Saving Daddy’s Christmas Bonus

Every year one of the executives at Joe’s company hosted their annual Christmas party. Not being an executive, Joe hadn’t ever had to host but had always looked forward to the event.

It was a small consulting firm and there were only thirty people in the office. The parties tended to be raucous, with everyone letting their hair down and having a better time than they perhaps should.

There was an unspoken agreement that if you attended, you left any human resource concerns at the door (or at least in a back pocket) but at the same time, it was very clear that no meant no. Alcohol was plentiful and the young and single got up to quite a bit of mischief (not to mention some of the married employees as well!). Joe had particularly enjoyed the ‘best naked photocopy’ contest the year before. Things weren’t quite at the Wolf of Wallstreet level, but they had a lot of fun.

Participation wasn’t mandatory, but attendance was pretty high. It was understood by everyone that no photos were to be taken and all evidence was to be destroyed even if it was never written down.

The other highlight of the Christmas party was the handing out of Christmas bonuses. It was handled discreetly, but the executives were typically generous, which tended to add to the celebratory atmosphere.

Joe was particularly looking forward to his bonus this year. His daughter Brandi had whined for years about the fact they didn’t have a pool and heading into her senior year at school, he’d finally relented. He wasn’t very good at holding out where his now eighteen year old daughter was concerne. It had over-extended his finances though and he was hoping the bonus would put him back on track. He was keenly aware of just how Griswold it was and of the parallels with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. He cringed every time he realised that at least Clark hadn’t put the pool in before he got the money!

— +++ —

“Hey Joe, you got a minute?” Jack Dancer asked, poking his head into Joe’s office.

“Of course Jack, come on in.”

“Thanks. Look, I’ve got something of a big favour to ask. As you know, we’re due to have the annual Christmas party next month, but we’ve run into a snag. None of the execs are able to host. They’re either mid-renovations, moving house or not in town. We really need somewhere to have this party, and if I recall, you’ve got a nice pad and you even put a pool in this year didn’t you?”

“Um, yeah, I did,” Joe replied.

“So, um, would you be up for hosting? I know you’ll need to check with the missus and so to help with that conversation, we pay for a crew to come in and completely clean your house before and after the party, its catered and so all you really provide is a venue, everything else gets taken care of.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem Jack, I’ll check with Amber and let you know.”

“Awesome, appreciate it.”

Joe wondered how much of a tough sell it would be for Amber. She’d always been house proud so it wasn’t like the house was a complete mess, but she might be afraid it was deficient in some way. She could be funny like that. At least if everything else was taken care of, she shouldn’t have much to worry about. If they hosted though, surely that wouldn’t hurt his Christmas bonus chances!

He waited until he was home and floated the idea of dinner.

“Well you can’t really say no, can you?” Amber responded to the question.

“No, not really, but it would be poor form not to ask you!”

“And that’s part of why we’re still married,” Amber teased him.

“So like, if it’s here do I get to come?” Brandi asked excitedly? She’d recently turned eighteen and knew the party meant there’d be plenty of free booze on offer.

“Absolutely not,” Amber replied. “I won’t even stay here.”

“Awwww Mum!” Brandi protested

“Those parties get out of hand. The one time I went I spent the whole night fending off unwanted advances even though the guys knew I was married. There’s no telling what they might try with a young woman like yourself there.

Both parents missed the look on Brandi’s face as she considered what it might mean. She quickly reverted to a pout at the thought of missing out.

“I guess I’ll have to see if Candy will have me over.”

“Good idea,” Amber replied.

“So I’m going to be left flying solo in my own home?”

“Oh you’ll live. Just think about the hot young interns you can perve on when they get pissed and swim in the pool.”

“Mum!” Amber decried, shocked.

“Oh shush, I know what goes on and your Dad’s not denying it either!”

— +++ —

Joe returned to the office the following day and let Jack know they’d be happy to host the party.

“Awesome news Joe,” Jack declared with a grin. “I’ll get Mandy to go over the details with you, she knows the ropes because she’s set it all up for years.

Joe went back to work and soon found a meeting drop into his calendar for Christmas Prep with Mandy. He wasn’t disappointed. Mandy was a thirty five year old brunette with a well-toned figure. She hadn’t married and according to office gossip, had something of a sexual appetite, though not many got to find out about it; certainly not anyone that was married as far as Joe knew. Like many executive assistants, she knew how to bust balls and a lot of the men in the office were almost afraid of her, but Joe just treated her like anyone else and was treated respectfully in return.

The meeting was pleasant and apart from Joe taking his time to admire the younger woman’s figure, aided by an almost sheer white blouse that made no secret of the black bra beneath, it was mostly about Mandy telling him what would happen in the week before the party and on the night of the party.

“Right, so it kind of sounds like we should move out for the week if the cleaning and preparation is going to be that fastidious. I feel like we’ll wreck things before the party starts otherwise.”

“Oh definitely. I mean most of the execs just move to their beach home or something for the week when its their turn to hose, but if you don’t have an alternative, the company will put you up in a hotel.”

“Damn, I never realised how much went into these things!”

“Well Joe that’s why I’m here, to just make things happen without anyone stressing too much.”

“I’ll be sure I never forget it,” Joe answered before returning to his desk to continue writing up the report he was working on.

