Erica and Curious boys

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Erica’s mom had managed a small contract after a struggling search. She was to start the contract work very soon. Her mom left in the morning leaving a list of instructions for Erica about her stay for the next two weeks. Jessica McDonalds was the closest neighbor in the house about half a mile away on the front road towards the open field. The two families have exchanged telephone numbers just in case.

In the absence of her mom, Erica was to be always in contact with them until the arrival of her mom. She was feeling so strange in this town with the new people around.Though she became quite popular in the neighborhood due to her pleasing personality and cute smiling appearance. Particularly she was very much liked by the group of boys because of her free nature and the dresses she liked to wear.

Now that it was almost certain that Erica would be on her own for another two weeks Erica’s mind was working on some plans to explore new ways of trying extreme exhibitionism in this new place. She was working on doing some modification and hemming work on her sheer cotton romper and the white sundress which she had acquired secretly before coming here. Erica intended to finish her work on her romper today so she can try that within a day or so.

In the late afternoon, Erica received the call from Jessica telling her that she had to go out for some important function and if she was available to do babysitting for her children. She was offered ten dollars an hour which was a very tempting offer and more so she knew Jeff and Steve; though both were very naughty. Jessica told her that she preferred Erica because both families have been together on the number of certain occasions in the last three weeks and more trust in each other. Erica didn’t get any real-time to think and before she could answer it was almost assumed that Erica accepted the offer. Erica didn’t have the heart to say No after that. She was to be there by 7:00 PM. That offered sufficient time for Erica to complete her work on her romper. Erica continued her work to remove the shoulder straps and detaching the inner thick lining. After that, she had to just make a slit opening on the left side and make some simple arrangements to fit the dress nicely on her petit body.

Throughout the afternoon Erica was completely engrossed in her work on the romper and finally, it was ready for trial. She had put a large mirror on the floor along the wall and stood in front of it wearing the modified romper. It looked good nicely fitting on her breasts; the upper line was adjusted so perfectly that it just ran above her nipples exposing completely half of her upper breasts. Erica raised both hands above to see the effect. The line slid down from her underarms erotically towards her back exposing completely the swelling of her breasts on sides and just covering the nipples. The arrangement of invisible hooks and thread loops was perfectly hiding and was invisible. She seemed completely satisfied. The romper was little oversize in length so it came much below her waist; though it was barely coming over her upper thighs; it looked very good. Wearing that she moved from room to room and watched herself in every mirror. She was convinced that it was looking perfect on her little naked body. It looked like a loose frilled sundress.

When the call came Erica was working on her second dress and she had completely forgotten about her appointment for babysitting at Jessica McDonald. She said she was terribly sorry for being forgetful and requested Jessica to leave her home and that she will be there in a few minutes. Satisfied with Erica’s response Jessica left instructions for Jess and Steve and left the home.

Erica was well mannered decent girl Jessica considered. It was important to have good neighbors and have good relations with them. Jessica considered that there may be more occasions to seek Erica’s help.

“Erica! They like buttered bread and cheese “ Jessica had called her just before leaving. “And they have homework to do. Make them complete that first. They can play after” Erica heard Jessica.

“Yes, Jess Aunt! Don’t you worry!!” assured Erica in her sweet little voice. She picked up her cycle and was riding towards the house of McDonalds. Jeff was a cute boy at fourteen with blond hair, somewhat big and little grown-up for his age with 5ft 5in height and slim athletic body due to constant playing around. Steve was a little more than twelve years just following his elder brother. Though Erica too was just the same age, Jessica considered her more mature and trustworthy for babysitting her children. Both boys were very playful and naughty. Erica remembered how Steve has placed a little frog in her purse when she visited their home first time and how scared she was when the frog jumped out of purse the moment she opened it to share her candies with them.

“Oh, shit!” said Erica when she was just approaching the McDonald’s house. In the rush to make up to their place as quickly as possible she had forgotten to change her clothes into a nice skirt and top. She was just wearing the modified strapless romper and she wasn’t even wearing her bra or panties under. She felt a little worried but then she decided to be careful so that Jeff and Steve won’t know that she was naked under the dress; she satisfied herself.

Jeff opened the door when Erica pressed the bell .”Mom had left some instructions for you, Erica, on the kitchen countertop” Jeff said.

