Tolly Queen 6

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“If you want this to happen…… and specially in front of you, dear….. you’ve to do your duty. I mean first of all, you should show my treasure to your friend.” Koel winked.

Noel looked at her not knowing quite what she meant, as she glanced down toward her skirt. She then made a barely perceptible thrust forward with her hips.

Noel figured it out instantly. He went over to her, squatted down at her feet and took the hem of her skirt in both hands. He then gazed up at her, looking for confirmation that he had understood her. She cocked her head as if to say,

“Well?” she said, and then she looked over at Kader. Noel turned his head to look over his shoulder at Kader and saw that he was rapt…. cock bulging in his pants.

Noel stood up….. taking the hem of his wife’s skirt with him and raised Qit over her hips in one movement. She took the gathered material from him in her hands and pulled it on top of her hips. Her nostrils flared….. her throat and the part of her chest that were visible reddened.

She adjusted her stance slightly to spread her legs apart a few more inches and pushed her hips out in a provocative pose. Both the males stood there for what seemed like forever but must have been only a couple of seconds.

Noel then put his hand on her left nipple and pinched it a little through her T-shirt and lacy bra. She exhaled sharply but kept her gaze steadily on Kader.

“Oh you naughty, not you….. let him do that if he wants to,” Koel commanded.

Noel beckoned to his partner. Kader smiled and stepped forward to put his hand Koel’s boobs, to fondle them through the soft material.

It was electric. This was no accidental brush as Noel had just watched another man feel his wife’s tits….. in front of him. And at her invitation….. his cock was ready to explode.

Now Koel turned her head and looked right at her husband and said, “If you want to watch this, sit down on that sofa comfortably so that Kaderbhai can take me fully.” Then turning to Kader, she continued,” Put your fingers up inside me and let’s do this. I’m doing my part.”

Yes, she was. She was doing what her husband had asked for, and it was up to Kader now to do the rest. And he didn’t need to be asked again.

QHe squatted down in front of Koel and in one motion, his hand was up the leg of her loose-fitting skirt. Noel could hear the liquid sound as his fingers entered her vaginal opening.

“Unnhhhh,” the horny Tollygunge heroine moaned softly.

It had started. …. she was doing it….. Kader was going to do it. She once again was going to let another man fuck her. And it was first time after her marriage. Her perverted husband was about to pop his nuts…. watching her writhe at the touch of his friend’s finger up inside her.

Kader fingered her cunt softly….. his fingers making a light sliding sound as they went in and out of her parted labia. She moved her feet a little further apart and squatted a tiny bit to give him better access.

Now she was thrusting her hips forward slightly with each stroke of his hand…. to help him penetrate her deeper. Her head went down on her chest and she let out a soft moan…… rocking with each gentle movement he made.

Few seconds later, Kader took his fingers out of her and put them up to his nose. He sniffed the delicate scent of her pussy into his nostrils…. and then put them to his lips….. licking her wetness off the tips.

Instantly Koel took the opportunity of the interruption of his ministrations to her leaking cunt. She reached down and strip off her T-shirt and bra quickly.

She was now standing in front of both of the horny males just in her panties. Her were tits exposed…. with erected light brown nipples…. and leaking cunt…. throbbing with wanton desire.

She looked up at them smilingly, and that was enough for Kader to take her red silk panties. He put his fingers under the waistband and pull them down over her hips….. to the floor. She stepped out of the expensive panties that had removed, leaving her now nude….. except her black stockings and heels.

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