— +++ —

Two weeks before the Christmas party, things went a bit shit. The end of the year was never a particularly busy time for the consulting firm, as people tended to focus on the upcoming holidays and often put off until the new year any plans for significant change. But in early November the economy had started to tank and by late in the month clients were pulling back on work they’d been scheduling for the new year. Everyone felt it. Tensions rose in the office as people started to wonder whether they’d have jobs to come back to after the holidays. There were even rumours the annual party might be cancelled

With a week until he’d been planning on moving the family to the hotel he went to see Jack.

“What’s up Joe?”

“G’day Jack, listen with everything that’s going on you’re no doubt aware there’s rumours of the Christmas shindig getting canned this year. I just wanted to check in because if it is, then I don’t need to move the family out and can save the firm some money.”

“Shit Joe, that’s generous of you, but we’ve already committed to it. There’ll be a few things we tighten up on, but the party isn’t one of them. Enjoy the time in the hotel and we’ll see how much we can trash your house at the party!”

“Um, thanks?” Joe replied, shocked at the thought.

“Relax, I’m pulling your leg,” Jack laughed.

— +++ —

A week later he, Amber and Brandi moved out of the house and into the hotel.

“Okay, I have one rule,” Brandi said the first night as they dined together in the hotel’s restaurant.”

“You’ve got a rule?” Amber asked, laughing.

“Yeah, I don’t want to hear anything, well, you know … anything through the walls given my room is next to yours.”

“So like no loud TV?” Joe teased her.

“You know what I mean,” Brandi declared. “If I hear you two trying to give me an unwanted sibling, I’m going out and picking up someone and I’ll do all sorts of crazy shit for you to listen to.”

“Is that a challenge?” her mother asked mischievously.

“NO!” Amber declared.

“Well there goes our plans for the week,” Joe sighed dramatically.


— +++ —

That night, alone together, Joe suggested they have a little fun and pretend to have wild and crazy sex just to see if Brandi would react at all.

“You know, we could just like have regular, steamy, got a hotel room to ourselves kind of sex. Then there’s no chance of Brandi following through with her threat.”

“Hmm, yeah, that could be good too.”

“Could be? I’ll show you could be!” Amber teased, slipping her dress from her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Joe growled low in his throat at her as she moved toward the bed and away from him, reaching behind herself to release the clasp on her black bra. Joe stood up from where he’d been sitting in the room’s chair and followed her, still excited by the shape of her ass in her black thong.

Amber jumped onto the bed and slithered up until she was reclined on the pillows, bra discarded. She crooked a finger at her husband.

“Get naked Joe. Get naked and come stuff that gorgeous cock of yours in my mouth.”

“Fuck, that almost sounds like a command.”

“It is.”

Joe had his clothes off in record time and moved to kneel where he could feed his wife his rapidly hardening dick. She greedily took him in her mouth as he knelt over her, rocking his hips back and forth, watching his erection slide over her tongue, her lips clamped gently around his girth. Amber continued to please her husband with her mouth for several minutes before pushing him back.

“Fuck me Baby,” she cooed. Joe grinned at her and quickly moved down her body until he was positioned correctly to drive his dick into her wet pussy. He slid in easily and started sliding in and out with a smooth, easy rhythm. Amber clutched his hips, fingers digging into him, urging him on as he repeatedly slid inside.

He varied his pace and the force of his thrusts, listening to his wife’s moans and cries in a well-practiced dance that would take her to orgasm. Once that goal had been achieved, he pounded away happily until he exploded, filling Amber’s pussy with cum.

— +++ —

Two days before the Christmas party Joe, Amber and Brandi were joined at the hotel for dinner by Jack and Carter Shaw, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Joe walked out of his room with Amber having texted Brandi to let her know it was time for dinner, having warned her the need to be on best behaviour and preferably impress two of the company’s executives. Brandi’s door opened to reveal her in a tightly fitted black top that had a transparent, V-necked panel that plunged almost to her belly-button, revealing the curvature of her ample cleavage. The vee was wide enough that Joe thought nipple exposure might have been a real risk. She’d paired the top with a simple, though short, fitted black skirt and black stilettos.

“Um. Not sure that was the ‘impress’ your father meant,” Amber said upon seeing her daughter’s outfit.

“Well, there’s no time to change, so let’s go,” Brandi said with a shrug. “It’s not like I’m indecent!

“Not quite,” her father noted.

They arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and were seated and left to wait for Jack and Carter, Joe ordering drinks for them while they waited. They weren’t kept waiting too long before first Jack and then Carter arrived.

Introductions were made before they sat down to the meal. Joe couldn’t help but note the way both Jack and Carter’s eyes were continually drawn to Brandi’s cleavage. Hell, he struggled not to look himself! Amber clearly noticed as well and didn’t appear overly pleased to have been upstaged by her eighteen year old daughter. The simple navy dress Amber wore showed her own well-maintained figure to advantage and she was used to being one of the best-looking women in the room.

Inevitably, before long talk turned to the Christmas party.

“I certainly hope we’re going to see you both there?” Jack asked the two women.

“Oh no, not my scene sorry,” Amber replied. “I’ll be hanging out with some girlfriends in a slightly less insane environment.

“Well that’s a shame,” Carter said. “What about Brandi?”