Erica followed him to the kitchen. She had a long look at Jeff’s back. He was looking cute. He was developing muscles and would probably grow into a fine figure of a young boy one day. Erica could find only one word about Jeff and Steve and that was ‘pretty’.These were certainly the prettiest boys Erica had seen.

Erica suddenly realized about her wild imagination about Jeff and Steve. She liked the boys. But these boys were younger to her even though they were taller and stronger to her. She wasn’t sure how she would handle or babysit them if something different happens. Though she could not ignore sexually arousing sensation inside her pussy and dripping juices spreading slowly between her legs.

‘Homework time first guys “ Erica declared .”We can play after .” She was surprised at the use of the word “We”.

Jeff and Steve sniggered and grinned when Erica used her typical ascent to make her announcement. That was possibly the very moment when the ice broke and the boys began to endear this young sweet-looking girl in their hearts.

“Erica! You know anything about 6th-grade Literature?” Steve asked .”Jeff and me are having problems can you help us?”

Leading the boys holding their hands to their study room. “ Guys, it’s not ‘Jeff and me ‘, Erica corrected,” It’s Jeff and I are having problems .”

Steve suddenly became mischievous. “ Oh, Erica. I didn’t know that Jeff and you were having problems .” He teased .” I am sooo sorry !”

Impulsively Erica grabbed the pillow from the bed and threw at Steve. Jeff sided his brother and within fractions of seconds, a full-blown pillow fight was being fought all around the room. The fight escalated with the inclusion of everything available in the room and the battle raged on. The skirmish stopped for a moment with pillows and all other things and boys over one disheleved girl tangled in the mess littering the floor.

As Erica extricated herself from the mess, she was thinking as to what all boys have been able to make out of her naked girly body through strapless cotton romper. She saw Jeff was staring at her bare shoulders, slim fit, and short length which was showing off too much of her developing young girly features.

Just as Erica raised her left hand to grab the edge of the table to raise herself and make her escape, a blindly grabbing hand of Steve accidentally latched on the romper at the place she had placed wire hook this afternoon. Steve fell down but didn’t lose his grip. Same time Erica’s application of full force to get up snapped the hook arrangement releasing her from her strapless sleeveless only romper and her completely naked body emerged in full view of both boys.

The room went deathly quiet. Not one breath was expelled. Two teen boys stared in fascinated wonder at the full naked form of a developed girl. Both the boys could not miss the popping hairy growth at her armpits and could not move their eyes from the little but obvious swell of her breasts topped with cherry size bud surrounded by pink colored flesh.Their jaws dropped open when the eyes glided down her flat belly and got entangled in the hairy triangle between her legs.

Erica was mortified beyond belief. Exposed in front of these two young boys. Standing completely naked without a stitch of cloth on her body. What she should do?

Feigning confidence, Erica lifted her romper up and adjusted on her breasts, just like it was something she did every day, she gently cupped her breasts and one after another lay them back under the sheer cotton layer. For a moment Erica saw a hint of disappointment in the eyes of Jeff and Steve.

She clapped her hands three times “Recess is over “ She announced, ” Get the room straightened up and let us complete the homework!”

Having cleared the mess Jeff and Steve finally climbed on to the bed with papers, pencils, and books while Erica sat on the floor and read from the study book.

Erica became well aware of the boys staring down the top of her romper at her breasts from their vantage position. It was quite flattering .“The boys had their first turned on experience. “ Erica thought . ” these boys wouldn’t know what to do to my pussy and with real tit if they had one in their hands .”

As if the boys read the challenging mind of Erica. Jeff and Steve dropped down on their bellies and elbows in the bed. Their faces were less than a few inches from Erica’s cherry-topped swelling breasts they had seen just a few minutes before.The boys looked at each other and as if in unison both asked “Erica, may we ask you a big, big, big, big, favor? Can we see your boobs again please? Just for a few minutes please, please, please ”

Erica suddenly responded more harshly than she intended .“You certainly May not.”She continued” You both are bad boys and you ought to be spanked for your wickedness.”

