Tolly Queen 3

“Oh! Do you? Do you really? Do you really love me? Don’t say it isn’t true. I think I really do love you. Can we love each other after only two days? Do you really…. You’re not just saying it?”

Kader grabbed her face and pulled her to him and they kissed deeply. “Yes I think I really do. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone before. I don’t know how long it takes to fall in love, but I’m pretty sure I have….. with you!”

Raima was all over his new Bangladeshi producer lover then, kissing crying, laughing, and hugging some more. They kissed, sobbed, laughed and talked for more than an hour. They were still talking when Mina came home. She looked at them embracing and whispering as she asked what was going on.

“Kaderbhai just told me that he ‘loves’ me,” said Raima, “And I told him that I love him too. What do you think of that, sweetie?”

“Oh! Didi, that’s wonderful, it’s really great!! I couldn’t be happier in anyway! And uncle, thanks for making my Maa so happy. She liked you from the first time she saw you in the ceremony.” Mina said happily as she came and wiggled her butt.

She then sat between them and kissed Raima full on the lips. She then turned and kissed Kader too on lips…. but this time passionately. She looked at his eyes deeply and asked, “I love you too uncle…. but does this mean you are going to be my, Jamaibabu cum Bapi then?”

The marriage idea hadn’t fully developed in his brain by that time but it seemed that too….. that might be a real possibility. “Well, I think you must know, I can never be your real father. You know who I’m but I will always love you as my daughter. Yes, within two days, I realized you’re too much important in my life. So I would like nothing better than for you to call me your Bapi instead of Jamaibabu.”

“Oh, Thank you Bapi….. you’re so nice….. Mina said in a overflowing manner, then turned towards Raima, “But Maa, did you ask him that I told you in the morning?”

Raima and Kader looked at each other. He thought it would be better for them to discuss this privately.

Realizing that, he stood up; “I’m going back to my place and do some work this afternoon. How about if you ladies join me there about 6:00 pm, and I’ll fix dinner for you tonight.”

Mina had a concerned look on her face as she glanced up to him and then to Raima. She replied, “Yes that’s a good idea.”
_______ ________ ________ ______ _______ ___

So he dressed and left. He did manage to get some good work done on his recent film featuring by Rachana and Abhishek. Even, the thoughts of marriage with both of those horny, lovely creatures were rattling around in his head. He was sure that Raima and he were headed for a long life together. It was like they were philosophical duplicates of each other but in different bodies.

And to think about the possibilities of helping Mina learn about sex was mind blowing and too much exciting. He couldn’t believe….. help a beautiful, energetic young teen girl / woman learn all about sex? Who wouldn’t be slobber all over himself thinking about those possibilities.
_______ ________ ________ ________ _______ _

So when the bell rang at six, he answered the door…. but this time being in totally nude. He caught both of them off guard….. being hypnotized by his hanging third leg. But Raima smiled whole heartedly as she moved into the room….. closed the doors quickly and herself became nude also.

Mina held back for a moment, looking at Kader, and then she came to stand in front of him and said, “Uncle….. sorry Bapi, Maa and I talked a long time this afternoon. And I want to thank you for agreeing to help Maa teach me about sex stuff.”

“It’s not my credit….. your Maa is far more understandable and wiser woman than me, so thank her,” Kader replied.

Mina then said, “Yes, my Maa is great. She told me not to be nervous about it and I am too. Later I understand that I would be in really, really big trouble if anyone ever found out about us. So I swear to you I will never, never ever tell anyone about what we do. Maa also told me, you are worried that this might screw up things between you and her. And I never want to be responsible for anything like that.”

He was blown away. Was this little girl only ** yrs old and a 10-th grade student? It seemed that she could have been 35.

“Minu, my little darling baby, it will be my pleasure to help your Maa teach you…. and I am honored that you want me to help her. I think she is the most incredible woman I have ever met in Tollygunge and I want to be with her forever. I only hope that I will live up to your expectations.”

