Love making with lonely women

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Hey everyone ! Sooraj here ! I am from Bangalore and currently pursuing my degree in one of reputed college , I am 5’9 , with muscular body and sports guy !The story is all about how we got sexually attracted to each other .. Let me come to the story ,

It all started when I got into one of social dating app (OkCupid) where I met a dream mature women (pooja) fake one ,she is 34 and is currently separated from her husband and is working in one ofMNC in Bangalore . She was literally a bomb .

The day we matched was little uncomfortable for her , as she was afraid of her privacy and was not revelling much about her. I could feel how lonely she was !and how frustrated she was , as she would get pissed of by some of my questions, later on after some day as we had got close I offered her a dinner date with Me at HIGH ULTRA LOUNGE which is rejected initially and gave a try at last , and finally we decided to meet at 9 pm

I was waiting for her around 9 at car parking and gosh there she came a sexy women ( she was on red one piece And her body measures were roughly 38 28 36 she was wearing it so tight and her cleavage was distracting me all the time and I just fell for her and she came near me gave hug and I was literally hard the moment she touched me and her smell was just amazing! The took my hand and holded it and we went inside the pub and all eyes were on her as she was looking hottest babe and she was looking just 21. We had a beautiful night together as we both drank together and danced together touching each other ( and she was so happy and confessed that she had never done this with her husband and all she did was being lonely and unsatisfied in life for not having sex for almost 6 years .

When we were dancing a stranger was hitting on her and I just went and smashed that guy for doing so and later the way pooja was looking into my eye was just amazing she felt so happy and safe being protected!-! And she just gave a kiss on cheek and I asked her can I return it back were she said not now later at home I was shocked to listen to this as we had not planned to visit home after dinner ! I asked her r we going to your house after dinner we’re she gave smile and said yes we are asked me don’t u wanna come with me to my house in naughty way ! So I said yes ! While dancing she asked me to place my hand on her waist and hug and did as instructed me ! As she enjoying herself when I touched her and it was by mistake where I pressed her ass and just moaned a little and dragged my hand took to out of the party and just asked me to come to her location !

It was a apartment when I went !
She was waiting for me to come soon !
I just parked my car and went with her !

As soon as we entered the house !she locked all the doors and pulled me close to her asked me to press her ass again and stared to smooch me hard and I could feel her thirst for sex , we had a kissing session for a while and she asked wanna kiss me all night or wanna ride me also ! To which I lifted her took her sofa and just started kissing her neck and lips and she was very dominant and we undress each other and her boobs were so big and andshe was smelling so great , and I was killing her and pressing her boobs hard with my hand and sucked her boobs !! I gave a sweet boobs massage with tounge around nipple and was fingering at the same time and she was moaning ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh .
After a while I went between her legs and it was soo so good smell of per pussy and she was dam wet !

First I started with pancake position where I started to lick her pussy up and down and she was ahhhhhh and said eat me hard ahhh ah ahh , her sound was tempting me and boosted me everytime and licked more and more and sucked it like a kind in round and zig zag ! Later I was sucking her clitoris and slowly penetrated my two fingers to which lost her control and asked me to fuck her hard and she could not wait for long time .
I hope you guys liked it stay tuned for how we had sex .

Any lonely women or girl who wants to make love can connect to me ! [email protected]

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