Spontaneously Jeff and Steve got mischievous ideas form nowhere. They were so young and innocent didn’t know where from the idea came to them. But both boys took their shirts off, stripped their shorts down to their knees and turned their bare asses towards Erica and said “Spank us then”

Before she could think of some suitable response her violent mind made her react unexpectedly by shooting out her both hands and whacked both ass chicks with a stinging blow .”You boys need to be punished for teasing a girl .”Erica shouted in her shrill voice

One after another like a cruel cracking whip her hands were whacking tender ass chicks of the boys mercilessly. The ass flesh turned in to red and blue colored skin. When whimpering became tearful cries Erica realized that she had been really heartless and cruel to the teen boys. Ashamed and guilt-ridden tender-hearted young sweet Erica wanted to make it up to both the boys. Though she didn’t know how exactly.

Spontaneously Erica imagined there must be some skin oil in the washroom cabinet. She got up telling the boys not to move in the same harsh voice and searched the washroom. Surprisingly she found one and returned with Johnson baby oil and applied for tender soothing massage on each ass chick of the boys. Intermittently she kissed the tender skin which turned into whimpering with the indication of pleasure.

While Erica on her knees kissing boys red-skinned ass chicks in their bed Steve suddenly wanted to ask her something and for that very unexpectedly turned over his back. Seeing his brother doing that Jeff too followed him.

Naked from the knees up. Erica couldn’t help her eyes being caught by the most obvious feature which defined the male part of each boy. An erect penis was proudly protruding between the legs of each boy. Although it looked relatively small by grown boy’s standards, the penises were exceptionally well-formed and extraordinarily shaped.

Erica couldn’t think of any reason to why she did what she did. Without any hesitation her both spanking hands reached out and the fingers of each wrapped around the penises of surprised boys. As her fingers tentatively touched the tips of penises, other fingers proceeded to fondled the testicle sacks and rolled the marble size balls.The boys desperately wanted to wiggle and squirm but they couldn’t dare to move a muscle for fear this dream might come to an abrupt end. Finally, desperate situations overpowered both the boys making yet another attempt to begging her.

‘Erica, We just can’t get over without requesting! Can we— we see your naked again?”

To their surprise, Erica pulled romper down to her waist releasing her beautiful breasts just completely bare to be seen by the boys. Her romper being much loose to her petit body structure came down fully even further exposing her completely naked with her pussy hair nicely soaked in dripping pussy juices in front. As the boys expected she again recaptured their penises and resumed her playtime adventures.

As a very natural response, the boys had a very profound thought. If this girl can play with them, why can’t they play with her girly parts? Two hands of Steve immediately reached out and latched on to her breasts and began massaging, exploring and playing. Two hands of Jeff reached between her legs touching the soft silky pubic hair on her pussy and began exploring the hidden crevices of her pussy lips. Twenty fingers were exploring her girly areas relentlessly soaring the hearts of both boys to the top of heavens. Their penises had reached the extreme limits of explosion with her non-stoppable squeezes and strokes.

Mammary flesh warmed the juvenile hands of boys. They repeatedly massaged the softness of breasts twisted and pinched the nipples. Boys became mesmerized by the stiffness of her nipples. They realized nipples acted like their penises. Using the tips of their fingers they rolled the nubile nubs and delicately twitched and pulled her protruding nipples. Steve couldn’t resist building hunger for sucking her tits. Without daring ask her permission out of fear of denial Steve raised himself up and closed his lips over her swollen nipples. His vacuuming mouth greedily sucked, saliva drenched tongue lapped the rosebud peak and licked the strawberry colored areolas. With the rise of uncontrollable sexual excitement, Erica raised both hands which gave completely free access to sucking the mouth of Steve all over her body. At one moment Erica would feel his sucking lips on her erect nipples and very next moment his mouth was kissing her armpits and licking silky hairy growth within.

Erica was caught up unaware by the brazen boldness of the boys, but she had to admit that they had already made her hot, horny, and wet with their insatiable hunger. As Steve continued to suck on her breasts and Jeff play with her pussy Erica was struggling with extremely outrageous thought entering her consciousness. These penises she was fondling were only about half -pint-sized, but dam they were all male tender meat with an undeniable allure to tempt a young girl with lust in her loins. Without realizing what she was doing without any warning or indication she changed her position placing her knees next to Jeff’s shoulders brought her pussy right on his mouth and bent over and kissed Steve’s penis, then she kissed Jeff’s. The boys froze in place with startled disbelief.