Then they ate chilly chicken and bread that night. He thought it was a sufficient success to get praise from his guests and that was good enough for him. With a small salad, garlic bread and at last a bottle of whiskey, they had a delicious time.

Afterward when they were seated in the living room, Minu lost no time getting to the subject that was on everyone’s mind. “Bapi, will you show me now how guys masturbate….. I mean sagging? Please?”

“Yes, I will but first lets talk a minute about a male body. Come here Minu, and sit on the floor.” Kader instructed.

She obeyed instantly and sat on the floor in front of him…. fixing her eyes on his cobra cock. He then spread his legs apart. He was already semi-hard…. and the mesmerizing black snake was dangling between his hairy legs surprise…. surprise!

“Probably you know all this but let’s start with this. I’m sure you know that this is a penis,” just saying this, he took his semi-hard cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly in front of her.

“However Penis’ have lots of slang names just like your ‘Vagina’ has many slang names. It’s called in english…. ‘Cock’, ‘Dick’ etc where as in bengali… known as ‘Dhon’, ‘Leora’, ‘Banra’, and in hindi…. ‘Lund’…. and many, many more. You’ve noticed that my cock is circumcised…. yes, actually all we have this type of circumcised cock. It’s maybe for religious reasons but some men have had their foreskins removed for health. Here are my testicles, again many slang names….. Balls, Nuts, Rocks in english and ‘Holbichi’ in bengali for example.”

Mina was listening Kader’s explanation like a vivid listener….. while he continued, “The man’s testicles creates sperm…. semen…. I know you’re aware that when people have intercourse, also called having sex in sober language, or fucking in raw way, the man’s cock goes into the woman’s vagina….. I mean pussy….. cunt. And you know that if a man’s sperm gets inside your pussy, there is a very good chance that you will get pregnant.”

“Pregnant….. this means my Maa now has the chance to be pregnant,” Mina interfere…. grinning at Raima.

“Oh, you silly, we both don’t want that to happen at this moment. So the first thing I want you to learn about having sex is that you are the only person who can keep that from happening. Before you let a cock get into your cunt, you need to be sure that you won’t get pregnant. You can not trust anyone else to protect you.”

The continuous bold explanations to Mina about sex made Kader’s cock rock hard at that moment. He began to stroke it lightly as Mina became restless noticing him sag his giant tool.

He explained that the cock-head was the most sensitive part, like her clit. With the stroking of his cock, he told her that if he stroked long enough, it would finally be stimulated enough to ejaculate…. to shoot…. to cum.

As he continued his stroking, her eyes never left the cock in front of her. “Do you want to touch it,” he asked suddenly?

“Oh! Yes! Can I? Would you let me do that?” However without waiting his approval, she reached instantly and put her soft hand around his raging cock. Grabbing the hot black cobra tightly, she began stroking it like she had seen him do.

“Oh… it’s so hard….. but smooth too.” With an excited tone, she jacked his shaft back and forth. “It’s so hot….. am I doing it right Bapi. Ohhhhhh… this is so cool. I love the way it feels…… it is pulsating and so huge. I love the way the head disappears into my palm and peeks out from it immediately.”

She had a determined and lustful look on her face, her brows was slightly furrowed as she concentrated on jacking his cock. It was heaven for him to see this little darling, a 10-th grade brilliant student working so hard to learn while giving him so much pleasure.

He showed her how to stroke up to the tip and gently rub the little special place on the underside of the head. He demonstrated her how to stroke longer strokes…… from root to tip….. rolling her hand around the tip….. to stroke a little harder and faster.

As his own excitement was boiling up, he put his hand around her little one and started stroking with purpose…… long strokes from root to tip….. harder and faster.

With this kind of stimulation, it didn’t take long and Raima, who was watching her lover’s sexual demonstration intently, realized that he was about to shoot. As he held Mina’s hand, he pointed his cock straight up and shot several long streams of whitish cum high in the air. It startled the cute innocent baby, as she watched the cum puddle on his stomach.

