Tolly Queen 6

“If you want this to happen…… and specially in front of you, dear….. you’ve to do your duty. I mean first of all, you should show my treasure to your friend.” Koel winked.

Noel looked at her not knowing quite what she meant, as she glanced down toward her skirt. She then made a barely perceptible thrust forward with her hips.

Noel figured it out instantly. He went over to her, squatted down at her feet and took the hem of her skirt in both hands. He then gazed up at her, looking for confirmation that he had understood her. She cocked her head as if to say,

“Well?” she said, and then she looked over at Kader. Noel turned his head to look over his shoulder at Kader and saw that he was rapt…. cock bulging in his pants.

Noel stood up….. taking the hem of his wife’s skirt with him and raised Qit over her hips in one movement. She took the gathered material from him in her hands and pulled it on top of her hips. Her nostrils flared….. her throat and the part of her chest that were visible reddened.

She adjusted her stance slightly to spread her legs apart a few more inches and pushed her hips out in a provocative pose. Both the males stood there for what seemed like forever but must have been only a couple of seconds.

Noel then put his hand on her left nipple and pinched it a little through her T-shirt and lacy bra. She exhaled sharply but kept her gaze steadily on Kader.

“Oh you naughty, not you….. let him do that if he wants to,” Koel commanded.

Noel beckoned to his partner. Kader smiled and stepped forward to put his hand Koel’s boobs, to fondle them through the soft material.

It was electric. This was no accidental brush as Noel had just watched another man feel his wife’s tits….. in front of him. And at her invitation….. his cock was ready to explode.

Now Koel turned her head and looked right at her husband and said, “If you want to watch this, sit down on that sofa comfortably so that Kaderbhai can take me fully.” Then turning to Kader, she continued,” Put your fingers up inside me and let’s do this. I’m doing my part.”

Yes, she was. She was doing what her husband had asked for, and it was up to Kader now to do the rest. And he didn’t need to be asked again.

QHe squatted down in front of Koel and in one motion, his hand was up the leg of her loose-fitting skirt. Noel could hear the liquid sound as his fingers entered her vaginal opening.

“Unnhhhh,” the horny Tollygunge heroine moaned softly.

It had started. …. she was doing it….. Kader was going to do it. She once again was going to let another man fuck her. And it was first time after her marriage. Her perverted husband was about to pop his nuts…. watching her writhe at the touch of his friend’s finger up inside her.

Kader fingered her cunt softly….. his fingers making a light sliding sound as they went in and out of her parted labia. She moved her feet a little further apart and squatted a tiny bit to give him better access.

Now she was thrusting her hips forward slightly with each stroke of his hand…. to help him penetrate her deeper. Her head went down on her chest and she let out a soft moan…… rocking with each gentle movement he made.

Few seconds later, Kader took his fingers out of her and put them up to his nose. He sniffed the delicate scent of her pussy into his nostrils…. and then put them to his lips….. licking her wetness off the tips.

Instantly Koel took the opportunity of the interruption of his ministrations to her leaking cunt. She reached down and strip off her T-shirt and bra quickly.

She was now standing in front of both of the horny males just in her panties. Her were tits exposed…. with erected light brown nipples…. and leaking cunt…. throbbing with wanton desire.

She looked up at them smilingly, and that was enough for Kader to take her red silk panties. He put his fingers under the waistband and pull them down over her hips….. to the floor. She stepped out of the expensive panties that had removed, leaving her now nude….. except her black stockings and heels.

She thrust her hips forward to display to her husband’s buddy….. her deep black pubic hair, to offer her most intimate self to him. Her desire could easily be described by the moisture from her pussy….. dripping down her inner thighs.

Now the famous Tolly Queen was the most attractive picture of everyone’s favorite kinky pose. She was always wet when she made love, but she was excessively dripping now.

She looked over at her husband and whispered, “I hope this is this what you wanted. Watch if you like, but this is going to happen now….. come on Kaderbhai…… fulfill my husband’s fantasy.”

Kader accepted the sexy actress’s open invitation as he stood up and taken her in his strong arms to kiss her. And Koel? She wasn’t asking for her husband’s ascent anymore….. even she didn’t notice him nod his head in understanding.

