Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly- Nephew’s version (Part 6)

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Continuing from part 5 – Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 5)

Aunty and her children started to have dinner and i joined them.I quickly had my dinner aunty was preparing to make bed for her children in masterbed room. I went near grabbed her ass checks and said I want to fuck her here and now ,don’t make your children see you fucking all naked here, make them sleep in other room because today will be one hell of night and i don’t want to miss it and started to unbotton her nighty.She quickly went outside angrily adjusting her dress.I followed her as she went to hall.I stood right behind her touching her back with my front body.

She then made her children to sleep in other bedroom while I proceeded there.I made them sleep there and signaled her to go to masterbedroom.

She went inside bedroom after few mins i went inside and locked it from inside.She saw me oogling at her like a hungry vulture. She was depressed of her situation.I played romantic song to mood up .I pulled her towards me and started to slowly dance roaming my hands on her face and body.I told her not to waste time and instructed her to remove her clothes but she refused.I forced and removed her nighty bra and panty and undone her hair later I also got naked. I spanked her big ass with my cock to make it erect later told her to lie down on bed.I came over her and wetted our parts, widened her legs and positioned my cock to her pussy and slidded it in.After 3-4 attempts it got in and i lied on her.Then started to lick her neck and face region like she is an ice-cream.I asked her ” What magic you have got aunty? After fucking you so many times I get the feeling of fucking you over and over again.I have a unquenchable thirst of fucking you.Uncle is so lucky to have a chick like you who can fuck you anytime.But i get the impression that God had made you only to satisfy my hunger.Your body is only made for me to use it whenever I want.My cock feel more worthy inside your pussy and i get aroused by this desire.Im lucky to have sex bunny like you”

By tell this I gripped my hands on her hand and slowly thrust my ass in and out.With each push she started to mumble and moan.I moved my ass around to accommodate more space.I liked talking while humping her.I said” Sarita you are mine.Plz give me your love,lock me in your arms and legs.”I started to liplock her and thrusted my monster in regular pace.Later i proceeded to her boobs and started to press and kneld it.I kissed and sucked her one boobs while pressing other and vice versa.”What a boobs you have Sarita aunty it’s delicious ,give me more. “telling this I bit her boobs while she cried.I licked her navel area while she was breathing heavily.

Later I came off bed and stood for some time while she was lying with open arms and legs.”What happened Darling? Dear Sarita don’t you like my cock tearing your pussy? Don’t you want to please your real husband? Don’t you love me and have irresistible urge to get fucked by me? saying this I went near her and got on her in 69 position.

I pushed my cock inside her mouth and made her to suck while my mouth was busy exploring her pussy and sucking it.Later I cummed inside her mouth while she ejaculated.I made her to drink my cum.

I pulled her and slapped her ass while she screamed and made her to kneel on bed in doggy style and entered her from back.

I again slappd her ass and said you like me and my cock.Holded her waist for grip and started to ram her.

She started to moan loudly as room is filled with phat phat phat sounds.I started to increase my pace with every moan.I grabbed her boobs from back and started to kneld it.I licked her whole bareback due to which she shivered because of chillness.I said” Aunty you are that milf ,everyone who sees you like to taste you.You are a bitch, a hungry bitch.Tell loudly You are a bitch and my bitch”. Saying this I hardly slapped her ass to repeat my words.Her ass had become cherry red.She said” aaa ooo yeahhh I’m your bitch aaaa hungry bitch aaaahhh”in deep pain.This went on for a while.We both cummed.

