Dad is tricked by his ex-wife and daughter

My wife and I divorced when our daughter was 14. I maintained a close relationship with my wife due our daughter and also because we both knew our marriage was a mistake, we had a wonderful sex life but that wasn’t enough. We lived in the country so when I moved out I found a home a couple miles away, close enough to still be a part in my daughter’s life, but far enough to say out of my wife’s life.

After 4 years of the single life, trying to find someone for myself I ran into my wife one night at a local tavern. Betty was out with some mutual friends of ours and she was downing mixed drinks quickly. We started to talk and soon we were reminiscing about old times when we were married. She actually had me blushing when she told her friend loudly what a wonderful lover I was and how long it had been since she was satisfied orally. I tried to downplay her comments, but found myself getting turned on, I always loved going down on her. The look she had in her eyes told me how horny she was and her light touch on my arm let me know she wanted my tongue again. I finished my drink and leaned in and whispered to my ex that I was leaving but would leave the door unlocked. She laughed and said she would be right over.

I left the bar and headed home, leaving the lights off as I walked into my house; I waited quietly in the dark front room I thought about what I had gotten myself into. My thoughts were broken when car lights flashed into the room and my ex-wife pulled into the drive by the house. My cock began to lengthen when I heard the front door open and be pushed shut again. My now drunk ex-wife walked into the room and turned on the lights, momentarily blinding me.

“Why are you sitting in the dark? Are you trying to hide something?” She slurred.

I immediately began to wonder what I had done inviting her into my house again.

“No, I’m not hiding I’m just thinking.” I told her.

“Well then think about this.” She said pulling her skirt up and sliding her panties down her legs.

I just sat there staring at her shaved pussy and saw moisture begin to appear on her pussy lips. She then lowered her skirt, unhooked it and let it fall to her feet, finally stepping out of it. She then pulled her top over her head and removed her bra leaving her standing there wearing nothing more then a smile, her bare pussy wet with desire and her ample tits swaying in rhythm to her hips. She then walked over to the couch and sat down spreading her legs.

“See anything you like or do I have to begin myself?” Betty said pulling at her nipple with one hand.

I said nothing but got up and moved toward the light switch.

“Leave the lights on, I’ve wanted to fuck you here your front room with that big picture window open and the lights on since you moved in here.” She hissed, smiling.

I just smiled bigger and walked over to her, stopping in front of her. She knew what I wanted and pulled my pants and shorts down in one quick motion. My cock sprang free and brushed her cheek. She immediately took my cock into her wet, warm mouth and began to deep throat me. She had her hands on my hips pulling my cock deeper into her, giving me an awesome blowjob and driving me wild.

“Damn woman, you’ve learned something new since we were together.” I grunted between moans.

She stopped sucking my cock long enough to reply, “You didn’t think that I stayed at home alone all these years did you?”

I grabbed her hair and slid my cock back into her mouth, “Enough talking, more sucking.” I said, laughing.

She began to moan around my cock as I face fucked her, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth I knew she wanted my load. She got her wish a few strokes later when I tensed and tried to pull out of her mouth, she responded by grabbing at my hips and taking my cock deeper into her mouth. My knees weakened as the cum shot out on my cock into her mouth and throat. Finally I pulled my cock free and shot the final squirts on her face and tits. I continued to hold her hair as my cock began to wilt and watched in wonder as she licked her lips clean and took a finger and brought my cum from her tit to her mouth.

“MMM baby, that was a big load wasn’t it?” Betty said sitting back on the couch, smiling.

“Now it’s my turn, you know what to do.” She moaned, spreading her legs.