“Brandi will be at a friend’s house,” Joe said.

“Not by choice though. Candy’s fun, but I doubt it will be as good as your party Brandi noted.

“Well you’re very welcome at the party, isn’t that right Jack? Hell you could even bring your friend.” Brandi gave the tall, imposing, black man a grin that said she’d very much like to be there.”

“Of course,” Jack replied.

“Yes, well I think given some of the shenanigans that we’ve seen in the past, she can skip it this year. Maybe when she’s a little older, or perhaps an employee,” Amber suggested.

“Pity things are so tight, or I’d simply offer you a job,” Carter laughed.

“Yeah, that sucks.”

“Are things that bad?” Amber asked.

“Well, enough to be concerned, but not world-ending,” Jack assured her.

The rest of the dinner passed happily and at the end of the night, after thanking Joe and Amber for the up-coming use of their house, Carter again indicated to Brandi that if her parents had a change of heart she was welcome to attend.

As they headed back upstairs, Joe said to Amber, “I hope they don’t cut Christmas bonuses. With what we owe on the pool, that would make things pretty fucking uncomfortable.”

“Is it really that bad Daddy?”

“Oh I’m sure it will be fine Brandi,” Amber reassured her daughter.

“Yeah, I’m probably panicking over nothing,” Joe added. They fell silent until they were back in the hotel room.

— +++ —

The day of the party, Brandi told her parents she couldn’t get to Candy’s until just before the party, giving her an excuse to hang around while things were being set up. The house and back deck already looked like Elves had been decorating for months, so it was mostly about the food and drinks.

When the wait staff showed up, she started chatting to one of the young women, finding something of a kindred spirit.

“So have you done one of these parties before?” Brandi asked Arabelle.

“Not for this company. I’ve been told these ones get pretty out there though. Like we had to sign non-disclosure agreements as shit, just in case as they put it, “There’s any nudity or anything.”


“Yeah, not quite the usual Corporate Christmas party briefing, I assure you. And check out the outfits we’re serving in! It’s probably why this gig is paying so well.”

Arabelle led Brandi into her own bedroom that had been set up as a change room for the female waitstaff. She showed Brandi a kinky elf’s costume that was clearly going to show a lot of skin; a tiny green skirt with fur trim and matching bra-top. Knee-high black leather boots and a Santa hat completed the outfit.

“Damn, that’s all sorts of kinky-cute!” Brandi gushed. “Can I watch you get dressed?”

“Yeah, sure,” Arabelle replied with a grin, starting to strip out of the jeans and t-shirt she was wearing. Brandi quickly texted her friend Candy while she watched the slim young brunette change.

“Change of plans Candy, I’m coming to yours, then we’re sneaking back here to party,” Brandi sent.

“Fuck you look so hot!” Brandi exclaimed when she saw Arabelle in her outfit. “I don’t suppose there’s any spares?”

“There are actually. Apparently just in case we spill something or there’s a wardrobe malfunction.”

“Cool,” Brandi replied, mind spinning with conspiratorial schemes.

She ran into her father a few minutes after having watched Arabelle change. She was no stranger to a bit of fun with Candy and had to admit that if Arabelle had given any indication she was offering, Brandi would have been down for some fun.

“Shouldn’t you be headed to Candy’s?” her father asked.

“Do I have to?”

“You know you do.”

“Only because Mum says I have to though. You don’t really mind if I stay do you Daddy? We don’t have to tell Mum, as far as she’ll know I’ll have been at Candy’s.”

“There’s no way I’m risking your mother’s wrath on a scheme like that,” Joe answered.

“Fine, I’ll go and miss all the fun then.”

“You’ll be fine sweetie,” Joe assured her. Brandi texted her friend again and went down to her car. She drove to her friend’s place and met up with her.

“So what’s with all the secrecy?” Candy asked.

Brandi gave her a run down of the plan to sneak back into the house, get hold of a couple of spare elf outfits and enjoy the party.

“Your Dad will totally bust us,” Candy said.

“Who cares. Once we’re there I’ll threaten to cause a massive scene if he makes me leave. We’ll be fine. He’ll be pissed with me tomorrow and I’ll probably be grounded for like, ever, but I totally want to see what happens at this party!

“Cool, let’s do it then!” They hung out at Candy’s for a couple of hours to let people get into the swing of the party, figuring if everyone was drinking there was a lot less chance of being busted. When it was time, Candy drove within a block of Brandi’s house, then they parked and walked the last few houses. They snuck down the side of the house and made it in through the side.

It seemed like everyone had arrived which meant the focus of the party was out on the back deck area where the pool was.

“How hot do they look?” Candy whispered to Brandi, pointing out the waitstaff dressed as elves. There were four girls in the same outfits that Arabelle had put on and two guys in tiny little Santa shorts that showed their generous packages to advantage. They were both extremely fit and had oiled their well-defined chests.

“God, something tells me I’m going on the naughty list tonight,” Brandi giggled. They slipped into her bedroom unseen and found the stash of spare costumes. With much giggling and a little bit of very deliberate touching the two girls dressed as sexy little elves.

“Are we actually going to have to serve guests?” Candy asked.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess we will. I’ll see if I can snag Arabelle and let her in on what we’re doing. I’m sure she’ll help if we don’t make things terrible for her.”

