My Daddy, My Obsession

Sasha’s obsession with her Daddy leads to more,, My Daddy, My Obsession

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

The Jones family consists of the mother Joline, the father Jamie and their three daughters. The eldest, Kesha 22, the middle, Sasha, 21 and the youngest Hilary, 18.

All three of the girls live at home, Kesha is working, Sasha is at university but lives at home and Hilary has just finished high school.

Sasha is sitting in her room with her music playing loudly, anything that can cover the sound of her masturbating whilst her family are in. She lies underneath the covers as she slowly rubs her clit whilst reading on Literotica.

Since turning 18 Sasha knew she was a sexual person. Once she learnt how to make herself cum she never stopped. At least once a day she fits in some alone time, be it in the mornings or after everyone has gone to bed.

She did have a boyfriend for two years but they broke up 3 months ago and ever since she has been hornier than ever. Going from having hot and kinky sex for two years to nothing is driving her crazy.

She never knows why, but she has a daddy kink. Whenever her ex was fucking her she would call out “daddy” and liked to dress in a school uniforms for him. In her normal life everyone would think that she is a normal if not innocent young girl. But behind closed doors, she was a sex crazed nymphomaniac.

Reading an incest story on Literotica of a man fucking his daughter, Sasha slowly pushes her second biggest dildo in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Getting closer and closer to cumming, she places her phone so it will stand on its own as she slowly fucks herself and rubs her clit.

Her breathing is getting heavier and heavier, when just on the brink of cumming a knock appears on the door.

“Sasha?” She hears her father’s voice call from the other side.

Shit! Sasha moans in herself, annoyed at her prolonged orgasm.

“Yes?!” She shouts back and unexpectedly her dad opens the door and sticks her head in.

Her legs under the covers, Sasha can’t believe her dad has unknowingly walking in on her whilst a dildo is 5 inches deep inside of her pussy.

“Can you turn the music down hunny?” Her dad shouts over it.

“Sure.” She whispers, trying to hold in a moan. Looking at her dad whilst having a dildo inside of her giving her an even more sick pleasure.

“Thanks,” Her dad says once her music turns down, “Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.” He tells her.

“Thank you Daddy.” Sasha replies. A term she always uses for her dad, one he finds cute, but Sasha finds kinky.

“Everything okay?” Her dad asks still keeping the door open.

Without him knowing, Sasha is slightly moving her hips and can feel the dildo moving inside of her.

“All good Daddy.” She replies, having to stop herself from moaning.

“You just look a little flustered.” He says.

“I’m fine.” Sasha replies, knowing not to push her look.

“Okay, see you soon.” He says and closes the door.

As soon as it’s shut Sasha lets out a moan, she just has to slightly flick her clit and she has an earth shattering orgasm.

Fucking hell, that was wild! Sasha thought to herself.

Although she has a big kink for incest porn, she never actually fantasied about her own father. Yet she can’t deny the pleasure she got seeing him whilst playing with herself.

She remains lay on the bed for a while before pulling the dildo out, soaked in her own cum. She cleans it with a wet wipe and hides it in her draw. Getting her pyjamas on, Sasha heads downstairs and sees her two other sisters sat in the living room.

“What’ve you been doing?” Kesha asks whilst watching TV.

“Just chilling in my room.” Sasha replies and sits on the sofa with them.

“That’s all you do, you should get some mates.” Kesha says mocking her.

“I have friends, they’re all just busy.” Sasha moans back.

“Whatever.” Kesha grunts.

“Leave her alone,” Hilary argues, “She’s just broke up with Craig.”

“Thank you.” Sasha says.

“That was ages ago, get over it.” Kesha moans.

Sasha decides not to carry on this argument. Truthfully, she’s not that upset about the break up with Craig. She was the one that decided on the break up, she just misses the sex.

“Dinners ready.” Their mum calls from the dining room.

The family sit down and start to eat together. Sasha can’t help but glance at her dad every now and again. Her thoughts of him suddenly changed.

Sure, he’s old, but looking at him in a sexual way he is still very good looking. He still has a full head of thick brown hair, very in shape and a manly stubble that emphasises his chiselled jaw line. Sasha actually starts to find herself getting more turned on when looking at him.

When they finish the meal Sasha runs upstairs and gets on her phone. Searching about real life incest experiences.

Sasha knows that some of them probably aren’t true, but some might be. She reads a few about father’s and daughter’s getting together, some of brothers and sisters and a few of mothers and sons. Each story turning Sasha on more and more.

Before she knows it, her hand is down her pyjama bottoms and she’s rubbing her throbbing clit whilst picturing her own father.

“Hi Daddy.” Sasha imagines herself saying, surprising her father whilst being naked and bent over on his bed.

“Sasha, what are you doing?” He asks back, but not looking away from her.

“I know you want me Daddy, I know you want to fuck my tight, little pussy. I want you too.” She replies.

