Riding My Dad

I loved horses.

Ever since my father bought a ranch, I wanted to learn how to ride a horse. My dad was an expert at horseback riding, because he grew up on a farm. Only when he had gotten married he had sold his property and bought a home with my mom, where they eventually raised me together.

Years later, however, my parents divorced when I was sixteen, which meant that shared custody became prominent in my life. My father, however, missed country life and bought a ranch after he sold his house when they had divorced.

I had often visited him at the ranch to help out with duties such as cleaning up the barn, tending to the cattle, and refilling up water troughs for the horses and the cattle to drink.

I loved the horses. I didn’t grow up with them like her father had, but I’d happily obliged to farm life. My dad said that I appeared to be a natural with animals, and so I wanted to ride my father’s favorite horse. The horse was named Picasso, because he had splotches of white and brown that appeared to have been splattered onto his coat in random patterns. What I loved most, though, about Picasso was his tail. Long and flowing and white. Oftentimes, my father would catch me styling the tail with girlish, intricate braids.

“Stop feminizing my horse,” He had joked, “Picasso is a stud, a manly man.”

I would smile, my blue eyes squinting as she did so. My would be blushing, because I would think the same things about my father.


When I turned 19, though, was when our seemingly normal relationship started to change. It was a warm afternoon on the ranch, and I was taking care of the barn when my father came to check up on me.

“When are you going to teach me how to ride, dad?” I asked, curious.

“You never expressed to me that you wanted to learn.” He said. I noticed how his hair had strands that were stained by the sun. Highlighted with lighter streaks that seemed to sparkle on his otherwise dark head of hair.

“I want to ride Picasso.”

“Picasso is a special horse, he only lets certain people ride him.” He replied.

“Oh, come on. Picasso knows me now, we are practically best friends. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me much.”

He smiled at me, who was looking up at him. He had told me that I reminded him of himself when he was younger, and I wondered if the twinkle in his eyes was because of that.

“I suppose we can practice now, if you like. Go ahead and halter him up and bring him out to the ring.” He told me.

I was excited. At once I found Picasso and brought him to the ring like he had said to do. He was waiting there for me, standing in the middle with his strong arms crossed over his chest.

He got on Picasso’s back and settled himself behind me. I could feel his chest against my back, his breath against the back of my neck. We seemed high up off the ground, it felt a little scary.

But his hands snaked around me to hold the reigns in front of me. I’d never been this close to any male before, so it felt a little awkward.

“You hold the reins like this,” He said, “And make sure you are in control of the horse at all times.”

I nodded and took the reins out of his hands, fumbling about clumsily. It felt like I was learning a new language for the first time. Unfamiliar and not quite sure where to start or even what to do.

“Here, I’ll show you first and make him walk a bit. Watch and learn.” He said. I gave him back the reins, feeling nervous.

He got Picasso to walk, and suddenly we were rubbing together a bit. I enjoyed being on the horse, though, and I was eager to learn.

Picasso started to trot, making dad and I move up and down together. I could feel his body against my back, and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Why was he so close to me? I mean, sure, we were riding a horse together and were bound to be close. But I’d never seen anyone pressed up against the person in front before.

It came to my mind that my shorts were short. I felt exposed to my father more so than I had ever felt before.

I could feel the roughness of his jeans pressed against my lower back. My tank top had been riding up a bit, so I could feel his jeans pressed against my bare skin.

It felt hard and rough.

And suddenly I regretted not wearing my new bra, since the one I was wearing was old and provided minimal support and the movements of Picasso were making my tits wiggle up and down.

I felt suddenly awkward.

I felt my dad move against me, though it must’ve been from Picasso.

His breath fanned against my neck quicker.

I suddenly became aware that my rear was pressed tightly against the spot between his spread legs.

My neck blushed this time.

The movements of the horse made us bump up and down, causing his front to rub and press against me.

“Faster Picasso.” He said lowly.

