Tolly Queen 2

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With one long stroke, the Bangladeshi producer Abdul Kader Sk’s mighty nine inches black cock reached to the bottom of the Tolly heroine Raima Sen’s well lubricated pussy. Tolly Queen 1 – part

When the top of his circumcised Muslim cock hit her cervix, she screamed….. releasing her second orgasm and went rigid again. This time he just stayed in her spasming tunnel….. not moving, until she started to relax again. He then asked her to roll over in which she quickly assumed the doggie position.

Taking position behind her upturned ass, he entered her again….. now stroking slowly in and out of her steaming hot cunt. Her cunt walls were holding his pistoning rod like a glove…. not wanting to let him slide too far out.

As 32 yrs old Kader started fucking the gorgeous 40 yrs old Tollygunge actress, he touched one of his finger to her rosebud. He remembered that it had turned her on when he licked her there last night. It turned her on again this morning….. she is a ass lady. She started to tremble and moan…. anticipating an attack on her dirty asshole.

And he didn’t keep her waiting for long. He himself was barely able to keep from his cumming long enough. Realizing that he pushed a finger deep into her greasy rectum as he thrust his cock at the same time deep into her pussy and unloaded his burning lava filled heavy balls. She screamed…… her third…… fourth….. and more orgasms….. lastly collapsed under him.

As he lay there on top of her with his cock still embedded in her pussy, he could feel her continuous shuddering with mini-orgasms. Few moments later, he rolled to her side as his cock popped out of her leaking pussy. He could hear her mumbling softly, ‘So good…. so good.’

———- ———- ———— —‐——- ——– —–‐-‐–

He must have dozed for a while, because the next thing he knew, was hearing muffled voices. He opened his eyes and found himself alone in her bed. Raima had left him there to sleep.

He dressed again, cleaned up in the bathroom and walked out into the living room. Meanwhile the cute girl Mina came back from her friend’s house as he noticed her and Raima were sitting on the couch….. but Raima was nude till then.

They quit their talking as both of them looked up at him and smiled. Raima called him a sleepy head while Mina just looked at him. He understood that he had clearly been their topic of conversation before he walked in.

First, he apologized for falling asleep, then he took a seat on a nearby sofa and chatted for few minutes. He told them that he had to get back to his office / hotel because he had a Tele-conference soon regarding the promotion of his film’s release. And for that purpose, he had some urgent work to do in the office.

Raima ask if he had any plans for the evening and when he said ‘no’, she invited him to take dinner with them again. But this time not in the restaurant… it would be in her home, so that they could show him how well the two could cook.

That was fine with him also, first because, he really wanted to spend more time with this two sex goddess and second because, he guessed that they were probably good cooks. Yes, he needed to eat homely foods.

As Kader worked that afternoon, he couldn’t stop thinking about Raima and his feelings for her and her adopted daughter. Was he falling in love with her? It clearly felt like nothing he had ever felt before.

But things were moving so quickly. Maybe he was in lust rather than love. He had only known her for a little more than 24 hours… and just a small talk in the filmy party few days ago when they meet for the first time. But it seemed so right. She was intelligent…. rational…… chic… witty…. fun to be with other. And what a horny woman she was.

The sex they had was wild and urgent but he had felt a mental connection there with her as well as the physical connection. ‘Wow! What am I doing here and do I want to commit to a relationship,’ assuming he wants to move forward…. but with which one?

Finally he decided that he should just see how things proceeded. Maybe he was just a fling for her, but he sensed it was more than that….. for both. Whatever maybe the outcome, he had to be wait… he then took his breakfast and left.

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