“Oh My God! Wow I didn’t know it did like in real. It shot way up….. Maa, did you notice that? That was so hot. Oh My God, that was sooooo neat!”

With that, she continued to stroke him for another minute…. intently watching the last few drops of cum dribble out the end of his small cock-slit. She then looked at Raima and then at him, “Thank you Jamaibabu….. sorry Bapi, and thank you Maa…. that was awesome, I can’t wait to do that again sometime. Can we do that again sometime Bapi?”

“You’re always welcome Minu Maa, it was really all my pleasure.”

Raima then reached over and scooped a glob of cum onto her finger and stuck it in her mouth. “Taste it, Sweetie” She said to Mina.

Although Mina hesitated a second, she quickly scooped up another glob and put it in her own mouth. She sat for a second with her face scrunched up, as she tasted. “Kinda salty, like a funny kinda taste, kinda like bleach smells,” she opined.

“Do you like the flavor,” asked Raima?

“I don’t know maybe,” answered the cute baby-doll.

“Another thing for you to learn is that when you make love with someone, you should always try to make sure they get enjoyment too. Not just pleasure for yourself but be sure, the partner have pleasure too. You did a wonderful job giving me the pleasure but you haven’t had your pleasure yet. What do you think we should do about that,” Kader enquired.

Mina’s eyes got bigger, “Aahh I don’t know. What do you mean?”

“You have had orgasms before with your Maa right?”


“Now would you like to have one with me?”

“What do you mean, what are you gonna do to me?”

Kader smiled, “First I would never ever do anything to you that you didn’t want me to do. We will only ever do stuff together and only if you want to OK?”

“Oh. OK”

“I won’t do anything that you haven’t done with your Maa. I would like to do for you what she has done for you. But we won’t do anything more now unless you want to….. OK?”

Mina sat very still, thinking, unsure of what she wanted to do or not.

“Would you like to see him having sex with me?” Raima asked her adopted daughter.

“Yea, I’d really like that,” Mina answered.

Raima looked at Kader with that ‘come-here big-boy’ look in her eye. “Let’s all go into the bedroom,” she suggested.

They moved the bedroom and sat side by side on the bed as Kader moved to push Raima onto her back. He then began caressing her boobs, kissing her lips, her ears, her neck and then her nipples. He further moved his hand down toward her pussy as she spread her legs slightly to give him room.

He began gently rubbing around her clit, deliberately avoiding touching it directly…. circling around it and flicking across the nub…. sending shivers through her slender body.

As he continued to kiss and suckle her stiff nipples, he moved his hand away from her clit and caressed the very soft flesh inside her thighs. She began wriggling her hips around his fingers…. chasing them….. trying to get them back to her very aroused clit.

It was now becoming erect and peeking out from it’s little hood. Her wriggling became more frenzied as her hips fucking up and down on his fingers. She was moaning loudly urging him to pay more attention to her clit.

And he did so……but in other way…. sliding his two fingers into her hole….. feeling the slickness of her excitement. Instantly her hips began jerking upwards against his invading fingers…. trying to get it deeper into her hot wetness.

As he continued to kiss and nibble, he dropped one of his sleek fingers down on her ass-crack to not-so-gently probe her little darkish asshole. He continued to finger fuck her greasy tight anus as he noticed that Mina was watching him masturbate her cherished mother. Noticing her Maa’s lewd groaning, Mina too became horny and began to masturbate herself.

Kader realized that this was supposed to be a learning session for her. He decided to expand the lesson to include cunnilingus…. so he pushed his face into Raima’s sopping pussy.

She started moaning immediately as he started to lick up and down her long cunt-slit….. gathering the nectar….. tasting it on his tongue. He flicked his salivating tongue against her rosebud at the bottom and then moving upward…. sucked her erect clit.