“Also, what’s the end goal tonight?” Candy asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, we’re dressed up as sexy little elves and there’s going to be all these really drunk people down there partying their asses off. Are we going to get laid?”

“I honestly hadn’t thought that far,” Brandi admitted.

“But you’re cool if I do?”

“Of course. Shouldn’t be hard either given how amazing you look.”

“Ooo, careful, if you keep flattering me, I might get all horny and want more from you.”

“Well in that case … is your pussy as wet as your tits are awesome?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I would actually. I reckon I could totally be a slutty little lesbo elf!” She advanced on her slightly taller friend, eyes locked on Candy’s blue-eyed gaze. She stepped within her friend’s personal space and ran a finger along the curve of her large breast. “These costumes really don’t do a lot to keep you in, do they?” she asked, pulling the cup down to expose Candy’s wonderful, round C-cup breast.

“You’re right, they don’t,” Candy countered, doing the same thing to Brandi. Moments later they’d both pushed the straps of their elf tops down each other’s arms so they were effectively topless.

In unspoken agreement they closed the remaining space between them and kissed, tangling their tongues together and pressing their ample bosoms together. As it broke, Candy bent her head to Brandi’s left tit and gave the already-hard nipple a long, lingering suck.

“God I wish my tits were as big as yours,’ Candy commented as she often had, fondling Brandi’s double-D’s.

“Nothing wrong with yours! Shit, when you take a bra off they don’t even move. They defy gravity!”

“They are pretty good like that,” Candy giggled, fondling and presenting them. Brandi put her hands over Candy’s at least until Candy withdrew them, leaving Brandi to play with them. They kissed again and then tumbled onto Brandi’s parent’s bed.

“Fuck, I really am wet now,” Candy moaned.

“Good,” Brandi answered.

“You going to eat me?”

“Well I would, but like shouldn’t we head downstairs to the party? I mean, it is why we’re here.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Candy replied, only slightly faking her disappointment.

“Let me just find Arabelle first.” Brandi said after leading Candy to the top of the stairs. When she spotted the young waitress she’d spoken to earlier in the day, she quickly followed her and dragged her aside.

“Oh wow, you look good,” Arabelle said admiringly.

“Thanks! Um, look can you give me some pointers on what you’re supposed to be doing … like my friend and I want to have some fun, but we don’t want to get too busted either.”

“Well it shouldn’t be too hard. Most people are well on the way to not caring about what’s going on. Basically we walk around with trays of drinks and people grab them. Sometimes we’re asked to get something specific, but most of those people actually go to the bar.”

“What about your boss?”

“She’s busy out the back, you should be fine.”

“Cool, well, here goes nothing then!” She waved Candy down stairs and Arabelle set them up with trays and quickly showed them enough of the ropes for them not to embarrass themselves.

As they carried drinks out to the deck, they found the party in full swing. People clearly weren’t holding back. There was a group of young people dancing, some merely chatting and drinking and some mucking about by the pool. Everyone was dressed up, though to Brandi it seemed there was more of a swing to the slutty end of the spectrum than she’d have expected for a work event.

A few of the guys remarked upon seeing Brandi and Candy that they hadn’t seen them earlier, most of them insisting they’d have noticed if they’d been there. Brandi and Candy i just laughed it off and gave them drinks. If they weren’t being questioned about whether they had been there earlier, they were receiving propositions from horny, drunk guys. They laughed them off just as much, though Candy appeared to be wavering as time wore on.

“Okay people, time for the boring bit! Before you all get too pissed to remember anything” Jack announced to the crowd who laughed and gathered in to listen. He was joined by Brian Wellington, the CFO and Carter who Brandi had met over dinner.

“Who’s the big black guy, he’s hot!” Candy hissed in Brandi’s ear.

“Chief Technology Officer,” Candy told her. “He’s the one that kept telling me I should come to the party … and bring you along.”

“Very interesting,” Candy said suggestively.

“So, once again, thanks to everyone for another year of hard work. We wouldn’t be where we are without you and we truly appreciate the effort you put in. Normally at this time, that means one of us starts playing Santa and handing out bonuses. Sadly this year we can’t do that.”

Moans of dismay filled the deck area.

“Wait, before you get too concerned, bonuses are still on the table, its just we have to make sure we get through the next two months and turn things around a bit. We’re forecasting they’ll be paid in March.”

Brandi didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of what was said. The mood had turned a little sour and she had a feeling people would be wanting drinks. She wasn’t wrong. For the next fifteen minutes or so both girls were kept busy even though they weren’t supposed to be working!

“Hey Brandi, come with me a sec,” Candy said, grabbing her friend a few minutes later. She pulled her aside and found a spot where they could talk.

“What’s up?” Brandi asked.

“Is your Dad in like financial trouble?”

“Not that I know of, why?”

“I just overheard him talking with some people about the delayed bonus payments and he sounded pretty worried. I hope it’s all good.”

“I’m sure it will be.”

“Just that he said something about being over-extended and March maybe costing him the house if he didn’t get the bonus in time.”

“Seems a bit extreme, but thanks for letting me know.”

