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The bartender came over and placed my drink on the bar in front of me.

“Charge it to your room Sir?”

“Yes please, Room 3205.” I replied.

I took a sip of my Manhattan and glanced at my watch. 2:15 pm, probably a little early to be drinking a Manhattan but I had just walked away from a blackjack table with a couple grand and felt like celebrating. I was sitting at the Taughannick Falls Bar at Mohegan Sun on the second day of a three night stay. The Falls bar is one of my favorite places to sit and people watch. Located between two of the casino floors and at the base of the escalators leading to the hotel lobby there was always a lot of activity. During a weekday afternoon it is mostly the 60s and over crowd playing the nickel slots and looking for free drinks. As the evening wears on the crowd gets younger, drunker and the females dress much more sexier. That day was no exception, the midday crowd of was gradually getting younger and hotter. It was a Friday so the place would really be hopping in a few hours.

I took another sip of my Manhattan, leaned back in my seat and began to scan the crowd. When my gaze got to the escalators leading down from the hotel lobby I saw her. The red hair first caught my attention; a fiery red, almost orange, flowing down past her shoulders. She was wearing a tropical flower sun dress and wedge sandals. I could not take my eyes off of her as she rode down the escalator, a radiant smile on her face. When she got to the bottom she looked at her phone for a few seconds and laughed to herself. She put her phone back into her small clutch purse and began walking towards the bar. Once she climbed the few steps to the bar level she paused and began scanning the bar area. When our eyes met she gave me a devilish smile and began walking towards me. As she approached I took her in. She was five and a half feet tall with her wedges on. Her arms were very toned, not overly muscular but clearly she spent a good amount of time at the gym. Her sundress was low cut and showed off her very nice tits; a gold necklace with a key on it was dangling just above them. It was obvious that she was a real redhead, her arms and the area above her breasts were covered in freckles. I turned in my seat to face her when she stopped next me, she leaned in.

“Hello handsome, is the seat taken?” With her face only a few inches away from mine and the fact the she put a lot of emphasis on the first two words it hit me; her breath had the unmistakable smell of cock, strong and musty. She continued to exhale forcefully allowing me to breath it in. It was intoxicating and I began to feel myself getting aroused.

“Well?” she asked again.

“No, no it is not.” I managed to get out. She began laughing as she climbed into the seat.

“What’s wrong? You seem a little flustered.” Again she was emphasizing her words, forcing me to smell her cock breath.

“Nothing is wrong, just stunned by your beauty.” I blurted out cornily. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

“God you’re an idiot, why did I marry you again?”

“My sense of humor, good looks, vast wealth…” I countered.

“Sure..” she said raising her brow. “Just shut up and kiss me.” She leaned in and our lips met. She definitely tasted like another man. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and could taste him. The metallic burning taste of another man’s cum in my wife’s mouth. My cock strained against the metal of chastity device she had put on me this morning. She broke the kiss and sensing my arousal she put her hand on my crotch. “How is my little cuckys cock doing in its cage? It feels so hard!”

“It has been semi hard since you put it on me earlier, even more so since I saw you coming down the escalator. And now that I can smell and taste another man in your mouth it is so hard it kind of hurts; I am beginning to regret suggesting the thing in the first place.”

“Excellent!” she laughed “Now order me a drink cucky.” She said demandingly, her smile was beaming at me. I got the bartenders attention and ordered her a Manhattan of her own. “How was your blackjack today? Did you win or were you too preoccupied with what your Mistress was doing to play?”

“I did pretty good, won enough to buy her something nice.”

“Wonderful! First, I got myself a nice young stud to fuck me and now my little cucky is going to buy me something special.” The bartender returned and placed her drink in front of her, she thanked him and reached out for it.

“Wait!” I grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Give me one more kiss before you take a drink.”

Her devilish smile returned. “You are such a kinky little boy.” She leaned over and kissed me. Swirling her tongue in my mouth I savored the wonderful taste of another man’s cum. She reached down and grabbed my metal caged hard on and shook it. “Mmmmm, this is rather fun.” She sighed pulling away. We both picked up are drinks and touched them together. “Here’s to us, here’s to love.” She toasted, quoting a favorite Halestorm song of ours. We both took big sips of our drinks and then leaned back in our seats.

