Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor

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Hi all this is Raj from Bangalore sharing you my real incident happened in my life. I am average guy with well built body with 7 inch cock that can easily satisfy any women. While coming to my experience this has happened 1 year ago in Bangalore. Before one year I got an interview call of a corporate MNC. I went for the interview and attended and for my luck I got selected from the hr department and started to work. As am new to Bangalore I got a single room apartment from the company itself. But company will be paying my room rent with my salary dedications. So very new to Bangalore then I reached my room was good with single cot; a small kitchen and bathroom. I was happy and stayed there. After a week I noticed that in the opposite room there was a small family named Ashok working in BPO and his wife Pooja working as doctor and a small 2 year son I think.

One day when I was in my room and watching TV. Door bell ranged and went to see who had arrived. I had seen opposite room Ashok. I called him inside and asked to take a seat. He said that his son 2nd year birthday so he invited me for the dinner. I said I will come and he left soon. After 15 min I got ready and went to a store and purchased some chocolates and doll as gift for boy and went to their room. There I had seen around few aunties and uncles were seen Ashok welcomed me and told to sit in a seat. Wow everyone was looking good with sari and formals. Suddenly Pooja aunty came to me and asked to have dinner. At first time I had seen her so close. She was looking young age may be 32 with her shape 32 28 36 in red sari. Really I got a crush on her at first time. And I went inside from veranda to dining hall.

The apartment was bigger than my room it was almost like a single bhk. After 10 min I came to normal sense that I had forget to gift the baby and asked Pooja aunty where the son is? She told he has slept so I handed over the gift and chocolates to her and asked the name of the son. She said Rahul. Hmm I said nice name and went to have dinner. She was busy in talking with the relatives and guest. Maid was serving the dinner. When I was having dinner I was watching her ass and boobs basically scanning her shape. After20 min I completed my dinner and left her home saying bye to Ashok and Pooja. That day it was almost 12 I was not getting sleep thinking of her. So I planned to seduce her and started searching iss seducing stories in my mobile. By thinking of Pooja aunty only I masturbated and slept without cloths.

Next day I woke up at 9 it was too late to go for office so I had applied for leave and stayed in room. Around 11 am I went outside to have a look at the aunty is there or not. There room door was opened but I had not seen aunty but Ashok was coming outside. He suddenly saw me and called I went and talked casually. He told he is working in Delhi BPO Company. He is coming to Bangalore on sat and Sunday. And he called her wife and introduced her. She is Pooja; doctor working in private hospital and all. We soon me and Ashok become friends he thought I will be alone in room so he told to come our home in free time. So at 3 pm Ashok called me to his home for lunch and I went he asked about the lunch and dinner. I told him that I am having food at hotels only and all. So he told don’t have food in hotels you will lose health so only and asked me to have lunch.

I was watching Pooja. She was wearing tight nightee which was making me hot and my tool started to grow in lower. I had avoided and eat lunch in hurry and left home and came to room and started masturbating heavily and shoot it. Few days same thing happened I just talked with Ashok and for Pooja aunty just hi-bye. Suddenly one day I got stomach pain in left side. Oh it was horrible I can’t walk. Sit. Get up. I managed and went to Ashok home and ringed the bell. Ashok was in home and came and asked what happened I told about the problems and he arranged auto and straight away he took me to her wife private clinic and told her he got stomach pain and all. So I was not in a condition to loom her also she told me to lay down on bed and slightly pressed my stomach in her hand and told this is because of hotel food raj got gastric major problems to her husband. I was totally confused of this stomach pain and asked her please help to solve this problem aunty.

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