“I shouldn’t.” Her daddy replies but his hands graze her arse cheeks.

“Please Daddy, please fuck me like the good girl I am for you.” Sasha moans back.

Then her Daddy shoves his entire cock balls deep into her.

Sasha imagines her father fucking her harder and harder until he fills her pussy with his hot cum.

Her breathing is heavy after orgasming from imagining her father. Licking her fingers, Sasha lies back and wonders how she can go about getting her father to fuck her.

The next day.

Sasha waits in her room, knowing that her family are all out, except for her dad. Her mum and Kesha are at work and Hilary is out with her friends.

With her dad working from home, Sasha puts on the sluttiest outfit she can think of.

Dressing in a very short leather skirt and a small, white crop top. She doesn’t put a bra on so she knows that her father can see through the white top and see her nipples on her larger breasts. All of the Jones women have been blessed with large, perky tits.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sasha has lightly curled her long blonde hair, put on red lipstick and done the rest of her make up. She has thigh high stockings on and a white thong. She contemplated wearing no underwear but thought that would be too much too soon.

Spraying herself with perfume, Sasha heads downstairs and into her dad’s home office.

“Daddy, I’m going out.” She says walking into the room.

“Okay have fuuuuunnn…” Her dad says, when he turns his head and sees her his jaw is hanging to the floor in shock.

“Something wrong?” Sasha asks, keeping a straight face but on the inside she is laughing.

“You’re… You’re going out in that?” Her dad asks.

“Why? Don’t you like it?” Sasha asks, standing up straight with her legs slightly spread and her chest out.

Her fathers’ eyes wander around her legs and her body, in between Sasha’s legs is getting hot just having him look at her like this.

“It’s just a little revealing.” Her dad replies, although he still can’t take her eye off her body.

“I thought it looked cute,” Sasha said with a little pout, “Do you want me to change Daddy?” She asks, putting on a girly high pitch.

“If you like it hunny that’s fine. I just think you’re showing a little much.” He says back to her.

As though out of instinct, Sasha sees her father adjust his pants and giggles on her insides thinking that she has given him a hard cock.

Then, as though by fate, the pen in her dad’s hand flies out and onto the floor.

“I’ll get it Daddy.” Sasha says and slowly walks over to it.

Making sure to bend over to get it very, very slowly and so that her skirt rides up her further.

Sasha can’t see where her father is looking, but she imagines that he is looking at the lower part of her arse cheek that is hanging out of the skirt.

“Thank you.” Her dad stutters as Sasha hands him back the pen.

“Anything for you Daddy.” Sasha says with a smile.

She turns around and walks out of the room slowly, turning her head she sees her dad have to divert his eyes that were obviously staring at her round arse.

Oh my god! Sasha thinks to herself as she leaves the room, He couldn’t keep his eyes off me!

Heading out of the house, Sasha gets in her car and drives to the shops and then just hangs around in her car for a while. She would never actually go out dressed like this, it was only for her dad’s benefit. Although she does wonder if he is thinking of her right now.

That night, Sasha is in her bed, not having seen her father again. She is using her dildo to slowly fuck herself whilst picturing her dad fucking her. Since she’s been fantasising about her own father her orgasms have been even better.

Having to bite her lip to stop her from moaning loudly, Sasha cums around the dildo.

A few days later.

“Why are you dressing like this all the time?” Kesha asks as Sasha walks passed wearing her short pyjama bottoms that only just hold her arse in and a buttoned up top.

“What do you mean?” Sasha asks, although she knows exactly what she means.

“You look like a slut.” Kesha moans.

“Just because you’re jealous of my body.” Sasha laughs it off. Kesha actually has a great body, she is taller than Sasha and has good size tits and a good arse. Although she has brown hair instead of Sasha’s blonde, but she just wanted to annoy her older sister.

“I am not jealous, I just don’t want to see your whole body all of the time!” Kesha shouts.

Ignoring her, Sasha walks out of the living room and sees her mother and father in the kitchen.

“Hi sweetie.” Her mum says.

“Hi.” Sasha says back with a smile, giving both her parents a hug but catching her dad staring at her body once again.

The last few days Sasha has been teasing her dad with these skimpy outfits and he’s getting worse and worse at stealing looks at her.

“What are you up to tonight?” Her mum asks.

“Not much.” Sasha replies.

“Okay, well your dad is out drinking with his friends tonight,” Her mum tells her, “And I’m out for work, can you pick your dad up later?”

Sasha jumps at the opportunity.

“Of course, what time?” She asks.

“Probably around 1am?” Her dad asks.

“No problem.” Sasha replies.

A midnight, Sasha is getting ready to go and pick her dad up. Knowing that he’s going to be drunk and looser than normal, she wears her short pyjama bottoms and pulls them up even more. Unbuttoning some of her top so that her cleavage is out, Sasha goes to pick up her dad.