I pushed her to bed and stood up to increase the AC.I asked her she wanted anything but she was numb.I went outside the room to kitchen all naked as I was exhausted.I drank some fresh juice and took honey bottle to bedroom.I pulled her up and made her to sit.She was panting.I made her to sit in Lotus position with my dick inside her pussy.I hugged her and told her to hug me.She hugged me and rested her head on my shoulder.I creased her back and said “Sarita how much more i have fuck you to satisfy ur lust.You are soo much hungry thats why you accepted my cock because it’s made to only satisfy you.I’m the only one you have, whom you like ,love and trust the most that’s why you were ready to leave your husband and children.Pray to god aunty, to give me stamina and strength to fuck you all day.Pray to give time to you to get fucked by me everyday.” Saying I kissed her shoulder and smelled her scent.We both relaxed in this position for 10 mins.I applied honey to her face lips neck boobs and navel.Then pushed her to sleeping position and licked every honey on her body.She was responding holding my head.This went on for 15-20 mins.

I slept beside and said”Aunty now it’s your turn to show me how much you love me and desparate for my cock.Show your gratitude by sitting on my cock and riding it.Quick my love we don’t have whole night”. Telling this I pulled her and made her to sit on my shaft.”Show your respect by driving it.Her hands holding my hands ,Her ass was hitting my thighs and her wet boobs were bouncing with mangalsutra.It was a stunning site.She was rolling her eyes up in pleasure.

This is how you honour my anaconda i laughed she bursted out and said”What kind of honour to man who forced and molested his uncle’s wife?Who fucks her ruthlessly for satisfying his lust?What respect to you who blackmailed me to sleep with you in absence of my family? What love i can give to you who raped me infornt of my innocent child.You are a evil monster who fucked me day and night for 3 days by seducing me with Viagra.You have destroyed me and my purity.Now I’m just your sex doll.My husband have faith in you but you are a motherfucker who milked me like a whore.All you men are same you only need this and this only.”

I pressed her boobs hard and told her to shut her dirty mouth and do her duty.I lifted my ass and told her to jump faster and faster.

I made her to sit in reverse cowgirl position and made her to fuck again.

After a while I pulled her to me and position her in full Nelson and acrobat sex position and started to ram her.

I said”How much you talk bitch ? Are you not getting tired? Now listen, Yes i raped you because you are mine and fucking you was my goal.Nxt day why didn’t you info your husband that I raped you because you loved me fucking you.It was the most pleasure moment happened in your life.You slept with me whole night because you were satisfied.Next day when i blackmailed with night’s recordings you should have backed out and called your husband for rescue but you didn’t because you needed my cock for some more so you sat on my lap and fucked me infornt of your kid.When i forced you in evening why did your hands pressed my head more and more to pussy because you like to seduce me to fuck you.Why didn’t you fight when i fucked your asshole same evening because you needed new experience from young bull like me.At night why did you come to my room and blowjobed and drank my cum.Later opened your legs for me while your children were in other room.I didn’t force you that night to give blowjob and titfuck and fuck me.You only deliberately did all things.That day also you slept with me whole night.Next day you only brought viagra tablets otherwise you would have lied it’s not there.You only made yourself naked whole day and invited me to fuck you in bed and got fucked without resistance.You say yourself pure and loyal then why did you lie about me to your husband on phone.Why didn’t you stop me fucking you while your husband is on phone.Because you liked my strength and my cock.After all this why didn’t you felt guilty that you are cheating your husband and children and refuse my fuck.Why did you change your children room because you wanted me to fuck you in your bed in privacy.You seduced me fully to fuck and fulfill your lust.Nxt day why did you silently take viagra tablet and distracted her child to go and play.Why did you blowjob me infornt of your kid ?Why did you accept me to bang you naked in front for her child as he watched in bedroom and kitchen ?Because you were craving for my cock.Now you are in the same bed riding my cock because you have become my eternal slave and accepted me as your husband and master. ” By explaining everything in detail i started to ram her vigorously.She was shouting and calling my name.I rammed her nicely and ejaculated inside her.Then i released her and said you were only born for this work.

Later I slept beside her in spooning position and lifted her one leg and inserted my cock in.I banged her hard.Then again changed my position slept on side ways facing her and again lifted her one leg and plunged my cock into her pussy.I fucked her heavily while I kissed on her volatile lips.

