BF’s virgin Bro is Pro

Hi I’m Shilpa. Let me tell you how i cheated on my boyfriend by getting fucked hard by my boyfriend’s elder brother who was a virgin. About me I’m 5.2 feet tall and have a 36 inches boobs and a big ass. I’m quite fit and I’m 21 years old. Let me come to the story.

It was 12 AM, and I was in bed with my boyfriend, darshan. I was completely naked, and my boyfriend was sucking on my tits. He had already fucked me twice that night, but I could feel that he was not done yet and was getting ready for the next round.

Me: darshan, please stop now. Let’s go to sleep.

darshan: shilpa, please, let me have you one more time.

He rolled above me, pinned me down on the bed, and started fucking me again without wasting time. darshan was between my legs, drilling his dick inside my pussy. At that point, I was so exhausted that I was lying there and not doing anything.

After fucking me in a missionary position, he rolled me over to fuck me in the doggy style. So, I stood like a bitch, and darshan started humping me from behind. The sound of our skin colliding was so loud that I feared that darshan’s brother might hear us.

Me: Go, slow baby. praveen might hear us.

darshan: Don’t worry, baby. He would have gone to sleep by now.

darshan’s elder brother praveen has recently lived with him for a few days until he finds a place for himself. He was in the next room, and I feared he might be listening to us fucking. But darshan was not worried about it, so I went along.

After half an hour of fuck session, darshan cum and fell on the bed beside me. Finally, he was satisfied and went to sleep. But now I was not getting any sleep, so I put on my clothes and went out for a cigarette. I went to the bathroom. When I was supposed to open the door, praveen came out of the bathroom.

He was shocked when he saw me standing there. praveen was not wearing anything except his boxers. I asked him if something was wrong, but he didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head in no and rushed back to his room.

praveen was 26 years old, and darshan was 20 years old, the same as me. But praveen had a better physique than his brother darshan for sure. He was bit dusky and broader and an inch taller than darshan, and I just saw he had an manly body.

I found something hidden below the sink when I was in the bathroom. I saw the dirty panties I had kept in the bathroom for cleaning. It was covered in thick white cum. At that moment, I knew why praveen looked so shocked.

I decided to keep this incident to myself. But thinking about it started making me horny. I started fantasizing about praveen and what it would like to be fucked by him. The feeling was so strong that I started imagining praveen while darshan was fucking me.

One weekend darshan had some work with his friend, so I was left alone with praveen in the home. I decided to seduce him and have some fun before my boyfriend came home. praveen was watching TV, he looked smart and polite i liked his attitude. I went and sat beside him. It was very hard to see him sitting freely, he was always busy with his work, he was wearing trousers and tank top, i could see his strong masculine arms it was well sculpted unlike darshan

I was wearing a tight t-shirt without any bra. My nipples were pointing out of the t-shirt and were visible. When praveen saw me, he got stunned and tried to look away. He looked uncomfortable.

Me: How’s your profession life, praveen?

praveen: It’s good. I’m enjoying my job its interesting.

I could understand that he was so happy with his career

Me: Do you have any girlfriends?

praveen: No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I had been single since my teenage

Me: So are you still a virgin, or have you banged some pussy before?

praveen got stunned for a moment. I should be more careful. praveen was very innocent, and I didn’t want to scare him away. So, I laughed and tried to lighten the atmosphere.

Me: Don’t be shy. We are good friends. You can discuss anything.

praveen: You are my brother’s girlfriend. I don’t think it would be right to discuss such things with you.

Me: Yes, but I know you like me. Don’t you?

praveen was looking nervous, and he was not looking at me. I made him look at me and comforted him. I told him it’s okay to be attracted to someone. After some time, when he was fine, I asked him if he would like to see me naked. He didn’t say anything, but I could see the joy on his face.

I slowly lifted my t-shirt and released my boobs in front of his face. My boobs were standing firmly, and my nipples were hard. praveen was looking at them like a small kid looks at its favorite toy. I took his hands and put them on my boobs. He started gently feeling my boobs and pinching my nipples.

Me: Do you want to taste my boobs?

