Hubby’s replacement:part-02

Hello readers,
It’s a nice meet as well as replacement for me ,younger brother Jeet have satisfied me just after his arrival from he took a nice bath and after having breakfast,he slept as I walked to my bedroom and called a nearby food plaza to deliver lunch for us.I am really exhausted as my last night was great with my hubby Anish and than my hubby’s replacement took place ,non other than my brother enjoyed me .as I slept on bed and put my mobile near my pillow ,my eyes opened after I heard door bell ringing ,as I walked towards door and opened it.I can see a guy with packets of food as he came inside and put it on table ,I pay him money and locked the door.later on ,I walked inside jeet’s room as he is still sleeping ,now sit near his waist and started kissing his face , lastly he opened his eyes……

“oh Bina ,I have slept fast
(Bina)ok take refreshment and than lunch , waiting for you.” And I walked to dinning space as Jeet came there after 5-7 minutes and we both have lunch together.It’s 02:15 pm as I washed my hand and moved towards my bedroom ,but asked Jeet……..

“if you want to sleep more than ok otherwise come in my room.”

As I have put a gawn only on my body without any undergarments ,now I am on my bed as Jeet followed me.we both are on bed as door of room is closed with A/C switched on ,now Jeet moved closer to me as he hold the lashes of my gawn and opened it ,he is removing my gawn and I have surrendered myself to he made me nude ,I slept on bed like a shy indian lady while putting my arms crossed on my boobs to cover it ,have put my legs crossed to cover my I can see Jeet , sleeping on pillow and he pulled down his Bermuda to legs ,now his penis is semi erected as we both are nude.jeet now move on my top as he put his lips on my face and started kissing ,as my hand is moving on his back.He is much more aggressive now as his lips are loving my face to neck and our body are brushing as my boobs are getting pressed on his Jeet put his lips on my lips and started kissing it ,as I took my brother’s lips to suck and he is on my body’s top as his weight is on my body .later on ,as I left his lips ,my tongue is licking his lips and Jeet opened his mouth ,now sucking it wildly while being on my top.Jeet’s penis is hitting on my waist as my eyes are closed ,he have put his hand under my head and sucking my tongue my body got heated ,I pushed his face back to have my tongue out of his Jeet kissed my face………

“you are too sexy and wild Bina ,have maintained your figure
(Bina)yes and how you control your penis in home
(Jeet)It’s some vagina who make it cum.”

And Jeet left my body as we both are nude on bed ,my mobile started ringing and I received it…….”Hi Anish ,have you reached Mysore
(Anish)just now ,are you feeling bore
(Bina)no your brother-in-law have arrived after your departure ,so no need to worry .” And our conversation ends as Jeet leaned on my boobs ,now hold my left breast and took it in his mouth to suck as his other hand is pressing the right ones.Jeet is sucking my breast hardly as my hand is on his hairs ,I am screaming”oohh aahh Jeet suck it fast ,drink my milk” as he is sucking my breast hard ,later on he left it and “milk will come from it but if you deliver a baby” as I felt shy ,I put my palms on face to cover Jeet took my other breast in his mouth as he is sucking it while pinching other breasts nipples in his fingers ,my body is in full sensation as I am rubbing my legs on he left it as he slept near me and we both are facing eachother as I kissed his lips……..

“when your tour will end ?
(Jeet smiled)as your hubby arrives here ,I will leave after a day.”

And now I sits on bed near his waist ,as I hold his long thick penis in my hand ,put down my face to kiss it ,while kissing my brother’s dick with my lips ,my fingers are moving in his dense pubic hair.while holding his penis ,I put it’s glans near my nose and smelt it hard ,as I started rubbing it’s glans on my face to lips.Jeet is sleeping on bed with his legs straight as I opened my mouth and took his glans inside to suck ,I am sucking it like a chocolate in my mouth for a while and than opened my whole mouth to have my brother’s long cock inside .as my mouth is full of cock ,I am sucking it wildely and Jeet wake up on bed as he hold my lovely breast in his hand and started massaging it ,my mouth sounds louder”oohh aahh uummm” and I started moving my face up and down to give his penis a nice blow Jeet is rubbing my back with his palm as he is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh you are the hottest and sexiest sister of this world ,god bless you with thousands of penis ” as I am sucking his penis hard ,Jeet is massaging my boobs and after a while ,I took out his wet cock,full of my mouths saliva ,as I put my tongue on it to lick ,he is moving his hand on my back and trying to fuck my vagina with his finger.while licking my brother’s cock ,I can feel his finger going inside my cunt from my back side as he started fingering my vagina fastly ,I licked his penis and again I took his cock in my mouth to I am like a bitch on bed ,my head is moving fast to suck his cock and he is fingering my cunt as he is shouting”oohh aahh you are nice in sucking cock love you my sister” and I sucked his dick till he hold my hairs to pull it away.we both are horny as Jeet walked to washroom .later on ,Jeet walked to me as he is on bed ,now he asked…..

“darling now put your body like a bitch.” As I knelt on bed ,Jeet is sitting behind my ass ,now he is licking my cunt with his long tongue as looking back to him ,I can see him doing nasty act ,my vagina is in fire and now Jeet took his position as he hold his long cock ,now put it’s glans on my vagina and started rubbing it.He is slowly pushing his hard cock in my firesh vagina ,as his 2/3 Rd cock is inside my vagina ,he hold my waist and fucked hard as I “oohh Jeet it’s too hot and hard ,fuck me” screamed ,he is fucking me with speed and power .my replaced hubby is nice in his job as I started moving my ass fast ,he is giving me a hard fuck as his hand hold my saggy breast to while swinging my sexy ass fast ,I am getting the fuck I needed as Jeet is fucking me from rear side ,my vagina is in fire and I shouted”oohh aahh Jeet I will cum soon ,fuck me hard” and my vaginal discharge made my cunt wet as Jeet took out his cock and made me sleep on bed as he put a pillow under my ass ,I have stretched my legs wider and Jeet put his face inbetween my thighs as he opened my vaginal hole ,his tongue is licking my cum and it’s a nice moment for any lady who gets love on his Jeet tasted my cum ,he put his long cock in my wet vagina as he pushed it fast ,I felt an iron rod moving inside but kept my mouth shut as he fucked hard and my vagina swallowed his long in a missionary position ,my brother is fucking me as he is pressing my breast hard also ,now I invited him to sleep on my top and he is on my top as I hold him and started bouncing my ass up and down.our sexual organs are hot as he is kissing my lips ,my boobs is under his chest as he is fucking me hard with speed and power ,as wetness of cunt vanished ,my vagina started boiling and I am still bouncing my ass fastly as Jeet shouted”oohh yes have my cum soon.” His penis ejaculated sperms after fucking me for 9-10 minutes and we both are on bed like a hot couple.

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