Tolly Queen 2

With one long stroke, the Bangladeshi producer Abdul Kader Sk’s mighty nine inches black cock reached to the bottom of the Tolly heroine Raima Sen’s well lubricated pussy. Tolly Queen 1 – part

When the top of his circumcised Muslim cock hit her cervix, she screamed….. releasing her second orgasm and went rigid again. This time he just stayed in her spasming tunnel….. not moving, until she started to relax again. He then asked her to roll over in which she quickly assumed the doggie position.

Taking position behind her upturned ass, he entered her again….. now stroking slowly in and out of her steaming hot cunt. Her cunt walls were holding his pistoning rod like a glove…. not wanting to let him slide too far out.

As 32 yrs old Kader started fucking the gorgeous 40 yrs old Tollygunge actress, he touched one of his finger to her rosebud. He remembered that it had turned her on when he licked her there last night. It turned her on again this morning….. she is a ass lady. She started to tremble and moan…. anticipating an attack on her dirty asshole.

And he didn’t keep her waiting for long. He himself was barely able to keep from his cumming long enough. Realizing that he pushed a finger deep into her greasy rectum as he thrust his cock at the same time deep into her pussy and unloaded his burning lava filled heavy balls. She screamed…… her third…… fourth….. and more orgasms….. lastly collapsed under him.

As he lay there on top of her with his cock still embedded in her pussy, he could feel her continuous shuddering with mini-orgasms. Few moments later, he rolled to her side as his cock popped out of her leaking pussy. He could hear her mumbling softly, ‘So good…. so good.’

———- ———- ———— —‐——- ——– —–‐-‐–

He must have dozed for a while, because the next thing he knew, was hearing muffled voices. He opened his eyes and found himself alone in her bed. Raima had left him there to sleep.

He dressed again, cleaned up in the bathroom and walked out into the living room. Meanwhile the cute girl Mina came back from her friend’s house as he noticed her and Raima were sitting on the couch….. but Raima was nude till then.

They quit their talking as both of them looked up at him and smiled. Raima called him a sleepy head while Mina just looked at him. He understood that he had clearly been their topic of conversation before he walked in.

First, he apologized for falling asleep, then he took a seat on a nearby sofa and chatted for few minutes. He told them that he had to get back to his office / hotel because he had a Tele-conference soon regarding the promotion of his film’s release. And for that purpose, he had some urgent work to do in the office.

Raima ask if he had any plans for the evening and when he said ‘no’, she invited him to take dinner with them again. But this time not in the restaurant… it would be in her home, so that they could show him how well the two could cook.

That was fine with him also, first because, he really wanted to spend more time with this two sex goddess and second because, he guessed that they were probably good cooks. Yes, he needed to eat homely foods.

As Kader worked that afternoon, he couldn’t stop thinking about Raima and his feelings for her and her adopted daughter. Was he falling in love with her? It clearly felt like nothing he had ever felt before.

But things were moving so quickly. Maybe he was in lust rather than love. He had only known her for a little more than 24 hours… and just a small talk in the filmy party few days ago when they meet for the first time. But it seemed so right. She was intelligent…. rational…… chic… witty…. fun to be with other. And what a horny woman she was.

The sex they had was wild and urgent but he had felt a mental connection there with her as well as the physical connection. ‘Wow! What am I doing here and do I want to commit to a relationship,’ assuming he wants to move forward…. but with which one?

Finally he decided that he should just see how things proceeded. Maybe he was just a fling for her, but he sensed it was more than that….. for both. Whatever maybe the outcome, he had to be wait… he then took his breakfast and left.

————- —————– ————– ———— ——

He pushed their door buzzer at six as Raima opened the door to let him in. She was nude as before and incredibly lovely. Daily Yoga helped to enhance her boobs, her nipples tipped up slightly pink and starting to harden as he gazed at them.

Her pussy hair mostly removed with just a strip of the softest, finest hair above her slightly puffy lips. His cock started to rise immediately. When he entered the living room, Mina came out of the kitchen…. but today she was also nude….. fully nude like the day she was born.