Praveen was looking at me with his big brown eyes. After a few seconds, he nodded in yes. I lay down on his lap, and I put my left boob in his mouth. He was sucking on my tits and playing with them like a newborn baby.

While he was sucking my tits, I slowly slid my hands inside his pants. He was already hard, so hard that i felt like he was blessed with a piece of iron rod and his dick fought to come out of his pants. Fuck…… it was way thicker and longer than his brother. I took out his dick in my hand which looked small on his dick, it was so wide i could not grab it properly in my hand, I slowly started jerking it off gently,. After he was done sucking my boobs, I made him sit on the couch, and I sat on my knees in front of him.

I grabbed his dick in both my hands, my boyfriend dick was not wide as this brother, I then slowly licked it from bottom to tip like ice cream. Praveen got so excited that he grabbed a cushion hard and tried not to moan loudly. Then I took his entire dick inside my mouth opening it wide and started blowing him. It completely filled my mouth.

He grabbed my head and started pushing it down. His dick was reaching up to my throat. He managed to handle the warmth of my lips unlike darshan but still i felt his pre cum dripping down his dick. He seemed to have a good capacity to hold back from cumming even after blowing for quater hour.

He was moaning so nicely, he was enjoying my blowjob. He said “shilpa this is really good, im feeling relaxed than using my own hands to jack off” i felt pity for him i smiled and kissed his dick head and sucked his hanging scotrum using vacuum from my mouth, after few minutes I stood and cleaned up lots of thick white pre-cum from my face, it tasted sweet. praveen came and grabbed me tightly from behind when I was cleaning myself. I could feel his dick poking in my ass.

praveen: shilpa, I want you to satisfy me like you satisfy my brother every day. I hear you moan every night while my brother is fucking you.

I knew he was not sleeping in the next room. And the night when I had found my panties with his cum, he might be jerking off listening to us fucking.

praveen: I jerk off every night listening to you moaning in the next room. I want to fuck you as my brother does.

He sat on his knees in front of me and took off my pants. My pussy was clean shaved and was shining due to the water coming out of my pussy. praveen grabbed my hips and started sniffing and licking my pussy. Then he stood and picked me up in his arms and took me to his room.

He threw me on the bed and spread my legs. He started eating my pussy. He was an artist. I knew he had never done it before but at the same time he seemed to be well versed in that. He spread my pussy with his two fingers and stuck his tongue inside.

His oral job was just awesome. In just a few minutes, My pussy started getting wet. Then he shoved his two fingers inside my vagina and started fingering me and eating me at the same time. I asked him if sure he was a virgin? He asked me why. I said him that he is so pro in licking a pussy, not even darshan had did like this before, i added that i did not knew that there was so much pleasure in this activity.

In a few minutes of pussy eating, I couldn’t control it anymore. I squirted my juice all over his face. He looked at me with a big smile on his face. He crawled in the bed beside me, and we started kissing each other. Our tongues were exploring each others. He smelt so manly, that i wanted him to go on and on forever.

Me: Do you want to go further?

praveen: Yes. But I have never done this before.

Me: Oh! So, you are a virgin. Don’t worry. I will help you.

I rolled him above me in a missionary position. I spread my legs wide and grabbed his dick aiming towards my vagina.

Me: Are you ready? I’m going to do it.

praveen was a bit nervous, but he said yes. I slowly started taking his dick inside my pussy. Only his dick head went in. Fuck i opened my eyes wide, it was so thick, When I slid a few inches of his dick inside my pussy he started moaning like crazy. i cried out in pain he shut my mouth with his. Praveen was so wide than his own brother, it was stretching my pussy beyond its limits.. i was moaning like as if thick rod was inserted inside my pussy. I started to build my orgasm.

His dick was filling my pussy entirely.

Praveen: Shilpa your vagina is so tight around, I thought it would be wide after getting fucked by darshan

Me: Ahhhhh….aahhhh….praveen your dick is 3 times wider and longer than your brother, and your dick is ripping my vagina apart,

I tried to take his entire dick inside, but it got stuck and was not going inside. I asked him to apply some force and push his entire dick inside me. He smiled with love and sighed of relief and simply gave a slight thrust where his entire manhood vanished inside my vagina, i was in verge of cumming. He was definitely stronger than by BF that he was simply able to thrust dick so easily. he hardly withdrew an inch.