As soon as he is in the car, Sasha can see how drunk he is, slurring his words and not being able to sit up straight.

“Hi hunny.” He manages to get out.

“Hi Daddy.” Sasha says with a smile.

Once driving, Sasha easily catches her dad staring at her smooth, toned legs and feels herself getting wet from it.

“Good night?” Sasha asks.

“Great.” Her dad slurs out, “Everyone was asking about you.”

“Oh, and what did you say?” Sasha asks.

“I told them that you are a young woman now, and very mature.” He manages to say and Sasha smiles at the compliments.

The rest of the drive home they have normal father, daughter chat. Except that her dad keeps eying her up.

When they get home, all of the lights are off and both of her sisters are in their rooms fast asleep.

Her father lands on the sofa and his head falls back.

“Daddy? Are you okay?” Sasha asks, looking at her father.

“Yeeahh.” He slurs out, but it eventually turns into a snore and she knows that her father has passed out.

Oh my god, he’s asleep. Sasha thinks to herself, Maybe I could, just see it? So I know what it’s like.

Creeping over to her passed out father, Sasha has a look at the stairs and makes no sound, trying to hear if there was any movement upstairs, but there isn’t.

Deciding that she is just going to take this opportunity to see her dad’s cock, just to know what it looks like. Sasha gets on her knees between her father’s legs and starts to undo his trousers. As she does so, she feels her hand brush against what must be his cock that already feels like it’s hard.

Not being able to stop herself, Sasha grabs onto it from outside of his trousers.

Oh Daddy! Sasha thinks, from the outside of his trousers it feels like he has a big cock.

Finally undoing his trousers completely, Sasha attempts to pull them down, although it is hard whilst he isn’t moving.

With a bit more strength and feeling confident that her dad won’t wake up, Sasha uses her strength to pull them down. His trousers down by his ankles, she stares at the dad with just his boxers covering his cock.

She slowly puts her fingers around the waist band and pulls them down. Her Daddy’s hard cock springs free and Sasha gasps at the size of it.

“Oh my god!” She whispers to herself.

It is huge! At least 7 inches and as thick as her arm.

Although Sasha only planned on catching a glimpse of it, she can’t stop herself from feeling it. She slowly wraps her right hand around it, only to realise that her fingertips can’t meet at the other end because it’s so thick.

“Mmmm.” Her father moans in his sleep and Sasha jumps back in a panic.

“Daddy?” She whispers, but he doesn’t make another sound.

Staring at his cock, Sasha knows that she just has to have it.

Getting back onto her knees, once again she takes the cock into her hand and ever so slowly starts to drag it up and down. Watching the skin on his cock moving with her hand, the tip of his cock letting out a little precum.

Can I? Sasha thinks.

Not letting go of her dad’s cock, Sasha uses her other hand to pull her blonde hair back and moves closer to it. Taking in a deep breath, the sent of her father’s cock fills her senses. God, it’s been so long. Sasha thinks.

Giving one last look up to her father’s sleeping eyes, Sasha opens her mouth and sticks her wet tongue out.

She knows how wrong this is, but her pussy is burning for her to continue.

Leaning forward, Sasha’s tongue touches the underneath of her dad’s shaft, his warm, soft skin sending shivers of pleasure through Sasha’s spine.

Slowly moving her tongue up, Sasha gives one, slow lick along the head of her dad’s cock and tastes his precum filling her senses.

Oh my god! Sasha thinks, tasting her own fathers precum almost making her cum right there and then.

“Mmmm.” Her dad moans again and Sasha looks up to see his eyes still closed.

Feeling more confident, Sasha holds her dad’s cock and licks from the base all the way to the tip again. She does the same to the sides and plants a loving kiss on the tip, once again tasting his precum.

She knows she should stop, that she should count herself lucky and leave now. Yet, her own desire is controlling her now.

Once again, Sasha pulls her blonde hair back. She grabs onto her dad’s big cock and holds it directly at her. Licking her plump lips, Sasha opens her mouth and lowers her head.

“Mmmmmm.” Her sleeping father moans again when his cock hit the inside of Sasha’s mouth.

She closes her lips and wraps them around his cock, rolling her tongue around his head as she does so.

Opening her eyes and looking up at her dad, she slowly and quietly begins to move her mouth up and down her dad’s cock. Only just getting past the head whilst massaging him with her tongue.

Sasha loves to have her mouth fucked hard and deep, but not wanting to wake her father up she keeps a slow and steady pace.

She closes her eyes and lovingly bobs up and down on her dad’s cock.

His moaning starts to get more constant but Sasha keeps looking up to make sure he is still asleep.

Her pussy burns between her legs and she has to fight every part of her being that is telling her to ride her dad’s cock. She knows that will be too dangerous and will happily take sucking his dick.

