Forced my mom

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Hii,my name is sahil im 20 year old and my mother is 43 year old.i call her ammi at my home.
My father have real estate bussines and he is a heavy drinker though it is haram in my religion.i m the only child of my parents.and we live in agra.

It started in 2018,i was never attracted to my mother but slowly slowly i started feeling sexual desires towards her,i thought it would go away with time and i masturbated just like any other guy of that age.
My father comes home late at night.having came home he use to have his drwaing room while watching news on tv.i and my ammi sleeps in same room and my father sleeps in drwaing room or hall.

One night in july 2018 ,i got up around 2am in the night and i had a mother usually wears salwar suit at home and some times saree.that night she was sleeping in saree.
I dont know what was going in my mind i started feeling mother’s back was towards my side.i was in my boxer in tshirt,i started rubbing my hard cock on her ass slowly slowly.

I was becoming more horny as i was rubbing my cock on her ass.
I dont know what happened to me,i got up and took off my boxer and came over her lift her saree(she doent wear panty) hold her both hands with my both hands and tried to insert my cock in her pussy,ammi woke up and she was shoked and said what are u doing,are u mad,i m your mother,but i was lost in the lust and did’nt gave any reply,she started shouting at me and tried to push me off.but i was in control position and started fucking her.she tried hard to get out off while yelling at me and she said that she is gonna tell my father and he will kill me but could’nt.
After 5 minutes she surrenderd and i saw tears from both of her eyes
But i was fucking her furiously and there was no coming back at that point.
After 5 min i came in her and lie down there.

Next morning when i woke up,i was very upset with my self and feeling guilty and affraid.i thought my mother must have told my father about last night.i got up and came outside the room and saw ammi in kitchen.i came to her and started crying and satrted saying sorry again.she also started crying and slapped me.
But i was relieved the she did’nt told my abbu.she said she is not going to frgive me and she is not gonna talk with me again.
3 days passed and she did’nt talk with me.and even was not sleeping with me.
After 3 days…same thing happend to me and i got up in night and my cock was hard like rock.and flashback of that nigh came in my mind and i could’nt control myself and i went in my mom’s room and forced fuck her like previous time.she cried and yelled at me again.but i fucked her 4 times that night.and i know she too came that night.she didnt told my abbu this time it bacame my routine.i got up at night fuck her and sleep.

After few days she stopped yeeling at me and started moaning and also ksiing.
She used to tie her legs around my hips while i fucked her.then we started to sleep in same room again.
Now i and my ammi used to wait for my father to start his drinks and we starts our romance in bedroom.
Once she was on her periods so i asked her for blowjob she rejected and said she will vomit if she takes my cock in her mouth.then i taught her blowing my dick.she did’nt bolwn any dick before father didnt do oral sex with my mother ever.

So i started fucking her mouth.

Similarily i was the first one to fuck her anally.
It has been 2 years now we fuck nearky daily.i fuck her ass when she is in her periods.
My father goes jaipur once in a month or 2.

At that time there is only me and my mom at home.and i fuck her all day and night in her pussy,ass and mouth.

Well thats my true story.

Thakn u.

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