Lockdown Diaries of a Naughty Son

Hi friends, I am Avinash, age 29, and this is my first story, and it’s a real one. This is not a story. It’s an incident that happened in my life which changed the relationship between my mom and me. It started when I caught her masturbating.

First, I would like to give you a detailed description of my mom. Her name is Savitri (Name changed). She is so damn hot and sexy. She has an Indian white skin tone, super sexy buttocks and boobs.

She is a hot modern Indian milf. She looks the same as TV Actress Sakshi Tanwar, Yes, that MILF from “Bade Acche lagte hai”. She is of age 48 but seems like 40. My dad is abroad and has been there for 2 years and will return after 2 more years.

Now I will directly come to the incident that started our incest relationship. I was not at all in any intention to have sex with my mom. Nor have I ever thought about any incest relationship till the day I saw her fingering.

We live in Mumbai and have a 3bhk flat in Mumbai. I work in an IT firm, and my mom is a College Professor cum housewife. She is very modern and free to wear anything she is comfortable with. I was also used to that.

She used to wear shorts, t-shirts, nightgowns, and lingerie, all during the night, which is normal in Mumbai. Even I wear my shorts and tees at home. Life was normal, and we used to be normal before the pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, we started to work from home. It changed our daily routine and disturbed our way of living. But this gave me a chance to have my mom. It happened so quickly that I was shocked and could not take a quick step.

I normally wake up by 8–9 am as I sleep late. But mom wakes up early and starts her daily chores by 6–7 am. Now directly to the incident which changed my life. One day I woke up at 7 am. Mom and I used to sleep in 2 different bedrooms, just for each other’s privacy.

As soon as I woke up, I was going to the washroom and heard a moaning sound from mom’s room. We never used to lock the doors while sleeping. I opened the door slightly and was shocked to see the scene. Mom has her desktop installed in her room and is very active using her PC.

She doesn’t have any Facebook or Insta, but she surfs a lot on the internet. But the scene I saw was very shocking to me. A porn video was played on the pc, and my mom was fingering watching the porn. She was in her lingerie gown, pulled till her hip, and fingered her pussy.

I could not see her pussy as she was turning towards the PC. I could see the porn on the PC and her hand movements and moaning. I was a bit nervous at first. But soon, my dick raised. I hadn’t realised when my hands went down to hold my dick raised hard inside my shorts.

I stayed there for some 10–15 minutes. In some couple of minutes, she released herself, and I closed the door seeing the same. I returned to my room and lay on the bed, thinking of the scene I had just seen. It was so damn hot and sexy to see her in that pose.

I thought I missed my chance. I should have gone directly in and should have inserted my finger. I should have shown my dick to her. After some time, I got up and went to the bathroom. I quickly released my load, thinking of her and the scene.

When I returned to my bed, I was feeling bad. Till now, I was not into anything like this and was not having any wrong or illicit relationships. Also, thoughts came that it was my mom. I saw and thought of fucking her, which was wrong for me.

I laid for some more time. Then I woke and started my daily chores. As it was a Saturday, I was on my weekend. I left to meet my friends after having my breakfast. I could not face mom that day and was nervous facing her.

I normally have fun in the afternoon with my friends and return home in the evening. After coming home, mom was asked about how my day was. But the same scene was inside my mind. I could not hear what mom was asking. She realised this and asked me if everything was fine with me or if I was not well.

I told her a lie and that I was just tired. I wanted to have dinner soon and needed to go to bed soon. Had my dinner soon and went to sleep early. Still, my mind has all the unwanted thoughts of the scene I saw in the morning.

And the thoughts like if she needs it? If so, can I fulfil her needs? I set my alarm for 6:30 am for the next day to see the same, to see if she was doing this every day and slept.

The next day I woke up hearing the alarm. I woke up and went slowly to my mom’s room. It was quiet today. I opened the door slowly without making any noise and saw her sleeping. I was very sad. But thought that damn I was getting physical feelings for my mom and was confused about the whole situation.

As it was a Sunday, I again came and slept. I started my day a bit late but was home for the whole day. But again, I realised I could not face my mom and behave normally. I see her buttocks and boobs. She was in her shorts. It was making my dick raise.

So I tried not to look for her bums and boobs the whole day. Again a day went by. I did the same alarm for the next day, woke up early and waited to see her again in that position to release my load. I went near her door and heard the same moaning sound again on Monday.

