My Friend Fucked my Randi Mom

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Hey everyone, I am Raj here age 19 from Mumbai. I am a reader and writer of stories here and this got me close to one of the readers of my story. His name is Rocky and he is also from Mumbai. Rocky and I used to discuss a lot of sex and he used to tell about his GFs too.

Since I used to stay with my mom Varsha who used to run her salon and was a single mom, she was quite close to me and we used to share all our private issues. Off late, My mom had started going on dates with men.

She had already told me that she does not want to get married again and I was fine with her dating men. My mom was 44 years old, fair looking, nice figure as she used to do jogging to keep fit. I used to often see guys flirting with her on social media.

One day, Rocky saw my profile pic with her and started asking me about her. I told him that she was my mom and all about her including she was single. That was when he confessed to me one thing.

Rocky: You know what, Raj?

Raj: Tell me, Rocky.

Rocky: I have been with a few girls but I have never been with a mature woman.

Raj: I have heard mature women are heaven in bed.

Rocky: They are and so I do want to try it once.

Raj: So do you have someone in your mind?

Rocky: Yes.

Raj: Who?

Rocky: Your mom Varsha.. Don’t feel bad, but she is mature, sexy and single too.

Raj: Rocky, but she is my mom.

Rocky: I know but we are friends now, don’t feel bad, just an honest confession.

Raj: No issue, Rocky.

Rocky: Raj, if you don’t mind, can I sleep with her?

Raj: Rocky, please don’t say this.

Rocky: Arey, don’t feel bad, just think. She is single, and so am I and I promise no one will come to know. Please Raj, I can’t sleep since I have seen your mom’s figure.

Raj: Ok but how?

Rocky: You just introduce her to me once and I will take care of the rest.

Raj: Okay, but this has to be our secret.

Rocky was in his late 20s, around 28 maybe, so he looked mature but still, I knew he was 16 years younger than her. I then one day told my mom that one of my football team friends is coming to stay with us for a couple of days. Mom smiled and said no issue.

Mom used to wear western clothes like pants and tops or single-piece dresses at home. The next day Rocky came home and we both too met for the first time. I introduced him to mom. He knew how to charm people with his personality. He had a good physique and body.

Soon, mom and he had started gelling up nicely as they had a lot of common topics to talk about. I could see him checking out her butts while she walked and also her boobs.

On the first day, we had a few drinks at night – I, mom and Rocky. He did try on her but he was not able to understand how to ask her out.

The next day, mom asked him if he wanted to see her salon and he went with her to her salon around noon.

They returned home around 4 pm and then I decided to go to him and check with him.

Raj: Rocky, did you try?

Rocky: Raj, I am quite near to getting her in the bed!

Raj: Is it?

Rocky: You know, when I was riding with your mom on her scooty, I hugged her tightly and I was hard just by feeling her back and my cock was touching her.

Raj: Didn’t she say anything?!

Rocky: Ohh no, she is just too friendly.

Raj: Hmm.

Rocky: You know what, we were sitting in your mom’s cabin and she was asking me about my tattoo.

Raj: Oh, then?

Rocky: I was showing her my tattoo and asked her if she liked tattoos.

Raj: So what did she say?

Rocky: She has 2 tattoos and she even showed me one.

Raj: She showed you her tattoos? Omg!

Rocky: She was shy at first. As you know, one tattoo was on her boob, and the other on her back.

Raj: You are such a bastard!

Rocky: Ohh god, I wanted to touch her boobs when she slipped her top, just a bit, to show the tattoo and while she showed her back, I could not resist and touched her milky skin.

Raj: Then what?

Rocky: She smiled and said, Now, don’t tell Raj, he will be mad about this.

Rocky: That’s why I am saying I will seduce her soon.

That day in the evening, as usual, we were having drinks and he was just trying to cozy up with mom. She too looked quite comfortable with him. After a few drinks, I dozed off to my room. Just after one hour, Rocky came running to my room.

Rocky: Raj, can you go out somewhere tomorrow?

Raj: But why?

Rocky: Dude, I just kissed your mom and I was about to rip her clothes off. But that bitch said she can’t do it with you around. Please, I beg you.

Raj: Ohh man, I won’t be able to see it then.

Rocky: Don’t worry Raj, I will tell you what happened.

Raj: I was disappointed to know this.

Rocky: By the way, I touched your mom’s ass, it is too good.

I was feeling unlucky that I won’t be able to see it practically but Rocky was quite excited. He could not sleep the whole night. The next morning, when I got up, I saw Rocky roaming inside the room and told me he could not sleep last night.