I quickly fell to my knees before her and moved my lips and tongue onto her wet slit. Screw foreplay I thought as I went right to her clit and began my assault. She began to moan louder and louder as I concentrated my efforts on bringing her to a quick and explosive orgasm. My tongue ran wild over her slit and finally settled on her fully engorged clit. I repeatedly licked and flicked my tongue over her clit and she squirmed all over the couch. She reached out and grabbed my hair, trying to force my cum covered face deeper into her wet pussy mound. Her pussy was in my mouth and my tongue continued to assault her clit. She began to moan louder and I knew she was very close to cumming. I brought my hand up to her wet snatch and slid a finger, then two into her open hole, all the while continuing my tongue assault. She moaned even louder and then tensed, her climax hitting her hard. I continued to finger fuck her and lick at her clit, hoping to bring her to a multiple orgasm. I was rewarded as her pussy gripped and released my fingers again and again, signaling that she was cumming repeatedly. She pulled at my hair, trying to pull my face away from her, begging me to stop. I finally relented and slowed my attack, before stopping entirely. I sat back and smiled at her, her juice completely covering my face. She smiled at me and slowly got up and walked into the kitchen, bringing back a chair.

“What now?” I asked, unsure of her next move.

“Well that was great but now I need more then you fingers, and I want it doggy style by the front window.” She moaned.

My cock began to swell at the thought of fucking her in front of the window. She moved the chair and knelt on it, looking back at me over her shoulder. I rose from the floor and moved behind her, my cock now at full attention. I smeared her cum all around her pussy and slid my cock up and down her wet slit. She moaned at first then I could feel her tense every time my cock passed her hole. I stopped my teasing and slid my cock slowly into her wetness. I stroked slowly at first then picked up speed as she bucked back with every stroke. Finally I began to pound her pussy with every muscle of my being. She responded by moaning louder and telling me to fuck her like a whore. I responded by fucking her with my entire length, pulling out almost the entire way then slamming back in. She was in heaven and her pussy gripped and milked my cock, I thought I saw motion outside but quickly dismissed it, and began to fuck her deep with short strokes as my climax was fast approaching. She arched her back and her pussy clamped down on my cock. The feeling was more then I expected and I exploded, my load shooting deep into her pussy. Her pussy continued to milk my cock for every drop of cum until she finally relaxed. I collapsed on her back and we stayed motionless for several minutes, savoring the moment, until my cock slid out of her hole.

I moved off her and turned her around, sliding my cock into her mouth, telling her to lick it clean. She readily agreed and licked my cock and ball sac clean of the mixture of our cum. Finally I pulled my cock from her mouth and she grunted her displeasure.

“How long till you can go again?” she asked, smiling.

“You know not tonight,” I laughed, “but my door will always be open for you.”

“I will take you up on that, but right now I need to get home, I told Stacy that I wouldn’t be out late.” Betty said getting up and rubbing her sore pussy.

“Well don’t be a stranger.” I said, reaching out and pulling at her nipple.

Betty stopped by my house several times over the next couple weeks and every encounter was a little wilder then the last. She loved to be fucked in the front room by the window and just the thought of it had her wet before she even came in. Every time we fucked she would beg me to fuck her the same way, doggy style in front of the open window. I didn’t mind and the thought of being caught by someone driving by was exciting. On a couple of occasions I was sure I saw some movement outside but never was quite sure, that is until I talked to my daughter one day.

Stacy stopped by every couple of days and we would talk about different things. I would ask about her plans now that she was out of school and if she was dating anyone. She always replied the same, she didn’t know, maybe get a summer job and her social life was pretty slow, with her friends either having a job or planning on going to college.

One Friday evening around 7 Stacy stopped by with tears in her eyes. I sat her down on the couch and we talked. She was upset about her social life and the fact that she never had any dates. I was quick to point out that she was a very attractive lady and that soon guys would be beating down her door to get a date with her. I also pointed out what a nice figure she had and compared her to her mother.

Stacy replied that she wasn’t the same as her mom, and winked at me and said, “My tits are bigger.”

“Well I wouldn’t know about that, and I haven’t seen your mother in several months.”

“Bull shit Daddy,” she replied laughingly, “Mom stops by here at least 4 times a week, that much I know.”

“What makes you think that Stacy?” I quizzed, unsure where this conversation was headed.

Stacy began, “Well Dad, one night I went out looking for Mom, she didn’t return home when she told me she would and I saw her car here driving by. I thought that she was talking to you about me and wanted to know what was going on.”

“Ok, your Mom has stopped by here, we talk and still enjoy each others company from time to time.” I said, still unsure where she was headed with this conversation.