Getting braver, Sasha opens her mouth and takes her father’s cock deeper. Keeping her mouth solidly wrapped around his cock, she feels his head hit her throat and she swallows to take it even deeper.

“Oooohhh.” Her dad gasps above her.

Keeping his cock lodged down her throat, Sasha looks up to see her dad’s eyes still closed. So, she continues to bob up and down on her Daddy’s thick cock. His breathing and gasping starts to get more constant and Sasha can feel his cock twitching in her mouth.

Hoping to get a mouthful of cum, Sasha continues to suck his cock as best she could without waking him.

“Mmmmm.” Her dad moans again, his moaning giving Sasha her own pleasure, “Oh Sasha.” He moans.

WHAT?! Sasha looks up and sees her dad still fast asleep, Did he just moan my name?! She thinks.

Hearing her dad moan her own name, Sasha’s insides nearly exploded. On a mission, she starts to bob up and down on his cock faster. Knowing that he is imagining her just encouraging her further.

“Mmmm.” Sasha moans around the cock.

She feels the head swell and his balls tighten, her dad gasps and suddenly Sasha feels the first hit of his cum landing on her tongue.

“Mmmm.” Sasha moans nearly cumming right there and then tasting her own dad’s cum.

Over and over his cum fills her mouth, a ton of warm, sticky, delicious cum fills her mouth and she eagerly swallows it all down.

Sasha continues to suck his cock dry until he starts to go soft in her mouth.

Counting herself lucky, Sasha stands up and slowly pulls up her dad’s pants. If getting them off whilst he won’t move was hard, getting them back on was even harder.

When she eventually managed to do it, Sasha sneaks upstairs and into her own bed.

Lying down, she can still taste her dad’s cum in her mouth as she furiously begins to rub her swollen clit.

“Daddy…” She whispers to herself as she’s hit with a huge orgasm of her own.

Satisfied with herself, Sasha turns her light off and falls asleep.

The next morning.

Waking up after a great night’s sleep, Sasha heads downstairs where she sees her mum and dad sitting on the sofa.

“Good morning.” Sasha says with a smile. Looking at her parents, her mum is smiling back at her but her dad is giving her a funny look.

“How’re you doing?” Her mum asks.

“Great, how’re you two?” Sasha asks back sitting on the arm chair.

“I’m fine, your dad on the other hand has a sore head.” Her mum says with a laugh.

“Yeah you seemed pretty drunk Daddy.” Sasha says, laughing back.

“Yeah, I can’t remember much.” He says, still looking at Sasha in a funny way, “I don’t even remember you picking me up.” He tells her.

“Well, you didn’t do anything embarrassing don’t worry.” Sasha joked back.

“Good.” Her dad said, shrugging off whatever he was thinking.

Standing up and walking away, Sasha looks back and sees her dad looking at her arse with a confused look on his face.

As much as Sasha wants her dad to know what happened and how she wants to do it again, she doesn’t want to ruin it, so she stays normal around her dad for the next few days. She still dresses in skimpy little clothing and catches him even more often staring at her now.

A few days later, Sasha knows that her dad is in his bedroom, the room next door. She also knows that the rest of the house are downstairs.

Standing up, Sasha ever so slightly opens her door, enough to leave a crack. She gets back onto her bed, completely naked and pulls out her small vibrating bullet.

Turning it on, quiet enough so no one else will hear it, but hopefully loud enough that he dad will hear it, Sasha starts to rub it against her clit.

Thinking of her Daddy next door listening, Sasha is instantly wet and moaning from the vibrations.

In her head she thinks back to having her Daddy’s cock in her mouth, tasting his cum and thinking what it would be like to have his big cock in her pussy.

Getting more cocky, Sasha turns up the vibrations and lets out one louder moan. Making sure it’s loud enough for her dad to hear.

After that, she hears movement coming from her parents’ room. Then, she hears their door open very quietly, as though someone is sneaking out of it.

She sees a shadow appear at the crack in her door and instantly turns her stare away, not wanting her dad to know she’s caught him.

Closing her eyes, Sasha pushes her head back and spreads her legs further as she presses the bullet against her clit.

Grabbing and squeezing onto her tits, Sasha breathes heavier.

“Oh Daddy.” She quietly moans out as her body begins to tremble in pleasure.

She can sense that her father still hasn’t moved and that’s he watching her through the doorway, moaning a little louder, Sasha pushes the bullet inside of her pussy and makes sure he gets a full view of her.

“Yes, daddy, harder.” She whispers actually picturing her dad walking in and just taking her.

Her orgasm building up quickly, Sasha’s chest starts to heave up and down until it hits her.

“Shiiiiiiittt.” She whispers as her body shakes through her orgasm.

When it finally dies down, she looks up to see her father is gone from the doorway.

This is it, he wants me, and he’s going to have me. Sasha thinks to herself, deciding she’s ready to make her final move.