Just like an attentive learner, Mina moved her face was right in front of Kader, above Raima’s belly where she watched him to make love to her Maa’s beautiful pussy. He looked into Mina’s eyes and saw a lustful envious look on her eyes. He also knew that she had sucked this same pussy herself before.

Meanwhile Raima became very horny as hell and he thought this wouldn’t last very long. So he concentrated on sucking her clit and inserted his finger into her pussy….. finger fucking her again while he licked her clit.

She was rocking her hips up to meet his tongue and probing finger at the same time. But when he curled his finger up inside her pussy and stimulated her G-spot, she froze in mid thrust. Her back was arched her hips high off the bed….. and she came.


She is such a screamer. Suddenly her trembling body became rigid for about a minute or so, till she relaxed and fell back to the bed. Mina was silent, her eyes open wide. She just watched her Maa gradually come back to reality.

When Raima was able, she said, “Oh my God that was good…… soooooo good.”

She then looked at Kader and thanks him as she looked lovingly at her adopted baby. She pulled Mina down beside her on the bed and said, “And thank you too, it was especially good because you were here to share it with me. I love you very much sweetie.”

“That was so awesome Maa, that was the most exciting thing I have ever seen,” said the cute girl to her foster mother, “I’ve seen few porn before but I’ve never watched actual people having sex in such a way. I have heard you scream before, but I never really thought how exciting sex really is. Now I do. I never knew anything could be that exciting and wonderful. You really loved it……. don’t you Maa?”

“Yes sweetie, but the real fucking scenario is much more exciting and frenzied. Anyway, I did love it and I love this guy and I love you too and having it all together was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done.” Raima answered.

“Awesome,” said Mina as she turned to Kader, “Is that what we were going to do?”

“Yes dear! That’s what we will do sometime when you are ready for that.”

“Can we now just cuddle for Bapi, for tonight?”

“Yes sweetie, that would be perfect. I would like that very much.” Saying that, they all went to sleep in his big bed being fully nude that night, keeping Mina in the middle.

When he woke next morning both Mina and Raima were still sleeping. They were all tangled arms and legs with Mina’s head on Raima’s left boob. They looked very happy and contented. With a satisfied smile, he went into the bathroom for a shower and pee.

After that, he went into the kitchen…. started coffee….. and began to read the morning paper when the sleepy heads came in. He will never tire of seeing these two nude heavenly beauties.

Then they all managed their breakfast of cereal or toast as Raima asked Mina what she planned for the day. The answer was, she would probably go to her another friend Maiya’s ( Daughter of Sreelekha Mitra ) house.

However Kader was a bit concerned about how she was dealing with last night. She seemed OK but maybe a little reserved this morning. It was like she wanted to say something but was shy about saying it.

Raima noticed it too and finally asked, “Are you OK Sweetie? You seem to be very quiet this morning. Did last night bother you…. are you OK with what happened?”

“Oh yes I’m OK with that, I liked the live porn the best. It was so neat. I’m glad we did it. I just uh….. I wondered uh…. could I uh….. uh could I touch Bapi’s snake again?” she stammered.

“You want to touch my cock again,” he asked with a sly grin.

She looked down shyly, “Uh, yea, if it’s OK.”

“Come over here please Sweetie…. I’m your Bapi, from now on this cock is belongs to both of you, so no need to be ashamed for that.”

With a wide grin, she then came to stand in front of Kader as he hugged her affectionately and moved to a nearby couch. Now she was standing in between his stretched legs as he sat. He lifted his chin so he could look into her eyes.

“Don’t feel shy about asking me when you want to do something. Now we have become more than just friends…. just like you and your Maa….. we’re kinda like lovers…. OK dear? And when lovers want to love their partner, they initiate it by a word, a look or a caress. So I want you to know that you can touch me….. can kiss or can do other things with each other. But there are only two rules. First everything we do should be OK with your Maa. Second, we always respect the other person, and do not insist on something, if the other person doesn’t want to….. OK?”