“Dad-” I said, worried.

Picasso trotted faster.

And I could’ve sworn I felt him buck against my back.

I smiled, though, thinking it was probably just Picasso trotting. The air against my face felt fresh, and I felt free.

“Lift your arms up a bit.” He whispered.

I obliged, letting him reposition his arms that were still holding onto the reins.

This time, though, his fisted hands were awfully close to either side of my breasts.

Because of how close we were, and because of how jolting the movements of Picasso was, his hands rubbed against the soft sides of my jiggling tits. I blushed.

Did he realize where his hands were? Of course he has to know, right? It’s obvious.

I sighed, brushing it off as an accident. Besides, there’s nothing sexual going on, anyway. Even if he knew where his hands were, it’s not like there’s anything wrong because there is nothing inherently sexual about it.

Just as I started to enjoy feeling free and enjoy being on Picasso, my dad spoke once more.

“Here, I want to show you a cool spot on a horse trail. I want to take control, and you can sit behind me this time.” He said.

“Okay! But riding lessons aren’t over, right?”

A hefty chuckle escaped his throat. “Oh no, baby, they are far from over. I’ve got a special horse you can ride.”

At once I got excited. Had he got me my own horse? But the tone of his voice seemed off.

He helped me off of the horse then we switched positions. The new position, however, put me in an awkward predicament.

My large tits were pressed against his back. I had taken the padding out of my bra, so my nipples became pebbled from the constant up and down stimulation against his back.

He had to have felt them wiggling against him. There was no doubt in my mind about it. What would he be thinking?

He has to feel my erect nipples poking through my shirt and dragging against him. At first, it embarrassed me. I felt humiliated.

But the more carnal part of me actually liked the stimulation. It was pathetic how sex-starved I was that non-sexual contact was something that was starting to turn me on. I felt sick, twisted, and even slightly disgusted with myself.

He was my biological father, the man who raised me, after all.

I gulped, trying to keep these feelings down.

Picasso came to a walk as he led us on a trail I’d never been on before. Greenery surrounded us, and soon we approached a forested setting. There was a river below us.

It was very beautiful.

He halted Picasso and tethered him to a tree, before helping me off of Picasso as well.

I lifted my eyes to see a bench situated a way off the trail. It was private and peaceful.

We both walked over to the bench and sat down. I looked around curiously.

“Dad, where’s the horse?” I asked. His eyes darkened.

“Come sit on my lap, just like you used to when you were little.” He said and beckoned me over.

I felt awkward, once more, but sat down on his lap. My heart was thumping in anticipation of what was to come. The organ seemed to know more than I did.

“Face me so we can talk.” He directed.

So I did.

I moved to straddle his lap and faced him. My knees were on either side of his legs, and my legs were spread, my short shorts riding up, and my crotch was pressed against his.

We were eye level.

“Don’t you think this is a little weird?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“What do you mean?” He inquired, cocking his head.

“This,” I gestured to our bodies, “I feel…exposed.”

He smirked. “I have a special horse you can ride, remember?”

My heart fluttered. My pussy even ached this time. I felt nervous, my mind suddenly putting two and two together.

I rolled my hips slightly against him. I needed friction, but I caught myself and stopped.

“How did you like being on Picasso today?” He asked me. His brown eyes sparkled mischievously.

“I enjoyed it very much.”

He smiled. “I knew you would. I have something you’ll enjoy even better, though.”

I quirked in eyebrow, and he stared at me, watching me react as he made his next move.

He pulled the straps of my tank top down my shoulders and yanked my top down. My tits flopped out, and I gasped as he snaked his hands around to undo my bra. The plump flesh of my tits were pressed against the fabric of my bra.

Half my areolas were visible, they were pink and flushed. My dad eyed them, and he also stared at the points in my bra from my hard nipples.

“Dad!” I said.

“Baby, you’re beautiful, your nipples want out of their confines.” He said.

