Expect the Unexpected-1

Dear Readers, I bring you another story sent to me by my fan. All credit goes to the original author who has done a marvelous job penning this down. Whether it’s a fantasy or real, please read and enjoy.

Bunty was eagerly waiting standing on the platform for his mother to arrive by train. He was constantly checking his his watch, the train was supposed to arrive at 6pm.

There were 5minutes still to go yet he was growing more impatient because the 5minutes seemed to pass like years. Bunty was looking forward to meeting his mother, his wife Rupa had gone to her mother’s house for the first time after marriage.

He waited with bated breath watching the train pull into the station slowly coming to a halt. He was very pleased when he saw his mother alight. It had been almost 8 months since he had last seen her.

Today when he hugged his mother and welcomed her, his joy knew no bounds. Nina a little chubby woman in her mid-forties was equally excited to see her son after such a long time and her eyes were swelling with tears of joy.

Bunty carried her luggage and escorted her to his car. Nina was impressed and feeling elated seeing Bunty’s nice car, soon they reached his apartment.

Nina was even more pleased and feeling proud to see her son who in a short span of 8 months was well settled in life. She looked around his apartment and said “I am proud of you son”.

Bunty said “mom not all these are mine, some were gifted”. Nina asked “and the car”? He said beating his chest “I bought it myself”. She asked sarcastically “What did you do to get till here”? Did you seduce your higher-ups”?

He said “no, but my boss liked me and fell for me”. Nina asked in a suspicious tone “how did that happen”? He said “you see she is a very charming woman like you mom”.

She retorted “stop giving me bullshit, I am your mother”. He coyly replied “you are the one who asked”, she said “I thought you would have changed”. He shot back “do I look like I have changed”?

She said “I see you have not, just that I had my own doubts”. Bunty asked “what did you have in mind mom”? Nina said “I thought after being married and well settled in life might have made you change”.

He said “you know me better mom, that can never happen”, she said “yes I know, I am happy. So how is Rupa”? Bunty said “she is ok mom”, Nina asked “are you missing her son”?

He said “yes a little”, she asked naughtily “just a little”? Bunty said “no mom, I miss her loads but now that you are here everything changes”. Nina asked “what changes son”?

He softly answered “I am going to enjoy your company till she returns”. In a teasing tone she asked “so I am here only till she returns”? He said “no mom, it is not like that, you can stay here for as long as you want”.

Nina said “but how can I, I will have to go back”. He said “mom I want you to stay here with me forever, we can figure out other things later”. She asked “will you be able to afford me and take care of me”?

Bunty confidently said “yes mom, you just ask”. He took her around showing her the apartment, when they came to his bedroom she was surprised to see a large bed with mirrors on the walls.

Nina stood in the middle and admired being able to look at herself from different angles without needing to turn around. Bunty stepped close behind her and whispered in her ears “do you like it”?

She excitedly said “yes, I love it”. He held her and made her sit on the bed, she laid lost watching her reflection in all surrounding mirrors. This caused her sari to move aside revealing her buttery smooth tummy and waist.

Bunty’s eyes were struck on the awesome sight but came to his sense soon and tried looking away. He felt embarrassed because any mirror he glanced he was able to see her.

Nina caught his gaze on her midriff and quickly corrected her sari covering it. Bunty said “mom you freshen up, I am taking you out for dinner”.

Nina took out a fresh set of clothes and came to the living room where Bunty was waiting for her on the sofa. They went to some nearby restaurant and got back not too late.

Nina complained “don’t we have good restaurants here”? He said “we do mom, I will take you there tomorrow. We only went to this one because you look tired and I wanted to get back quickly so you can good rest”.

She said “yes I am really tired”. He kept all her stuff inside his bedroom, he said “you use this bedroom mom”. Knowing it was his own bedroom she asked “won’t you mind me using your bedroom”?

He said “not at all mom, now get some rest. Good Night”. She changed into her nighty and lay on the huge bed with the soft pillows and mattress and soon slipped into soothing deep sleep.

The next morning, she woke up fresh as a daisy, she took her much needed bath. Then she came to the room and stood relishing the sight of her naked figure in all the surrounding mirrors.

She was able to see her perfect curves from any angle she wanted and that stirred up hot feelings inside her. Nina felt proud that even at 43 her beautiful figure could win hands down compared to today’s generation.

She was looking youthful, sexy with the right curves in the right places without any extra fat. Having admired herself enough and feeling very good about it she dressed up in a ordinary sari and stepped out.