I grabbed both his ass cheeks and pulled him towards me again. Suddenly his entire dick slid inside my vagina. His dick went so deep and hit the spot where his brother had never reached. I attained my 2nd orgasm, i squirmed out that my juice came out endlessly, it did not happen to me when darshan fucked me. My pussy was getting adjusted to his king size dick, my pain subdued down and i started to enjoy his dick, i felt his dick was penetrating in and out of my vagina. He too was happy and penetrated me, closing his eyes and moaning out like a madman. praveen moaned so loud that for a second, I thought he cum, but he managed somehow.

praveen: shilpa, I think I’m going to cum. I can’t control it anymore. You are so awesome That i cannot resist.

Me: Just breathe and try to focus.

We were having sex in missionary
I grabbed his head and neared my lips, we again shared a long kiss. We were totally lost for each other, I wrapped my legs around his strong torso and hugged him tight. He started to hump me faster than before and breathing heavily.

It took him a while to calm down. Slowly he started humping his dick inside my vagina. I pulled him closer and made him suck my tits. Although he was an amateur, his dick was giving the pleasure of a lifetime. My pussy started getting wet, and water was dripping out of it for the 3rd time.

After twenty minutes of fucking, I had attained my 3rd orgasm. I asked praveen to cum along with me. I spread my legs even wider and grabbed his ass, and started pulling him toward me. praveen increased his speed and was moaning loudly.

Finally, with a hard stroke, we both cum together. He released all his cum inside my pussy. I could feel his hot cum like a lava filled my pussy and over flowed from my love hole. When he pulled out his cock, his thick white cum started flowing out of my vagina. His dick had gone flaccid, even his flaccid one was bigger than my Bf’s full erect. praveen was looking incredibly happy. He kissed me, and we slept together all naked. It was hardly 30 minutes, i could see his dick getting hard again,

Me: looks like someone is awake again ?
praveen: I love to fuck you the whole night

I sucked his raging boner like a hungry bitch. it was hard in an instant, I went in all my four and he came behind me rubbing his dick over my labia. He was teasing me by doing so, I said him “Please do not tease me praveen, please put it inside me… I want you in me NOW” We were in doggy while he inserted his dick inside me slowly. I was getting a pleasure from his company, slowly he started to hump me from behind, i was gyrating my hips against his dick making a momentum while he was caressing his hands on my back. He held my hip and fucked me hard enough, i started to build my orgasm inside me, within a few minutes i squirted my love juices again on his dick. It made him sloppy to penetrate more easily. He was continuously fucking me for 20 minutes straight, he held my hanging boobs and pressed them hard, He grunted like a a****l i thought he will cum so i asked him to cum on my boobs.

He obliged and withdrew his fatboy from my stretched vagina and cummed on my face. rope after rope of thick and white sperm hit on my face, It was so much cum, that it was fully covered my face and dripped down to my boobs. Im tasting his cum for the 1st time, it was bit sweet and sharp. Darshan tasted bitter and moreover his was a clear fluid.

After an hour, my boyfriend called and said he would be home soon. I woke up and cleaned myself before he came home. praveen was still sleeping all naked, so I covered him with the blanket. When my boyfriend darshan came home, we had dinner, but praveen was still sleeping.

darshan asked not to disturb him and let him sleep. He had also fucked me that night. I did not feel his dick after getting used to his elder bro’s dick. he had no idea that the pussy he was licking right now was the same pussy his brother had stretched and filled with cum just a few hours ago.

After this incident me and praveen had a memorable sessions when we were alone, we too had a hot streamy session in his SUV. Now he no longer stays with his brother, heard that he was married. I wished that his wife was lucky to have him as her husband.

This is the end of the story. You can also read my other stories too. You can ping me on hangout at [email protected] with your suggestions, and I will try to reply to every one of you.

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