He was right.

I let him unhook my bra, my excitement brewing as he peeled the covering away.

I felt the air against my bare tits, now fully exposed to him. I couldn’t help but blush once more.

“So pretty, baby. Your nipples are so pink.” He tickled the tips of each nipple, and a giggled escaped my lips.

“Lets get you out of this.” He said, unbuttoning my shorts, gesturing me to stand, and yanking them down my knees when I finally did.

I wore plain white panties and didn’t hesitate to mount the hard lump in his jeans, desperate to feel any source of friction.

“Move with me, baby.” He whispered.

I hesitated for a moment, until I felt him bucking up against me, his crotch pressing against my secret place that wasn’t about to be secret much longer.

Heat traveled through me, sparks of pleasure igniting in my groin as I rode his lap. My clit continuously dragged against the material of my underwear as I chased my high.

“Ride me, baby, oh you’re doing so good.” My dad cooed in perverted delight, sucking my neck.

I gasped at his words, they turned me on. His hands traveled to my ass cheeks and pushed me against him harder.

“I need to let him out baby, you’re making me so hard.” He groaned, halting my movements and unbuttoning his pants.

He quickly zipped himself down, my excitement brewing as he revealed himself to me. A part a father should never show his daughter.

“Dad I-”

“These are very special riding lessons,” He said, pulling my panties to the side. They stayed on completely, there was no time to waste.

He simply pulled them to the side for easy access.

His fingers parted my soft, pink pussy lips, my mouth opened in a silent moan as his digit explored every wet crevice, every slippery fold.

Until he found my clit.

“Oh, oh, dad…”

“That’s right, baby, mmm…”

His fingers circled my damp clit as I thrust against him.

I lowered myself back on him.

Our wet, naked parts touched.

My pussy was throbbing.

His cock slid through my pussy lips so that they were still resting outside of me.

He was so hard against my pussy lips which were wrapped around his length, that I shivered.

The delicious feel of him against me. The sexy thought that my clit was pressed snug against the very organ that would penetrate my wet pussy.

He throbbed against me.

“See what you do to me?” He murmured against my neck. I leaned forward as he sucked and kissed the skin there.

He thrust hard against me, causing my body to jolt and my clit to drag against his length as he pulled back to thrust again.

“Oh!” I moaned.

“Teasin’ me all day, wearing small clothes. I nearly came in my pants pressed up against you like that while on the horse.”

My cheeks flushed red, but he kept talking.

“You know what was going through my mind while you sat in front of me on the horse?” He asked, gruffly.


“Yanking down your top right there on the horse and fondling your tits as they bounced up and down in my hand.” He whispered.

He rocked himself against me, pushing his cock up towards my throbbing entrance.

I shivered, my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head as pleasure consumed me. He was so hot and his words set me on fire.

I started to thrust against his cock.

The feel of our parts touching in the most intimate way possible was otherworldly. He thrust violently against me, the tip of his thick cock poked my asshole before sliding back down into place against my pussy.

“Did you come visit me with the desire to tease me?” He questioned.

“Daddy, no-”

He thrust, twisting my nipples in one hand.

“You did. Admit it.”

He thrust again, and a sharp inhale was heard from me as the tip of his cock slid down my folds before jabbing at my hole.

“Dad, please…”

He bit the skin on my neck when he thrust roughly. The head of his cock lodged itself at the entrance of my pussy.

“Wrap your arms around my neck, baby.” He whispered gruffly in my ear.

I could hear my heart beat in my ears as I was reluctant to do so at first. But I had decided I had already gone this far, and I wanted to follow through.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. This position brought us even closer, and the tips of my erect nipples brushed against his chest.

We were face to face.

He nuzzled into my neck, sucking and licking. I moaned aloud and thrust my hips against him to please my eager clit.

My movements prompted part of his cock – not even half of it – to enter me slowly. It felt slick and hot.