I slowly opened the door, just the space to peep in and saw the same. But this time, she was hotter than the last time. She was in her t-shirt and shorts, which she was wearing on Sunday. It was down and on her feet, and I could see a small glimpse of her ass cheeks.

I was so hot and hard, and I could see that she had just started with the video. I have some time today as I am early for the show. I was holding my dick and was jerking, watching her. She was in her pleasure, and I was in mine. But it happened as I could only hold it for 12–15 minutes seeing the scene.

I had to rush to my bathroom and release my huge load. My goodness, I cannot mention the feeling and the pleasure I had then. It’s unexplainable in words and will only be realised when you face it. I was in heaven. But I had missed closing the door when I ran to the bathroom.

So I went back to mom’s room and saw that she is still busy with the porn and her fingering. I closed the door slowly and left for my room. I started dreaming of my mother becoming my lover.
I returned to my room and thought of plans to have sex with my mom. I went to sleep again for some more time. I woke up hearing mom’s daily chores in the kitchen. I completed all my daily chores and started my work by 10:30 am.

In between, we had our breakfast. During breakfast also, I could not see my mom’s face. I was talking with her. But seeing her face, I was getting an instant hard-on. So I was a bit avoiding eye contact with her.

But after breakfast, I just asked her for a very casual doubt that she was missing something in life. She was a bit confused. She said that she is missing many things that she cannot do due to COVID. I just told her that if she wants to share, then let’s try to do something we both can do.

She said we could do nothing other than sit at home. I told her there were things we can. Take a break or see movies or do something sitting at home. She said, “Ya, that is all we can do, but still, it’s boring.”

I didn’t want to break the ice now. I left and started my office work. I don’t have any preferred lunchtime during my work. So my mom always has her lunch and goes to take an afternoon nap. I eat when I get some free time. But now, in between, I get my mom’s fingering scene and a hard-on now and then.

Also I now need her very badly. I decided to make a small move from my side during dinner. But the scene changed during dinner time. Mom said, “It seems you have changed a bit. Are there any problems that you are facing?”

Anyways I was planning to tell her what I saw. So this was a great start. I told her there were no major issues. But there is something which I believe is very much normal nowadays. But I cannot come out of some scene I saw. She asked me what it was, and I started telling her everything.

I started, “Mom, I know you feel lonely here. We cannot even go out due to this pandemic. So it is very normal you need to release pressure, and masturbating is a great remedy.” She was a bit confused and shocked at first. Then I told her everything that had happened and what I had done.

I added that even I masturbate watching porn and watch a lot of kinky stuff while masturbating. She was not facing me, but she was very ashamed of the situation. She said, “I am sorry you saw that, and it’s my mistake.” But I told her she didn’t have to be sorry and comforted her, saying it was normal.

I added that if she needs any kinky stuff, I can share that as well. It will be more pleasurable. She became a bit relaxed. She hit me and said, “Stop it. You are getting naughty. You should not talk to your mom like this.”

I said it was okay, as I had seen her half-naked. So this won’t be an issue talking and sharing such stuff. She was a bit worried and asked me to promise that I should not say anything about this to my dad. I confirmed that this would be our top secret and she wouldn’t have to worry.

We had dinner and then started to move to our rooms. I just asked if I would get to see the show tomorrow as well in a joking manner. But she got angry and said she would lock the door next time. She is very much embarrassed.

I said she didn’t have to lock the door and be embarrassed. If she doesn’t like me seeing, I will not peep in. In a naughty way, I told her it would be great if I could enjoy the show. This would help both of us to release the pressure! She closed the door, thinking about something.

I went to sleep and set the alarm for the next day the same way to see how she would handle this situation. The next morning, I woke up with the alarm and went to mom’s room. I was happy seeing the door not locked. But my bad luck, she is still sleeping, and there’s no show for today.

I returned to my room and again slept till I needed to get up for work. The same mom was a bit too relaxed with her dressing now. And she is wearing her hot purple knee-length nighty. Inside I guess it’s her purple lingerie. I can see her panty line from that satin nighty.

She never used to wear this in the morning, and I was a bit surprised about that.
We were at the dining table for breakfast. I jokingly asked her, “I didn’t hear anything today. You didn’t do it?”

She, a bit in anger, told me to stop embarrassing her by saying that again and again. But to my surprise, she said she doesn’t do it every day and only does it twice or thrice a week. I was happy that she started sharing all that with me.