The heard a splash from outside and went to investigate, along with all the other party guests. One of the young interns, Jenny was in the pool. She’d been wearing a sexy little red bandage dress, but by the time Brandi and Candy were outside, she’d peeled it off and dropped it on the side of the pool. Her shoes followed and then she just lazily floated on her back, her cute little tits on display for everyone to see, a red thong covering her pussy. After people recovered from the shock of her falling in, they celebrated her choice to remain topless.

“The water’s so nice!” Jenny declared. “You should come in too Sam!”

Brandi and Candy watched as another young woman walked to the side of the pool, wiggled out of her tight black dress and after stepping out of her heels, jumped in wearing just a black strapless bra and matching thong. Not long after that a couple of guys stripped to their boxers and joined them.

“Maybe this is why Dad was concerned about me being here,” Brandi giggled.

“Yeah, I don’t think my Dad’s company has parties like this!” Candy agreed. “That dark haired guy in the pool is kind of cute. Maybe I should jump in the pool too.”

“Um, probably not the way to keep a low profile?” Brandi suggested. “At least, give it an hour perhaps, people should be well wasted by then.”

The two girls collected drinks and circled the party again, Brandi pondering what Candy had overheard.

“Hey, Brandi, isn’t it?” Carter Shaw asked Brandi as he snagged a drink from her tray. “I didn’t think you were going to be here and now you’re working here?”

“Um, well, Dad doesn’t know I’m here and I’m not exactly working. Well, not getting paid at least,” she admitted to the tall man. As he looked down to meet her gaze she saw his eyes flick to her cleavage. Almost unconsciously she squeezed her arms together a bit, crushing her tits together to boost her cleavage. She noted his eyes flare before he dragged them back up to hers.

“Sounds kind of risky,” Carter suggested.

“Sometimes you have to just live,” Brandi declared.

“I like your style,” Carter laughed.

“Hey Mr. Shaw, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can and please, call me Carter. I feel old when you call me Mr. Shaw.”

“You’re definitely not too old,” Brandi said, resting her free hand on his forearm and enjoying his gaze flicking to her tits again. “Okay, so I heard the whole speech earlier and the thing about bonuses. I was just wondering if there was anyway someone could like still get theirs early?”

“Well not really, it wouldn’t be fair if someone was singled out.”

“Like there’s no way at all?”

“Oh there’s always a way, but as a minimum it would need three executive signatures. Why do you ask?”

“I think Dad may have over-extended. Something he said to Mom recently. He mumbled something about being worse than Clark Griswold. So like if I were to ask you like, really really nicely, would you support my Dad getting his?” She trailed a finger over the curve of her double-D breast, just inside the fur lining of the ‘elf-bra’.

“Well, I don’t think asking really really nicely quite cuts it sorry Brandi, I mean, anyone can do that.”

“You’re not married, are you Carter?” Brandi asked, glancing at his hand.

“Nope. There would be zero chance any of the Execs could get away with this party if we were married.”

“Well then I think you’d better come with me so I can get a chance to convince you of the merits of paying my Dad a bonus.” As she spoke she discretely pulled one cup down, exposing her hard nipple. She reached out, took Carter’s hand and led him up the stairs, glancing about quickly to make sure no-one was looking, surprised when Carter allowed himself to be so easily led.

After closing the door behind them, Brandi slipped the straps of her top from her shoulders and exposed both of her sizeable breasts.

“So now I’m going to ask really really really nicely,” Brandi said, moving close to Carter and kneeling down in front of him. She sat back on her heels and started undoing his pants. Carter simply stared.

When she pulled his cock free, she was impressed by it’s length and girth. It was bigger than anything she’d held before, a good eight and a half inches long and fat enough she couldn’t close her small fingers around it. She gently stroked him, feeling him harden in her grasp.

“Daddy could really use a bonus Carter,:” she said, leaning in toward his cock, her breath wafting across it. She felt him flinch in her hand. “I’m sure I could come up with a really good argument.” She took the large head of his uncut cock in her mouth and sucked gently.

“That’s not a bad argument,” Carter moaned. Brandi took him deeper, hand stroking the base while her mouth slid slowly down his length, tongue caressing the underside. She could feel him hardening further until he was rock solid in her mouth as her lips slid down and back up the smooth skin of his shaft. She used both hands, one caressing his balls and the other working his shaft, all while bobbing her head up and down. She looked up and met Carter’s gaze and hummed; sending vibrations through his cock. She sucked him thoroughly, cheeks dimpling as she pulled her mouth back up his length. Occasionally she’d push her head down as far as she could and hold until she gagged. Carter was on the verge of cumming when she stopped.

“So, about that bonus?”

“Not a bad argument, but I can’t make any promises. There’s two more execs that would have to be convinced and I can’t exactly say, “I think we should pay him a bonus because his daughter gives great head!”

“What about, we should pay him a bonus because she blew us … or fucked us?”


“That’s how much this means to me Carter. All you have to do is suggest they stop by up here to hear my very persuasive argument as to why he should be paid.”

“I’m not sure that would work.”

Brandi sucked his cock back into her mouth. “How about you at least commit to trying?” She stood up, then turned away from him and bent over, putting her head between her legs to look back up at him, the short little elf skirt now doing nothing to hide the red thong she’d put on underneath it.

“Just think Carter, how tight do you think my pussy is? Why don’t you slide one finger in there and get a little sample?”

