My Daddy, My Obsession

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Sasha’s obsession with her Daddy leads to more,, My Daddy, My Obsession

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

The Jones family consists of the mother Joline, the father Jamie and their three daughters. The eldest, Kesha 22, the middle, Sasha, 21 and the youngest Hilary, 18.

All three of the girls live at home, Kesha is working, Sasha is at university but lives at home and Hilary has just finished high school.

Sasha is sitting in her room with her music playing loudly, anything that can cover the sound of her masturbating whilst her family are in. She lies underneath the covers as she slowly rubs her clit whilst reading on Literotica.

Since turning 18 Sasha knew she was a sexual person. Once she learnt how to make herself cum she never stopped. At least once a day she fits in some alone time, be it in the mornings or after everyone has gone to bed.

She did have a boyfriend for two years but they broke up 3 months ago and ever since she has been hornier than ever. Going from having hot and kinky sex for two years to nothing is driving her crazy.

She never knows why, but she has a daddy kink. Whenever her ex was fucking her she would call out “daddy” and liked to dress in a school uniforms for him. In her normal life everyone would think that she is a normal if not innocent young girl. But behind closed doors, she was a sex crazed nymphomaniac.

Reading an incest story on Literotica of a man fucking his daughter, Sasha slowly pushes her second biggest dildo in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Getting closer and closer to cumming, she places her phone so it will stand on its own as she slowly fucks herself and rubs her clit.

Her breathing is getting heavier and heavier, when just on the brink of cumming a knock appears on the door.

“Sasha?” She hears her father’s voice call from the other side.

Shit! Sasha moans in herself, annoyed at her prolonged orgasm.

“Yes?!” She shouts back and unexpectedly her dad opens the door and sticks her head in.

Her legs under the covers, Sasha can’t believe her dad has unknowingly walking in on her whilst a dildo is 5 inches deep inside of her pussy.

“Can you turn the music down hunny?” Her dad shouts over it.

“Sure.” She whispers, trying to hold in a moan. Looking at her dad whilst having a dildo inside of her giving her an even more sick pleasure.

“Thanks,” Her dad says once her music turns down, “Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.” He tells her.

“Thank you Daddy.” Sasha replies. A term she always uses for her dad, one he finds cute, but Sasha finds kinky.

“Everything okay?” Her dad asks still keeping the door open.

Without him knowing, Sasha is slightly moving her hips and can feel the dildo moving inside of her.

“All good Daddy.” She replies, having to stop herself from moaning.

“You just look a little flustered.” He says.

“I’m fine.” Sasha replies, knowing not to push her look.

“Okay, see you soon.” He says and closes the door.

As soon as it’s shut Sasha lets out a moan, she just has to slightly flick her clit and she has an earth shattering orgasm.

Fucking hell, that was wild! Sasha thought to herself.

Although she has a big kink for incest porn, she never actually fantasied about her own father. Yet she can’t deny the pleasure she got seeing him whilst playing with herself.

She remains lay on the bed for a while before pulling the dildo out, soaked in her own cum. She cleans it with a wet wipe and hides it in her draw. Getting her pyjamas on, Sasha heads downstairs and sees her two other sisters sat in the living room.

“What’ve you been doing?” Kesha asks whilst watching TV.

“Just chilling in my room.” Sasha replies and sits on the sofa with them.

“That’s all you do, you should get some mates.” Kesha says mocking her.

“I have friends, they’re all just busy.” Sasha moans back.

“Whatever.” Kesha grunts.

“Leave her alone,” Hilary argues, “She’s just broke up with Craig.”

“Thank you.” Sasha says.

“That was ages ago, get over it.” Kesha moans.

Sasha decides not to carry on this argument. Truthfully, she’s not that upset about the break up with Craig. She was the one that decided on the break up, she just misses the sex.

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