Stacy laughed, “So that’s what you call it? Talking? Looked more like some serious fucking going on if you ask me.”

“That will be enough from you, young lady.” I stammered, unsure what she had seen.

“Hey Dad, its ok with me if you and Mom are still interested in sex, Mom was starting to turn into a homebody lately. She never went out and I was kinda relieved she was at least being safe having sex with you, instead of picking someone up.”

“Well I don’t know what you saw, but it wasn’t meant to be shared with anyone.” I replied in a huff.

“Well then why do it in front of the window where anyone can see you?” Stacy asked mockingly.

That’s when my thoughts flooded back to when I thought I had seen movement outside. Stacy had been watching us in the throws of passion several times.

“How long did you watch?” I asked halfheartedly.

“Well the first time,” Stacy replied, “I just caught the end of it and had to leave quickly once I saw Mom get up to leave. Mom got back home right after me and she asked me where I had been. I had to tell her that I was looking for her and found her. We talked about you and her for hours that night and she finally agreed to let me watch”

“You watched more then once?” I asked. “With her permission?”

“Yep, I sure did Dad, at first just out of curiosity then more often because I loved watching you, by the way it seemed that you are quite, lets say gifted, with your tongue aren’t you?” Stacy replied, winking at me.

I was breathless and didn’t know what to say, had I just heard my daughter right? Did she just say that I was gifted with my tongue? How would she know? I always hoped that she was saving herself for marriage, my fantasy word I know, but I was her father. How could she talk to me this way, to talk about sex with me?

“Chill out Dad,” she continued, sensing my unease “as much as you want me to be I’m not a virgin anymore. Bill from down the road took care of that when I was 16 and Mom went to that convention. You remember, the one in St. Louis, when you and Mom decided I was old enough to stay by myself.”

I had agreed to let Stacy stay by herself, and convinced her Mom to allow her to.

“That was the best week in my life at the time, Bill came over every day and we explored each other. I think I taught him more then he taught me.” She added laughing.

By now my discomfort from the conversation had changed to a feeling of anger, anger at my wife and that neighbor boy Bill. I couldn’t believe that my little girl had experienced sex so early in life.

Stacy spoke again, “And Daddy by then most of the girls in my class weren’t virgins anymore, at least from what I heard in the locker room. Trust me I made sure that Bill used a condom, Mom had some in her bedroom and told me where they were, just in case.”

“Ok then,” I said, still in shock and sitting down in my chair, “Enough about that, I don’t need to hear that from you, and stop watching from outside the window.”

Stacy stood up and I noticed a dirty look in her eye, “Thanks Dad I never thought you would invite me inside to watch.” She giggled.

“I don’t mean that,” I sighed, “I mean stop watching us.”

“Why Daddy, don’t you think I am sexy enough for you?” Stacy said with a very serious look in her eye.

Stacy then brought her hands up and squeezed her tits through the tank top she was wearing; the nipples began to stiffen and were visible through the material. I moved uneasily in my chair, my cock stiffening while I was trying to overlook the events unfolding right in front of me. Stacy then took the initiative and lowered her hands to the shorts that she wore. She then proceeded to rub her mound slowly and I swore that I saw moisture begin to soak the material. I stood up and moved to her, standing before her.

“That’s good Daddy, let me make this a night to remember.” Stacy whispered, as she slid a hand along my now rapidly growing cock.

I stood before my daughter completely in her control. Stacy had power over me and used it to her advantage, slipping a hand down my shorts and grasping my cock.

“MMMM, seems you do find me sexy after all don’t you Daddy?”

I could only groan as she deftly massaged my cock and balls with her hand. I brought a hand to her chest and began to play with her tits and thumbed her nipples. Stacy moaned and told me to take it easy, it would all be ok. I nodded and Stacy moved back, slowly withdrawing her hand from my shorts, leaving me with a disappointed look on my face.

“Ok Daddy,” Stacy hissed, “let me see you naked.”

I couldn’t strip fast enough, Stacy was dominating me with just her voice and I was helpless to stop her. In no time I stood naked before my little girl, my cock pointing straight out toward her.