She was as he had described earlier, a miniature version of her new mother and just as lovely. She still had that fresh innocent virginal look about her but anyone could also detect the smoldering sexuality that her cherished mother possessed….. but why was so much similarities. He was too much confused, yes he wanted to know about that ( Yes, that’s another mystery, will be uploaded later in ‘Mina’s Mother’ of this ‘Tolly Queen’, series )…. but not now.

He stopped in his tracks for a second….. choked back a gasp as his cock finished it’s rise to it’s full readiness.

“I see that we meet with your approval,” noticing his rising bulge, Raima giggled.

“I… Ah… Uh… Um… yes definitely,” he stammered, as he stood there looking first at Raima…. then at her adopted daughter then back again.

He considered himself to be a fairly worldly guy who isn’t often completely at a loss for something to say. He has seen his share of sufficient naked bodies….. but this was something for all time.

He will never forget the vision of this two gorgeous Bengalee creatures standing in front of him. He finally came to his senses and realized that he was staring and making an ass of himself.

“My God, please excuse me. Please excuse me for staring like a fool…. for slobbering all over your carpet and myself for mumbling incoherently. You two are the loveliest things I have ever seen Kolkata.” Kader tried to be rational.

Raima came to him, pressed her soft body against him and gave him a big kiss. “That was a naughty thing for us to do to you, but we got the exact reaction, we were looking for,” as she pushed her hips against his hard cock.

“Now, please come here and sit, we want to talk for a minute before we eat.” Raima sat on one end of the couch and Mina on the other. He was in the middle.

“Minu and I talked a lot this afternoon about our recent developments. We were also talking when you left this morning, as I’m sure you noticed that too. Even we talked about what happened yesterday night with you. We talked about where this might lead us and we decided that we both like you,” pausing for a moment, she looked at him.

“Yes, I guess that something like,” Kader replied.

With a nodding Raima continued,”Thanks Kaderbhai, I like you enough to invite you here…… into our home and let you see us with our hair down so to speak. To let you see how I live….. we two behave with others. I like you enough to see if things might become more serious between us. I know that we only met recently and that things have moved rather quickly. Am I, I mean are we, scaring you yet?”

Kader smiled, “Well I too had some long talks with myself today. No you are not scaring me. I know I feel the same way. I decided that I miss having someone else in my life. I miss the close companionship. I felt something last night when we kissed.”

He paused for a moment….. thinking something, he continued, “I felt that I had discovered a part of me that I didn’t even know earlier. I think you felt something too. I feel something for you both that I haven’t ever felt before. I really want to see where this might lead us, and I want you both to know that if it becomes more serious then I am ready to go there.”

Raima turned to him and gave him a big kiss with lots of tongue. It must have lasted a full minute.

“Oh Maa, come up for air,” giggled Mina.

Raima pulled back as their eyes locked. She had a starry eyed look with a dreamy expression. No sooner had she pulled back than Mina gave Kader a full-mouthed kiss suddenly. No tongue, but just as enthusiastic. His cock had calmed itself slightly while they were talking about seriously but now it started to rise again.

Noticing that Raima glanced down at his crotch and said, “As you now know, Minu and I like to be nude at home. And you are also welcome to be that way, but don’t feel you have to do also. Nudism is a very individual decision…… and in our orthodox Bengalee society it’s quite impossible. But I must say, when I decide to try it myself here, it is at first a very new feeling for me. Later when I approached the matter to Minu, to my surprise, she took it more liberally. However it takes some time for us also to get used to it.”

“Yes Uncle, I really enjoy being at home,” Mina supported her Maa.

“Thanks Minu, and if you wouldn’t like…’s fine with us, we are going to be our normal selves. Is that OK with you?” Raima asked.

Growing up at home with his parents at the posh area of Dhaka, they were never too careful about wearing clothes or in closing doors. Although they weren’t actually nudists, he himself was comfortable with nudity and sometimes he wondered nude inside his own apartment.

He also believed that being nude gives a sense of freedom to the person. And in front of these two beautiful and sexy ladies, there were nothing to be ashamed of. Oh Allah! what gorgeous nude bodies of Raima and her adopted daughter are.

“Yes I understand it. I’m OK with it also, you two just took me by surprise. And uh… I’m uh…. uh I’m….. just a little indisposed right now.”

