Bouncing Sony

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Vandana Helped Me To Come Out Of Depression before starting this.

We used to get fuck each other at least twice in a week in the classroom. One day we both are standing outside of the class and it is break time. Me and Vandana are standing beside the safety wall of corridor and talking to each other. Her friend Sony came out of the classroom and walking towards steps which are in the another corner of the floor. She is 2 inch taller than Vandana and she is fully dusky. Her figure is 34-27-36. While she is walking her ass is bouncing up and down. Previously I had seen her many times but never noticed her ass is bouncing that much when she is walking. Vandana is speaking to me something but I am not listening to her and starring at Sony ass. She didn’t understand where I am looking and turned around and looked at her and Vandana understand that I am starring at Sony ass. Vandana got anger and started to slap me on my hands.

Vandana: Am I won’t sufficient for you. Starring at my friend ass.

Within the time Sony forgotten something and started back towards class. I haven’t noticed that she is coming back and said
Me: Ok, ok calm down. I won’t look at her. Even though what is there to look at her. She is full of dusky. But her ass is bouncing and attracting.
Vandana got angry again and started to scolding and beating me. Within the time Sony came and stand behind us and listened all what we discussed about her. She is looking in anger at us. Vandana tried to explain and calm down her. But she didn’t listened and went back to class by looking angry at Vandana. Vandana looked angry at me and went behind Sony to calm down her. They both are very close friends. To calm down Sony Vandana told everything to her and she got shocked.

Later in the lunch time when no one in the class we had a discussion.
Sony: You are fucking my friend in the classroom?
Me: Yes we didn’t find best place than this.
Sony: Shall I complain.
Me: No.
Sony: Then what you said about me in the morning break?
Me: I am sorry for that. But it is true.

They both got shocked and got angry and started to beat me. While beating me Vandana is looking at Sony and laughing and telling her to stop. I understood that they are making it for fun.

Sony: It is risky to get fucking in the classroom right?
Me: Yes but we are not having another place to fuck right?
Sony: I knows a place. If you likes you can come there.
Me: Where is it?
Vandana is looking at Sony and smiling.
Sony: It’s my home.
I got shocked.
Me: What?
Vandana: Please accept. It is always risky to get fuck in the classroom. Even my parents also started to get doubt by saying that I am staying in friends house once in every two days. If it is Sony house they won’t get any doubt because usually I goes to her house in the normal days. That too we are going to meet in the daytime. So no problem will be there with my parents.
I hugged Vandana and said
Me: If it is ok for you then it ok for me also.
I asked Sony
Me: Does your parents won’t say anything?
Vandana: They are having a restaurant in the town. On Sunday’s it will be more busy. So her dad and mom both will go to that resturant in the morning and comes in the evening on Sunday. Remaining days her mom will be at the home.
Me: Only on Sunday’s we are going to have sex. What about remaining days?
Vandana: Are we going to fuck daily in their house or what? Not right? We will get fuck only on Sunday.
Me: But now we are having sex 2 to 3 times in a week in the classroom.
Vandana: Rather than doing risky sex here 2 to 3 times a week in the classroom it is better to have happy sex once in a week in her home. You can fuck me all the day without any fear.
Me: Ok.

We both said thanks to Sony and hugged each other and went back to our seats. From on that day onwards I started to watch Sony when she is walking. Not only her ass her boobs are also bouncing when she is walking. I started to see her boobs and ass whenever she walks without knowing to Vandana.

Next Sunday I went to Sony home in the morning around at 9 O’clock. Her house is big and more than enough for three people. Vandana is already there. Sony greeted me to come in and Vandana felt happy by seeing me and came and hugged me. Sony is wearing a t-shirt and full length short. I think she is not wearing anything inside because her boobs and ass are bouncing more. Vandana is wearing kurta. Sony asked whether I had breakfast and I said yes. Vandana is still hugging me. Sony dragged us and said this is hall. Bedroom is there. Go to that room and enjoy there how long you want and went away. We both laughed at each other and ran into the bedroom and closed the door.