Carter reached a hand out and caressed the smooth skin of Brandi’s naked ass. He used a single finger to move the string of her thong aside and slid it between her lips. He found the entrance to her vagina and pushed easily inside.

“Mmmm, I think I’d need about four of your fingers before it felt big enough to be your dick,” Brandi moaned. The finger pushed in and out a little and then Brandi stood up. “I really think you should have Jack and … um, the other guy swing by to hear my argument Carter.”

“Well I have to admit, you can be very persuasive. I’ll see what I can do.”

Brandi took hold of the finger Carter had inserted in his pussy and sucked it into her mouth. “Try really hard Carter. I’ll keep an eye out for someone headed up the stairs … but like, only Jack and …”

“Brian,” Carter supplied. They made their way back downstairs, being sure to separate enough that people wouldn’t talk if they were paying attention.

She handed out drinks for about fifteen minutes before Carter circled past while she was talking to Candy.

“Hey Carter, this is my friend Candy that I told you about over dinner,” she introduced her friend. Carter’s eyes undressed her with his eyes.

“Nice to meet you Candy.”

“Nice to meet you Carter,” Candy replied, biting her lip and twirling a strand of her brown hair around a finger.

“Good God she’s almost as bad as you,” Carter laughed, speaking to Brandi.

“Oh no, I’m much worse than Brandi,” Candy teased.

“Right well, about our conversation before Brandi, you might want to um, you know, move along, it seems Brian was quite interested to hear your argument.”

“Oh cool, thanks.”

“I’ll see you a bit later,” Carter said, taking a drink from Brandi’s tray.

“What the fuck was that about?” Candy asked her friend when Carter had moved on.

“I um, kind of hinted I might like, do some stuff to get Dad’s bonus paid?”

“Do some stuff?”

“You know, like, blow jobs, hand jobs that sort of thing?”

“Kind of sort of?”

“I may have already sucked Carter’s cock a bit. And it might just be huge. I’ll catch up with you a bit later.”

Candy tried to protest her departure in search of more answers, but Brandi slipped away. She made her way back to her parent’s bedroom where she found Brian Wellington waiting for her. He was middle-aged, white and nothing extraordinary.

“Hi there, Brandi is it?” he asked confidently in a deep voice.

“That’s me. And you’re Brian I take it.”

“Indeed I am. I hear you had a rather persuasive argument as to why your father should be paid a bonus?”

“Um, how much did Carter tell you?”

“Enough to think that top isn’t necessary,” Brian replied. Brandi smiled at him.

“Guess that saves some awkward conversation!” She slipped her top down and exposed her breasts.

“May I?” Brian asked, a hand reaching toward her tit.

“You may,” Brandi answered with a smile. His hand closed over her breast, squeezing firmly.

“Now that is surely one of the world’s natural wonders.”

“Thank you,” Brandi smiled. Her other breast was taken in his other hand and Brandi reached for his pants to release them. Brian wasn’t in perfect shape, but Brandi was at least grateful he wasn’t grossly overweight.

She dropped to her knees as she dragged his pants down, exposing his already hard cock. It was average, nowhere near the size of Carter’s. She didn’t feel the same need to play up to Brian as she had to Carter. After all, Brian was already committed. She took him in hand, thumb and forefinger circled around the base, palm against his abdomen and then sucked his dick into her mouth. She used her tongue, swirling it around the head and fluttering it against the underside as her lips slid up and down. She felt Brian’s hands on her head and was ready to clamp down on him if he started face-fucking her, but fortunately, he didn’t go there, he simply rested his hands there as she worked his cock.

She gave him a serviceable blow job designed to get him off quickly rather than being anything spectacular. It wasn’t too long and she had him grunting and groaning, his hips thrusting his cock toward her mouth. She felt him tense up and then he exploded, his hot salty cum flooding her mouth. Thinking of her Dad’s bonus, she swallowed his orgasm down.

“What do you think Brian, does my Dad deserve a bonus?” she asked, sitting back on her heels, fondling her tits as Brian restored his pants.

“I think if you can convince Jack you’ll be well on the way,” Brian replied with a smile.

While Brian returned to the party, Brandi went and brushed her teeth. She was just preparing to return to the party herself when Jack slipped inside the bedroom.

“Oh hey Jack,” she greeted him.

“Brandi, you look truly stunning. I can’t believe I didn’t spot you circling around down there with drinks.”

“Well I was kind of avoiding you,” Brandi laughed. “I mean, Mum really didn’t want me exposed to whatever goes on down there. Lucky she doesn’t know about what’s going on up here!”

“No doubt,” Jack replied. “And what is going on up her? What are you offering in return for a significant sum of money for your father?”

“Well, I guess that depends on what its going to take. I mean, I’m sure Brian told you about our discussion.”

“He did indeed. But Carter also told me something and I think perhaps Brian was a little short-sighted.”

“Well in that case, how about a blow job and you can touch me … anywhere you like.”

“A generous offer, and a good strategy to start low with the negotiation, but I’m going to teach you something else, because I’m the CEO and I hold all the cards. I have something you want and so I get to hold out until you reach something I deem worthy. So, rather than me telling you my price, why don’t you just cut through all the little increments and tell me what you’re willing to do to save the family home. I take it that’s what’s at stake.”