Erica discovered that her kissing lips have found the softest flesh they had ever touched. Warm and stiff but unbelievably silky soft, the skin tested little salty. The sweaty smell around the testicles was musky. Giving each boy sufficient time Erica explored their pubic areas with kissing mouth and licking tongue. She loved the feeling of soft silky fresh growth of pubic hair on their testicles and around penises, good God she loved the feel of soft fresh penile flesh.

Just proving her infatuation she sucked completely Jeff’s penis and vacuumed it hard till it swelled in her mouth filling it with seminal fluids. Erica instinctively lapped her tongue roughly at the tip of the penis and sucked the fluid; like from the straw. The teen boy surprisingly had full and sufficient penile growth to have orgasmic eruptions and was unimaginably vigorous as it would have been an uncontrollable orgasm.

As soon as Jeff’s penis came out from the unbearable tongue pressure from Erica the transparent fluid blew out like a gushing stream, Erica’s lips wrap around his penis and pumped it vigorously. Whimpering cries of orgasmic ecstasy filled the room. She suddenly changed herself towards Steve pulling his cock into her mouth. She now knew how to suck.lick and eat the male meat all at the same time. She drove Steve crazy with writhing, wiggling and making his penis standing hard at its roots like a stiff stick from his body. Erica suddenly wanted to try it in her dripping pussy.

While all this was happening Erica was so deeply engrossed in her play with Steve’s penis and pubic area that she didn’t notice Jeff. When she realized what Jeff has been up to. He was already into his daring mission of exploring the wonderful area of her wet and sweaty pussy . His lips were lapping her inside of her pussy and fingers exploring each hair of her pussy . The young boy could not control the digging into her soft swollen flesh with his teeth. The deep bites around her clitoris were throwing the young girl into wild ecstasy.

Erica found herself writing and wiggling under tremendous pressure and suddenly there was uncontrollable jerking which she had never experienced and a forceful gush from her pussy , “Oh My God ,oh my ” There was repeated forceful eruptions of transparent seminal fluid like a fountain. Both boys were mesmerized with the unimaginable event they were witnessing. Both the boys were watching this young girl Erica completely naked with her entire body raging under extraordinary sexual fire.

Under the influence of those extremely powerful moments, Erica pulled naked Steve over her naked body and, getting hold of his erect penis inserted him deep inside her throbbing wet pussy. For moments Steve held his body motionless absorbing the wonderful sensation and heavenly touch of the girl’s naked body all over him. Though his deeply buried penis inside Erica’s pussy was experiencing wonderful squeezes and suction by her vaginal walls. Jeff was surprised to see his brother suddenly humping Erica’s pussy with his penis. He had heard about boys fucking a girl and he was seeing it happening now.

After exhaustive orgasm Steve rose and lay next to Erica on his back on the floor. His penis was shrunk and completely covered with clear fluid from Erica’s pussy. When Erica opened her eyes she noticed Jeff looking at her intently. She put her arm around her neck and requested,” Please come. I want to kiss you.”

Pulling Jeff over her sweaty naked body Erica took a side position next to him and her hands were now fondling with his penis which was rock hard and stiff. Erica sat up and placed herself on his thighs. Giving Jeff the most loving sexual look she pulled his penis and brought her pussy on the tip of his penis and slowly lowered her body till she rested on his pelvis. Jeff had never imagined what was happening to him. Erica was fucking his penis so beautifully that very next moment he found his penis exploding inside her pussy driving him out of his mind and extremely crazy. The entire room now was smelling of three sweaty bodies and sex.

After Erica managed herself from the exhausting orgasm she rose and commanded, “Boys, go clean up now.. “ And you better get back quick for finishing the homework or there will be no butter bread and cheese and TV tonight .”

Like tiny mice running from the rat holes the boys jumped and ran to the washroom. Erica stood and tucked her breasts under the top elastic of her romper and began cleaning her mess. She muttered as she was finishing the cleaning, “Damn that was fun and I liked playing with those tiny penises, that made it sooo hot and horny; and I betcha the boys would love to screw my pussy now all the time.”

