Accidental Incest

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John Arnold was watching TV alone in his living room rubbing his crotch. He was very horny and this boner he was sporting wasn’t helping very much. He had only had sex twice and they were the two greatest moments of his life. John was 18 years old with a muscular build. He had broad shoulders and was a football captain. Unfortunately, the season was having its mid season vacation so he had nothing to do as he whittled away the end of his senior year.

John’s hard on had calmed down and there was nothing good on so he decided to go upstairs and see his mom. He was actually bored enough to go talk with his mom! She was in the shower a little while ago, but the water had turned off ten minutes ago so he assumed everything was all right. John opened the door to his mother’s room to see his mother walking out of her connected bathroom completely naked!

Alex Arnold, John’s mom, was in her mid thirties but definitely did not look it. She was a buxom beauty. Large perfect DD tits stuck out in front of her with no hint of sag. A luscious round ass had smooth cheeks that bounced and jiggled with every one of her steps. Her freshly shaved clit shined with wetness and her shiny brown locks fell over her flawless face and partially covered her bright blue eyes.

She whipped her head towards John and screeched for him to get out as she desperately tried to cover her big tits. John jumped back and closed her door with a bang. Susan Arnold, John’s sister jumped out of the bathroom she shared with John and yelled, “Mom! Whats the matter?!” And believe it or not she was naked too. She took after her mother in the looks department except Susan is much tanner and had brown eyes, liker her father. Her tits were the same size despite being more petite than her mother which just made them look bigger. Susan’s equally luscious ass stuck out behind her and John could see some white foam near her pussy. She had been shaving it!

“Eeek!” She screamed, “Pervert!” and Susan sprinted back into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. John could hear it lock.

Those had been the most embarrassing two minutes of his life. He had seen his mother and his older sister, although she was only 10 months older than him- just old enough to be in a different grade, naked one right after the other! Also, although he didn’t want to admit it, John’s hard on was back. He had never thought of his sister or his mother as particularly attractive. He could certainly tell they were hot and he got enough shit from his friends about it, but he had always understood they were family and that was an uncrossable line.

Too embarrassed to stay John left his house to go to his friend Kevin Janson’s house. He and Kevin weren’t as close as they used to be, but he would understand because his mom was also an absolute fox. Mrs. Janson, or Ms. Janson as she liked to be referred since the divorce, was often mistaken for my mother’s twin because they looked so similar. Kevin and John looked pretty similar too, but not nearly as close as Mrs. Arnold and Ms. Janson. They even had the same name, just used different nicknames! The big difference was Ms. Janson had blond hair. Mr. Arnold was still in the picture, but his frequent business trips, like the one he was currently on, left Alex very sexually frustrated, although she’d never admit it.

John had called Kevin and told him he was coming so he wasn’t surprised when he saw Kevin in his front yard waiting for him.

“Kevin!” John called towards him, “Why are you out here? I was hoping your mom would have some lemonade ready for me!” Ms. Janson always had some fresh squeezed lemonade ready whenever he went over the Janson house.

“Haha,” Kevin laughed, “I don’t even think I told her you were coming over, I think i just said I was going out to hang with a friend. I’m in the mood for a walk around the block anyway.” That was something that annoyed John. Kevin always loved taking walks around his neighborhood, but today John was in the mood. He wanted to talk to him about what had happened alone anyway.

Meanwhile Alex Arnold was extremely embarrassed about having her 18 year old see her naked. She decided to call her good friend Alexis Janson and see if she could go over her house to talk about it. Alexis said that her son had gone out with a friend so it would be fine. Alex said goodbye to her daughter Susan, who said a very quick goodbye back, and left. Alex didn’t know her son had also seen her daughter naked.

“So then he said ‘Alexis, you should really dye that hair! You don’t want people thinking you’re dumb because you’re blond!'” Kevin concluded. John had told Kevin his story and so Kevin tried to cheer him up by telling him a funny story about something that happened to his mom. It didn’t work very well. We went back to Kevin’s house. Kevin said that he had to go finish cleaning something in the backyard before his mom found out he had lied about doing it. He claimed it wouldn’t take more than a half hour but John didn’t really care. He could use some alone time with Kevin’s HD TV.

