal and they don’t need condoms.

She was sad, but she took a dildo from somewhere that she had hidden. I was shocked to see that. Being a guy, I never had the guts to buy a condom and she being 19 just got a toy for herself. I felt insulted but was happy in the end seeing that I got a partner now in case to fulfill my sexual desires.

Then we did mutual masturbation. I used a dildo to make my sister cum and she used her hand to masturbate for me.

“I am about to cum,” I said to her.

“Give a shot on my body,” she replied.

I spread my cum all over her boobs, belly, and a little on her face and nose as well. She smiled and used her panties to wipe it off. I felt guilty and went near her again and said, “Spread your legs”. She said she got her orgasm when I licked her pussy initially. But I pulled her to the bed and made her spread her legs and I slithered my tongue into my sister’s pussy.

“Ahh.. ohhh… umm.. umm…” Lakshmi moaned uncontrollably.

I licked it. My sister pressed my head between her thighs. Then I grabbed her boobs, she was still moaning with her half-eyes open. I sucked her pussy lips. I rubbed her nipples with my thumb and index finger. My face got all wet from her orgasm.

Then I smooched her and she asked me, “Now do you need anything for lunch?”

I replied “No, I drank pussy juice. My tummy is full.”

We regained our senses and it was almost 3 pm. “Shall we go out for lunch?” I asked her.

She nodded. I helped her in wearing the dress. Then she taught me how to put on and unclasp the bra. Later, we went outside for lunch.


So guys and girls, pass on your feedback as comments here. If I get good responses, then I will continue sharing one more incident with my sister. Also, let me know what we should be trying next so that I can share the experiences again and again.

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