She nodded smilingly as he pulled her face to him and kissed a lovers kiss. It was a long, deep kiss…. passionate kiss. She was learning fast to kiss like a real lover too. He could feel his cock growing between them and he know she could feel it too.

When their lips parted, she smiled an impish grin…. then knelt down on the carpeted floors between his legs…. took his already hardening black cock in her little palms…. caressed it lovingly and started stroking, “You mean I can do like this?”

“Mmm yes you can do whatever you like to do….. any time….. anything,” he murmured.

“Is this OK with you Maa?” She queried innocently looking back at her Maa who was standing just behind her….. with an acknowledging smile on her beautiful face.

“Yes darling, it looks like you are doing it just perfectly.” Raima nodded.

“Will you come here and help me…. please… when he shoots?” Mina urged.

Immediately Raima knelt beside her baby and watched for a moment while Mina stroked her Bangladeshi lover’s Nigro cock.

“Would you like to try something different this morning,” asked Raima?

“Sure, what Maa?” asked Mina.

“Well what you are doing now… is called masturbating him…… right?”

“Yea. It’s jack-in-off right?”

“Yes, how about we both give your new Bapi a blow-job. Do you know what that is?”

“Yea, I think so….. I watched that in porn….. Moreover Maiya and I’ve talked about it too few times….. it’s when you put it in your mouth right?”

“Yes, just keep stroking and put your mouth around the tip. But be careful of your teeth, cause the tip of a man’s cock is very tender and you might scratch it. Just open your mouth and close your lips around the tip.”

The sight of this cute baby-doll with his black cobra in her little mouth was almost too much. Imagining about that hot scene, his throbbing cock became hard like a steel rod. Raima was giggling as she looked that…. from his face to the cock.

“Wrap your tongue along the underside of his cock,” Raima coached like a professional cocksucker, “Yes…. yes…. that’s it….. now can you feel the little “V” space just under the tip. Yes, that is very sensitive….. so use your tongue to rub right there, and slide more and more into your mouth….. Fantastic….. you’re too fast….be careful not to take too much in because he is huge….. you might gag when it hits the back of your throat. That’s right Sonamoni, you are doing wonderfully. With your other hand now reach down and caress his Holbichi.

“Holbichi….. Oh Maa…. what a nice and wicked term…….,” Mina mumbled.

“Yes Sona….. the term is so vivid and straightway….. but be very careful with this balls `cause you can really hurt your lover if you squeeze them too hard. Just gently hold them in your hand….. massage them… roll them lovingly. Pretty soon, his Holbichi is going to get tight in your hand. And you are going to feel his muscles get tight and start to twitch. All those things tell you that he is getting ready to shoot his cum. If you don’t want him to shoot in your mouth then you need to pull back and let him shoot in the air…. like last night. Or if you want, I will take him and put his cock immediately in my mouth. The cum is so precious…. so never waste it…. take it in your pussy, bowel or in mouth. As for me, I always love to shoot it in my mouth and then swallow.”

Mina was a fast learner. She was able to take several inches into her mouth and he could feel his cock bump into the back of her throat a few times.She quickly learned to use her tongue to lick the cock head and
caress the tip.

Kader was trying his best to hold off but the mental and physical stimulation was taking it’s toll. She was really going deep. Much deeper than he would have guessed she could. He could feel his huge cock bumping into the back of the little girl’s throat.

It was happening…… he was going to cum soon. Just as he started to tell her to be ready, she backed off his cock and said, “I think he’s cumming Maa, now you do it.”

They immediately traded places as Raima took the black snake deep in her mouth. He shot….. no no just like a blast…… then again….. one more… and so on. She gagged….. but didn’t spilled out a drop…… swallow….. swallow…. A huge cum….. it must have been at least a tea-cup…… well, maybe it wasn’t quite a gallon.

Raima continued her sucking and kept as much in her mouth as possible. She waited till the pulses quieted, then turned to her cherished baby. They kissed full on the mouths….. trading the musky and sticky jelly happily.