“So, do I get any details or am I just going to sit here wondering?” I asked.

“Well for starters his name is Jeremy, he is 25 years old and he came in from Chicago last night for a friend’s stag weekend. He is only about 5’ 10 or 11 tall but he plays hockey so he is really well built, he has really nice abs!” While she reached for her clutch and removed her phone I was picturing some guy 20 years younger laying on the bed in our suite, my wife working over his hard cock with her mouth and was rubbing his abs with her hands. “Here, look at those abs and that chest!” she said sliding her phone in front of me. I looked at the picture and nodded.

“Wow! How about his cock? Did it fill you up?” She laughed at me.

“Your so funny, it is not always about the size. It was decent, not as big as yours but good enough.” I admit that it did make me feel good. As much as I get off on her fucking other men, I do enjoy knowing that my cock still satisfies her. “It got really hard quickly, after he came in my mouth he was ready to fuck my pussy almost instantly.” She took another drink and then smiled as she replayed the session in her head.

“He came in your mouth and your pussy?” I asked excitedly.

“Yup!” she grinned. “Don’t worry, after he fucked me I made him slowly pull out to keep all of his cum in me. Then I put on my latex thong to hold it in so you will have a nice creampie to eat.” My cock was aching in its steel cage. “I don’t think he has gotten laid in a while because it only took about 5 minutes of me sucking his cock for him to cum; and when he did it seemed like a whole months worth. Watch.”

She swiped on her phone to a video and pushed play. There was my wife with some 25 year old studs cock in her mouth. She had one hand cupping his balls as her other hand was sliding up and down the shaft. Her mouth came off of his cock and she began licking it. She would start at the base and slowly lick up the shaft, when she got to the head she swirled around it several times and then worked her way back down. I could cleary hear Jeremy moaning, I knew the wonderful feeling of what she was doing all to well. The video went on for another minute or so before shutting off. I looked up at her and she had her drink in her hand and a Cheshire cat grin on. “Does my little cucky like what he sees?” I simply nodded. I was so turned on my brain was unable to connect to my mouth. “Go ahead and watch the next video.” I grabbed my drink, took a big sip and then pushed play. When the video started I noticed that the positions had changed. She was now naked on her knees on the floor, Jeremy was sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife was taking his cock hard and fast into her mouth, her hand was rapidly working the shaft. His moaning was get louder and I wondered if anyone else at the bar could hear the sounds of my wife sucking a dick. Jeremy’s free hand moved to the back of her head and he groaned that he was going to cum. My wife quickened her pace and a few seconds later Jeremy let out a loud yell. Two guys close by turned their heads and looked at us. I had seen them eyeing up my wife when she was walking over and I had a strong desire to show them the video of my hot little wife sucking another man’s cock. I looked back at the screen and saw her milking every bit of cum from his cock that she could. She slowly slid her mouth off of his cock and I saw that she was right; she had just sucked him for all he was worth and his cock was still standing straight up, hard as a rock, ready to go again. My wife rolled herself back onto her heels and looked straight at the camera. She opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue showing off his big load. She winked at the camera, closed her mouth and swallowed it all down. The video ended and I just stared at the screen for a few moments. I grabbed my Manhattan and took a drink.

“WOW! That was so fucking hot. I wish I could have been there to see it.”

“Well….” She said and then took a sip of her drink “He is staying a couple more nights and I did get his number…”

“Awesome, do you think he would mind letting me watch?”

“Not at all. Plus he said that two of his friends coming in tonight are single and would probably love to get their turn with me.”

“Really?” my head was spinning and my cock was leaking precum. A few times in the past she had sucked me off while getting fucked by another guy, but this was a whole new level. “You think that you want to try three cocks at once? Like a gang bang?”

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Sure, why not? I have always wanted to get fucked in both holes by real cocks, not just yours and a dildo. Plus there will still be one for me to suck on.” She paused for a moment and took the last sip of her drink. “Besides, I already told him that I was up for it.”

“OK, if that what Mistress wants, that is what Mistress gets.”

“Exactly, now close out our tab and let’s go up to the room. I have a nice creampie for you to eat and this latex thong is starting to get a little uncomfortable.”