A few days later.

Sasha had organized a spa day for all of the girls. They were all supposed to meet for a full day of massaging and facials at 3pm. Except, at the last minute she cancelled on her family, telling them that she was too ill. When in reality, she was hoping for a different kind of facial.

She stayed in her room, she knows that her dad thinks everyone is out of the house, so she gets undressed except for white thigh high stockings, a red thong and a red bra. Once again, she does her hair and make up and sneaks into her dad’s bedroom.

Just like in her imagination, she gets onto her bed, but instead of being on her hands and knees, she lies on her back and spreads her legs.

This is it, make or break time. Sasha thinks.

“Daddy!” She calls out.

She hears some movement downstairs and then hears her dad shouting.

“Sasha is that you?” He calls back.

“Up here Daddy.” She shouts again.

His footsteps up the stairs grow louder and louder.

“Where are you?” He shouts, “I thought you were at the spa day?”

“In here.” Sasha shouts.

“What are you doing in…… Sasha!” Her dad shouts as he opens the door and witnesses his young daughter in all her glory.

“I cancelled so that we can be alone.” Sasha whispers to him, keeping her legs spread.

“What are you doing?!” He asks, although his eyes are darting all along the young girls legs and toned body.

“I want you Daddy, and I know you want me too.” Sasha seductively says.

“Sasha! No, this is so wrong, I’m your father!” Her dad argues.

“Was it wrong to spy on me fucking myself the other night?” Sasha asks, swearing in front of her dad for the first time in her life. She doesn’t know what shocks him more, the fact that she knows he was watching her or what was coming out of her mouth.

“How do you…” Her father goes to speak but Sasha interrupts him.

“Or how about you staring at my body in all of my slutty clothing these last few weeks?” She says.

“Sasha, I… I…” Her father tries to argue but nothing comes out.

Going for broke, Sasha sits herself up on her elbows, keeping her legs spread wide she looks at him and says.

“Or what about when I picked you up drunk and you moaned my name as I sucked your big, hard cock.”

“What?!” Her dad says in utter shock.

“Yes Daddy, I had your thick cock down my throat and just before I swallowed your delicious cum, you moaned out my name.” Sasha says again.

“That actually happened? I thought that was a dream.” Her dad says. Although his face looks like his mind is going to explode, he remains perfectly still.

Sasha can see the confusion in her dad and doesn’t want him to think too much and back out. So, she stands up and slowly walks over to him. He just stares at her tight body as she slowly approaches, his eyes locking to her big tits.

Slowly, Sasha grazes her hand up her father’s arm.

“I know you want me Daddy.” She whispers.

“We can’t, your mother.” Her dad says, although this just makes Sasha realise that he is coming around to the idea.

“It’s not really cheating if it’s with your daughter.” Sasha says, then, she slowly moves her head until is presses ever so slightly against his ear, “Plus, don’t you want to feel my soft lips around your thick cock again?”

Her hand moves down and lightly grabs onto her dad’s cock which, as she expected, is hard.

“Sasha.” Her dad whispers and she can tell his walls are breaking down.

Slightly pushing her body against his, her hand still lightly gripping his cock she again whispers in her ear.

“You can do whatever you want to me Daddy.” Followed by her tongue slightly pressing into his ear.

Suddenly, her dad grips onto Sasha’s arms and holds her tightly. She looks into his eyes, filled with hunger and actually scare Sasha, worrying she has gone too far.

Until, he presses his lips against hers.

In lust, Sasha kisses her dad back, opening her mouth she accepts his tongue in and she presses hers against his.

“Mmmm Daddy.” She moans into his mouth as the father and daughter make out.

“Is this what you want?” Her dad asks, grabbing hold of her firm arse cheek and moving her towards the bed.

“Yes Daddy!” Sasha moans, staring into her dad’s eyes.

He spanks and grabs her arse before throwing her onto the bed.

“You’ve been dressing like a slut for me? To tease me, making me want you?” Her dad grunts out and his hands go to his belt.

“Yes Daddy, I’ve wanted to show you that I’m willing to do anything you want.” Sasha moans, bringing her hands up and pushing her dads out of the way.

Undoing the belt her dad stands still and watches his daughter.

Once the belt is undone, Sasha unzips his trousers and is breathing heavily as she pulls them down. His hard cock poking through his boxers. Instinctively, Sasha grabs onto his cock through his boxers and looks up to him, squeezing his cock and moaning.

She can’t believe that she’s actually about to fulfil this fantasy.

Wasting no more time, Sasha grips her dad’s boxers and pulls them down, unleashing his thick, hard cock.

Her dad holds onto his daughter’s face and makes her look up at him.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” He asks.

“Yes Daddy.” Sasha replies back.

“Good girl.” He grunts and releases her head.