“It’s sure what I want,” the Bangladeshi producer said. He looked back at his partner. “Thanks for letting me enjoy your beautiful and sexy wife, dear friend.”

He then turned to Koel and said, “Be a good girl, Bhabi. Open up for me….. I want you.”

Koel responded by opening her mouth for his tongue…. giving him hers….. and arching her back. She let herself go almost limp….. her legs opened as she lifted her pelvis into his bulging crotch.

“I want you, too, Kaderbhai,” she said with a husky voice as he paused for a second. “Please fuck me,” she implored him by opening her mouth for his tongue again.

Kader fondled her tits as he frenched her deeply….. pinching her nipples. It evoked the response which her husband was used to….. the soft moan…. the open acceptance.

In a minute Kader reached down and unbuckled his pants. Koel sensed it and dropped down on her qknees quickly…. finished the job of undoing his belt. She wasted no time in hauling down his pants and underwear as he kicked off his shoes.

His circumcised Nigro-cock sprang out in front of her face at full mast. His cock was slightly bigger in size than her husband, and he was as hard as he was at that moment. The head of his penis oozed clear, sticky, lubricating precum.

Koel looked up at her husband from her vantage point down by his penis. She held his gaze as she swiftly licked up the sweet discharge from the tip of Kader’s cock.

She then closed her eyes and took his whole black shaft in her mouth as far as it would go. Kader moaned as the warmth of her mouth engulfed his massive rod.

She hadn’t asked, hadn’t hesitated, and there was no teasing, just as she had promised. And now she was giving him the kind of blowjob she had given her husband and some producers….. licking and sucking with abandon. Noel could guess his buddy was ready to go off.

Koel always swallowed the precious cum when someone came in her mouth. She sucked him for only a couple of minutes before it was too much for Kader. He reached down, took her under the arms, raised her to her feet. He then maneuvered her back to their bed, where he pushed her gently down on her back.

She scooted to the middle and, without any hesitation or prompting, opened her legs wide. She put her arms over the insides of her knees and pulled herself open. Her hairy pussy gaped open….. pink and glistening with her wetness.

Her vaginal secretions dripped onto her inner thighs and into the cleft of her crinkled anus. Her labia were completely visible and wide open. There was a dark open hole where her lips parted to reveal the soft pink inside of her cunt.

The youthful Tollygunge celeb was now so ready for the Bangladeshi producer’s black cock that her cunt had dilated wide to accept him. She was completely exposed to him, open for his insemination.

She had done just what her husband had asked. She was displaying herself… splayed open…… ready and willing to be fucked by the partner of their “Koel Film Production”. And the other partner Noel, couldn’t understand who was now more aroused among the three.

Kader’s head went down between her legs as his tongue lapped at the sweet liquid from inside her gushing cunt. Noel could hear, rather than see, that his tongue was probing her soft cleft. Like a trained snake, it glided along her moist labia…. tasting her wetness.

Standing beside the bed, Noel could easily see his friend move his face down lower. He flicked his wife’s anus with his salivating tongue….. probing her small dirty brown hole. He could guess that his wife was now ready for the real hard fucking. She was constantly lifting her pelvis more to help him penetrate her most private recesses.

“Oh, God,” the horny Bengalee actress exhaled. “Do it now, Kaderbhai….. come in me.”

Kader raised his head up and moved into position between her legs. From beside, Noel tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention as his wife shot him a look.

Without uttering a word, he rereached into his pocket and took out one of the condoms he had bought earlier that day. He guessed already that in case this happened, he should be ready for that. So now he held it up for her to see, and handed it to Kader.

With a smile, he took it and nodded. He then lifted up and leaned back on his haunches to steady himself as he tore the package open with his teeth.

Koel waited quietly beneath him…. holding herself open for his coming invasion. She then looked up at her husband with a strange look. A little but satisfied smile was playing at the corners of her mouth…. with an exotic twinkle in her eyes.

Balancing on his haunches between Koel’s open legs, Kader rolled the condom onto his engorged cock as she reached up and took it in both hands. Kader leaned forward on his elbows to mount her as she positioned it at her female opening.

