My wife got shared

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My name is Leo, a Nigerian and married to my wife Gwen for 8yrs now. Gwen is a perfect woman that could make any man want to get marry at once. She is loving, caring, home maker, reserved and with a very wet pussy. She is fair in color, 5.7ft in height, average in shape, moderate size butt and breast and beautiful. She was trained by good Christian parents.

She would apologise even when she’s wronged just for peace to remain.

I have always told her my fantasy to see her fuck another guy as it would turn me on but she had always turned it down either out of fear of what could happen to us after such act and how she was brought up. But I kept on persisting and assuring her that it would make me love her the more and that I would take responsibility for whatever happens until she looked me one night when making love and role playing and asked me if I was really serious and I said yes. Then she asked whom would she do it with and I told her anyone she’s comfortable with but I already had someone in mind, a cousin of mine whom she also liked. She kept quiet and never stopped looking into my eyes that night while we made passionate love.
I told her I could set it up and she said ok.

I called my cousin (Wilson) and told him about the discussion with my wife (Gwen) and told him we would be coming for visiting the next weekend and that we would stay for two days and he agreed as we had sometimes shared a girl or two before marriage. There goes the whole boring details.

The weekend came and that Friday I and Gwen dressed up,packed some clothes and off to my cousin’s house. The anticipation of Wilson fucking Gwen had me already high as Gwen wore a creamy sexy gown a little above knee high with matching color undies which I but for her.
We arrived at Wilson’s place and he welcomed us in and commented on how sexy Gwen was looking.

He offered us a drink and we started drinking and having conversation with more drinks but Gwen was getting a bit tipsy so we were showed to our room where Gwen went in and laid down on the bed to relax while I and Wilson went back to the sitting room to have some more drinks. Wilson asked me if I and Gwen were okay with this arrangement to which I said yes then he said ok. I asked him how do we start even though I knew how comfortable my wife was with him and how experienced he was at this but he told me not to worry because I was already feeling tipsy from the alcohol working in my system. I felt we should get started but he told me to go relax with my wife as there was no need to rush because it was still 6:15pm.

So I joined Gwen in our room but fell asleep as I was already drunk.

I woke up around 11:30pm to the awareness of movement on our bed and sloppy sounds. I turned to the direction of the sound and there it was, my cousin was on my wife sucking on her nipples with her gown partially pulled down and when I watched carefully I saw that he had buried his very thick cock with a very big mushroom head but the same 7inches as mine into my wife on missionary position and slowly grinding his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. The sound I was hearing was the sound of my wife’s wet tight pussy lips gripping his cock as he slides in and out of her pussy. She’s already had several orgasms before I woke up. I stayed still to observe my wife’s reaction only to see her eyes were closed tight and her hands were holdind tightly to the bed shit so she was not aware I was awake but Wilson knew as he looked at me and gave me a quick smile and continued with his penetrations and grinding.

I could not help the scene as my cock was about to burst in my shots so I had to pull off my shots, quietly stood up to observe the penetration while jerking on my cock. Wilson’s cock was glistening with my wife’s pussy juice that had now started dripping on the bed so I knew it that my wife was in orgasm Haven. I watched how he slowly fucked Gwen for about 35mins more then I saw his balls getting tensed and before I could touch him for caution he grinded into her pussy one last time and paused. As he was pulling out I saw his thick sperm oozing out of my wife’s pussy and that sight sent messages into my brain and I released series of cum on the floor while I jerked furiously on my cock.

Gwen finally opened her eyes, looked down towards her pussy and that was when she saw me jerking and was surprised that I had been watching her get fucked and loved it. I climbed back up onto the bed and started kissing her while Wilson was still on her.
Not long into the kissing, Wilson withdrew his cock and went to the bathroom. That was when I asked her how she felt and she smiled and said “OKAY”.

Carried away by the moment, she forgot that my cousin was still in the bathroom. She got up and went inside to wash up but saw my cousin and started feeling shy but he told her not to worry to come in and wash herself which she did. While they were both washing, I didn’t know how it happened but I started hearing sounds in the bathroom again and when I opened the door there they were at it again. My wife stood with her back against the wall with one of her legs raised up by my cousin in front of her and he was fucking her again but this time with longer strokes and my wife was holding on to his shoulder for support. Wilson fucked her again for another 15mins and I had released my sperm on the floor again within those minutes. Gwen had another blast of orgasms like never before as His strokes increased and I saw him release another batch of sperm into my wife’s pussy then relaxed and withrew his cock from my wife’s pussy. I ought to have been worried about him cumming in my wife as she was not on pills but she was not on her fertile period and I had already bought an after sex pill which she would swallow after the whole adventure, after all, I did tell her I would take responsibility and I was not worried of STDs as I and my cousin had always done our checks together.

We helped her from the bathroom back to the room as her legs were shaking from all the pleasure and orgasms she’s had. So we all slept on the bed that Friday night and I woke up on Saturday morning around 7am but couldn’t find my wife or Wilson.
So I got up to go to the sitting room where I was hearing sounds from the TV set. As I walked past the kitchen, I noticed my wife standing with her back to the kitchen cabinet with a cup on her hands and her mouth open. When I walked closer to her I saw the reason for her opened mouth. Wilson was on a squat under her gown and was sucking on her pussy. I couldn’t hold my words and said “again” then my wife turned her face in shock towards me and asked if I had woken up and if I was angry but I quickly told her I was not angry but surprised. Then she told me Wilson would not stop playing with her pussy and fucking her twice and that she had to allow him suck her to his request as he had just finished fucking her again and his cum was dripping from her pussy. We had blasting fun that weekend and I assured her of my love for her and that was the beginning of our lifestyle. By the time we got home she was feeling sore from the whole fucking and had a whole day sleep while I went to work for the beginning of the week.

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