I settled up with the bartender and we left the bar. As we walked away I noticed the two guys next to us checking my wife out, I grabbed her tight little ass and smiled at them. We walked hand in hand to the escalator and rode it up to the hotel lobby. In the lobby I flashed my room key at the employee by the elevators and we headed up. It was still before check in time so we were the only two on the elevator for the entire 32 floor ride. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her back into me. She stood on her tiptoes and began wiggling her ass against my crotch, my cock was still hard in its metal cage. She laughed.

“This chastity cage was a good idea. I like knowing that you are so turned on but you can’t do anything to pleasure yourself. Makes me feel more powerful.” I let out a groan, part in pleasure and part in frustration. Again, the chastity cage was my bright idea, and now I was so worked up that I just wanted to stroke my cock but I couldn’t. She laughed again. “You know, when Jeremy was on top of me, fucking me, he asked what the little brass key on my necklace was for. I told him I like to keep my little cucky locked up. That I like to tease you by walking around in sexy lingerie, flirting with other men in front of you and even masturbating with my biggest dildos, while you just sit there with your cock straining against the steel and leaking precum.” She started laughing. “He actually stopped fucking me and just stared at me for a few moments; I think it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. I actually had to tell him to continue banging me.”

The elevator dinged and the door opened on the 32nd floor. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall towards our suite. As we passed two housekeeping women along the way she spoke loudly. “Come on my little cuckold, Mistress has a pussy full of cum that needs to be cleaned up.” The two women looked at each other wide-eyed. “If he does a good job I might even let him out of his cage to pleasure himself.” She started laughing again, continuing until we reached the door. I unlocked the door and again she grabbed my hand taking charge. She lead me into the living room of our suite and stopped in the middle of the room.

“Strip! Take all yours clothes off cucky.” She demanded. I kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it onto one of the chairs. As I began unbuckling my belt she reached over and pinched one of my nipples causing me howl out in pain. “What’s wrong my little cuckold? Is Mistress being to rough on you?” I continued removing my pants and did not respond, causing her great displeasure. “Mistress asked a question cucky!” She pinched my nipple again, this time much harder.

“Sorry Mistress. Yes, it is a little bit painful.” I managed to get out. I pulled down my pants and boxers leaving me wearing just my steel chastity cage. She eyed me from head to toe and smiled. With her right hand she cupped my balls and gave them a firm squeeze, my cock was again straining against the cage. She put her left hand on the back on my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. It was a long, deep kiss. Our tongues explored each others mouth, bourbon now replaced the taste of another man’s cum and I was slightly disappointed. She broke the kiss and stepped back, her right hand still firmly gripping my balls.

“Your balls feel nice and tight! Cucky must really want to cum.”

“Yes please Mistress. I really want to cum, you have made me so horny.”

“Maybe. But first you need to lick every drop of Jeremy’s cum from my pussy.” She squeezed my balls once more and then released them. She took two steps back stepped out of her wedge sandals and dropped her sundress. My Mistress stood before me wearing just a lacy red bra and red latex thong. I admired her body. Even being 47 she still had an amazing body that put many younger girls to shame. She works out and runs almost everyday and it shows. Her stomach is flat and tight, arms and legs are slender but toned and hers ass is incredibly firm and round. Apparently I stared too long. “Come over her and clean me!” she demanded. I snapped out of my trance and walked to her. I put my hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss. We kissed passionately and my hands wandered from her hips to her tight ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks and she let out a moan. I kept massaging her ass and began working my way down her body with my mouth. I nibbled on her ear lobes before kissing her neck. I exhaled slowly as I know feeling hot breath on her neck gets her going. I moved lower, kissing and gently nibbling her chest. My hands moved up from her ass to her bra long enough to unclasp it, then l went back to squeezing her ass. When my mouth got down to her now bare tits I alternated kissing each one and gently biting her little pink nipples. She let out a loud moan, her hands went to the my head and grabbed my hair. “Lick my pussy! Clean all of his cum from me!” She pushed me down onto my knees. I stared at her thong briefly and leaned in to kiss it. I could smell the musky scent of her pussy juices and Jeremy’s cum. I ran my hands down to her hips a grabbed the waistband and slowly pulled her thong down. The bright red stripe of her pubic hair came first and then her pink pussy lips. They were swollen from her excitement. Her pussy was wet from her own juices and another man’s cum. She fell backwards onto the sofa and then put her legs over my shoulders and pulled me in. “EAT CUCKY, EAT!”