“Uncle, If you take your clothes off, things won’t be so crowded in there,” urged Mina, looking boldly at his bulging crotch.

Raima laughed, “From the mouth’s of babes…… I guess that it lets you know she’s OK with it and you should know by now that I am too.”

Not to be out done by these two minxes, Kader stood, turned to face them and pulled his shirt over his head. He slowly undid his belt…… unbuttoned and unzipped his fly……. at last dropped his pants around his ankles.

Both sets of eyes were glued to the huge bulge in his jockey’s. At first, he turned his back to them and pushed them down….. dropping them with his trousers. The black cobra popped up instantly into freedom as he wiggled his ass for them…. then slowly turned to face them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh……. My God, it’s huge….. just like a Nigro-cock” Mina breathed….. licking her dried lips absentmindedly… totally hypnotized by his Cobra like black cock.

“Don’t you like it sweetie, I think it’s beautiful,” Raima smiled…… sitting on the couch restlessly, “Minu, will you excuse us for a minute, I want to help your uncle with this. Go in the kitchen and finish dinner, Please.”

“OK Maa, as you say, “Mina grinned and stood hesitantly……. then turning to Kader,, she gestured with a bow, “Welcome Sir, to our nudist home.”

She then pressed up against Kader….. making sure she pushed against his already hardened cock, and kissed him on lips again. With that, she walked away as Raima pulled him hastily into her bedroom… knelt down on the floor and took his cock in her mouth swiftly.

She pulled his hips forward…… began sucking and jacking his cock hungrily. He then started fucking her mouth and again they became a sex machine…… him fucking her mouth and she sucking his black cock deep inside her mouth.

As horny as he had become, it took only a few minutes until he shot his viscous load into her mouth. She caught every drop and swallowed greedily….. not missing a single ounce of his highly protien based warm jelly.

“Umm God, you taste good. I’m gonna love sucking your cock and swallowing your Muslim cum…… yes, I always dreamed about swallowing the Muslim cum. But I never thought it would be so tasty and huge. I think I would be addicted to your cum in future…. but now let’s go. We should eat dinner now, but I must say before that I’ve already had my desert.” With a naughty smile, she led her newest lover to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, they noticed Mina was already finishing….. setting the table. “Did every thing come out OK,” she smirked.

“Yes it did, and don’t be silly, you little missy,” laughed Raima.

The meal was just a simple home cooked fried rice with potatoes, onions and chicken, but it was delicious. He is not a great cook but not bad either. He didn’t really cook much for himself and it was a pleasure to eat good home cooking. He had forgotten for a long time how good it was.

However they had a nice whiskey after the meal and Raima gladly allowed Mina to have a half glass in celebration of their new “Family” as they decided to call their relationship. It was the most pleasant experience he’d had in a long time. He thought he could get to like this very much.

After dinner they took the whiskey bottle…… and moved to the living room again. He sat on the couch again with Raima as Mina sat in a big chair opposite to them. She didn’t openly flash him, she didn’t do anything to keep him from staring her cute and slightly hairy little pussy.

He glanced at Raima a couple of times but she too seemed to be amused by her adopted daughter’s antics. So he didn’t hesitate to enjoy the watching of a teen baby-pussy. He could clearly see a small wispy hair which was just started to grow on her pubes.

Her outer puffy pussy-lips were tight together, and he could see just a hint of her clit at the top. As expected, his cock started to raise again. So he had to look away and concentrate on external matters….. like the multiplication tables of mathematics…. how he will arrange his shooting schedule for the next week…… in which way the screening of new actors and actresses would be organized….. etc. Yes…It helped.

He then learned that Mina loved school and was an “A” student taking some Math, Science and English classes. She was planning on a computer science degree after high school. Her best friend’s name is Rishona, daughter of Rituparna Sengupta.

They both think boys their age are dopey
….. they are too grabby and rough. There are one or two `older’ boys who they think are dreamy. She and Rishona just finished
Tenth grade with another year in a pvt school ‘Gokhel Memorial’ before they get to Higher Secondary School.

This coming year, they would be the `Seniors’ in that highly cultured sophisticated school. They had every intention of lording it over the lesser students…. just like it’s been since the dawn of time.