We both started to kiss and hug each other. I am squeezing her boobs and waist and ass cheeks while kissing. We stopped kissing and I pinched on her waist. She shouted loudly. Immediately Sony came and knocked the door and said don’t shout. Do it slowly. We didn’t listened to her and I placed my hands inside and lifted her dress up and removed her top. I am smooching her cleavage and neck. She removed my t-shirt. I removed her bra and smooching, licking and kissing her boobs. She is moaning and enjoying. I bite her boobs and nipples and again she shouted loudly.

Again Sony knocked the door and said don’t shout. We again didn’t listened to her and continued to have sex. I tried to remove her kurta pant. To tease me she is moving away from and running all over the room. Finally I caught her nearby to the door and pressed her to the wall and loosened her kurta pant. She dragged her kurta pant down and removed it. She is on her panty and I inserted my fingers in her pussy. She moaned Aah………….. Again Sony knocked the door. We both got a doubt. How she is listening all the sounds from the room. Even though we didn’t mind about her and removed Vandana panty and started doing fingering. Vandana is moaning repeatedly umm, umm, umm, umm, umm……………. Again Sony knocked the door. We both are high in kissing and fingering and we didn’t mind about her.

I removed Vandana panty and she removed my dress completely and we both became completely naked. My erected dick came out. I dragged Vandana closer by holding her waist and hugged her and slapped on her ass.

She shouted Ahhhh……………….. In pain. Again Sony knocked the door. We both got irritated by her repeated warnings. Vandana got angry and wanted to go out and ask her why she is disturbing us. I got a doubt and stopped her and bent down and looked outside through the door key hole. Sony is fingering her pussy and keeping her fingers inside her short and squeezing her boobs by standing outside the door and listening to us. I had shown same to the Vandana.

We both started laughing by seeing her. We decided to join her as well in to the sex. To surprise her we didn’t made any sound and stayed calm at the door by seeing her through the door key hole. She is fingering her pussy and squeezing her boobs and she is becoming more horny by biting her lips and looking at the door with full of sex hunger. Vandana suddenly opened the door and Sony got shocked by sudden open of door and tried to move away from there. I immediately hold her and dragged into the room and pushed her on to the bed. Vandana closed the door. Sony is looking at us in shock and confusion. We both are standing naked in front of her.

Sony: What? Why did you dragged me inside?
Vandana: Before we answer you tell us one thing. What are you doing at the door?
Sony: I am not doing anything at the door. I am just walking through the door and suddenly you people opened the door and dragged me inside.
Her short is already wet due to the liquids coming from her pussy. I immediately went to her and placed my hand on her short where it is wet and asked
Me: What is this?
Sony: Some water spilt on short
Vandana: Oh is that water?
I immediately kept my hand inside her short. She is not wearing anything and I got direct access to her pussy. Immediately Sony got shocked and asked me
Sony: What are you doing?
Vandana asked to Sony
Vandana: What did you did till now outside the door.
Her pussy is already wet and I started to do fingering her pussy. I increased the speed and she is moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah………………. and said
Sony: What are doing stop, stop……….
I didn’t stopped and looking at her by fingering her pussy with more speed and Vandana is standing and watching. Sony looked at both of us and said
Sony: If you both get fucking inside the room how can I stay without becoming horny outside. I got horny and doing fingering outside your door.
Vandana: You are doing fingering ok. Then why did you knocked door each time we made even small sound.
Sony: I too want to have sex along with you.
By saying that we both laughed at her and Vandana came and dragged and removed Sony short in one force. I removed her t-shirt and she became completely naked. Sony felt relaxed for joining her into the sex along with us. Vandana went and started to give liplock to her. After sometime Sony released orgasm. I went to squeeze Sony boobs. She immediately stopped me and said
Sony: What did you said about me on that day in the college corridor.
Me: What I said?
Sony: Am I looking dusky? Is my ass is bouncing?
Me: Still you remember that? I thought you forgotten it on that day itself. I am sorry for saying like that. But you are dusky and not only your ass your boobs are also bouncing.