Mina’s eyes at first popped open and then she started kissing the Tolly actress as avidly as she was kissing her. They slowly swapped his hot cum between them….. and savoured the delicious salty cum with great satisfaction. God! how hot can it get with these two?

“Oh Allah, this two will kill me. I better get out of this otherwise there will be nothing left of me but skin and bones. I will be a shriveled corpse.” Kader mumbled in sheer joy.

Both of them giggled. “Well how was my Minu’s first blow-job? You think she can learn,” Raima asked with a naughty grin.

Mina was looking at Kader with uncertainty in her eyes. He pulled her up against him just like an affectionate father and kissed her mouth. “I think it was a wonderful blow-job. To me this would be in the top two or three of blow-jobs I’ve ever had,” Kader certified happily.

“Thank you darling….. that was wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

“Umm I really did Bapi, I love the feel of your black ‘Leora’ in my mouth. I could feel you pulsating in my mouth….. could feel your ‘Holbichi’ contract…. just before you cum. I really love my first blow-job. You can have one of those whenever you want, so tasty and yummy!” Mina said enthusiastically.

“I love you little fox, I’ll remember what you said, and I’ll want you to do that again for sure.” Kader said as he felt himself so lucky.

“I love you too Bapi, thank you for helping me and for being so nice to my Maa, and for letting me do that with you. I know I wasn’t as good as my Maa, but thanks for saying it was.”

With that she walked into attached bathroom to fresh herself and be ready to go back to their apartment. Raima and Kader looked into each other’s eyes.

“Do you think we’re creating a vixen?” she asked.

“No, I think she will be just fine. She seems very much self controlled and I don’t think that the new freedom will be a problem for her. I think she is becoming a very sexual person just like you. But you had to be sure you didn’t set off alarms with friends or neighbors or her teachers. I’m sure, very soon she will want to experience with few of her friends and I expect she will be careful about her adventures.” Kader explained.

“Oh Kaderbhai, you’re always helpful…. that’s why, Mina likes you so much,” Raima looked so grateful to Kader.

“That’s true….. and you are right about her friends too. She has already asked me how she can start talking with her friends Rishona or Maiya, to see if she might be interested in playing and learning. And I’m trying to help her think of ways she can start discussing and even enjoying sexual things with her friends.” Kader said.

“But, on another subject, I am dying to meet Koel and her husband. I know Noel is your nearest buddy and helped you so much to be settled in Tollygunge film-industry. They have been such great friends to me also these past years. Whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on, one or both of them were there. As I told you earlier, they have been my fuck buddies too,” She giggled. “They have invited us to their home for a burger feast…. any time, whenever we’ve time. Are you up for some showing off? I already accepted, and I told her I would check with you first.”

“Yes….. I haven’t met with them for a long time and I think it would be great fun to meet with them…. they’re really a lovely couple,” Kader felt glad for the prospective meeting.

“Yes….. I also think our next get together will be too much more exciting…. I can’t hardly wait…..but what about you…. be careful about Koel,” Raima looked curious as a wicked smile spread on her face.

“Well woman, if our relationship is ever going anywhere, you will have to learn that I make all of those kinds of decisions for us. Do you understand that?” He tried to look very stern but he couldn’t keep the smile from the corners of his mouth.

“I’ll show you what I understand,” She laughed, as she punched him in the ribs playfully, “Just for that you get none of the pussy for at least one hour. What do you think of that?”

“Oh! The hardship!” He emoted, “I will just go…. kill myself right now.”

He grabbed her and pulled her too him. They kissed….. caressed and talked about themselves….. and their love….. and a million other things….. and their dreams….. and their plans for a life together.

And with that sweet imagination….. expectation….. dream, the past memories of Nilay / Noel and his beautiful actress wife Koel pushed him back two years ago….. it was so exciting….. he will never forget…..

To be continued…..

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