After about 10 minutes of watching TV in Kevin’s room, John couldn’t deal with his boner anymore, which he still disturbingly had from his mother and sister. John headed out down the upstairs hall in the Janson house to get to the bathroom when he passed Ms. Janson’s room and peeked in. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Ms. Janson was lying on her front on her bed, naked, stroking her pussy. Her long blond hair flowing down her back. Her beautiful butt was slightly raised into the air as if inviting him to take her. Sweat started rolling down John’s face. He had had a huge crush on Ms. Janson for years and he was so horny! He couldn’t take it anymore, it was time. John very quietly took off his shoes and socks, then his jeans, his t shirt, and finally his boxers. He crept over to her and aimed his cock and stuck it into her pussy.

She breathed in very deeply as the pleasure overwhelmed her. John took hold of her big tits and started thrusting into her. His balls making slapping noises as the smacked her ass as he fucked her voraciously.

“Oooooooh Goddddddd!” She moaned as he fucked her clit as hard as he could. “This feels so goooooooood!”

“You are so fucking hot ma’am,” John moaned almost inaudibly as he rammed her. Why did he say ma’am? He just sorta did it on instinct.

“Oooooh,” Ms. Janson squealed with pleasure, “Call me Alexis!.

“Oh Alexis,” John breathed out as he gave her nipples a good squeeze. He started sucking on Alexis’ neck when he couldn’t hold himself any more and cummed into her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH YES!!!!!” She screeched as the pleasure overtook her, “Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” She had to bite a pillow on her bed to stop herself from screaming anymore. Despite having just cummed, John was back to full length and needed her again. He flipped Alexis onto her back and he could see she was still muffling her face with the pillow. John went into her again, this time suck her tits during. They tasted so good. He was fucking faster than he even thought possible. John wanted desperately to make it last , but he couldn’t handle keeping such a big load in him so he burst unexpectedly soon.

Alexis seemed to orgasm at the exact same time as she completely clenched up and let out a very high pitched squeal. He could hear it even over the pillow. John fell onto his back panting, he brought his hands over his face to wipe the sweat from his eyes. While he was doing this he heard movement and then his cock felt suddenly wet and warm… and then the pleasure shot through his whole body! He looked up to see Alexis Janson giving him a blowjob, her face buried in his lap with his cock in her mouth, her hair falling over the sides of her face. His first blowjob. John felt very dreamy… then he felt even better. She had deepthroated him. He had heard it felt good but this was better than he could imagine. John’s cock started to twitch, but he wanted to last a little longer this time. He grabbed the sides of her head and pushed her farther down on his cock. She made gagging noises but that just turned him on even more. She started suck faster now. Her head bobbing up and down on his rod, up and down and up and down and up and down and… he shot a huge load into her throat. She swallowed most of it but some spilled out onto her face.

John fell onto his back again panting and unable to remove the enormous grin from his face. He felt Alexis’ mouth leave his cock and he heard her fall back too. He started to laugh and then she laughed too and they were both laughing hysterically.

Then she said, “God that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” The grin completely vanished from John’s face. His boner was starting to come back, but it just faded into nothing. His body started shaking. He prayed he misheard, but that was the first thing he had been able to really hear her say clearly… and he recognized the voice. He sat straight up on the bed, facing the woman he had just had sex with. She sat up straight too, also with a huge grin on her face. The huge grin also faded away as soon as she sat up. John realized he hadn’t actually seen her face that whole time, nor had she seen his. But at this point there was no denying he was looking at his mother’s cum soaked face.
A week had passed since that day. John hadn’t waited for Kevin to come back inside, he just shot out of that room, grabbed his clothes, dressed in a millisecond, and sprinted home. He had learned his mother had gone to Kevin’s house to see his mother and talk about when he saw her naked. Ms. Janson had suggested a makeover might make her feel better so she dyed her hair blond. Alex ARNOLD then confessed to Alexis JANSON that she had been feeling very horny lately so Ms. Janson let her pleasure herself in her bed while she went out to do shopping. Mrs. Arnold thought John was Kevin when they were fucking. As soon as she got home she washed the dye out of her hair. John and Alex hadn’t been in the same room together all week. Susan didn’t notice, something was distracting her.

Luckily, Halloween was the next week so that gave John a reason to be out all day. He and his friend Zack were planning on egging and teepeeing houses all night. Childish, but something to do.

