Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly – Nephew’s version (Part 3)

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Continuing from last part Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 2)

Later in evening I woke up from heavy sleep.I looked for everybody.I saw 2 cousins sitting with aunty in sofa watching tv and eating snacks and having coffee. I can see aunty fully tired through her face looks.She had changed her dress to kurta. I was a great achievement for me to make aunty look sleepless.I went the her bedroom and put phone in record on table.Then I went near them and sat on sofa greeted cousins like nothing ever happened. Aunty was escaping to do eye contact with here.

I asked aunty where is my coffee?? She showed the kitchen.I took her hand pulled her towards the master bedroom.The children were bzy watching tv and was now a puppet of mine as she was afraid the shouting and fighting may seek attention of her children.

I closed the door , pulled aunty towards me as her boobs crashed my chest.I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed it.I made eye contact with her kissed her lips and started to smooch.In the process I bit her lower lips and pull it with my teeth. She grunted in pain.I started to enter her mouth using tounge and my hands were bzy exploring her back.I made to put her hands around me to look it as mutual.
I was deeply given her French kiss holding her face.

Turned her around making her back facing me and she facing camera (unknown to her) and grabbed her boobs from behind and started to molesting.She very bearing pain and moaning.I slowly giving deep licks and kisses to her back and neck region.All these lovemaking scenes were being recorded in phone.

She was breathing heavily.It actions went on for a quite some time.Later a went in front of her kneeled down and started to kiss and lick her navel and pelvic region putting my head inside her dress.I grabbed her ass for the support.Then lifted her one leg to access deeper and deeper.The scent to her pussy region was tempting.I licked it nicelyband made it wet.Suddenly I got up and and went outside master bedroom holding her hands.

The kids were still busy in watching tv and left her there.Later I went to bedroom to take my phone.I was thrilled but felt pitty for kids who were unaware that their cousin was enjoying their mom fully while they were enjoying watching tv.

Later I went outside the house for some relaxation and returned after hour.When I came the older one was gone play outside as it’s Sunday evening and saw looked for aunty she was again in kitchen working.

I went near her as she sensesed my arrival.I went and grabbed her stomach.Raised her kurta and lossened laces of salwar and hooked her panty to her thighs.I slowly removed my dick and applied some ghee to it which was present near the corner.Then Parted her legs with mine and widened her ass cheeks and slowly inserted monster to ass hole.
She started to shout but it closed here mouth tightly.

Wow it was warm and tight, a small protion was only inside.I took it out and insert it again. This went on for 6 to 7times until my hole rod was inside her.It was hurting a lot .I felt Iike stinging.I removed my whole shaft and rammed fully and kept it inside and the “thap” sound filled the kitchen.i removed my hand and grabbed her waist.She cried loudly and said” aaaaaaahhhhhh aaaa plz reemoove , it’s paining,I’m gona die …..ooooo noooo.Tears rolled from her eyes.

I started to ask her “Are you virgin ass ???” But there was no rply.I asked her again “did uncle fucked your ass?”But there was no reply.

So I once again rammed her hard and asked.She shouted”aaaaaaa Noooo Nooooo”
I was ammused hearing this.She started pleading to remove monster.I said her , I would remove it only in one condition that you would come to my bedroom at night in saree and sleep with me.
She was silent and I again rammed her.She cried again and has on fate but to obey and said “yes” in low voice.

Then I removed my dick and started to clean it with her clothes and kissed her cheek and went away.

It was waiting get night.We had food and went to sleep in separate rooms.I was eagerly waiting for her but she didnot come. It was 11 pm so went to their room and door was locked from inside .I called her but she didn’t pickup so I sent mornings vedios to her and sent her voice msg that I will send it to internet if you didn’t open.
She saw it and quickly opened the door in dark.Seeing her I slapped her and pushed inside.

I ordered her to change and come quickly.She opened the wardrobe and started to wear saree.

I went to my room waited for her and put phone on record and switched night light.After 15 mins my door opened .I was already naked and my snake was hissing. She like in saree I got wild.I went near her and locked the door and came near bed.

I wishper in ear to co-operate and enjoy and started to smooch her.This time she responded.I removed her pallu and started to lick her face and neck.Then went to her round and deep navel and started to lick it.She started to shiver.I grabbed her ass globes and pressed it .She start to let out loud moans.
I was enjoying it as she was.I like to talk while making love.I told her that what dumb her husband is who left such beauty alone sleeping deeply in village while his nephew screw her.

