How I fucked neighbour aunty in bangalore

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Hello all, my name is Rocky, an average looking guy with good physique. I stay in bagalore and this is story is about my neighborhood aunty, how I got lucky with her. This is the real story and her name is Kunda (name changed), a 35 yrs old housewife with 2 children’s and with a 38-34-36- status. I came to know about her by my friends.

Coming to the story, it was before the Ganpati festival we started to talk normally and I’m being new to this I use to feel shy and used to get scared of talking with her and always ended up masturbating by thinking about her and her beautiful ass. Once there was a function in our area. I was going to attend the same and while on d way I saw her coming out. She normally asked me whether I wanna go for a ride. I said no that time but the idea stricken in my mind. I pretended to go home and while going I said’ if u want me to come den ill come as your boyfriend and not as a friend’. She just smiled and left.

After 2 days when I again got the chance to talk with her. She asked me what I meant the other day. I finally gathered all my courage and told her that I like her and I wanna love her. She was shocked but I kept on talking about it and at the end of our conversation she took my number and said she will call me. I was more than happy. That night I got a call from her and we talked for an hour. And ended up having phone sex as she being mature women she knew what my intentions were. Her husband couldn’t satisfy her so I didn’t have any problem while making her accepting me.

After our phone sex I was waiting for opportunity to fuck her in real. And the opportunity came much earlier than I expected. It was during Ganpati festival I was sitting with my friends. I got a call from her, and while talking with her my dick became rock hard. I told her I need to relieve my pressure to which she said that she is at home with her daughter and her daughter has gone for bath. I got the opportunity so I told her that I’m coming at her place and when she see me on d road just to call me in front of everyone to fix the gas connection so that even if anyone see me entering her house they would think that she needed my help.

As planned I was going from there and she called me. I pretended to go like I was not in a mood for help. Once I entered her house. She called her daughter and told to lock the door as I was in her home for fixing gas connection. As soon as I heard the sound of bolting the door I started kissing her wildly. She responded to my kiss passionately. We were kissing for 5 min and in the mean time I took her left boob out of her blouse. After finishing the first kiss when I saw her boob I was watching her boob with my mouth open; perfect boob with dark nipple. I started to suck that boob hard and also took her right boob out and started pressing it.

She started to moan in slow voice and taking deep breaths like hmmm. Ummmm. Slowlyyyyy. Then she unzipped my pant and took my rock hard dick out and started it stroking up and down. I was feeling too awesome. I left her boobs and lifted her saree. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing a panty. Her pussy was well trimmed with pink lips. I started sucking her pussy. Sucking her clit made her hornier. She started to press my head in her legs while moaning. I kept on sucking and finally she gave a big jerk. She had her first orgasm. She stopped me and started to suck my dick.

Her sucking made my dick harder. She was in no mood to stop now. I was controlling my orgasm badly but when I couldn’t I made her stop. Den I made her lie down on the floor and positioned myself between her legs. I kept my dick on her pussy entrance and tried to tease her. She was pulling me and asking me to do it quickly as she couldn’t wait any longer. I also wanted to fuck her badly so I tried some pressure but my dick wasn’t going in. I applied some saliva on my dick and tried again. This time the head of my dick went in and she was about to scream. I kept my lips on her lips so that her voice shouldn’t go out and gave another jerk. Believe me. She had the tight pussy that my dick started to pain while entering her.

She started pushing me and asking me to take it out. But I didn’t listen to her. I kept on kissing her and kissing her boobs. After some time she started pushing her pussy so I started my movement. First slow and then picked up the speed. She was moaning like. Yeeesssss. Do it harder. Don’t stop. Ummmm it’s so good. Keep on doing. Our sounds of body clashing with each other have filled the room. I was worried that her daughter would listen. To which she said she will take her time and asked me to do it faster.

She had 3 orgasms already. The pressure was building in me. I told her I’m about to cum. She asked me to come in her mouth as she wanted to drink my semen. I removed from her pussy and gave in her mouth.. She started giving me a blowjob. And finally I cummed in her mouth and she didn’t even waste a single drop. After our quick session we cleaned up and I went out from her home. After that we fucked many times. I will share those experiences in my next story. Any aunty in bagalore is welcomed.

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