He learned more about Raima. She had suffered deep depression due to non-existentance in film-industry relative to her mother Munmun and all time famous grandmother Suchitra Sen. For almost five years, her parents and sister Riya had kept a close eye on her to be sure she was OK.

It had been only about two years ago that she had started really living again after adopting Mina. Her best friend was Koel….. their intimacy started growing after the signing in the superhit film ‘Bandhabi’ in which their performances were outstanding.

About three years ago her dearest friend Koel had married Noel ( Nilay / Nilu ) Singh who directed that superhit Bandhabi film….. actually they fell in love during the shooting and got married immediately.

But without any consistent lover….. as well as a steady position in film, she diverted her interest in social activities…… now an active member of a famous NGO. It was a part of the healing process and also apart of getting on with her life. Her effort to get back in touch with other people….. looking at her now…. laughing and full of life…. it was hard to imagine her pain.

Kader also disclosed about his involvement in film-industry…. how it was then just starting to flourish. Noel was one of the first people to trust him and gave full support when he was just starting up in Tollygunge film-industry.

By now it was getting late and Mina was yawning, “I’m going to bed, but will you two try keeping your moaning and hissing down tonight?” She giggled.

She then rose from her seat….. came forward and stood in front of him. She nudged his legs apart and then sat on his leg with her own legs in between him. She leaned forward pressing her right boob into his chest….. gave him a big kiss on the lips.

She tried to put everything into it and he could sense her inexperience. And he also sensed that….. she really wanted to appear very grown up. Thinking about that, he reached his hands up and held her face….. gently gave her a long sweet kiss.

When he let her pull back…. she had a starry eyed look in her eyes. They both looked over at Raima, she had a huge approving smile on her face. So he thought he might live for another day as Mina said, “Good night Uncle…… I’m glad you are here.”

“Good night sweetheart, I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here with you and your Maa. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” He said smilingly.

Mina then kissed Raima and disappeared into her bedroom. He looked at Raima not too sure what her reaction to all that was going to be. She looked back at him in the eye with a slight puzzled expression as he sat there saying nothing but waiting for him.

“Thank you dear,” Raima started, “For letting her flirt with you. You amaze me. You did just the right thing, when some guys might have been very crude. Mina is very much mature in some ways but still a little innocent girl in many others. She wants so much to be all grown up. I have tried to be very open with her about sex topics. When she has a question, she knows that I will answer truthfully and honestly. She knows that she can tell me anything and I will not be judgmental about it. And she is too much supportive about my closeness and affairs with different filmy personalities. Yes, she is fully aware that I have to sex with those persons to survive in Tollygunge film-industry.”

“Yes, so much competition and tough also ….,” Kader said, “But sometimes I became puzzled with Mina’s attitude.”

Raima continued, “It’s natural….and you have noticed also that she likes to flirt. I have never seen her even come close to another man or flirted with one the way she was with you tonight. Maybe you don’t know, but I’ve noticed she has a crush on you, she likes you a lot. She was very close to her father and she was devastated when her parent’s pathetic death ended all her dreams. Since then she has been very reserved with men. I’m just delighted that she likes you and feels comfortable with you.”

Kader reacted, “Don’t thank me. It’s my pleasure. I have to tell you it wasn’t an unpleasant experience for me. She is so cute and sexy though that I nearly lost it. Especially now with her kiss.”

“I can see what it did for you, come lets go to bed and I’ll help you with that,” Pointing to his raging hard-on she grinned.

They made love that night. It started with slow kissing and caressing….. making love. He always believed that there is a difference between fucking and
making love.

One is more of a sharing experience where participants are trying to give as much pleasure as possible as they receive. And the other is more personal….. it’s each participant concentrated only for themselves.

That night they made love. It was very much intense with multiple positions. They sixty-nined… she was on top…. he was on top…. doggie…. cow girl etc. They were expressing their new-found romance for each other in every position they could think of.

Next morning….. he was awoke enough to hear Raima and Mina whispering. Mina had climbed into bed along side Raima again. He couldn’t hear their words clearly but it seemed to be very loving between them. He began to stir as his morning wood brushed against Raima’s delicious ass. Sensing that, she rolled onto her side facing him.