“Yes Mistress.” I eagerly replied. I put my nose against her pussy lips and inhaled deeply, the smell was incredible. I instinctively reached down to stroke my cock but was denied any gratification by the cage. I stuck my tongue out and touched the base of her pussy, she let out a gasp. I pushed my tongue in and licked up stopping just below her clit. I pulled my tongue out and repeated the move, this time forcing my tongue in deeper. She let out a low moan as I savored the strong taste of their mixed juices. I continued this, each time getting closer and closer to her clit. “Fuck yes, that feels so good. Suck all of that cum out you kinky little cucky. Lick his cum, lick it all and swallow it down like a good little bitch!” I was desperately trying to play with my cock; her words and his cum was driving me crazy. “Oh God yes, that feels so fucking good! Does the thought of his big hard cock pounding my pussy get you hard? DOES IT?”

“Yes Mistress. I am so fucking horny thinking about it.”

“Wait until tonight when l meet up with Jeremy and his friends. I bet you can’t wait to see me taking multiple cocks at once.” My only response was a groan as I sucked the last of the cum out of her pussy. “ I bet you will cum in your cage watching me take all those dicks. I can’t wait to have all my holes filled by some hard young cock. Imagine them using your sluty little wife as they please. Fucking my mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time. That turns you on, doesn’t it cucky?” I stopped sucking Jeremy’s cum out of her pussy long enough to reply.

“Yes Mistress. I want to see you get fucked so badly.”

“You are such a dirty little cuckold.” She laughed. “After they are all done using me, cumming in me, cumming all over me, are you going to be a good little cuck and clean me up with your mouth?” I reluctantly stopped sucking again.

“Yes Mistress. I want to clean all of their cum from you.” I said and went back to cleaning her up.

“You are such a dirty little cum slut! Maybe someday we can get you some cum straight from a nice big cock. What do you think about that?” I simply moaned and continued my job. She laughed and let out a long moan. “Lick my clit and make me cum!” she demanded. I began circling her swollen clit with my tongue. “Ah, fuck yes! Make your Mistress cum you dirty little cuck!” I flicked my tongue over her clit as fast as I could. Her moaning intensified and she began bucking her hips.


I slid two fingers into her pussy and that sent her over the edge. She tightened her grip with her legs around my shoulders, then her entire body shook and she cried out. She let out a long groan and then began giggling like she always does when her clit gets super sensitive after a powerful orgasm. She slowly unwrapped her legs from me allowing me sit back onto my heels. I looked up at her beautiful body, she was glowing.

“Did I do a good job of pleasing my Mistress?”

“Mmmmm, that was wonderful.” She replied smiling at me. “Stand up.” She commanded and I obeyed. She leaned forward in the chair, her face was level with my crotch. “Looks like my little cucky is about to burst out of his cage. I bet you would like to be unlocked and slide your cock into my wet pussy.”

“Yes, please Mistress, my cock is aching so bad for you.” Precum was leaking out of the tip. She cupped my balls with her hand and gently squeezed them. She then ran her tongue along the tip of the cage, collecting some of the precum, making slight contact with the head of my cock. I moaned out “Awwww, please Mistress, please let me cum.” I begged her. She released her grip on my balls and stopped licking me. She leaned back into the chair and stared at me. She started playing with the gold necklace around her neck that had the key to the lock on my chastity cage.

“Well you did do a good job cleaning up my used pussy, I suppose you should be rewarded for that…” she stressed the word ‘should’ and I did not like that. “but, I really feel like going and lounging by the pool to rest up for my big night.” She gave me her devilish smile again and stood up. She grabbed my metal encased cock and wiggled it. “Go put your swimsuit on while I freshen up my makeup and put on a skimpy little bikini.” She gave me a quick little kiss, let go of my cock and walked towards the bedroom. I just stood there with a painfully caged erection and serious case of blue balls as I watched her walk away. I was really, really regretting suggesting the chastity cage now.

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