She rubbed the tip of his organ over her cunt…. lubricating it….. massaging her clitoris….. back and forth. She stopped finally over her distended hole that was the entrance to her cavity. Slowly she rocked her hips…. letting only the bulb of his monstrous tool parting her swollen labia. She froze in that position, looking over at her husband now.

“Are you sure you want to watch, dear? However if you don’t want to see it happen, you can go in the other room until we’re done. He’s not inside me yet….. and we don’t have to do it in front of you.” She was panting, in the throes of desire.

But Noel realized that his wife loved him a great…. that’s why she had taken time out to talk to him…. even to think of him. She was now poised on the verge of taking the cock inside her…. she so obviously wanted. At the same time, she was worried about her husband having to watch while she let Kader slide inside her for the first time.

Noel gazed at his wife….. beautiful and in heat….. waiting for their business partner to plunge into her. She looked back…. eyes burning with desire for the man who was going to fuck her.

He nodded for her to go ahead. Her eyes were now closed as Kader slid the tip of his penis very slowly over her clitoris. He put his hand on top of her hands…. hands that were wrapped around the cock….. would bury in her in an instant.

But Koel held on his mighty rod with both hands….. as he groaned and bucked a little. He tried to loosen her grip on his cock, trying to impale her…. so it would be done.

Noel was sure that his partner’s black cock would be inside his wife’s pussy soon. His throat had been dried as his stomach was starting to be knotted. At the same time, he was on the verge of his own orgasm as the tremendous arousal won out over jealousy.

“They would have fucked anyway,” he told himself.

Now Koel was spread out under Kader with his cock touching her wet gash…. he was practically inside her fully. She was now going to fuck their business partner, and her husband would get to watch it. But if it happened later, he would have to miss the most erotic thing he could imagine.

“Do you want our partner to fuck me in front of you? Do you want to see him inside me?“ Koel insisted….. her words were urgent, desperate. Her husband nodded his head to affirm again….. he wanted to stay and watch him enter her.

“Yes,” Noel answered. ”I want to see him fuck you.”

And with that, Koel looked right….. directly at her husband’s eyes. At the same time, her hands slid up along Kader’s shaft…. stripping off the condom and tossing it on the floor in one motion.

“This is what I want!” She exclaimed…. fixing her eyes on her husband and blazing with passion.

She then turned her face to Kader and opened both her mouth and her legs. She positioned the engorged head of his cock at the opening of her cunt. Then releasing his meaty rod, she put her arms over her head.

“Fuck me, Kaderbhai. Cum in me.”

Kader didn’t hesitate. He thrust forward as Koel slammed her hips upward to accept his naked cock into her vagina in a single thrust. As his shaft disappeared into her soft pink folds, her husband heard the wet slap of Kader bottoming out inside her cunt.

Koel shrieked in joy as she looked up at Kader and panted, “Cum inside my cunt…. Fill my cunt with your hot load.”

Noel was stunned….. but thrilled and aroused beyond description…. seeing his wife take another man’s cock inside her most intimate place. Not only that, she urged him to cum in her….. without a condom….. without shame…. asking him to flood her womb with his semen, to make her his. Noel loved it…. and obviously so did Kader, who started pumping in and out of his buddy’s wife.

Within minutes, Kader was in full rhythm. He fucked her hard… each stroke penetrated to its full length. The glistening rod came all the way out until Noel could see the head of his cock.

Seconds later he rammed it all the way back inside her cunt until he could hear his pendulous testicles slap against her sopping labia. Her sticky, silken pussy clamped his invading weapon as it glided in and out of her with a soft slurping sound.

For the first time in her life, Koel was fucking another man in front of her husband. And this perverted act heightened her sexual passion to it’s highest level. She slammed her hips up to receive each driving thrust of his cock.

The wet sucking noises, of their coupling, mingled with their passionate grunts and loving murmurs as his penis was sliding in and out of her slippery channel. All these passion filled sounds started ringing in Noel’s ears as it filled her womb, claiming her as his.