“Good morning Love,” she smiled generously.

It was the first time the `love’ word had entered into their conversations and he thought it sounded very nice.

“Good morning to you too, both of you,” he said.

He continued lying on his side…. trying to be as discrete as possible. Raima reached between them and grabbing his cock, she started stroking it. It surprised him as he jumped….. she giggled. Without any hesitation, she continued to stroke…. looking directly in his eyes.

Suddenly they heard Mina’s voice behind, “Oh jeez, you two never quit, I guess I’ve to start my breakfast.”

After Mina left, he said, “I need to go pee. I’m trying to be discrete with Mina here.”

“Go pee, we’ll talk about that later.”

That morning when he entered in the kitchen, once again both Mina and Raima were fully nude. It was almost more than he could take. He wanted to fuck both of them and it seemed to him that they both wanted to fuck him too.

But he wasn’t sure if Mina was mature enough to make that decision yet. Although they both teased him about being
clothed, yet he tried to hold his ground. He needed to talk seriously with Raima about that.

But it seemed that Raima was encouraging Mina to flirt with Kader, yet he wasn’t sure about how to react. Kader definitely didn’t want to screw up things whatever was developing between Raima and him.

But he was really having trouble keeping his hard-on from being unnoticed by Mina. Sometimes his innermost lust pushed him to grab her and doing something illicit…. but immediately he checked himself.

Like yesterday after breakfast Mina was studying in her room while Raima and he started fucking. This time it was real hard fucking. She was so hot and anxious…. she was almost like a different person.

She sucked his cock just like a market whore till he came in her mouth. She swallowed all the cum immediately and kept her lewd ministrations till he was hard again. He didn’t know where his endurance was coming from, but anyhow he managed to stay intact.

When he was hard again, she asked him if he would fuck her ass. How could he refuse one of the all time best asses he’d ever seen. Taking position immediately, at first, he loosened her sphincter with his finger…. coating it with her pussy-juices and then plunged slowly deep into her hot bowel.

As the dirty tunnel started loosening it’s tightness through his finger’s strokes, he replaced it with the original tool. At that time he didn’t know if her ass was cherry or not but it was as tight as anything he had ever experienced.

She was cooperating him whole heartedly….. fucking back against his thrusting Nigro-cock…… encouraging him faster and faster… to fuck her deeper in the ass…. to fuck her madly…. to fuck her savagely.

Naturally the muslim black stallion obeyed her prayer gladly. Suddenly the slender Tolly celeb shrieked with her orgasm and he was certain that some neighbors might be awake.

They collapsed, her face down into her pillow, while he was still buried in her vices like ass. Few moments later, he rolled to the side… pulling her with him as they fell asleep immediately….. his cock still buried her ass.

They slept peacefully for few more minutes, however he didn’t know how long. But when he opened his eyes, Raima had dislodged his cock and rolled completely over and was now facing him.

“Hi stud,” she whispered.

She paused for a moment. She seemed to be trying to form some thoughts in her head, then asked, “Now come back to that point which we’ve left earlier… Are you OK with Minu flirting with you?”

“Yes I guess so, I know she is just trying to act grown up. I don’t mind it. But I’m very much liable to have some giant erections around her. I don’t want that to affect us. I hope you understand that it’s just a natural reaction to a beautiful and sexy young girl.”

“Would you have sex with her,” Raima suddenly asked, looking straight into his eyes.

As he pondered over for an logical answer, his cock twitched and started to grow. It’s a treacherous organ. Oh shit! How to answer this. There aren’t many men alive who wouldn’t want to have sex with a teenage cute girl.

And there aren’t many women alive who do not know this. So if he answer ‘No’, Raima wouldn’t believe him….. on the other hand, if he answers ‘Yes’ she would think him some pervert after young girls.

So honesty is the best policy as he replied, “Of course I would. Any normal guy would be crazy if he said ‘No’ to Mina.”

“Do you think she’s too young to have full sex,” she asked?

“I don’t know you or your daughter fully well as I hope to. But I think mental maturity is the key factor in deciding whether or not a person is old enough to have sex. Sex must always be a voluntary act. No one should ever be coerced or talked into having sex with another person,” Kader paused for a moment.