While talking I started to remove her clothes one by one first saree then blouse then petticoat .The big boobs were hanging in bra waiting to get out while she was breathing.
I sat on edge of cot and pulled her she sat on my lap.I started to suck her boobs over bra and inserted my hand into in pussy.My fingers explored her pussy while mouth exploring her boobs and erect nipples.
I bit her mangalsutra and took it near her mouth and started to liplock her with mangalsutra inbetween our mouth.

I then start to lick her face and asked her do she likes it and pinched her.She moaned and said yesssss….I asked her do you love me and like to fuck with me ?? She said in hardship yess.But I wanted to hear her louder and asked her again by fondling her boobs and biting her neck.She shouted “Aaaa yeesss yeeesssss”.

I quickly unhooked her bra and slid her panty which was wet.I made her to kneel and I stood up. Now my erect cock was touching her face.I instructed her to suck but she hesitated.I quickly held her head and pushed my cock inside her mouth.

It forced her mouth to move to and fro.I was awesome feeling.Now made my entire cock touch her throat and she started to sofocate.
I made her to worship my balls by sucking it.
Now I holded her mangalsutra with my cock and made them to suck it and do blowjob.Her boobs were bouncing up and down during action.

I then cummed inside her mouth and made her to drink it.I teased her by saying “Now I’m your real husband and ur duty is to satisfy ur husband, Do it”. Saying this sat on edge of bed and parted my legs told her to do titfuck.I made her to stroke my cock with boobs.Her boobs were soo soft and l liked it.

I pushed her to bed and parted her legs.I sweet pink pussy was waiting for me.I started to lick and suck her pussy for a while.The I called her by name and asked her did she like it.She yelled yeahhhh…

“Okay then, now please me” saying it I pulled her of bed and made her stand.I went back to resting position with my back on headboard and called her top of me.She obeyed me and came on top of me.

I pulled her and kissed her lips.Then i grabbed her boobs and played it for while along with navel.

It told her to take it inside.She slowly lifted her ass and positioned my cock to hole and slid her hip backward. It directly went in in one push.She closed her eyes and moaned.

She started to move up and down slowly and gradually increased her speed.”U slut now you want my monster to satisfy ur lust ” grunting this I pulled her towards me and chewed her boobs and lifted my ass to ram her harder.After a while both ejaculated.

Then I made her to do doggy position and pushed my shaft from behind into her pussy and started to pump in and out.The moans and ‘phat phat phat’ clapping sounds were all over the room.The bed was making squeaking sound.”U whore didn’t get satisfied by her husband cock that’s why you are craving for my cock, Take it deep inside” saying this I pushed into her with full force and ejaculated inside her pussy.

Now both of us were drained of energy and fell on the bed .Both were sweating profusely that we became wet.

Holding the breath I made her lay on her back in the middle of bed and came in between her.
She was fully worn-out and breathless.I asked her how was my stamina and she was not in position to speak.I sucked her boobs for a while to gain erectness.I told her “from today I’m your master and you are my whore and you will spread your legs only for me. Tell me speak up ” and slowly slid my cock inside and gave jerk.Speak up I yelled.She whined ” Yess.. I your whore……,you are my master aaaa”.

“Look at u Bitch you came to my room and now who is here lying under me all naked taking my cock bcz ur pussy is carving while others think you are pure and honest.Think of ur husband who believes your are Sati Savitri and here your are cheating and spreading ur legs for others.Think of your children whose mom fucks other man behind them for her pleasure and satisfaction.U r a fucking slut hahaha…” I laughed loudly.

I crossed her legs over my hips and hands over my back.Seen her through eyes and drawed my shaft back and barged in and fucked her ruthlessly.

I kept on yelling “Oh ah oh Sarita. oh Sarita aunty, I love u ,I need you,Love me, don’t leave me. Take me, take me deep inside you”.I was licking and kissing her face ,nose, neck and lips.She was shouting like there is no tomorrow.

The bed was rocking vigorously and sound of Hammer hitting wall was echoing.I fucked her till my urge completed.She arched as she cummed but I went to ramming till my satisfaction fullfilled and gave her a hard push while I cummed deep inside her vagina.

Then i spitted on her face.I was tired out and fell on her body and went to deep sleep like baby.
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