She got shocked and looked at me in anger and tried to beat me. I immediately pushed her on to the bed and started to give liplock. She is also responding and I am squeezing her boobs and waist. Vandana is fingering Sony pussy and Sony is moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm…………

Sony released another orgasm and looked at us and felt shy and feeling relaxed. I started to give liplock to Vandana and fingering her pussy. She immediately released orgasm. I started to lick Vandana pussy and squeeze her boobs and Vandana is licking Sony pussy and Sony is squeezing her boobs herself. I laid on the bed and took Sony pussy to my mouth and Vandana is riding my dick in cowgirl position. Sony boobs are facing towards my face and when I am licking her pussy her boobs are bouncing up and down. I started to squeeze her boobs and licking her pussy and she is enjoying and Vandana is riding my dick. After sometime Sony asked me to fuck her. I laid her on the bed in missionary position. I thought she is virgin and slowing inserting my dick into her pussy. She is not feeling any pain. She shouted at me

Sony: Why are inserting it slowly? Insert your dick deep inside my pussy and fuck me hard.
Me: Are you not feeling any pain?
Sony: No.
Me: Are you not a virgin?
Sony: I am not a virgin. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend long back. But now we are not in touch. Fuck me hard.
I inserted my dick inside her pussy with one force. She moaned loudly Ahhhh……………. I started to give strokes hard to Sony. Vandana came and hugged me and asked to fuck her. I took my dick from Sony pussy and inserted in Vandana pussy. Sony got angry and started to beat Vandana in her back. Vandana didn’t mind it and asked me fuck her hard. I started to give hard strokes to her and fucked for sometime and released sperm inside her pussy. Sony is still beating Vandana on her back and it is looking red on her white skin tone on her back.

We both pushed Sony on to the bed and started to bite Sony boobs. Vandana is biting her boobs and also squeezing Sony waist and scratching with her nails on her back. Sony is shouting with pain. Vandana laid down on the bed and took Sony on top of her and biting Sony boobs. I went behind Sony and holding her both hands on her back and rubbing my dick on her ass. Sony is feeling pain and shouting. I laid on the top of Vandana and Sony by keeping Sony hands on her back between me and her and started to give liplock to her by holding her hair and rotating her head with one hand and squeezing her boobs with another hand. My dick got erected again. I kissed for sometime and Vandana is still biting her boobs. I hold Sony hair with one hand and slapping repeatedly on her ass. After sometime we all three fell on the bed. Sony boobs are looking red even on her black skin tone. They both are looking at each other and pretending like that they are going to fight again. To stop them I went and slept in between them. Even though they tried to beat each other and I immediately took both of them into my hands and hugged them and started to kiss them. I made both of them to calm down. They both started to rub my dick at a time. At a time they both asked me to fuck them and looked at each other in anger. I said them to go into doggy style and I will choose whom I want to fuck first. They both accepted for that and went into doggy style. I am standing and looking at them. They both are in doggy style in front of me one with white skin tone and another with Balck skin tone on the bed and I am standing a side and looking them. They are looking very nice by showing their ass with pussy open and calling me to fuck them. Sony is with more horny and she want me to fuck her first. But I went to Vandana first to make fun of Sony and inserted my dick into Vandana pussy with one force and Vandana moaned loudly Ahhhh…………… Sony looked at her and looked at me in anger. I started to give strokes to Vandana and Vandana is moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah……………….. Sony came towards me in anger and I took dick out from Vandana pussy and hold Sony lifted her up and inserted my dick inside her pussy. She moaned Ahhhh……………. I started to give strokes. She is moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah………… I laid her on the bed and fucking her. Vandana is squeezing Sony boobs and Sony is squeezing Vandana boobs. After sometime I turned her into doggy style and fucked for sometime and released sperm inside her pussy. Three of us got tired and fell on the bed and slept for sometime. We wokeup after sometime and had lunch nakedly and fucked each other again till evening and in the evening before Sony mom comes we arranged all the things normal in her home and went back to our home.

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