Then her next question was, “How many times do you masturbate?” The word from her mouth made my dick rise slowly. I told her that if I’m stressed with work, then I do it daily. If not, then on alternate days. She said okay, and we completed our breakfast.

I was leaving for login (Work from home). But before starting my work, I told her I had a suggestion. “We are only here; no one else would be coming and knowing anything. Shall we do it together? I mean, we both would be helping each other. It could give us more pleasure than normal stuff or porn.”

She said no, shouting at me and telling me we should not talk like this. I tried to convince her and told her it was normal. “Let’s not think you are my mom and I am your son. You would be a woman, and I am a man. That’s it. At least, let’s try once. If you are not comfortable, will discontinue it.”

She thought about it. This was my best chance to bring her to accept. I pleaded with her to try. She said she would be very uncomfortable and would think and let me know. That whole day she was not coming into my sight. She was behaving abnormally and had some mixed feelings.

That day normally went with not much stuff. She was not facing me much, and even at dinner, I avoided such sex talks. I behaved a bit normally and as usual. I set the alarm and woke up the same way the next day.

I went to her room. She was, to my surprise, moaning a bit, and today is full of surprises for me. She had not locked the door as well. So, as usual, I peeped in, opening the door a bit with the gap. I saw the biggest surprise. She was naked and was watching mom-son porn and fingering.

Man! That was a scene where I confirmed that she was somewhat willing. It would be easy to bring her to my line and bang her. She is also in her needs.
I was a bit sure now, so I opened the door. I just went near her and sat on the bed.

She is turned to the computer screen side. She didn’t realise my entry to the room due to her pleasure. She released her load seeing the porn, and the boy was fucking his mom’s ass in the porn. She released herself and saw me. She was a bit in fear and shocked and stunned for a moment.

She asked me what I was doing there and told me to get out so she could change her position. She was again feeling guilty. I was happy she was not that mad at me even though I saw her this close masturbating. While talking to her, I saw her big 36C perfect Boobs, Her deep navel, ner poking nipples asking me to grab them, lick them and bite them, suck them.

Also, her hand was covering her pussy. I told her she didn’t have to be shocked and embarrassed. I don’t mind her doing this. It is normal nowadays, and I asked her how the porn was ? Did she feel the kinky feeling and a bit more pleasure while watching mom-son porn?

She gave a small naughty type smile out of shyness. She told me to go out because she is shy. She needs to get up and clean helself as she is dripping down. Finally, she told me that she had cum all dripping, so she wanted to get up and clean.

I told her that we were this much open. She doesn’t have to hide anything from me now, so relax. As we both know what we are doing, there is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. I just gave a pat on her shoulder.

I said, “But mom, you are naughty. Now I know how I am so kinky,” and gave a naughty smile. As I was not ready to get up, she understood the same. And she made a move by standing and giving me a great view of her hairless pussy and her gorgeous bum.

Also, a bit of ass crack, while she belt to clean her cum on floor with her nighty. She was not shy about doing the same in front of me now. She is relaxed now and okay with me seeing her all naked. And then she went directly to the bathroom.

I was happy as she was not mad, and she responded well.

Most of the time, we roam naked in the house. Mom-son sex relationship is the best, and it’s safe if both are interested.
The porn on the pc was going on. I saw the same and just thought of masturbating in front of my mom. My dick was rock hard watching mom’s scene. So I pulled out my dick and started jerking the same way sitting on the chair as mom did it.

She came out of the bathroom and was surprised and shocked to see me jerking off. She shouted and asked what the fuck am I doing. She also asked me to go to my room for the same.

I comforted her, saying she did it in front of me. Now what was there for me to hide was my question. She was a bit calm. I told her I liked her taste in porn. I will be done ASAP, as the porn was so hot. My surprise was that she didn’t move out of the room.

She was also watching me jerking and was surprised to see my dick in my hand.
With that, the situation in the room became very hot. In 15–20 minutes, I was close to the climax and released my load. As soon as I released my load, I peeped to see her reaction.

I saw that her right hand was rubbing her pussy. And she was holding her phone with her left hand, for name’s sake. She was hiding her view from me and asked me to clean up if done and switch off the pc. My mind played a bit, and I got the idea of showing my dick to her.