At around 9 am, I told mom that I was going to my college for extra classes and will come back around 6 pm. I was reluctant to go but I went to college. All day, I was thinking about what would be happening and I even called Rocky but he didn’t pick up my call.

As soon as it rang 6, I reached home and as soon as I entered, I saw mom was making food in the kitchen and Rocky was sleeping in my room.

I quickly woke up Rocky and Rocky looked tired. I was eager to know what all happened. He closed the door and started telling me.

Rocky: Ohh dude, it was a lifetime experience. Your mom is just heaven on the bed!

Raj: Is it?

Rocky: As soon as you left, I ordered condoms and lubricants from the chemist’s shop.

Raj: Then?

Rocky: Then I took your mom to the shower where I removed her top and all her undergarments. Dude, she was wearing a sexy G-string panty and her bra was 36DD. I was so hard seeing her big boobs.

Raj: Ohh my!

Rocky: Her pussy was shaved and as soon as I removed my pant, your mom started stroking my cock and we started kissing while having a shower. She first washed my cock and soaped my body and kissed me around my chest and neck. Then it was my turn. I washed her boobs, kissed her lips, and sucked them like anything.

She is so horny, I must say. She told me that she likes her nipples pinched and sucked. I gave her my best and did not leave even a single drop of her milk, hahaha. It was fun.

Raj: Ohh my, did she moan?

Rocky: Not just moan, she was sighing heavily and every time I pinched her, she would close her eyes and hug me hard and beg me to leave.

Raj: Hmm, I can imagine.

Rocky: Then after washing each other under the shower, I got her down on her knees and made her suck my cock. Dude, she sucks so well. I was blown away by her skills. She just kept sucking it and I thought she would get be done just by sucking.

Raj: Did you cum in her mouth?

Rocky: No, I controlled but she did not.

Raj: Means what?

Rocky: Then she stood up and took the support of the wall. I licked her navel and went down to lick her pussy. And as I was licking her pussy, I could see her thick ass grind against the wall in pleasure. Then I fingered her pussy quite hard and that bitch could not control and splashed her cum on me! If you would have been here, you would have heard her scream in pleasure.

Rocky: Then I turned her into standing doggy style and I slapped my cock on her ass. She loved my hard cock and her ass omg it’s just the perfect aunty butt. I bent her and from behind, I was rubbing my cock on her pussy entrance and making her excited.

Raj: Hope you had protection.

Rocky: Ohh yes, I wore a durex extra time condom and then guided my cock inside her pussy. My god, it was so warm and I could feel the friction. Initially slowly but when I started banging her pussy fast and hard, her screams were making me mad. She was screaming, “Aaah oohhh ohhh my god honey faster..” That bitch, I must say, I fucked her pussy for 5 minutes and blasted my load.

Raj: Ohh god, that is it. I am hard just by hearing it!

Rocky: Ohh, that was just the starting, dear. Then I wrapped a towel on her wet body and we walked out and directly into the bedroom. She pulled her towel out and we began cuddling and playing with each other’s private parts and her boobs.

She was not the one who could be satisfied with just one round and nor was I. We got into 69 position soon and started giving oral pleasure to each other on the bed. I had chocolate syrup with me which I put on my cock and she sucked my cock along with the chocolate. Then it was my turn. I licked chocolate from her asshole.

Her asshole is quite tight, I must say. She then got on top of me on the bed and started riding my cock like a whore with her big boobs swaying freely. She can make any cock cum just by riding it. Her ass is just too fun to slap. My cock was juggling around her bushy mushy inside pussy. She rode it so hard that she splashed her cum again on my cock.

I then got her in missionary. I wanted to finger her ass hole again and after that, I bought lubricant. This time, I did not wear a condom and opened up her butthole. And dude, it was so tight that she had tears in her eyes and when I was inside it, she was begging me to do fast and take it out.

Raj: Ohh, did she cry a lot?

Rocky: Ohh no, don’t worry. Soon she started enjoying and later, she only asked me not to stop. I grabbed her and was kissing her too and finally after a few minutes, I cummed.

Raj: Ohh Rocky, I can’t hear more, I want to see it live now.

Rocky: Dude, you know what we had 4 rounds of sex today and from 10 am-5 pm, I just did not let her even wear her panty or bra. She was roaming in the house fully nude. I did one round in the kitchen and one on your beds too.

Raj: Are you serious?!

Rocky: Dude, her panty is still in this room. I just did not allow her to wear it. You can see it behind your bed and in the dustbin, you can see used condoms if you don’t believe me.

I had to believe Rocky as I even saw him later spank my mom’s ass when she was cooking in the kitchen.

Guys, he used to fuck her daily till he stayed with us and we are still in touch. Guys, if you want to share feedback, mail me at [email protected]

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