“God, baby,” He growled in my ear, “Ride me. Ride your dad.” He nipped at my earlobe.

“Oh, yes.” I whispered.

I rolled my hips, humping his long cock. I eased more pressure down until he burrowed into my wet tunnel. I felt the cushion of his large balls beneath me.

He suddenly thrust hard, jolting my body. My naked breasts wiggled against his chest and he grunted at the feeling of my smooth, pulsating pussy around him.

He groaned his approval, lightly thrusting so that his big cock dragged through my walls.

I closed my eyes, trying to adjust to the feeling of being full and tight.

“Your pink little pussy looks so good spread open on my cock.” He whispered into my ear before biting my earlobe. I shivered.

His hands slid down my waist, curving at my hips before reaching down below. He cradled my ass cheeks in his hands, helping me to ride him.

“This is the most important riding lesson you’ll have.” He murmured.

I started slowly at first, riding him up and down. He thrust up as I slid down, and I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter, using my torso to help roll my hips against him.

The sound of my ass slapping his thighs echoed into the trees. Faster we went, and I could feel his wet cock sliding in and out of my soft pussy.

He used his hands to push me away from him a bit so that he could watch my tits shake as I rode him. He seemed mesmerized and completely in a state of bliss, feeling me soft, pulsing, and wet around him while watching my tits jiggle in his face.

My nipples danced in front of him, and he leaned forward to capture one in his mouth.

“Ohhh, dad!” I purred in delight, feeling my pussy throb and tighten on his dick.

He groaned in pleasure from my response, and sucked my nipple harder until it was sticking straight up. In turn, I rode him faster.

My tits being sucked were such a turn on, and combined with the feeling of my clit continuously rolling against the base of his cock, set me on fire.

I bounced on his dick faster, uttering words of pleasure into the air. His hands cupped and fondled my breasts as he thrust up deeper into me roughly.

Over and over, he plunged his cock into me with a wet squelch. The tip of his dick would oftentimes be the only part left in me briefly before I pushed back down and rolled my hips in a humping motion.

When I humped his cock rather than just ride up and down, I found that my clit felt the friction I needed. Humping him stimulated the most pleasurable part of me, and I know he found it hot watching a woman take pleasure from him.

I know he found it hot that he could feel his daughter’s hard clit pressed against him and dragging itself up and down his skin.

“Ride your dad. Fuck, yes baby, just like that. Take my cock!” He exclaimed, spurring me on and thrusting into me at a rapid pace.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss, and I played with his tongue and tugged at his lips. Sparks of pleasure emanated as I humped his throbbing cock harder.

I nuzzled my face into his neck, focused on riding him as I became closer to my climax. He moaned aloud when I shook my ass up and down on his dick, prompting him to fuck me rougher and harder.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in your pussy, baby.” He rasped against my neck, causing my breath to hitch in my throat and my pussy to tingle.

I loved it when a man cummed inside of me, it was sexy and I loved being bred.

“Ohh, I-I’m gonna…” I whimpered and gasped against him. The faint brush of my nipples against his chest had me on the edge.

With a moan from him, I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing inside of me. “God, baby, that’s right, take my cum!” He gasped and never stopped thrusting.

It was so sexy, that all it took was one more roll of my hips for me to cum around him. My clit pressed against his hot body was too much, and I thrust against him as my pussy throbbed on his dick lodged deep inside of me.

I squirmed against him, gasping for air as he thrust his dick, spilling every last drop inside of my pink pussy. My face was buried in his neck as he held me close, grunting softly when my pussy spasmed particularly hard around him. I made similar sounds as my orgasm started to softly fade away, as was his.

His thrusts slowly came to a stop, and I felt especially wet now.

I kissed and sucked his neck, and for a moment, we just sat there in silence, still connected.

“Thank you for the riding lessons, today, dad.”

My words earned a laugh to escape his lips.

“Don’t be late tomorrow for some more.”

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