Brandi stood and surveyed him. Like Carter, he clearly still worked to keep in shape. His grey hair was still full and combed back over his head, giving him a distinct silver fox look that Brandi knew must work for him with a lot of women.

“Sex, Jack. I’m prepared to offer you sex; vaginal sex with a condom.”

“Done,” Jack replied. “And well done on the qualifications, always good to close the loop holes.”

“Thank you, now, to business … what position would you like me in Jack?”

“On your back please Brandi, I want to see those magnificent tits and that pretty face while I plunge inside you. Brandi quickly slipped off her top, skirt and thong and was about to remove her heels when Jack asked her not to. She crawled onto the bed, wiggling her ass to excite him, then rolled onto her back and spread her legs, one hand drifting between them to tease her already wet pussy.

“Come on Jack, let’s see what we’re working with,” she cooed at him.

Jack calmly disrobed while standing at the foot of the bed. When he was naked, Brandi wasn’t disappointed. He carried a little weight, but he was in good shape for a man of his age. He moved onto the bed, running his fingers up her legs as he went. When his head was level with her pussy, he leaned in and inhaled.

“You smell intoxicating,” he said quietly.

“Probably better than intoxicated like most people at the party,” Brandi replied with a laugh.

“Too true.” He ran his tongue directly over Brandi’s bald slit, sliding it between her slick lips. He spent a few minutes there, teasing and tasting her, tongue flickering over her clit and delving within. Brandi relaxed and enjoyed it. Jack was skilled and she wasn’t about to complain about the pleasure coursing through her.

He moved again before she’d managed to get as far as an orgasm and this time lingered over her breasts, exploring them with finger, lips, teeth and tongue. Brandi could feel his hard cock against her thigh as he did so and worked to grind herself against his body. He had turned her on enough to get her wanting him beyond the transaction of saving her father’s bonus. He was proving skilled and attentive and Brandi briefly pondered the possibility of meeting up with him again some time … but that was getting way ahead of things.

When he next moved she felt his cock head pressed against her pussy lips.

“Good?” he asked, confirming her willingness to proceed.

“Excellent,” Brandi replied, giving both consent and a little thrust with her hips that saw the head of his cock enter her. Jack needed no further confirmation and thrust hard, sinking his entire cock into her in one thrust. Brandi groaned and met his thrusts as he set up a rhythm. It wasn’t frantic, but it was determined. He held himself over her, looking down at her face and tits as he worked himself in and out.

Brandi loved the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her pussy and threw her head back, knowing it would thrust her sizeable chest up off the mattress. Jack leaned in and sucked hard on her left nipple, trapping it with his teeth and pulling as he continued to rock back and forth, sliding in and out.

“When you cum, make sure you fill my cunt Jack. I love the feeling of hot cum exploding inside me.”

“Oh fuck,” Jack groaned, caught by surprise.

“You like the sound of that, don’t you? Is it the thought of cumming in me, or do you just like hearing me be a dirty slut? Do you like it when girls say cunt? She felt him thrust hard in response, his cock an iron rod. “Yeah, fuck my cunt hard Jack, stick that big fuck pole in my dirty little teenage cunt!”

It was too much for him and he drove his dick into her and exploded, holding himself deep inside as it pulsed and emptied it’s load.

When they’d dressed again, Jack said to Brandi, “I’m not sure I’d be keen to know my daughter has done what you’ve done to save my Christmas bonus Brandi, but as a recipient, I’m well pleased! I have a feeling Carter will be happy to sign off once you’ve had another conversation with him too.”

“I sure hope so Jack,’ Brandi replied, adjusting her elf skirt.

“And if you’re looking for work next year, sing out. I think we could find a position for you.”

“I’m headed off to Uni actually.”

“Well, there’s always part time or internships, so keep it in mind.”

“Thanks Jack.”

Back downstairs, Brandi approached Carter.

“Hey there Carter, are you ready to continue our conversation? I believe I’ve persuaded Jack and Brian to agree to pay Dad’s bonus.”

“Indeed it seems you have. Let’s go have that conversation.” Brandi caught Candy watching her follow Carter through the crowd and gave her friend a wink. Candy looked back wide-eyed and somewhat jealously at the implication.

“So Jack probably told you he’s a hard-ass negotiator and shit which I always enjoy,” Carter said when they were alone again.

“Yes he did,” Brandi admitted.

“But the thing is, Jack’s good and generally gets a great outcome, but if you don’t have all the details, you can’t negotiate the best possible outcome. For instance, I have more information than Jack does. Because I know you have a friend called Candy at the party. And Candy looks like the sort of girl that enjoys a bit of trouble. So here’s my proposition for you Brandi. You get Candy up here and we have some three-way fun. I get to fuck you both in which ever holes you choose and I get to watch the two of you play together as well. Do that for me and your Dad will be guaranteed his bonus before Christmas.”

Brandi eyed off the confident black man. She considered her choices. She held almost no cards in her hand. The best she could do would be to suggest to her Dad that these guys were hitting on her inappropriately and that was unlikely to achieve a good outcome. Too easy for them to unite and even if they admitted doing anything, claim it was consensual and because Brandi wanted to save their Dad’s bonus. If she claimed otherwise it would be a lie and it would be unfair.