“Looks like you are ready for me, what do you have in mind Daddy?”

I just smiled and Stacy knew I wanted to see her tight, young body. She slowly pulled her top off and I was pleased to see her tits come into view. She was wearing what I would call a half bra, her tits were well supported but the nipples were barely covered as her bra held them up for inspection. Stacy then slid her jean shorts down her tanned legs. All I could do was mutter to myself at the sight of her very sexy panties.

“You like this don’t you Daddy?” Stacy said breathlessly. “I bet all kinds of thing are running through you mind now aren’t they?”

I just nodded and fell to my knees at her feet. That aroma coming from her pussy was intoxicating and driving we wild sexually. I moved my hands up to pull her panties down and Stacy wriggled out of them.

“My Daddy aren’t you the horny one?” Stacy said as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra letting her tits free. “Now do you believe me that my tits are bigger then Mom’s?”

I could just manage a nod and a hungry look in my eyes.

“Ok Dad, call Mom and tell her to come over here, she is home and I think was planning on coming over after I left. Tell her that I left and you want her. That should get her over her quick.” Stacy said, smiling broadly. “I will move my car so she doesn’t know I am here and watch one last time from outside, do her quick then I want you to fuck me.”

I quickly got to my feet and called my ex-wife, telling her how horny I was and that I really wanted to fuck her. She moaned over the phone and said he was heading out the door already.

Stacy moved her car and took up a position outside. Betty arrived a couple minutes later to find me naked, with a rock hard cock waiting at the door. I gave her a quick deep kiss and led her into the front room. Forgoing foreplay I placed her on the chair and plowed my cock deeply into her from behind. She squealed with delight and quickly picked up my rhythm and was backing up with my every thrust into her. I looked outside trying to see my daughter, but I couldn’t see her. Betty was moaning loudly and I kept plowing her pussy with deep hard strokes. I felt my climax rising and knew it was fast approaching, Betty’s pussy was clamping and releasing my cock letting me know she was also close to a climax.

She was moaning loudly, begging to be fucked harder and I was concentrating on fucking her so I didn’t hear the front door open then close.

“Fuck her harder Daddy,” I heard behind me, “Really make her cum around your cock.”

I was taken back and lost my rhythm and my cock slipped out of Betty’s pussy.

“God damn it, don’t you fuckin stop now you bastard!!” Betty screamed.

“Fuck her Daddy,” Stacy said, “Don’t make her suffer, plow her pussy deep!”

“He was doing great till you surprised him.” Betty said angrily, looking back over her shoulder. “Hurry up my climax is slipping away!”

Stacy walked up to me and grabbing my cock slid it along her mother’s wet slit. Betty backed up and impaled her pussy on my cock and I resumed pumping my meat into her. Stacy then moved up and kissed her Mother deeply on the lips, while squeezing her tits.

That’s when I knew I had been set up. I finally put the whole thing together, my ex just happening to be at the bar I frequent, her sudden desire to resume sexual relations with me, my daughter stopping by at the ‘right time’.

I felt me cum rising and pulled me ex deep onto my cock and my cock began to shoot its load deep into her pussy. Betty pulled her pussy from my erupting cock and turned with Stacy to take my load on their faces. I didn’t disappoint and shot a huge load covering both of their faces. Once my climax ended Betty and Stacy took turns licking the cum from each other’s faces, smiling and kissing the whole time.

I collapsed in my chair, totally spent physically from the fucking session with Betty and emotionally from the realization that my ex-wife wanted me to have sex with my daughter.

Sitting there watching Stacy and her Mother share my load I decided that I could handle that. Who can blame me; not very often a guy gets a chance with two wild women to pleasure, especially when they are your ex-wife and daughter.

Later that night I got to experience my daughter’s warm mouth and tight pussy. Stacy had told the truth, she wasn’t a virgin and her pussy was still very tight, at least for now. Her mother and I plan on changing that and I think with Stacy’s sex drive it won’t take long to turn her into a slut for her Mother and me. She sure seems willing to learn.

To be continued….comments welcome.

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