I have witnessed my mom and brother

Hi All, I am Amrita (name changed) I am 32 yrs happily married and i have 4 years old son. However this story happened before 8 years, I have witnessed something of this kind for the first time in my life. Our family is of 4 members me my mom, dad and my younger brother who is 3 years younger to me. Mom got married at her early 14’s and conceived me when she was 15. when i am 24 she is 39 very well maintained, I am not exaggerating but many thought we were siblings.

I was 24 when I have witnessed this incident, I am working private frim in Bangalore. Though we are from Delhi dad settled down in Bangalore due to his job. My brother and i work for 2 different firms however on the same campus that day we both boarded our cabs to office and it was a pretty normal day at office.

Mine was an US based client and it was 4th of May and an extended weekend so not much of a work our colleagues decided to go out from office for a lunch and a movie. I was not very keen about the plan so decided to go back home. I want to check with my brother if he had some important work else thought of leaving together. Tried calling him couple of times no response from him. I started back to my home its an 35 to 40 mins by the time I reached home.

Except Mom all of us are working so we all have a spare key to our house, so once I reached I went inside my room directly, it was around 1:30 PM so thought mom would had lunch and relaxing in her room. I opened my room and changed to comfortable clothes and just relaxing on bed. I have seen my brothers clothes hanging to the hanger which he wore for the office today. (By the way ours is a 3 bhk but one of our bedrooms was used as store room so me and my brother shares same room)

I came out to the living room to look for him thinking he is also at home. I went to kitchen had some water from the refrigerator and started looking for my brother checked moms bed room and the other room no one there, so I have realised that at that moment I was the only person at home. I had lunch and went to my room not realised when I was dozed off but I wake up to the sound of our main door opening. I opened my eyes partially and looking towards the main door from the slightly opened bedroom door. I can see my brother and mom coming in so thought he was also early to home and went out with mom due to some working while I am comprehending this something which I saw just stuck me like a thunder.

Mom closed the entrance door and turned towards the living room my brother pined her to the main door and kissed her lips. My mom struggled a little bit and tried to push him away and I am in shock by his action. Thinking how dare he do that to mom and thinking he was forcing mom into a smooch. In the meanwhile mom pushed him back and hit him on this shoulder and I can hear there conversations.

Mom: Sharam nahi hai.. kapde tho change karo ( Don’t you have shame… change your clothes)

By the time she finished saying these words my brother pulled her towards him and again smooched her intensely. I am dumb stuck seeing all this and this time he is exploring her body with his hands while smooching and squeezing her breasts like a crazy lover. To my shock my mom was equally reciprocating by holding him tightly. Both unware of the audience who is watching them.

Bro: Sharam kyu…. Aur kapde change kyu karna hai… uttarna hai bas. Baki jo hum karenge uske liya kapde kha kya jaroorath hai. ( why should i I be ashamed… and why should we change clothes.. just need to remove it cause the next thing we do, don’t need any clothes)

Mom: Smiled and said besharam aur badmash ( shameless Idiot)

Saying this my brother removed her spegiti and with a little struggle untangled her bra.. my goodness her boobs still looks so perfect. Not that I didn’t seen that before but not in this awkward situation. My mom has best pair of boobs I always complement her they are still round and frim she is a 36 double D a little bigger than mine 36 C Cup.

He was enjoying the beautiful view of her boobs squeezing them and knees them. Just like a small kid he is sucking them. I can sense my mom enjoying every moment of his attention to her boobs because of her moans. He moved to her face kissed all over her face smooching and playing with their tounges. He is biting her chin rubbing his face against her neck and her breasts. She is constantly moaning and moving her hand on his bear back and hair.

He stopped what he is doing and got down from bed removed his pants, I can see him in his underwear. Before he went back on bed he removed his inner and got nude. This is the first time I saw his dick, it’s hard and erect and a pretty decent size. Mom looking at him smiling with a shy face, blushing and stealing gaze of his manhood. He went up between her leg and made an ishara(sign) with eyes asking her to remove.

Mom: Kya? (What?)
Bro: Wo (that)
Mom: With smile on her face Kya chahiya beta? ( what do you need son?)
Bro: Tumari pant kha aandar jo hai wo (I need the one inside your pants)
Mom: she moved her head making a sign like asking what ?
Bro: Mari Maa Ki ….. Mari maa ki juicy chut ( my mom’s….. my moms juicy cunt)
Mom: She laughed loud and said that’s your father’s beta. But chahiya tho khol lo ( but if you need it open it)

My brother immediately unbuttoned her tight denim and pulled the jeans down to her legs along with her panties. I have seen my moms boobs so many times while we are changing or trying new bras or blouses but first time in my life I have seen my mom’s pussy. It’s not very clear from that distance however I can see it. Completely clean and shaved. My brother dint wasted a minute after that he just spread her legs and she willingly without any hesitation or shame spread them wide open giving a clear view to her own son. In the next sec his head is between her thighs liking sucking and eating her cunt. He rubbed his entire face vigorously to her wet cunt. Like he is hungry for day and invited to a feast. Mom moaning loud and high and holding is head tight towards are cunt and caressing his hair.

Mom: Beta aaj maa ki jaan leloge kya ? Hey Bhagwan( will you take your moms life today…. Oh god)
He is busy eating her wet, juicy and delicious cunt pushing his tongue deep into her love tunnel. It went on for atleast 5 minutes and I can hear mom’s moaning more louder and she is gasping for breath. She just tapped on my brother’s back and I can sense she had an intense orgasm. Such a relief in her eyes, Both of them looked into each others eyes and I can sense what they are saying to each other. The next moment he nobbed his head and went up and smooched her with his cum filled mouth.

This is a really story to which I am the only secrete spectator. To know what happened next and where I find my hands. What happened in the evening when they saw me sleeping in my room…

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