Aren’t you fully satisfied aunty ? Answer me bitch .Tell me i am your heir.Tell I love you and don’t leave me.Tell that you are satisfied.Embrace me Sarita come on.Call yourself a slut.I like to hear your moaning voice.If you are silent that means you are not yet satisfied and you need more.There is only one way to satisfy you and I will make sure you get pleased.Saying this I pulled her to edge of the bed made her to go doggy.I stood on edge of the bed smeared my snake with honey and entered her ass hole.When it reached half she started to struggle and shriek.I withdraw myself and inserted in 3-4 times until it all goes in.I again removed it fully and inserted it in one single force.She cried and said” Plzz stop plzz. It’s too big ,you gona tare my hole, I’m going die now aaaa Noooo hmmmm.”I widened her ass cheeks to accommodate more and slapped her ass and started to howl like wolf who got his trophy.

I started to fuck as she whined and cried.I commanded her to talk to me dirty.”Aaaa haaa I love you Rocky I love your cock.I’m only yours.Make me your slave.Give me your cock to worship.I belong to you.Make me yours.Fuck me and make me satisfied.Put your seed inside me, make me whore.Ram me harder and harder.Tear my hole.”

I whacked her on back as a compliment .I grabbed her hair and fucked her as l screamed.The room was full of noises.I cummed inside her and pushed her to bed and slept on bed exhausted.I took a nap.I woke up from nap and saw time .It was 1am that means I fucked her for 3 hrs straight.i darnk water and came to room to see her fully drained.I rubbed her face standing near her.She was asleep.

I wanted to make love with her so I woke her up.I went between her legs and started to rub my cock over her pussy.I teased her saying do you want my cock aunty. Uncontrolablely she murmered yes.I pushed my cock in and lifted her legs over my shoulder and hammered her.Her boobs were moving up and down and her face was turing left and right because of force.After ramming for while I came back to missionary position.

I kissed her lips as she bearly responded.I made her to embrace me by putting her arms around me and pulled her thighs near my groin and locked her legs around my waist.I asked her that should I enter or not to which she responded yes.I pushed in and said”Oooo aaaa sarita my love you are the best aunty.You are my milf.You are my sult.Give me more aaaa.Look at mee.I’m your flame.”I fucked her steadily and kissed her lips and face.I licked her boobs and bit it and suck it.”Your husband is underdog,he is a gay,he is dickless,he is chutiya bastard.Are they really his kids bcz i don’t think so.Your children are motherfucking son of a bitch.And you are real whore.You like to get laid.Your pussy is always hungry.After so many fucks you want more and more.”Saying this I started to pound her with full pace .

“Tell me that you are my slave and love to get fucked by me.I will fuck you when and wherever I want.I will make your pussy hole big and boobs bigger.You will always obey my commands.I’m your bull and you are my slut who cheats husband and children to have sex with me.You will spread your legs and give yourself before I ask.I will make sure your are satisfied to core.Accept it, i said say yes,I’m waiting, Say yes say it come on “i commanded.

She said “Yes”. Hearing this I rejoiced and started to ram her harder harder with quick and fast strokes.She was moaning loudly and her hands were creasing and scratching my back and her legs were tight locked around ass.After few mins of hardcore banging we both cummed one after other.

I bit her boobs hardly as she cried.I looked her in face and then in rage and remark of winning the game of fuck and making aunty my courtesan slave I spitted on her face as Bounty of Trophy.”You are now courtesan of this conquerer and this is my gift to your service.Get used to it because there will be more bitch.What a fucking whore you slut”Saying this I withdraw my cock and slapped her face.

I slowly got up from bed and puton my dress.I saw her as she lied on bed in shock.She was frozen there with her legs spread.Cum was oozing from her swollen pussy and her boobs and face was red and full of my saliva.”Clean up u hooker” i yelled but she was gone and fainted.

I walked out of room with triumph and slept in nxt room exhausted.Next day i went to my house as uncle would arrive that day and countinued to go to work.Days passed nothing happened.No complaint had come or some serious issues happened. I was getting eager to fuck her and waiting for the chance.

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