“Fuck me in the ass, too,” Koel gasped looking back at her husband’s eyes. “Take me in both holes.”

Hearing that an electric tingle ran all through Noel’s spine. Koel and he had tried anal sex a few times, but it was hard for her. It hurt her if he got too deep or fucked her there for too long. But now she had prayed his buddy to do that to her, too, in front of him.

Kader withdrew his polished shaft from deep inside Koel’s pussy. Quickly, the Tolly celeb lifted her bottom, putting both hands underneath to raise it up, giving him full access to her small butthole.

His cock glistened with their mingled juices as he positioned the bulb of his massive rod on her brown rosette. He rubbed it gently back and forth…. on the rosebud.

The sphincter started relaxing and opening slightly as the tip of his organ probed lightly. Koel whimpered softly as she raised herself a little bit to apply pressure against it…. giving herself fully up to him.

The blunt head of Kader’s steel rod popped inside….. spreading her anus open as Koel moaned and turned her head. Gently, he withdrew and ran his whole shaft up and down her genitals.

He rubbed the cockhead over her clitoris and her wide-open cunt. With that he then spread the lubrication from inside her womanhood onto her smaller opening…. distended now from his presence.

Koel’s pussy dripped the clear, viscous wetness from inside her cunt. And that lovely, slippery nectar….. smelled and tasted so good, was flowing down into her crack. Slowly it reached into her slightly pouting anus, wetting it, getting it ready to be sundered open.

Kader then moved the end of his prick back again to her inviting asshole. He rubbed it back and forth….. gently massaging it open….. allowing her juices to make her opening even more slippery.

“Relax and let it in darling,” Nispal hissed in excitement to his beloved wife. “Open yourself darling…..for my friend.”

“Yes…. I will dear……ohhhhh….. ohhooo… push it slowly Kaderbhai…. it’s so huge,” Koel groaned…. her breathing was careful and controlled as she concentrated on letting him in.

Kader rubbed his cockhead gently on her little hole as her sphincter began to relax and open. Suddenly the tip of his cock slipped inside her with a little wet popping sound.

The hot actress sighed and moaned out loud, “Ohhhh, God, yes!”

Kader left it in her this time, waiting for her to be able to accept the invasion of his mighty organ. He pressed it gently in and then relaxing, time and again, as Koel pulled her legs back to give him better access.

With growing excitement Noel watched in rapt attention that his wife rocked softly as Kader pushed it in and out a tiny bit at a time. Slowly the wetness from her pussy worked down the top of his shaft and ran into her rectum, as his pumping became longer and deeper.

Koel shuddered and whinnied a soft, tremulous, undulating whimper. She welcomed his insistent shaft inside her rectum and thereby taking his strokes by lifting herself up more. He was now sliding more easily into her…. a tiny bit further with every thrust.

And then the sexy Tolly celeb cried out, “All of it Kaderbhai! Give me all of it! Now!”

With that encouragement, Kader drew all the way back out of her bung hole, leaving it gaping open. The rosy tunnel tunnel of her bowel….. her most private place started spasming in anticipation.

And then, in one mighty thrust that Koel answered with her own upthrust, he plunged his whole meaty rod into her ass. He buried his penis up to the hilt in her rectum….. his heavy balls pressed against her ass-cheek.

“Yeees, yeees, yeeesssss…… my darling Bhabi……!” Kader groaned as Koel welcomed him into her guts with a hissing tone.

“Oh, God, yessssss…. that feels so good” Koel exclaimed sharply, bucking up to take his second stroke deep into her intestines. She was letting him fuck her in the ass, all the way inside, and she was loving it.

Kader drew his glistening shaft all the way out again. With a mighty thrust he plunged it fully inside her once more, as she backed her ass to reciprocate him. Within seconds his strokes became faster and harder as his cock was disappearing to the hilt inside her purple gap.

His rockhard cock made a sucking sound as it glided now in and out of her clenching asshole. It made it’s way in her slippery tunnel unobstructed…. freely opening her anus. She too reciprocated him by accessing the hot rod more in her rectum, to the her most intimate cavity.

“Both holes, now,” Koel begged him, “Fuck my both holes alternately.”