I got up from the chair without pulling up my shorts. I went straight to the bathroom, holding my semi-hard dick. She was also surprised by that. I cleaned myself and returned the same way, half nude, showing my dick to my mom. I went near the pc and used a tissue to clean the floor without my shorts.

After that, I got my shorts on the floor. Without wearing them, I started to walk toward the door beside where mom was sitting on the bed. She might have fully viewed my dick, balls, and bum. Before leaving the door, I just saw her face. It was not angry but filled with a mixed expression of lust and shame.

I told her thanks for the show and left the room. I went to my room and was happy that I could at least jerk off in front of her that too openly. I slept for some more time and was woken up by mom’s call for breakfast. I got a bit tired by the whole scene and was also hungry.

I got up, did all my daily chores and joined mom for breakfast. As I know she doesn’t like to talk about sex on the dining table, I didn’t take the topic. But she was behaving quite freely even though I was looking at her dress. She is more exposing her cleavage to me, which was very unusual.

She was very careful about her dress in front of me before. She was casually talking and then pulled out the morning topic, seeing I was not going to take it out. She asked me, “Since when are you masturbating?”

I said, “Since my college days.”

So she asked me if I had been regularly masturbating since college, but she never noticed the same. I said I used to do the same at night or in your absence.
She was keener to know about my masturbation, which raised my dick.

She asked me if I had had sex with someone. I told her about my ex girlfriends and my one night stands, also told her that I like milfs and my fantasy to fuck a MILF someday. She was surprised and asked me what milf was. I explained in detail that it’s short for “MOTHER I LOVE TO FUCK”.
She made her eyes wide open with surprise and asked me why I liked milfs.

The topic is getting hotter and hotter with every question she asks. I said I am an ass lover, and milfs got some huge asses and thighs. Also, they used to be experienced and hot all the time.

She asked me, “Why you showed yours to me this morning?” I was surprised and told her, “I didn’t show you anything. You might have just seen.” She said yes. Now, this was my chance, and I asked her if she liked it.

For my luck, she said, “Yes, and yours is much bigger like some porn stars.”
Now it’s a jackpot for me. I said, “If you want, I can show you mine anytime.
And we can masturbate together, as I told you the other day.”

She was in thought and said, “No, it’s really wrong.” And said she knows she likes it and even I enjoy it, but it’s not right to do it. I said no one was ever going to know this. This will be only our secret, and I requested her that it would make both of us feel great.

She thought and said, “I need time to think about this.” To my luck, she was half ready.

I gave her a suggestion, “Okay, we will not do it at the same time. But I will watch you do it, and you can watch me doing the same. Also, if you are not doing it daily, it will be a great thing to me that I will also not do it daily. I will wait for alternate days to watch you and jerk.”
She said okay half minded, and said that no one should know this. Also, we should not go any further on this. But I know it’s very hard to end once it is started, as she also has her needs.

The situation changed so swiftly that my dick was rock hard. Thinking that my super character mom a few days back is turning into a slut. Agreeing to show her masturbation to her son and to watch her son masturbate.

We had our breakfast and went to our rooms. I could not concentrate on my work that whole day. I was excited to see my mom’s pussy the day after tomorrow. But I’m also sad that I will not watch it tomorrow and will have to wait another day.

I started to concentrate on my work and my deliveries. Lunchtime was quite silent, but I could see the glow on her face of finding a dick. She is getting super free with me, telling jokes and playfully hitting me. We had our lunch. I went back to her and hugged her from behind.

I said I love her so much in her ear. She also said that she loves me so much!
I again joined my work. In the evening, I went out to buy some lingerie for my mom as she was ready to wear those in front of me.

I came back and just kept the pack in my room. I thought of giving the same when she showed me her pussy for the first time. Dinner was finished. She unexpectedly kissed me on my cheeks, saying good night and went to her room.

I was slipped into my dreams seeing her ass jiggling, thinking of fucking her ass one day. I went to my room half melted, thinking of fucking her in all ways. But still, for the next day, I kept the alarm and woke up at the same time. I was really unhappy to see her sleeping.

Today she had said no show. But to my surprise, she was awake and told me, “I already told you that you would get the show tomorrow. So why peeping? Also, you don’t have to peep in now, as there is nothing for us to hide. Anyways go and sleep now.”

She was in her jeans shorts and sleeveless top, and I was so hot seeing her. I went near her and kissed her on the cheeks. I said sorry and went back to bed a bit sad.

To be continue…

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