Holding his cock that is already leaking precum, Sasha opens her mouth and dives down onto it. Wrapping her lips around her dad’s thick cock, she runs her tongue along the head and tastes his delicious precum.

“Oh fuuckk.” Her dad moans.

“Mmmmmm.” Sasha moans back, wanting to be a good girl for her Daddy.

Not being able to give a sloppy, wet blowjob last time, Sasha instantly starts to bob up and down on his cock. Forcing it down her throat until it makes her gag. At the same time she brings her hands to his shaved balls and starts to play with them.

“Fucking hell, where did you learn this?” Her dad moans.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, Sasha wipes her mouth and smiles at her Daddy.

“Oh, you will learn how much I know about pleasing a man.” She whispers.

Keeping eye contact, Sasha opens her mouth wide and wraps her lips around her dad’s cock once again.

She bobs up and down for a few minutes, revelling in the feel of her tongue running up and down her dad’s shaft and hearing his moans getting louder and louder.

Suddenly, his hands grip onto her blonde hair.

“Time to see how good you really are.” He grunts.

Without warning, she feels his cock starting to push down her throat. Sasha gags and tries to move back but her dad’s grip is too hard and holds her still.

His cock hits her throat and she coughs and gags but her dad doesn’t stop, he keeps pushing deeper and deeper. Feeling her throat wrap around his cock, Sasha attempts to breath through her nose.

“Fuuuckkk!” Her Daddy moans as she feels his balls hitting her chin.

Sasha’s pussy trembles knowing that she has her dad’s cock balls deep down her throat. Loving how dominant he is becoming with her.

He begins to use her face like a pussy, grabbing onto her hair tightly as he fucks his thick cock in and out of her mouth. Sasha is just along for the ride, feeling her own spit pouring down her chin as her dad using her like a slut and loving every second of it.

“Gllgg….gllgg..gllggg!” Sasha gags over and over as her dad throat fucks her.

“Fuck yessss!!” Her dad roars and holds his cock all the way down her throat once more.

Sasha doesn’t know how long he is balls deep down her throat, but she’s struggling to breath and begins to go light headed.

He finally pulls all the way out and Sasha gasps for air as a pile of spit drops down her chin and onto the floor.

“Is this what you wanted?” Her dad asks looking down at his daughter who’s make up is smeared all over her face.

“Fuck yes Daddy!” Sasha moans back, wiping her mouth, “Are you going to fuck your slutty daughter now?” She asks still looking up at him.

“Lie down on the bed now.” He orders, his dominant tone sending waves of pleasure through Sasha’s body.

Jumping back onto her parents bed, Sasha spreads her legs for her dad and watches him staring at her like an animal staring at its prey.

“Did you like watching me the other night Daddy? Watching me play with my little pussy?” Sasha asks, moving her red thong to one side and sliding a finger deep inside of her tight, wet hole.

“I did,” Her dad moans back, “Watching you fuck yourself whilst thinking of me.”

Her dad moves onto the bed and Sasha moans whilst fingering herself.

“I want you Daddy, I want your big cock in my tight little pussy.” Sasha moans.

Her dad tightly grips her wrist and pulls it to one side, her thong still to one side and her smooth pussy on show.

“I never thought my daughter would want to be such a slut for me.” Her dad moaned.

“Well believe it Daaaadddyyyy!” Sasha moaned in shock as her dad’s head disappeared between her thighs and his tongue flicked along her swollen clit.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Sasha panted as her dad ate her pussy.

With ease, her dad slid two fingers knuckle deep into her pussy as he licked her clit.

“Oh god, oh yes.” Sasha panted, “Don’t stop.”

With one of his hands gripping her thigh, Sasha spread her legs wider and let her dad roughly finger her deeper and deeper, feeling her orgasm growing inside of her.

“Oh god, dad. I’m going to cum!” She moans out.

“Not yet!” He says and pulls away from her pussy.

“Please Daddy,” Sasha says in a sweet yet seductive tone, “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Yes you will,” He says, “Take your bra off now.” He orders.

Sasha pulls her hands back and unclips her bra.

“You want to see your daughter’s big tits Daddy?” She moans, pulling off her bra and having her tits bounce in front of her dad.

“Fuck, they’re amazing.” He moans and his face dives into them, licking and biting her nipples.

“Oh god, yes.” Sasha moans, loving her dad’s mouth on her nipples.

“Please Daddy, fuck me.” Sasha moans, running her hands through her dad’s hair.

“Is that what you want?” He asks back, looking up at her.

“Yes, I need you in my pussy now!” Sasha almost shouts.

Her dad starts to pull off his shirt.

“You mean you want me to fuck your cunt?” He corrects her, now completely naked.

Sasha pulls down her thong and spreads her legs again, both as naked as the day they were born.

“Yes Daddy, get that big fucking cock in my cunt now!” She moans out.