While Erica was crossing the area opposite the washroom Jeff suddenly emerged out stark naked his penis still stiff like a spike. She couldn’t avoid staring at his penis. Without bothering more she asked him innocently,” Jeff may I ask you something? You don’t have to answer. But, when my top was pulled down unintentionally by Steve and you both saw me completely naked, did you — did you think I looked pretty and sexy .”

Jeff’s breath expelled in rush, “Oh God yes ” He exclaimed, “You are the first girl I seen completely naked, you are gorgeous whit those soft and silky pussy hair and tiny growth in your armpits .”

“Oh, Jeff you too are very wonderful. I love your cock and that lovely testies.” Pointing at his tiny marbles.

” You know what? Erica! I liked the most when you pushed my penis into your pussy and sat on it. It felt soo wonderful inside your cunt. I love your cunt.”
Erica moved away to the other washroom to avoid anything more happening to clean herself. While coming out from shower Erica insisted that everyone is dressed for homework. Nakedness provided too many distractions. The boys gathered their papers and books and were on the carpet floor in the den with their lovely baby sitter and the tutor.

It was almost 9:30 PM when the homework was over and Erica completed preparations of buttered bread and cheese and arranged the plates with hot greasy and salty morsels. Throwing the books aside the boys attacked the sexy food bearer.

At first, the boys were too hungry to about anything other than taming their ravenous hunger pangs. After their bellies became stuffed their rapacious hunger found another target. Boys being boys, they wanted some pussy and tits desert.

A hot-blooded girl being a girl, Erica knew the boys would turn on her sooner or later. She was in charge so she could have stopped them, but the truth of the matter was she herself wanted to let them have their way with her pussy and tits. They were sweet kids, they seemed to adore her in the way worshipers might revere a naked goddess.

Working in a very well-coordinated manner Jeff and Steve had a cooperative Erica stripped completely naked. At her insistence, they had also willingly shed off their own clothing and she demanded that she too wants her share. When she lay back and spread her legs, the boys wasted no time with the proprieties of asking permission. Steve sucked nippled titties into his mouth and suckling her breasts. Jeff headed for good stuff and wrapped his lips around wet and warm clit. Erica pulled Jeffs with his penis and started sucking him.

After playing for a while Jeff and Steve traded the possession of Erica’s sex organs with each other. Somehow Erica developed the feeling that both Jeff and Steve very excellent little pussy eaters !

The boys weren’t the only ones touching sexual parts without permission. As both boys played Erica managed to maneuver each, one at a time, into a position when the penis dangled over her face. Taking advantage of the gravitational effects the horny teenage girl managed to get their erections one after the another into her mouth. Once swollen, stiff hard cock, became victims of girl’s insatiable penile meet appetite. She sucked chewed and ate all the boy meat converting it into wonderful ramrod for her pussy.

Erica found herself quite amazed at the position she had herself in. Jeff’s stiff cock was thrusting and screwing her pussy deep and hard. Suddenly he pulled his penis out from her cunt and his mouth was sucking her clit and his tongue was playing inside her hole. Her mouth was full with spike stiff length of Steve’s soft delicate penis and her hand around his testicles. Her mouth was sucking and her hand was jacking and jerking.

All of a sudden the stiffness of the penis was incredibly hard and tip ready to explode.The head of the venomous creature swelled to its maximum! Without warning the penile head began spitting its clear transparent fluid.

Erica’s own juices began spurting. A whimpering whining, euphoria stole away senses and left only trembling, quivering shells of flesh and bone filled with unrestrained exhilaration.

Erica’s pussy began experiencing multiple orgasms. It was a good thing that there were no houses close by, or else she would have alerted any passer-by person easily. The girl felt one more rapturous carnal bliss wash over her.

Time got away from Erica. Glancing at the clock Erica saw that it was less than an hour before Jessica was due home. Jumping up she headed naked to the bathroom .”Boys, I am going to clean up Mom’s bathroom .” she said, ” You go clean up your bathroom and go to bed. I ‘ll come and kiss good night.”

Erica had a bath and each boy had his good night kiss There was no more time for any intimacies. When Jessica arrived she found exhausted Erica half asleep in a giant overstuffed chair in the den. After paying her more than $50 Jessica dropped Erica back home. Beaming with the pleasure she had Erica assured Jessica “It was a good time with Jeff and Steve, they are very nice grownup boys. Good night .”


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