Kader’s slippery cock backed out of her smaller hole quickly. She helped him by moving the tip up to her pussy, which was now gaped open and wet in ecstatic desire. His next stroke went up her cunt and made her gasp as she took it all in.

Then when Kader pulled back again, Koel rotated her hips quickly and guided his cock in her asshole. With her finger tips she set it properly….. to take the next thrust in her ass….. still open from his recent presence there.

Kader drove himself into her to the hilt just with one thrust. Back and forth, on every stroke, his cock was now alternating aqabetween her two openings….. cunt and ass.

Koel too cooperated him fully by tilting of her pelvis with the rhythm of his thrusts. She tipped her hips to take his invading engine in first one opening and then the other.

“Do you like it?” Kader panted. “Do you like it in your ass and then in your pussy?”

“Yeeesssss…….” It was a tremulous whimper, almost indescribable, inspired by her passion at his invasion of her body.

Her eyes gazed up into him, and then she turned to look at her husband. Now she didn’t need to say anything to tell her husband what she was feeling.

How desperately she was lifting herself up and tipped her pelvis to accept his pumping cock inside her both holes. While he was alternating his thrusts in the holes, he told Noel how much she was loving being filled by another man’s cock.

Koel also turned her face toward her husband…. and moaned, “I love you dear.”

She mouthed to her husband as Kader worked his cock savagely back and forth, in and out of first her cunt and then her ass. “Thank you,” her lips whispered to her husband as she rocked with Kader to let him plunge into her in rhythm.

She turned her head back to Kader as her eyes prayed for desperate desire. He realized her passion and ploughed her open hole. Koel surrendered herself totally to him…. as she was writhing and moaning in gratitude for his cock. He took her as he liked.

Finally his strokes grew more violent as his thrusts became faster and harder. He took several consecutive long, full turns gliding in and out of her anus.

He stiffened suddenly, groaned, and drove harder into her convulsing hole. His urgency clearly signaled that he was close to pouring himself out inside his buddy’s wife.

“Ohhhhhhhh…… not in my ass….. in my cunt! Cum in my cunt!” Koel urged.

Immediately Kader withdrew from her ass and slammed his cock into her cunt. He was slapping relentlessly against her fully opened legs, pounding into her welcoming womanhood.

As he exploded in the final surge, Koel rose up to meet his climax with hers. She started whimpering with a primal and uninhibited welcome for his ejaculation into her belly. And he obliged as he shot his hot semen into her pussy, bathing her womb in his sticky cum.

“Oh, God, he came in me, he came inside me,” the hot Tollygunge actress cried in ecstasy.

Quickly she turned her head to her husband to show her satisfied face. She tried to show him what he could see for himself…. yes, another man spent in her…. and this time in front of her husband

Kader’s spasms continued for a few more minutes as his cock was spewing his hot load more….. tried to seed her womb…. tried to make a baby in her uterus. And just as he slowed, his juices were spilling out from her gaping hole.

Her cunt contracted…. her belly convulsed. She jerked up and her clitoris throbbed as her own orgasm started to begin.

“I’m cumminggggggg……,” the Tollygunge beauty wailed in ecstatic joy, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming for you,” She whimpered to him. “Oh Kaderbhai……I’m cumming for you,”

Koel sighed out loud….. she was telling them…. to her husband and Kader both. They lay gasping on the bed for a minute afterwards, and then Kader raised himself up and exhaled, “Insallah…… Noel, what a fuck your’s wife is…… I can’t believe it.”

With a beaming smile Noel approved his satisfaction. He then noticed huge globs of semen was pouring out of his wife’s pussy as Kader’s spent out cock was withdrawn. One of the most beautiful and exciting sights he’d ever seen….. yes, he was a real happy man now.

As Kader’s sperm was dripping out of hers, Noel was confronted with the unmistakable evidence that another man had ejaculated in his wife’s cunt. And when he rolled over Noel could see his wife’s dilated vagina and the thin stream of his semen trickling out of her cunt. It dripped into her still-distended anus….. gaping open below…. filling that private hole as well.

To be continued…..

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