“Deal,” she said to Carter. “Give me a minute, I’ll be back.”

Brandi went and snagged Candy from the party and snuck back up stairs with her. Carter beamed when the two girls returned to the room.

“Now it’s a party,” he declared.

“Not while we’re dressed its not,” Candy laughed, pulling her top off to expose her C cups.

“Well fuck me, those things didn’t even move!” Carter exclaimed in admiration of her breasts. They were full, round and as observed, barely moved when she removed her top. The nipples were of a consistent colour with the areolae and at least when they weren’t excited, blended with them forming cone-like caps to her breasts.

“Aren’t they just perfect?” Brandi commented, moving to stand behind Candy and reaching around to cup and present them.

“Not as perfect as yours!” Candy argued, turning in her friend’s embrace to pull her top off as well.

The two girls soon stood topless, facing each other and smooshed their breasts together while looking at Carter.

“Come on, you can’t have much fun with your pants on,” Candy teased him. Carter quickly shed his pants and shirt while the girls shimmied out of their skirts and thongs.

Before Carter managed to join them, Candy was sucking on Brandi’s breast and fingering her pussy, too horny to do any sort of teasing, just wanting to get on with the sex.

“So I take it from the lack of protest and eagerness with which she’s sucking your tit that this isn’t the first time you two have had fun together?” Carter commented, coming close enough to caress Candy’s tit while she sucked Brandi’s.

“Guilty as charged,” Brandi laughed.

“Damn, this generation is nuts. I never even saw two girls kiss in real life growing up.”

“That turns you on does it?” Candy asked.

“Oh hell yes.”

Candy turned back to Brandi and kissed her passionately, tongues swirling within each other’s mouths, teeth pulling on each other’s lips. She made it a wet, sloppy kiss and then sucked on her friend’s tongue like she was giving it head

“Fuck that’s hot,” Carter observed. Brandi reached and found his cock, stroking it, loving how full and heavy it felt in her hand as she kissed Candy, whose hand soon joined hers.

In unspoken agreement they dropped to their knees and started giving him head. First one would suck him, then the other, before swapping back and forth, sometimes licking and lapping at the shaft as the other sucked the head or even his testicles.

The girls knelt for some time before Carter asked them to stand and move to the bed. He wanted more than just oral sex.

The tumbled together on the bed, Carter lying on his back. Candy sat astride his cock, with it trapped between her pussy and his abdomen rather than within her. She ground her slick bald lips back and forth on him while Brandi knelt beside her and sucked her tits.

“God, fuck me already,” Carter moaned. Brandi reached down and took hold of his cock while Candy lifted herself far enough for Brandi to position him ready to enter her. She came back down and slid onto his massive organ.

“That’s so fucking good,” Candy moaned. She bounced up and down slowly, Brandi continuing to play and suck on her tits. Then, after a minute or so, Brandi dropped down and pulled Carter’s thick black cock from her friend’s pussy and sucked it, savouring the flavour of their juices. They repeated the move several times before swapping and having Brandi mount him while Candy teased and pleased her.

“One of you on your back,” Carter demanded. Candy quickly moved to the requested position as Brandi was still fucking him.

“Now, sixty-nine position please,” Carter told Brandi. Brandi moved as requested and dipped her tongue to Candy’s pussy as Candy licked hers. Carter moved in behind Brandi and slid his cock back into her pussy.

Candy alternated between licking Brandi’s pussy and sucking on Carters, balls as he worked his thick cock in and out.

“Oh fuck, this is too much,” he declared, “Can I give you both a facial?”

“Fuck yes!” Candy exclaimed. The two girls quickly lay beside each other on the bed and Carter knelt beside them and stroked his thick cock to orgasm, spraying their faces with warm sticky, salty cum.

“You girls are something else!” Carter commented when he’d dressed again.

“Just don’t forget the deal,” Brandi advised him.

The girls dressed, snuck out the house and back to Candy’s.

— +++ —

“Joe, you got a minute?” Jack asked, poking his head in through the door to Joe’s office.

“Of course.”

“Excellent. Look, I just wanted to thank you again for hosting the Christmas party. It was pretty wild even with the disappointment of the bonus situation.”

“No problem Jack.”

“Look the Exec Team discussed a few things and we’d like to recognise your work here. You’ve done a lot for us and its not just about hosting the party. You can’t tell anyone, because that would cause hell for us, but we’ve decided you deserve your bonus now rather than later. You have a great family Joe, look after them!”

“Oh my God, that’s amazing Jack, did Amber put you up to this? I’ve been kind of stressed about some payments, this couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“No, Amber had nothing to do with it mate. And I’m glad it will help you out. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas and thanks again Jack!”

— +++ —

“Lobster?” Amber exclaimed, surprised when Joe presented dinner. He’d left work early, gone home and surprised his two favourite women with an expensive meal.

“Would you believe I got my bonus? We’re back on track and Christmas is saved. It was even more than I was expecting too. There were actual hand-written notes of thanks from Jack, Brian and even Carter. Its amazing.”

“That’s awesome news Honey.”

“Oh and Brandi, Carter offered to give you work over the summer if you’d like it.”

“Awesome, I reckon I might just take that offer up,” Brandi grinned.


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