With my ex – part1

Hi Friends, this is my first story in this platform. Myself Aaron, age 28 from Bangalore. I am sportsperson with medium built body and decent dick. The heroine of the story is Reshma my ex lover (34b-28-34) and her special attraction is her eyes.

The story dates back to 2013 when I first me her in the office cafeteria. Have I mentioned earlier I was attracted to her eyes and was mesmerised.

I kept following her and gathered details about her through my friend who is working in her project. By gods grace I was also moved to her project. Initially we used talk only about project and work related stuffs.

It was one of the outing session where we went to star hotel it was her first visit to such place and she was very happy and told about her family background. We shared our family details and party ended.

After the party over I took her for a casual walk and I proposed her with bouquet, she refused straight said she is not interested in love and she never thought me in that way.

After 3 months our project team members planned for a team outing to chickmagalur she was first hesitant to join later I have told her that it’s project sponsored so she need not worry about her share(it was lie I have taken all expense on my name)

We reached chickmagalur and everyone got settled in respective rooms. During dinner everyone started to booze, her room was also drunk. Since I never drink(sportsman) I was enjoying my friends drunken talks. Then we retired around 10

I was not feeling sleeping and it took a small walk around the resort. When I returned I saw my angel standing in her balcony and enjoying the cold weather. She saw me asked where I went. She said also wanted to go for a walk and said her roommate sloshed.

I took this opportunity and offered her join with me for a walk, she agreed with little hesitation. We walked for 15 mins and we sat near the camp fire and again I asked what she decided about my proposal. She was staring at my eyes for sometime and she slowly came near me and kissed on my lips

Reshma: You are a dream man for most of girls in our project and ODC. I have fallen for you the day you saw me. I was holding myself cause of my family situation and now I couldn’t control myself expressing my love to you.

She hugged me and started crying. I was on cloud nine and I was literally flying high. I hugged her back and this time I kissed her back, our kiss lasted for 2 minutes.

I slowly took my hands to her breast and she immediately hit my hand said you are very fast, let’s take this some other time. I understood her situation and we moved to our respective rooms.

We had happy moments during our love life. We ate together, roamed Bangalore. I used to kiss lips whenever we get chance. I used to massage her boobs and ass over her dress. She was very hesitant to do things

Life was so smooth and there came a happy as well sad news(for our love life). I was asked to move to client location and it was long term. My girl said it was great opportunity and I should not miss. Within 4 weeks I got my visa processed and I moved to client location. I got held up with work and I couldn’t talk to her properly

Fast forward 6 months, I came back to Bangalore as the project got over. I was so happy to meet to my love after 6 months. I went to meet her and tragedy hit me hard. I was shocked to see her applied sindoor on her forehead and mangalsutra.

She said that her parents forced her and she didn’t had any option has I was also not there, I was very furious I slapped her hard and went back without even seeing her face.

I was so vexed and I started drinking, smoking. I couldn’t even concentrate on my office work, my manager warned me concentrate on my work. On other hand I came hear from my common friends that she has resigned from job and will be moving to abroad where her husband working.

Life took a turn for me, I have become more addictive to alcohol and I lost my physic, also I stopped playing cricket. It was worst phase of life. I quit my job and I was taking care of my father’s business for 3 months as I need change.

Fast forward 3 years, it was mid of Jan 2017 I have a call from an unknown number and voice seems much familiar, yes it was her again

Our conversation are as follows.

Reshma: Hello aaron, This is Reshma here. Hope you are good.

My BP shoot up and I lost my sense and shouted in full force

Aaron: You bloody bitch why the hell on earth you called me. You wanted to check whether I am alive

Reshma: I am extremely sorry for disturbing you and forgive me for what you gone through cause of me.(she was weeping). I ll never disturb you and she just hung the phone.

Then I realised my mistake and dialler her number again, she picked the call in one ring. I said my apologies and asked her the reason for call

She mentioned that she need to talk to me for a job and also mentioned that she has got punishment already for cheating me I was clueless about what happened in her life

I assured her about her job as I own a company now and asked her reach my colleague who take care of hiring.

Guys this is the a point where life took a turn again and it was because of the same girl who screwed it before.

I take a pause here and will continue in parts. Sorry if so elaborative. Wish from next part there will be more spice and will make you all horny

Do reach out to me in GChat/ Mail [email protected] and share your feedback it will me correct my mistakes and write good stories.

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