She found Bunty still sleeping in the other room. He had overslept due to the vivid images constantly flashing in his mind of his mother’s exposed beautiful and sexy waist.

These thoughts had made him horny and this made him miss his wife. Nina did not bother waking him up, she went the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

By the time she was done she saw him coming. He asked “mom did you sleep well”? She said “yes, but I see you did not. Are you missing Rupa”? Without real thought, a natural “yes” slipped his lips.

Nina in a very soothing tone said “I can understand”, he replied “no mom, it’s not that, I just did not get sleep for a long time, nothing else”. She asked “what was bothering you son”?

He said “I had vague dreams”, because he could not dare tell the truth. She insisted “you can tell me about it”. He said “fine, another time”. She said “come let’s have breakfast”.

They sat next to each other at the dining table, Bunty continued looking at her beautiful face. Her charming looks brought him the much needed relief and he felt refreshed.

Seeing him staring Nina smiled and asked “what’s up. Have I changed”? He said “no, you have not changed, you look very charming”. She asked “charming huh? Are you sure you are talking to me or someone else”?

He said “who can be more charming than you”? She said “don’t forget your wife”. He shot back saying “she is no match for you”. Nina raising her eyebrows said “you are lucky that she is not here, otherwise you would be in the ICU by now”.

Bunty confidently said “I am not scared of her mom, moreover it is a fact that you are far more charming”. She asked “why do you find me charming? Because I am your mother”?

He replied “No, more than being my mother you are a charming woman”. Nina asked “so you are seeing me like a woman and not as your mother”?

He said “yes, that’s true”. She said “that’s good and I accept your compliments. But tell me how different am I from others”? He said “well you have a lovely face and you look attractive in every aspect” eyeing her figure while commenting her about it.

She pointed to the old sari she was wearing and asked “do I look attractive in this dress”? He said “Yes”. She said “then I might look better in some good sarees”?

He said “I think you would look absolutely gorgeous”. She said “but I don’t have any good sarees to wear”. He said “we will buy a few”. She softly asked “Why? Do you want me to look more charming”?

Bunty with increasing levels of excitement in his voice said “yes, I want you to be nicely dressed”. She asked “nicely dressed or look gorgeous”? He shyly replied “Both”.

She said “then you may have to spend your hard earned money in buying me a few saris”. He said “anything for you mom, I will take you for shopping after I return from work”, saying this he left for office.

Nina was super delighted to hear his words and as evening approached she went to his bedroom. She started rummaging her suitcase and came out with a golden color silk sari.

She had brought this to wear on special occasions. Holding the sari over her as she looked at her reflection in all the mirrors she again felt warm sensations engulf her body.

As she turned, her gaze fell upon the wardrobe which was slightly ajar. She opened it curiously and found it stacked with her daughter-in-laws clothes.

On impulse, as she opened the small drawers, she found a variety of inner garments which dazzled her because she had never seen anything like it.

She took out a brassiere and holding it in her hand, she felt a desire to try it on. She removed her blouse and bra to try her daughter-in-laws bra, she found it very tight and snuggling her breasts also pushing them up and forward showcasing them prominently.

Looking at herself in the mirror she felt like a sexy teenager. Without removing it she put on the rest of her clothes. Soon Bunty came home and asked her to get ready to go out.

She eagerly went to the room and came out wearing the golden yellow sari. Bunty was impressed seeing her decked in this beautiful sari. When they went to the shopping mall, he saw many men ogling his mother.

This made him feel very proud to be her escort. After finishing their shopping Bunty took his mother to a posh restaurant. While they were having their dinner his mother bent forward to pick up a glass of water.

Her pallu slipped from her shoulder giving Bunty a magnificent view of her big breasts and ever so deep cleavage. He couldn’t help it and continued staring at her exposed chest.

Nina saw him openly staring at the exposed part of her chest. His continuous staring again ignited hot desires in her body, after some time she slowly sat upright pulling her sari back on her chest.

She felt excited to see him staring at her rather than shying away. This made her to smile at him while she sat straight. Looking at his mother’s smiling face Bunty felt more encouraged.

The rest of the whole evening he tried hard to catch another glimpse of her chest but did not get lucky. Nina read his mind and felt happy that she had succeeded in drawing his attention to her bosom.

When they finished their dinner she extended her hand and Bunty very fondly held it as they walked out of the restaurant. On reaching home as both of them sat on the sofa Nina turned to her son and said “thanks.”

Bunty asked “What for”, she said “For the great treat”. He replied “On the other hand, I should thank you”. Nina asked “what for”? He said “for giving me wonderful company”.

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