Tolly Queen 3

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“Oh! Do you? Do you really? Do you really love me? Don’t say it isn’t true. I think I really do love you. Can we love each other after only two days? Do you really…. You’re not just saying it?”

Kader grabbed her face and pulled her to him and they kissed deeply. “Yes I think I really do. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone before. I don’t know how long it takes to fall in love, but I’m pretty sure I have….. with you!”

Raima was all over his new Bangladeshi producer lover then, kissing crying, laughing, and hugging some more. They kissed, sobbed, laughed and talked for more than an hour. They were still talking when Mina came home. She looked at them embracing and whispering as she asked what was going on.

“Kaderbhai just told me that he ‘loves’ me,” said Raima, “And I told him that I love him too. What do you think of that, sweetie?”

“Oh! Didi, that’s wonderful, it’s really great!! I couldn’t be happier in anyway! And uncle, thanks for making my Maa so happy. She liked you from the first time she saw you in the ceremony.” Mina said happily as she came and wiggled her butt.

She then sat between them and kissed Raima full on the lips. She then turned and kissed Kader too on lips…. but this time passionately. She looked at his eyes deeply and asked, “I love you too uncle…. but does this mean you are going to be my, Jamaibabu cum Bapi then?”

The marriage idea hadn’t fully developed in his brain by that time but it seemed that too….. that might be a real possibility. “Well, I think you must know, I can never be your real father. You know who I’m but I will always love you as my daughter. Yes, within two days, I realized you’re too much important in my life. So I would like nothing better than for you to call me your Bapi instead of Jamaibabu.”

“Oh, Thank you Bapi….. you’re so nice….. Mina said in a overflowing manner, then turned towards Raima, “But Maa, did you ask him that I told you in the morning?”

Raima and Kader looked at each other. He thought it would be better for them to discuss this privately.

Realizing that, he stood up; “I’m going back to my place and do some work this afternoon. How about if you ladies join me there about 6:00 pm, and I’ll fix dinner for you tonight.”

Mina had a concerned look on her face as she glanced up to him and then to Raima. She replied, “Yes that’s a good idea.”
_______ ________ ________ ______ _______ ___

So he dressed and left. He did manage to get some good work done on his recent film featuring by Rachana and Abhishek. Even, the thoughts of marriage with both of those horny, lovely creatures were rattling around in his head. He was sure that Raima and he were headed for a long life together. It was like they were philosophical duplicates of each other but in different bodies.

And to think about the possibilities of helping Mina learn about sex was mind blowing and too much exciting. He couldn’t believe….. help a beautiful, energetic young teen girl / woman learn all about sex? Who wouldn’t be slobber all over himself thinking about those possibilities.
_______ ________ ________ ________ _______ _

So when the bell rang at six, he answered the door…. but this time being in totally nude. He caught both of them off guard….. being hypnotized by his hanging third leg. But Raima smiled whole heartedly as she moved into the room….. closed the doors quickly and herself became nude also.

Mina held back for a moment, looking at Kader, and then she came to stand in front of him and said, “Uncle….. sorry Bapi, Maa and I talked a long time this afternoon. And I want to thank you for agreeing to help Maa teach me about sex stuff.”

“It’s not my credit….. your Maa is far more understandable and wiser woman than me, so thank her,” Kader replied.

Mina then said, “Yes, my Maa is great. She told me not to be nervous about it and I am too. Later I understand that I would be in really, really big trouble if anyone ever found out about us. So I swear to you I will never, never ever tell anyone about what we do. Maa also told me, you are worried that this might screw up things between you and her. And I never want to be responsible for anything like that.”

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