“You’re absolutely right…. I think that also,” Raima supported.

“It is a decision that each person must make for himself or herself. The persons truly should know what they want for themselves or if they are just trying consciously or subconsciously to please the older person.”

“I think in this case, the older one should take initiative, ” Raima interrupted.

“But kids are nowadays very good at intuiting what adults are thinking and what adults want them to do. Obviously physical maturity is a factor also. A very young girl can’t be expected to physically accommodate an huge adult cock. And a very young person can’t be mature enough to make a decision like that.”

“Another issue, you know incest is now rapidly spreading in our country also…… so what about sex between parents and their children,” she asked?

“Well it’s really the same answer. I don’t think relationship is a factor if all parties have made mature, rational decisions to do it. I think parents have to be very careful though, because kids are very good at reading between the lines. They know what to do to please their parents. A child might even think they were making a rational decision. But in reality it was a desire to please mom or dad and not to please themselves.”

“I have another confession to make,” Raima said, “Minu and I are very close and she knows all the affairs I had……. she can talk to me about anything. About a year or so ago she came home from school and asked me about masturbation.” Raima paused.

“I think you explained about that….. you’re a great teacher, ” Kader said.

“Yes I did what it was, and that it was normal and OK for her or anyone to do it. She asked if I did it and I told her ‘Yes’. A few days later she asked me if I would show her how to do it. She had tried it in her room and didn’t think she was doing it properly. So we began a learning session where I demonstrated using my body. I showed her the parts of the female body, and how I like to be rubbed and stimulated.”

“Yes, you did the right thing…. and maybe you became excited also during the time,” Kader interrupted.

Raima smiled, “God Kaderbhai, it was so hot. Although I didn’t want to get aroused but I couldn’t help myself. I came with a huge orgasm and then explained to her what that was like. Since then we have progressed to masturbating each other and doing oral on each other also. Do you think I am wrong?”

“No! I don’t think so….. moreover you aren’t a biological mother of her. Even if, that doesn’t count…… I think you are a very
good mother…..yes, kids should learn about sex only from their parents! There is no better way to learn about sex from someone who loves and cares you most….. who will take the time to make it enjoyable. And I don’t have any doubt about how much you love Minu and want what’s best for her.”

“Thank you Kaderbhai, and now here is the most important question. She asked me if you would show her how guys masturbate. Would you be willing to do that for her?”

Kader had once again let his standpoint open as he realized that once again it put him in a situation where there was only one way out. Here was a woman, a genuine knowledgeable woman, with whom he was falling in love and she was asking him to help her adopted daughter. There was no question in his mind about whether Mina had made the decision on her own or she really wanted to learn. But he paused and considered for a moment.

“If we start this how far will you want it to go?” Kader queried.

“As far as you and she want it to go. As you said, it must always be a mutual decision.” Raima said.

Trapped by his own logic again, he questioned, “You mean it would be OK with you if she and I had sex?”

“Yes. I think I know how you feel about me, about us. I am not worried that you will fall in love with my Minu and leave me.” She grinned. “Would you fall for her and leave me?”

“I don’t want anything to sabotage about what we’re going to implement here. You wouldn’t be jealous or anything? Will you be OK to know that maybe we’ve to commit real hard fucking?”

“You know I had a boyfriend named Parambrata and sometimes we used to swing with a married couple…… my best friend Koel and her husband Noel ( Nilay ). We loved each other very much. And I loved to watch him with Koel while he loved to watch me with Nilayda. No…. jealousy wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

“Are you sure that Mina is OK with this, I don’t want to hurt her in any way either.”

“Oh yea I’m sure. She definitely wants to learn about sex and she definitely wants you and me to help her learn. She really likes you. On the other hand, she is still young, so we needn’t do things at her speed, that is not to push her too fast.”

“I guess we can try and see what happens to the things we do for the people we Love,” Kader suggested.

It was the second time the “L” word had been spoken. And this time it was Kader that used it.

It surprised her. Raima’s eyes popped open, “What did you say?”

“I said I LOVE you too.” They looked each other’s eyes for a long time and suddenly they hugged tightly as her eyes slowly moistened.

To be continued……

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