Surprising her, her dad plants his hands on either side of Sasha and starts to kiss her hard an passionately. Sasha opens her mouth and makes out with her father, running her hands all over his toned body. Grabbing the muscles on his back and finally his firm arse.

His cock presses against her pussy and then moves away, teasing her over and over again.

Sasha is desperate for it now and wants her dad to do whatever he wants to her.

He pulls himself up and Sasha watches her dad lining his fat cock up with her pussy, pushing it up and down, flicking her clit and making her legs twitch.

“Oh god, do it Daddy.” Sasha moans, grabbing her tits.

“Oooooohhh fuuuckkk.” Sasha moans as she feels the head of her dad’s cock slide inside her.

It’s thicker than any of her toys and feels fucking amazing! Inch by inch, he pushes deeper into his daughter’s cunt. Coming down the two start to make out passionately again as his cock keeps diving deeper into her.

“Oh fuck, you’re so big.” Sasha pants out, grabbing her dad’s body and keeping him as close as possible. She bites his lip and sucks on his tongue as he pushes the last inch, now balls deep in his daughter’s drench pussy.

“You’re so tight.” Her dad moans between kissing her.

He starts to thrust in and out of her cunt, slowly at first and letting his daughter get used to his size. Sasha feels like his cock is all the way in her stomach it’s that big and she gasps for air every time he bottoms out in her.

After a few minutes, Sasha is ready for more. She’s ready to be fucked hard a fast. Wrapping her legs around him, her thigh high stockings still up as she clenches around her dad’s arse and pulls him in deeper.

“Fuck me, fuck me Daddy.” She gasps out.

His hand grips around her throat and with pure lust in his eyes, Sasha’s dad starts to thrust in and out of her faster and faster. The sound of their skin slapping against each other filling the room, mixed in with both of their animalistic moans.

“You like that?” Her dad moans, tightening his grip around her throat.

“FUUUCCKKK YEEEESSSS!!” Sasha screams out as her orgasm hits her like a ton of bricks.

Cumming around her dad’s cock, her pussy clenches as her entire body trembles in pure ecstasy. Over and over her dad fucks her pussy as her moaning grows even louder. Sasha is sure the neighbours must be able to hear her screaming in pleasure but she doesn’t care. She just loves her dad’s cock ruining her pussy.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum. Are you on the pill?” Her dad pants out.

“Yes Daddy! Cum in me, fill your daughter up with your hot cum!” Sasha moans out.

Harder and harder her dad hammers into his daughter pussy. He grabs onto Sasha’s ankles and puts them over his shoulders and his cock feels ever deeper than before.

Sasha is folded in half but loves the view of her pussy stretching around her dad’s thick cock as he batters into her.

“Fuuuucckk!!” Her dad roars and Sasha feels the first load of his cum hitting the inside of her pussy.

“Cum in me Daddy!!” Sasha encourages, grabbing her dad’s neck as he shoots more and more hot cum inside her.

His fucking has slowed down but each thrust is as hard as the last and is battering into Sasha. His fucking turns into a squelch as both of their cum are pouring out of her.

Releasing her legs, he leans down and kisses his daughter once more. Making out as they pant into each other’s mouths and leaving his cock fully inside of her.

“Fuck, that was amazing.” Sasha pants.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Her dad says back, “You mum can never find out.”

Sasha just laughs and replies, “Don’t worry, she won’t.”

Sasha lays next to her dad, both still panting for air as they lay in silence.

“I just had sex with my daughter.” Her dad pants out.

Turning to her side, Sasha smiles as her dad’s cock is still rock hard and glistening with a mix of both of their cum. She slowly runs her fingertips up and down the shaft and around his smooth balls.

“It seems like you enjoyed it.” She whispers.

“We can’t do that again.” Her dad says, still not looking at her.

Not wanting him to have more time to change her mind, Sasha slowly lowers herself. Her dad looks down at her with a shocked look on his face.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

Sasha gets between his legs and holds onto his hard cock.

“You’ll see.” She whispers and her dad gasps for air as once again his daughter wraps her lips around his cock.

Tasting her own pussy on his cock.

“Mmmm.” Sasha moans as she slowly bobs up and down, running her tongue over his shaft to clean of every last drop.

“Oh god, this is so wrong.” Her dad pants.

“Yet it’s so fucking good.” Sasha moans, lifting his cock up and licking his smooth balls.

“Fuck, Sasha.” Her dad pants out.

She continues to bob up and down on his cock for a few minutes until he is tensing up. Pulling herself up, Sasha crouches over her dad and lines his cock up with her pussy.

“Do you want me to stop? Daddy?” She asks in a girly voice.

He looks into her eyes for a few seconds, his mind arguing internally.

“No.” He whispers.

“Oooohhh.” Sasha moans out as she slowly slides her cum filled pussy down his thick cock, feeling every inch, every groove as she delves deeper and deeper down.