John and Zack were leaning against a tree, panting and laughing. They had just egged a cop’s house and he had given them a run for their money, but they got away and they were both wearing masks so he hadn’t gotten a good look at them so it was OK. Only a few trick or treaters were walking around this street. They were about a mile and a half away from John’s neighborhood and about 2 miles from Zack’s so there wouldn’t be anybody there to recognize them. However, they were surprised by how unpopular this area was for trick or treating. Suddenly, Zack gave John a hard elbow to the side.

“What the hell?” John asked, annoyed. Zack just pointed and John’s jaw dropped beneath his plastic goblin mask. Two girls were walking down the street towards them. They looked about their age, but they looked nothing like the girls in their class. The one on the left was wearing a tight spandex Catwoman costume. The tight black suit stretched over her big tits and her round ass. But the one on the right was out of this world, possibly the hottest chick John had seen outside of an internet page. Dressed as Zombie Wonderwoman, she had a zombie mask on her face with skimpy red Wonderwoman bra and panties and nothing else. Well, the bra wouldn’t be skimpy on most people, but this girl had huge round tits under them, but not so big they were gross, if that was possible, and her ass was perfectly shaped for the rest of her body. Catwoman grabbed Zack and started dragging him away, he didn’t struggle. John was lucky enough to get Wonderwoman.

John and Wonderwoman went behind a nearby house with the lights off, probably nobody home, and John went to take off his mask, but Wonderwoman stopped him and said in a very breathy, sexy voice, “No, lets keep this anonymous.” She reached into her purse and took out a condom and threw the purse on the ground. She went to her knees and pulled John’s pants and boxers. She pulled her mask up enough for her mouth to be visible and started licking John’s shaft, from the balls up to the tip. His knees nearly buckled from the pleasure. When she kissed the tip he nearly blew his load on her mask. Suddenly Wonderwoman took his whole dick in her mouth and started sucking with incredible mastery. This was obviously not the first blowjob she had given this week, probably not the first she had given today! But John didn’t care, he was in heaven. She started deepthroating him and pretty soon John couldn’t handle it and exploded. His whole load shot down her throat and she swallowed it all like it was nothing.

John ripped off her bra and started fondling her tits, but he made the mistake of squeezing her too hard to she brushed away his hands and walked over to the back of the house and pulled down her panties. She leaned over sticking her ass out. She stuck her finger in her asshole, then her pussy and said, “Choose.” John grinned beneath his mask and ran over and started ramming her ass. She gasped a little, clearly expecting him to choose her pussy, but she took it fine. Wonderwoman’s ass was tight, but she clearly had had anal plenty of times.

“Oooooooh” she moaned as he rammed her against a back window. Her bare tits pressed up against the glass. John was sweating heavily under his hot mask, but he was fine with it. He had never fucked a chick up the ass before and it was really fun. He almost laughed out loud, but then he noticed something. A faint light in the window. That house wasn’t empty, they just turned off the lights to watch a movie! A bunch of teenage guys were heading towards the window, dumbfounded about what was going on. Surprisingly to John, this actually turned him on and he cummed a huge load into her ass. He took out his cock and saw his seed dribble out her ass.

Wonderwoman was starting to move, but John wasn’t through with her yet. Just looking at the goddess made him hard again so he grabbed the condom she had taken out and started ramming her pussy, hard. She was slammed against the window again, but she didn’t mind. He felt good. He starting fucking harder than he ever had before. The guys in the house began cheering him on as he reached around and squeezed her buxom bosom. Wonderwoman starting screaming with pleasure and she grabbed John’s hands and squeezed them with all her strength. He could tell she was orgasming but he was done yet. The guys inside gave John a round of applause as they saw her orgasm.

She felt weak at the knees. She had never had an orgasm like that before. It was wonderful. Finally John spent the rest of his load in her pussy. Well technically in the condom, but you get the idea. The guys inside were sad as they got dressed and waved goodbye. Wonderwoman was still topless because John had ripped her bra. Back on the street, Catwoman was waiting and she looked impatient and angry. Zack was sitting on the curb looking like he had just dropped a million dollar lottery ticket. Then John saw a stain in his jeans and understood what happened. Catwoman and Wonderwoman left very quickly and John gave Zack his jacket to tie around his waist to cover the cum stain and they went their separate ways home.