Feeling her thighs touching his, Sasha knows that she’s sitting with his cock balls deep in her.

“Fuuckk.” She moans, arching her back and puffing out her chest.

Her dad’s hands appears on her tits and grabs them, squeezing her nipples.

“You don’t want me to stop do you Daddy?” Sasha moans out as she slowly grinds forward and backwards, keeping his entire cock in her.

“We should,” He moans back but never letting go of her tits, “But I can’t.”

“Yes!!” Sasha moans and she starts to bounce up and down on his cock.

Her skin slaps against his as she rides him like a wild animal.

“Oh Daddy! Your cock is so fucking big!” She moans out.

“That’s it hunny, ride my cock!” He moans out, grabbing her thighs he lifts her and pulls her down on his cock over and over.

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!” Sasha moans over and over, riding him faster and faster.

“Turn around!” Her dad orders.

“You want to fuck your daughter from behind?” She asks.

“Get on your hands and knees now so I can fuck you properly!” Her dad says sternly.

Reluctantly pulling herself off of her dad’s cock, Sasha gets onto her hands and knees and sticks her arse in the air. Feeling her father’s hands on her arse and his cock running up and down her dripping pussy.

“Please Daddy, fuck me.” She whispers.

“FUUUCK!!” Sasha screams out as without warning he plunges his entire cock balls deep into her.


“Oh fuck yes!” Sasha moans as her dad fucks her like crazy, her entire body shaking forwards with every thrust.

Her dad is like a wild animal now, just fucking her like a hole he’s using to get himself off and Sasha fucking loves it!

Having already cum, Jamie knows that he is going to last a long time and harshly fucks his daughter’s tight, young pussy. Watching it stretch around his cock as she grows wetter and wetter. Her moaning becoming loud and uncontrollable.

“Cum in my mouth!” Sasha moans after twenty minutes of fucking.

“Fuck, turn around!” Her dad orders.

He stands up and Sasha gets onto her knees below him.

Looking down at his sweet, not so innocent daughter, he starts to wank his big cock as Sasha opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue.

“FUUUCKK!!” Her dad moans as cum erupts from his cock.

The first shot last directly on Sasha’s tongue and she swallows it down, loving the taste of her dad’s cum.

The second lands on her forehead, followed by shot after shot covering her face entirely. By the time he is done her face is dripping with cum.

Sasha uses her finger to push it into her mouth and swallow every last drop. Opening her eyes she wraps her lips around her Daddy’s cock once more and sucks him dry until his cock starts to go soft in her mouth.

“Still think we shouldn’t do it again?” She asks with a coy smile.

“We shouldn’t, but I don’t think we will be able to stop.” He says back to her with a smile.


What’s that noise? Hilary thinks to herself, it’s nearly 2am and she hears something going on downstairs.

Putting on her robe over her pyjamas she sneaks down. Poking her head around the corner, she see’s her dad fast asleep on the sofa.

Sasha has gone to pick him up, she assumes he’s just drunk and she has left him there.

Just as she goes to check on him, she hears something. A wet, sort of sucking sound.

Poking her head a little further around, she hears her dad give off a moaning sound and she can see some blonde hair in his lap moving up and down.

What the fuck? Hilary thinks, having a further look, That’s Sasha!

Hilary has to hold in her own gasp as she watches her sister sucking her passed out dad’s cock!

In pure shock, she runs upstairs and gets into her bed.

Oh my god! What the fuck were they doing?! Why was Sasha giving our dad a blowjob?

Two weeks later.

Hilary has tried to forget what she saw that night, but it’s burnt into her memory, unable to unsee.

She comes back from a night out with her friends. Although she feels tipsy, she does her best not to make any sound as not wake anyone up. Creeping upstairs, there is a light on in her parents room and she can hear some loud noises coming from in.

In her tipsy state, she feels brave enough to go and have a look.

There’s a crack in the door, looking inside she sees movement.

“Oh fuck, yes fuck me Daddy.” She hears.

Her eyes come in to focus and she realises what it is she’s witnessing.

Her dad, completely naked, and his big, thick cock fucking in and out of Sasha who’s on her hands and knees. She’s grabbing her big tits as she moans in pure ecstasy.

“I’m going to cum!” Her dad moans out.

“Cum in me Daddy, fill my pussy up!” Sasha moans.

Once again, Hilary sneaks away to her room. Her mind spinning with what she just saw.

I can’t believe this is happening! Sasha and our dad?!

As she thinks about it, without knowing it, Hilary’s hand has gone down her pants and is rubbing her clit. Her pussy slowly getting wetter and wetter.

Dady’s cock, it’s… so big. And Sasha, she’s so beautiful.

Hilary rubs her clit faster and faster at the thought until she pictures herself being fucked by her dad and an orgasm bursts through her body.

The end…. For now.

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