When John got home he saw his mother had already gone to bed and sister wasn’t home. John took off his mask and sat down in a comfy chair in his living room smiling. The sex he just had was incredible enough that his disturbing memories of his mother and been nearly wiped away. He was the happiest he’d been since he saw his mother’s face covered in his cum. He was still sitting, holding his mask, and smiling when his front door opened and his sister came home. John had been avoiding his sister since he saw her naked, not as much as he’d been avoiding his mother, but now he didn’t care anymore. In fact, he felt bad about it and wanted nothing more than to give his big sis (barely older) a big hug. He ran to the front door to see her, but tripped over a fold in the rug and in his attempt to stop himself from falling he ran into his sister with his arms still outstretched for a hug but they came around and clasped and squeezed her ass and his face fell into her big tits and the shock of the fall caused him to suck in and suck. He froze, he was very embarrassed about seeing her naked, well now he was squeezing her ass and sucking her tit… but he could feel her ass flesh as well as some clothes, and he was sucking on bare tit. He jumped back.

“The only reason I’m not giving you a black eye right now is because you already saw me naked and no guy could resist sucking my tits after seeing me in all of my glory,” Susan Arnold said, “And I guess it doesn’t matter that you are seeing my naked cause you already did once.” John was locked on her tits. “Oh ya, I’m topless cause this guy I was fucking, I don’t know who he was, ripped off my bra. I’m not very innocent in case you were wondering. You probably thought I was your innocent bis sister, well I’m not so get used to dealing with that. The thoughts you’re gonna have will be revenge enough for what you just did.” She was topless and wearing a wonderwoman style panties and holding a zombie mask. John felt sick. “Stop looking at me like that you pervert!” Then Susan saw the goblin mask in John’s hand and looked at him for a second, speechless. John wanted to run, but couldn’t tear his eyes from her huge hooters. Susan sprinted upstairs in a flash.
The next day John left the house as soon as he got up. It was a Sunday so he knew nobody would care where he was and he really didn’t want to see his family. He was dreading his father’s return in a few days.

Susan woke up feeling very dirty. She had fucked tons of guys, some guys she didn’t even know the name of, but nothing was ever like this. She went downstairs to see mother drinking coffee alone at the kitchen table. She looked disturbed, come to think of it, Susan thought, she had looked pretty weird all week.

“Hey mom,” Susan said, “Is something wrong?”

Alex looked at her and put on a fake smile and replied with, “No honey, everything is just fine!”

Susan saw right through her, “Mom come on, you know you can tell me anything, I promise I won’t judge.”

The smile faded from Alex’s face and she burst into tears. “Oh Susan! I did a terrible thing! I-I-I-I cheated on your father! I didn’t want to! It just happened so suddenly and it felt so good I didn’t want it to end!”

Susan just laughed a little and said, “Mom that’s nothing to be ashamed of. We woman have powerful urges and powerful needs. Dad is gone a lot and I understand. We can keep this a secret.”

“No, no, no Susan,” Alex continued, “That wasn’t the worst! I fu-had sex with.. with… with somebody I shouldn’t have!”

Susan was unmoved. “Mom, trust me, whoever it was it wasn’t as bad as who I had sex with last night, trust me.”

“No Susan it was worse. It was definitely worse! Wait… you had sex last night? Then you’re not a virgin?”

Susan laughed and said, “God no! That ship sailed years ago! I haven’t ended a date without sex since I was fifteen!”

“Honey that’s not right,” her mother said defiantly.

“Ha! Mom last night I crossed the border of whats right and I didn’t even want to. Besides, why isn’t it right? Sex is great. Its the greatest thing in the world and, as they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I was given the gift of a killer bod and I use it. Trust me, you’ve got a Hell of a sexy body too.”

“Well…” Alex said modestly, “Maybe I do. But marriage is a sacred commitment! You should be faithful to your husband!”
“Well I ain’t married and I don’t see why I should be, at least until I lose my looks, but I’m gonna make sure I’m getting a senior discount when that happens!” Susan said. They both laughed at that. It was a good long laugh too. They looked at each other and smiled. Alex and Susan both felt better about what happened, even though they certainly never intended to tell the other the full story. So they should never know they both fucked the same guy, the same member of their family, and out where he was hiding, John was hoping it would stay that way.

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